Resume Summary: A Complete Guide with 50+ Real Examples from Top Resumes

Times have changed. Now you don't need to spend hours writing your resume summary, nor do you have to hire a freelancer.

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Resume Summary: A Complete Guide with 50+ Real Examples from Top Resumes

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Table of content
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Let’s write a professional resume summary.

That also in the next 10 minutes – to the same professional level, if you hired someone else to do so. May be better than that – because who knows about your career better than you do?

This article includes:

  • Resume summary examples that you can edit and use.
  • A formula to write a resume summary better than 95% of applicants.
  • Pro tips to hook the reader until the end.

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What is a Resume Summary and Why Do You Need One?

resume summary

A resume summary which is also called a professional summary is a 2-3 line short description of a candidate which is placed at the top of a resume just after the header.

The idea is to give the hiring manager a summary of what he can expect from the candidate – an overview of the candidate’s experience, skills, and achievements.

As an applicant, you should use this as a sales pitch to grab the attention of the hiring manager in the first 2 seconds – if you do it right, they will probably read your resume to the end or shortlist it immediately.

What Makes a Great Resume Summary?

like an outstanding headline in a newspaper.

At the same time, it should provide what is necessary for the hiring manager to make the shortlisting decision.

Hiring managers are busy people. They process 1000+ applications just to shortlist 10 candidates for interviews. They will only spend about 5 to 7 seconds on one resume. If you can convince them that you’re the right person for the job through your resume summary itself, they’ll happily shortlist your resume and move forward. It’s a win-win.

Check these examples to see what features make a professional resume summary. This is a resume summary written for a truck driver.


A CDL-A truck driver with over 7 years of experience in long-distance heavy vehicle driving holds 98% clean driving records at Global Logistics. Seeking to join Amazon logistics to support its reliable, safe, and on-time delivery operations.


A truck driver with 7+ years of experience in driving long-distance trucks is seeking employment with Amazon logistics to enhance my career.

Is the difference significant?

It does. Especially for a hiring manager who’s gone through hundreds of resumes.

The first one conveys the candidate’s skills, expertise, and objectives while the second statement does not provide much value.

The CORRECT example includes some important keywords related to the job such as CDL-A certification, long-distance, heavy vehicle, clean driving records, reliable, safe, and on-time. These keywords will resonate with the hiring manager as well as help your resume to pass the ATS test.

📌 Tip: Most companies use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to shortlist hundreds of resumes in a matter of seconds. These systems analyze the resumes and compare them with the job description. The shortlisting is done based on the keywords.

A Simple Formula to Write Yours in Minutes

You don’t have to be the next Stephen King to write your resume summary statement. Also, you don’t have to hire an expert resume writer for 100 bucks to write your summary. It’s a DIY job and we’ll show you how.

Use this simple formula to create an effective resume summary for any profession.

Sentence one: used to highlight your skills, experience, and achievements.

An Adjective that describes you (Your current/ previous position) with (number of years) of experience in (your key skills, highest achievements with numbers) at (current/ previous company name).

Sentence two: used to convey what you bring to the table.

Seeking to join (the company you’re applying to) to (how you can help them achieve their business goals)

You could use an additional sentence if you like, but keep it succinct. You don’t have to use the same wording but take the idea. This formula is simple, effective, and proven.

Keep these also in mind:

  • Write it short – ideally, 2-3 sentences.
  • Use numbers to add credibility and interest.
  • Tailor your resume summary to each job – use the employer's name if possible.
  • Don’t be a sesquipedalian if you’re not a philosopher. Use simple words that are easy to understand.

We have included over 50 professional resume summary examples to read and get inspired to write yours. All these summaries are for different professionals. We have also used different variations of sentences and words to make it a valuable read for you.

Don’t limit yourself to your own profession. Read other resume summary examples as well to see what you can take from them to write yours.

resume summary

Information Technology

Programmer Resume Summary

A passionate computer programmer with over 4 years of experience in Python, JavaScript, and Swift developed iOS and Android applications worth $2M at Feasible last year. Seeking to join HunnyBee to develop world-class applications with my skills in coding.

Similar example resumes:

Web Developer Resume Summary

Full stack web developer with over 3 years of experience in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS developed more than 70 web applications at Feasible last year. Seeking to join HunnyBee to develop world-class web applications with my skills in coding.

Similar resume example:

Data Analyst Resume Summary

A data-driven analyst with over 4 years of experience in data analysis and mining achieved a 13% increase in sales through customer behavior analysis at the OpenShop e-commerce platform. Seeking to join Amazon to utilize my skills in a more impactful way to make it the most customer-centric platform.

Similar resume examples:

Real Estate Agent Resume Summary

A passionate real estate agent with over 2 years of experience in the off-plan and secondary market sold 10M+ worth of apartments and condos in the last year. Looking forward to advancing my career to the next level with JK Properties. Coming in with 30+ connections of ultra-rich investors.

Similar resume example:

Sales Associate Resume Summary

A customer-centric salesman with over 6 years of experience in the hypermarket and retail outlets became the salesman of the year 2021 at MiniCom Hypermarket. Seeking my next career challenge at ReadytoPick supermarket in their electronics section to elevate sales and customer experience.

Similar resume examples:

Sales Manager Resume Summary

A dedicated sales manager with over 10 years of experience in life and property insurance made a staggering $30M in sales in 2022 at ABA Insurance. Looking for my next career advancement to build a high-performance team for David & Parker.

Similar resume example:


Marketing Manager Resume Summary

An ambitious marketing manager with over 5 years of experience in digital marketing and product development seeking an opportunity to join ClusterCom to lead their product marketing team to achieve the next 5-year growth plan. I developed GrassRoot from the ground up and it was sold for $12M last year.

Similar resume examples:

Community Manager Resume Summary

An adaptable community manager with 3 years of PR and marketing experience revamped the internal and external communication strategy at Hilton in 2020. Seeking an opportunity to join a global hospitality company to take my career to the next level by executing the organization's communication strategy.

Similar resume examples:

Social Media Coordinator Resume Summary

A compassionate social media specialist with 2 years of digital marketing experience developed and executed Corn Caffee's social media and content strategy managing Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google ads with a monthly budget of over $4000. Seeking an opportunity to join the Starbucks marketing team to work in my most passionate brand creating authentic content.

Similar resume examples:

Accounting & Finance

Accountant Resume Summary

A detail-oriented accountant with over 7 years of experience in financial accounting and cost accounting in a company with $200M+ asset value seeking to join a finance or credit department in the retail sector.

Similar resume example:

Banker Resume Summary

A dedicated banker with over 12 years of experience in customer service and credit. Seeking my next challenge in the same sector. I have handled 30+ premium investor accounts and recovered $12M+ debt in the last year.

Similar resume examples:

Financial Analyst Resume Summary

A diligent financial analyst with over 5 years of experience in stock and crypto made $100+ for my clients last year at Hayley & Edgar. Seeking to join TAC Consultants to provide my expertise in finance and blockchain to grow its client accounts.

Similar resume example:


Administrative Assistant Resume Summary

An efficient admin assistant with over 7 years of experience serving in multiple industries in HR & administration worked as the assistant to the CEO at Mega Factory from 2017-2021. Seeking to leverage my career in office administration in a challenging environment serving multiple departments at once.

Similar resume example:

Executive Assistant Resume Summary

A detail-oriented executive assistant with over 6 years of experience in assisting CEOs, executives, and senior management in increasing the efficiency and output of Multinational organizations. Seeking to join McDonald’s corporation to help senior management to make better strategic decisions by assisting them through day-to-day repetitive tasks.

Similar resume example:

Virtual Assistant Resume Summary

A determined virtual assistant with over 3 years of remote working experience for IT companies capable of handling general administration, social media, recruitment, and client relations. Seeking a full-time remote position in a reputed firm to grow my career to the next level. I have 10+ five-star reviews on Upwork.

Similar resume example:

Product Manager Resume Summary

An inventive product manager with over 12 years of experience in product marketing achieved last year's user subscription target in 10 months at Super Sport. Seeking to leverage my career in the sports industry by developing a more impactful product line at Swift Clothing.

Similar resume example:

Business Analyst Resume Summary

A resourceful business analyst with over 5 years of experience working with a portfolio of world-class retail brands at DFK Group seeking to work for Puma to leverage its online sales conversion rate in the North America region. Increased Reebook sales by 12% in 2021 itself.

Similar resume example:

Supply Chain Manager Resume Summary

A dedicated supply chain manager with over 11 years of experience working in the supply chain of a leading auto part manufacturing company seeking to leverage my career at Toyota in adding value to their world-class supply chain operations. I handled an operation with Finished Goods valued at $30M per month.

Similar resume example:

Account Manager Resume Summary

A key accounts manager with over 7 years of experience in an ERP solution provider managing over 40 corporate client contacts providing exceptional service being the primary contact point between the software team and the client operations team. Seeking to become a key accounts manager at AEX Digital to further my service excellence.

Similar resume example:

Customer Service Resume Summary

An efficient customer service executive with 6+ years experience in France in a similar position seeking to join Team Wox to extend excellent customer service. In my previous job, I achieved a personal customer satisfaction rating of 97% with a 20% increase in Google reviews for the company having 17 mentions on my name.

Similar resume example:

Project Manager Resume Summary

A deadline-driven project manager with over 7 years of extensive construction project management experience dedicated to assisting AKS Development’s new off-plan apartment project. The last project I managed was estimated at $200M and we completed it saving 3% from the budget, on time.

Similar resume example:

resume summary

Food & Catering

Restaurant Manager Resume Summary

An amiable restaurant manager who played a major role in building the famous ChickenoffGrill brand over the last 5 years seeking to join a restaurant to take up the next challenging role in my career. My customer-focused approach to managing F&B businesses has made thousands of loyal customers which I can replicate in my next job at your restaurant.

Similar resume example:

Hotel Receptionist Resume Summary

A pleasant receptionist with over 4 years of experience in the hospitality and medical industries having clear verbal communication skills in English, Spanish, and French. Looking for an opportunity to utilize my multilingual skills to serve Marriott Hotels.

Similar resume example:

Hostess Resume Summary

An affectionate hostess with over 3 years of experience at KFC is proud of my customer service and menu knowledge. Seeking to join the passionate team at Movenpick to further my career in F&B as a hostess. I was awarded the employee of the month 3 times in the last year.

Similar resume examples:

Line Cook Resume Summary

A compassionate line cook having expertise in European, Western, and English cousins with over 6 years of fast food and restaurant experience. Looking forward to joining Tim’s Cafe as a line cook to make their signature dishes and experiment with new food varieties to achieve the restaurant's growth targets.

Similar resume examples:

Waiter Resume Summary

A diligent waiter with over 3 years of experience working in fast food seeking to join Pizza Mania to further my fast and friendly customer service. I served 50+ tables per shift, answered over 20 customer inquiries, and managed operations on understaffed days.

Similar resume examples:

Maintenance & Repair

Maintenance Technician Resume Summary

An organized maintenance technician with over 5 years of experience in general building maintenance having certifications in plumbing, electrical repairs, and wiring. Seeking to join Mega Mall to provide a smooth operation using my capabilities in different maintenance disciplines.

Similar resume example:

Machinist Resume Summary

A dynamic machinist having expertise in Lathe, Milling, Grinding, and CNC operations seek to join a fast-paced manufacturing environment to further develop my skills. In my previous job, I introduced a machining sequence that cut down the material consumption by 6% saving $100,000+ annually.

Similar resume example:

Auto Mechanic Resume Summary

A versatile auto mechanic with internship experience in conventional mechanical systems and brand-new electrical automobiles seeks to join AT Tech to advance my career. I scored 97% for practical experiments at automobile school and was awarded an internship at Toyota for 6 months.

Similar resume example:


Veterinarian Resume Summary

A passionate vet with over 5 years of experience at VetCare has carried out 100+ critical surgeries successfully in the last 2 years. I have over 60k pet passionate followers on TikTok. Seeking to join the PetsB Nursing home to further my care of the lovely animals.

Similar resume example:

Physician Assistant Resume Summary

A CPLP certified physician assistant with over 5 years of experience in family practice and acute care in a city hospital served 50+ patients daily. I recently headed the orthopedics unit and worked closely with the physicians to increase operational efficiency by 13%.

Similar resume example:

Medical Doctor Resume Summary

Medical Dr with 5 years of experience in Cardiology and Gynecology at MCK Healthcare served over 70 patients daily managing critical operational procedures. The hospital's Cardiology section was awarded the best in the region in 2020. Seek to join Central Care to develop its Cardiology section to a world-class level saving more lives.

Similar resume example:

Dentist Resume Summary

Licensed dentist with over 5 years of experience in a private facility in New York City having expertise in cosmetic dentistry and ICON aesthetic infiltration seeks to join DentCare to manage its general dentistry unit and to support future expansion of the aesthetic unit. In my previous job, I was involved in taking the facility from $2M in revenue to $6.5M in 3 years.

Similar resume example:

Nursing Resume Summary

A compassionate caregiver with over 12 years of experience in a diverse portfolio of healthcare work specializing in emergency care, infection control, and general patient care. Seeking to join Cleveland Clinic to assist patient care and administration providing immense value with my experience and skills.

Similar resume examples:

resume summary


Industrial Engineer Resume Summary

Six sigma certified industrial engineer with over 10 years of experience in the garment manufacturing industry managed a $2M project installing robotic arms for a highly labor-intensive manufacturing process saving $80k annually. Seek to join MTL Plastics to refine the industrial manufacturing facility to drive more efficient results.

Similar resume example:

Marine Engineer Resume Summary

A dedicated marine engineer with 8+ years of onboard maintenance experience seeks to join MT shipping to deliver my engineering service excellence. In my previous job, developed a pre-departure preventive maintenance system that cut down on board operations by 7% saving $120k annually for the company.

Similar resume example:

Aeronautical Engineer Resume Summary

A passionate aeronautical engineer with 1-year internship experience at Airbus seeks to join Virgin Galactic as a junior aeronautical engineer. I was involved in a project for carrying out a propulsion systems analysis to increase efficiency which was recently patented at Airbus. Reading for my Master’s degree in Rocket science.

Similar resume example:

Audio Engineer Resume Summary

Inventive audio engineer with over 4 years of experience in sound recording, production, and editing seeks to join M Entertainment to provide an outstanding audio experience to clients. I composed music for the famous Love at First Sight song that went on to 70M online impressions last year.

Similar resume example:

Creative & Cultural

Graphic Designer Resume Summary

A freelance graphic designer having experience working with clients in F&B, Healthcare, Real estate, and Hospitality sectors seeks to excel in my capabilities for a reputed digital marketing agency. I could utilize my expertise in branding, digital marketing, and technology along with my skills in designing to provide exceptional value to the clients.

Similar resume example:

Artist Resume Summary

A freelance visual artist with over 4 years of experience working with digital art creation and conventional oil paintings seeks to join the creative team at Marketing Eye. Last year I worked on a project for national geography to raise awareness about Red Listed sea creatures that were watched by over 40M globally.

Similar resume example:

Musician Resume Summary

With more than 2 years of live performance experience, I am looking to advance my skills while offering a great music experience to the audience. Working both as an orchestral musician and as a chamber musician. I have played in chamber orchestras and sinfoniettas as the first violin while completing my Master’s at prestigious Florida State University.

Similar resume example:

Caregiver Resume Summary

A sincere caregiver with over 3 years of experience in adult care seeks to join Care Way Facility to extend my excellent service to its clients. In my previous job, I managed an adult care facility with 40+ clients with a staff of 15 to provide outstanding service achieving a customer happiness rating of 8.7/10.

Similar resume example:

Social Worker Resume Summary

A healthcare professional with over 4 years of experience in infection control, general patient support, and first aid seeking an opportunity to join the Red Cross as a social worker. I am proud of my current healthcare work and want to extend my service to the needy in a socially responsible course.

Similar resume example:

resume summary

Sports & Fitness

Soccer Player Resume Summary

A dynamic midfielder and goalkeeper with over 6 years of on-field experience seeks to join KDC Everton for the upcoming season. 37 Goals and assists in 2021 becoming the most valuable player of the year for Strikers FC.

Similar resume example:

Personal Trainer Resume Summary

An aspiring personal trainer with over 12 years of Crossfit, Weight lifting, and Gymnastics has served 1000+ clients to achieve their physical fitness targets efficiently. Seeking to join Sahara fitness to extend my expertise in a wide range of services including fitness equipment training, supplement and meal plan designing, and wellness coaching.

Similar resume example:

Transport & Logistics

Uber Driver Resume Summary

A reliable driver with over 4 years driving light vehicles in the USA for Taken Taxis maintaining 100% clean driving records and 4.8/5.0 client satisfaction rating seeks to jin Uber. I am willing to provide an exceptional customer experience safeguarding the Uber brand and its values with my brand-new Toyota.

Similar resume example:

Train Driver Resume Summary

An experienced train operator working 5+ years in inter-city public train operations at Amtrak seeks to join BNSF Railways to provide a safe and reliable driving experience. I drove over 15k miles per month through the USA and North America in the last 2 years with 100% clean records.

Similar resume example:


What is the difference between an objective summary and a professional summary?

A professional summary is a short description of the candidate that highlights the key skills, experience, and expertise the candidate brings to the table. Candidates who write professional summaries usually highlight their work experience and achievements. The objective summary (also called resume objective) is a similar statement used by entry-level candidates and those who are in career transitions to communicate their passion for the industry and why they want to join the organization.

Though both statements are almost the same in structure, the content and the tone might have differences. However, you should only write one of these on your resume.

Should I write a resume summary statement on my CV?

Yes. In most professions, having a resume summary statement on your resume adds value. The summary helps the hiring manager to have a brief idea about the candidate’s profile and whether to read it further or not. It helps the hiring team to save time in the shortlisting process. As a candidate, you can use this to your advantage by writing a sales pitch to the hiring manager in 2 or 3 sentences to grab their attention.

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