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Also known as a social media marketer or a social media manager, a social media coordinator has an important role as they manage the entire online presence of a brand through social media accounts by managing content development and increasing brand awareness. From handling social media accounts like Facebook or Twitter to analyzing complex KPI’s, a social media coordinator is not only to make sure that the brand is gaining organic traffic on social media platforms and increase brand awareness but also to utilize the online presence in earning profits.

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Brands today are paying big bucks to hire social media coordinators who can help them build a strong online presence which will, in turn, invite a huge chunk of potential customers.

What to Include in the Social Media Coordinator Resume

A social media coordinator very efficiently coordinates all the work through multiple social media channels and dissects which type of content will suit which sort of digital platform.

Now the question arises as to what things should one include while writing a social media coordinator resume to stand out from the crowd.

Let us look at resume example explain to you briefly the sections to include in a social media coordinator resume: -

  • Summary
  • Experience
  • Skills
  • Education
  • Projects
  • Achievements
  • Hobbies/Leisure

Add these sections in your social media coordinator resume in the same order to prioritize the information you are going to provide.

Think of these 2 sections as targeted keywords that a social media manager generally uses to target an audience. Experience and skills do the same job as they attract the attention of the recruiter in an instant.

Start with Choosing the Right Template for Your Social Media Coordinator Resume

Have you ever felt that a visually bad-looking website or social media layout has made you immediately bounce back to an alternative? Consider how important the layout is when choosing your resume template.

A template is a professionally designed layout that helps you allocate all your relevant information in a clean and concise way.

For someone who’s working in a creatively diverse domain, the template for a social media coordinator must be very creative as well. It should be attractive enough to grab the hiring manager’s eyes but also be professional enough to not let it distract the recruiters from the content inside it.

But how do you find such a perfect template?

Our resume experts at resume-example have taken the liberty to work this out for you. Head over to our online resume builder and find the perfect template that will suit all the requirements for your social media coordinator resume.

How to Format Your Social Media Coordinator Resume

Being a social media coordinator, you can understand how wrong it feels to see badly formatted text alignment while reading an article on Facebook or on online blogs and how it can cloud your judgment for that piece of work. That’s the power of formatting!

Formatting is a way of organizing your text and writing it in a well-presentable tone that feels good on the eyes and does not make the reader uncomfortable, even in the tiniest of ways.

But what are the basic formatting tricks to look after?

  • Margins - While writing your social media coordinator resume, always make sure to adjust the margins to eliminate the existence of unnecessary white space in the document.
  • Precision - When you explain certain sections in your social media coordinator resume, try to be as brief as possible but verify that the statements written are clear enough to generate concrete conclusions. For example, start with minimizing your contact details as to not make unnecessary space for such basic information.
  • Sectionizing - Always divide the layout of your social media coordinator resume into sections and headings. This helps the hiring manager to quickly navigate through the information, hence the flow is much streamlined.
  • Bullet Points - Bullet points help in maintaining brevity and are easy on the eyes as the content written is described in usually one statement and critical decisions can be easily made on those facts.
  • Being Professional - Make sure to follow one pattern if possible. Always keep your headings the same size and the text under them must be a size or 2 smaller and never use a cool font. Use a simple, easy to read font.
There are generally 3 types of CV format:- 1. Chronological - In this format, the person writing the resume follows a reverse chronological aspect. He/she starts by mentioning their recent job description. 2. Functional - Functional CV is usually used by people with relatively less work experience. 3. Combination - Combination CV is the most commonly used format. Here you mix both chronological and functional.

social media coordinator

Professional Summary for Social Media Coordinator Resume

Writing a professional summary for your social media coordinator resume gives you the chance to shine as this particular section consists of a small paragraph of 4-5 lines that summarises your entire CV and projects an impression on the recruiter. From this, they can decide whether you’re a good fit for your job or not.

The professional summary for a social media coordinator can begin with an objective i.e you can mention your goals and suggestions to improve the brand development or social media pages or it can become subjective - covering your entire resume.

What to include in: -

Professional Summary :-
  • Your skills and how you used them in your previous job.
  • Work experience and why was it fruitful?
  • What were your achievements?
Objective: -
  • What kind of job opportunity are you searching for and why?
  • What would you do the best if hired?
  • What kind of skill do you want to polish more?

But how can one frame a good, professional standard summary or objective in their social media coordinator resume?

When writing a summary i.e. a precap to all the skills and experience you have mentioned in your resume, try using this format.

Professional Summary Examples


Proficient Social Media Coordinator with 5 years of experience in social media campaigns. Proven leader with proficiency in developing media plans based on metrics. Expert in content development and management of traditional and online advertising campaigns. Adept user of Google Analytics and AdWords. Seeking position with ABC company where talent and leadership qualities can be utilized.


A graduate of, ABC school I have experience in marketing and social media. In my previous job, I handled the company’s social media pages like Facebook & Twitter, used social media tools, and made digital strategies to achieve goals.

Exceptional Social Media Coordinator . Expert in communication with extensive experience in Facebook, TikTok and Instagram. Experienced, with knowledge of social media networks and the ability to leverage that power to increase client's visibility and consumer brand loyalty. Expertise in using analytics to leverage data to develop strategies to increase the company’s profitability by 20%.


A social media coordinator with 4 years of experience in marketing. I made various strategies and increased clients for my previous company. I made a social media calendar and handled industry-related conferences. I’m applying for the role of a social media coordinator to help you manage your personal social media accounts for Facebook & Twitter, and increase the overall conversion rates.

Professional Objective Examples


Possess many skills from different classes and professions, and use common knowledge to understand and cross-examine important lessons in the workplace and life itself. I will provide increased engagement on your Facebook page and online blogs. My experience will help your company to build a creative marketing strategy and promotional activities.

The above examples are the guide to help you write a better summary or objective for your professional summary section in your social media coordinator resume.

How to Write Work Experience Section of the Resume

A social media coordinator’s job is not only about you creating marketing strategies and social media marketing campaigns, but also how you efficiently coordinate and manage the content distributed on the various social media platforms, that’s what defines a true social media manager.

And this level of sophistication in work can only come with experience!

While writing your social media coordinator’s resume, mentioning your previous work experience is not only essential but rather a core element. And the reason is quite simple, yet fascinating. The thing about social media is that the response rate is generally very high, thus, whatever content you upload immediately gets a reaction.

Hence, your previous work mentioned will always be transparent as it exists on the web and the hiring manager can easily track your performance and the response it got.

But what are the types of experience that can be included in a social media coordinator resume?

  • Internships! For someone who’s been working in the field of digital marketing, internships are always an integral part of growth.
  • If you have any freelancing experience, don’t shy away from mentioning it as it shows a sense of independence in getting clients and initiation. Don’t forget to include a personal website if you have one, to provide more depth into your working style.
  • Write about the various social media projects, marketing campaigns, and marketing strategies you’ve designed and managed to portray your ability to handle pressure and leadership.

social media coordinator

Work Experience Examples

On the contrary to the resume formats of other domains, writing the work experience for a social media coordinator is a little different. Not only for teens and youngsters, but the attention span of recruiters is also shrinking with time. Thus, no matter what you write as long as it intrigues interest and eliminates redundancies.

Here are some examples of job seekers version of correct experience: -

Maintained brand innovation and kept abreast of the latest social media trends.

Monitor brand-related mentions on all social platforms and engages with readers’ responses to articles.

More Examples:


    Advertised the introduction of new products by contacting social media, public relations departments, and other teams within the company.

    Wrote, edited, and published content to share on all brand’s company social media profiles and partner channels.

    Maintained brand innovation and kept abreast of the latest social media trends.

    Monitor brand-related mentions on all social platforms and engages with readers’ responses to articles.

    Designed and implemented a social media marketing campaign for ABC company.

    Created and managed a personal social media account of a high-selling product/service on Instagram and Pinterest.

    Used reports by Google Analytics to increase engagement.

    Developed a content calendar and task automation strategy.

    Social media platforms created for internal communication flow and community participation.


    Published posts on online blogs

    Followed social media trends and made a business strategy.

    Monitored mentions on Facebook and Twitter and kept constant contact with the upper management.

    Made business strategies to increase community participation.


Monitored conversations with Hootsuite and proactively reached out to key influencers and bloggers within the community to build. Drafted reports and presentations for senior management to track incoming customer reviews, social media analytics, and accomplishments that could be easily understood from a sales perspective.

Key points before writing down your work experience: -

  • Use bullet points to explain your activities
  • Your explanation should usually be ideally less than 2 lines
  • Try to always add a numerical value in the first line to emphasize your talent
  • Follow it up by mentioning an activity where you showed leadership at your job, like mentoring a member of your team, or a tactic you used to handle a particular problem.

social media coordinator

Always Highlight Your Marketing Skills

Skills, as mentioned above, are the soul of a social media coordinator. A digital marketing manager requires skills to perfectly harmonize the work between different social media platforms he/she’s been working for a brand.

In a social media marketing resume, including a separate section like skills is the major part of the whole game. Having your skills properly mentioned gives out a very clear picture of you and as a person and about your technical fluency.

Types of skills to be included in a social media coordinator resume: -

Soft skills -
  • Flexibility
  • Adaptability
  • Leadership
  • Self-motivation, etc.
Technical skills -
  • Marketing tools like Proofhub/Hootsuite
  • Designing tools like Canva/Photoshop
  • Content management systems like WordPress, etc.
  • Google analytics for social channels and social networks
  • Content calendar and automation for multiple platforms
  • Advertising tools like Google AdWord/Facebook ads for social media sites
  • Social media strategy
  • Monitoring emerging trends

Don’t Forget to Include Certifications in Your Resume

Digital courses are the new era of learning things and improving yourself for the job. There are thousands of online services that provide you these certifications like Hubspot, Udemy, Coursera, etc. Pursuing courses like these in the social media domain helps one become more aware of the latest trends fluctuating in the social space at any given moment. Make sure you include them on your resume to show your potential to the employer.

Key Takeaways

  • Social media coordinator has now become a very rewarding career choice
  • Instagram accounts are now being tapped into for commercial purposes.
  • The job of a social media coordinator is to delegate work and online content creation.
  • Education and skills are the 2 most important sections in a social media coordinator resume.

social media coordinator

Frequently Asked Questions from Social Media Coordinators

How to write social media skills on resume?

List your relevant skills and certifications that are relevant to the position you are applying for in the skills section.

What is the average social media coordinator salary?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, median annual salary is upwards of $56,000

What is a good objective for a social media coordinator resume?

Check out our examples above

What should I put on my social media coordinator resume?
  • Summary
  • Experience
  • Skills
  • Education
  • Projects
  • Achievements
  • Hobbies/ Leisure activities

Check out our resume examples and resume templates for more guidance and ideas .

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