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In this guide, we will explore key strategies for writing a compelling cover letter and provide examples that illustrate how to effectively present yourself to employers.

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Cover letter sample

[Your Name]

[Your Address]

[City, State, Zip Code]

[Email Address]

[Phone Number]


[Employer's Name]
Company Name]
[Company Address]
[City, State, Zip Code]

Dear [Employer's Name],

Allow me to let you know of my desire to join the [Company Name] as the [Job Title] following the advert on [where you found the job listing]. Based on my academic background in [relevant field] and [Number] years working experience, I am an appropriate candidate for the position in your team.

At the present position in [Current Company], I have been able to [state one specific accomplishment or task related to the position you are applying for]. I have acquired the following competencies from this experience which I deem suitable to fit the [Job Title] position at [Company Name].

I am most interested in [Company Title] because of [stating a reason like company reliability, projects they are working on, company’s mission and vision among others]. I like [specific detail about the company] and would like to have an opportunity to utilize my [relevant skills or experiences] at your company.

I have acquired essential [list down core competencies related to the job] in my previous working experiences that I would like to utilize in a company with a competitive atmosphere like yours. To my mind, I have a great interest in [mention specific aspect related to the job] and I am willing to [mention another relevant aspect], so I think I have a good chance to get a job at this company.

Dear Sir/Madam, I would like to thank you for having spent your valuable time reading through my application. It is exciting to think about how I can demonstrate to [Company Name] that I have the background, skills, and enthusiasm for the job that will help the company to continue being successful. I am now ready for an interview and my phone number is [phone number] and email is [email address].

Appreciate your time and thought. I hope to hear from you soon and greet you until then.


[Your Name]

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Considering that a cover letter can expose a candidate to employers scrutiny, creating a specific letter for a specific job can go a long way in making the difference between being hired or not; especially, for those who do not have any experience to write about.

But how do you qualify that document? Which of those cover letter writing samples are ideal to get the attention of the employers and get you called for an interview?

The goal of this guide is to review major tips on how to write a good cover letter and to analyze examples of how you can do that -to catch employers attention with a tailored cover letter which can set you apart from other candidates.

But how do you write that document? What example of cover letter is good enough to capture the attention of hiring managers and land you an interview?

cover letter examples

Points to remember to make a great cover letter:

  • Make a tailored version of your cover letter to meet the demands of your applied company as well as the role.
  • Mention few points which make the manager understand that you have some knowledge regarding the company.
  • Always include the hiring manages name which ensures that you are well prepared.
  • For a good cover letter, note down your experiences and the details regarding job application with relevant skills and make a simple cover letter.
  • Mention your past experiences or previous experience with accomplishments.
  • Remember,  first sentence of your first paragraph in the cover letter explains the relevant skills which make you a perfect candidate with relevant experience.
  • Display your enthusiasm and interest towards the company. By explaining why, you want to work in a particular desired company and what makes you a perfect candidate for the role.
  • Also, add your relevant experiences which you have acquired.
  • Limit your cover letter to single page by following chicago template or any other template.
  • Make sure you have clearly proof-read all the materials in the cover letter.
  • Try including action-verbs in your resume or cover letter.
  • Always use a polite tone and formal language throughout.

What is a good cover letter example?

structure of a cover letter

  • A cover letter can be described as a preface of your career highlights.
  • It's your opportunity to make first impressions and gain the employer's attention.
  • The format of your cover letter should be professional and meet the required demands of the hiring employer's.
  • Use of keywords also make a significant impact in your cover letter. A great cover letter must have SEO keywords which make a significant impact in the cover letter.
  • Before writing a cover letter, mention the people skills, which skills you have expertise in.
  • Explain to the employer - why you are considered to be the good fit to the organization and write a professional summary section in your resume.
  • You can also mention your current position in the cover letter, so that it gives an overall view about yourself to the employer.
  • And hiring manager may be getting many cover letter examples and letters, so the candidate must explain his certifications, which makes him special from the rest of the candidates.
  • Make sure your closing paragraph is strong enough to be remember by the employer.

Below we have provided a sample cover letter example which can be used by any professional or a beginner to effectively prepare their cover letter.

Types of good cover letter examples:

A cover letter example can be described as a document that can serve various purposes in the job application process. Depending upon the situation and the requirements the cover letter examples vary from person to person.

As we have discussed earlier cover letter play a significant role whether you are a professional or a fresher in any field excelling in any industry. Following is few cover letter samples:

cover letter examples

Marketing Consultant cover letter:

If you are a marketing consultant, then a short cover letter must be included while submitting your resume. Your cover letter must include your marketing skills which you have showcased in your creative industry with your experience must be noted down.

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Internship Cover letter examples:

For internship cover letter, if you are an intern, then sample cover letter is your savior! Make a sample cover letter mentioning all your strengths and capabilities in short cover letter examples format and recheck before submitting to your desired company.

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Business Analyst Cover letter examples:

If you are an analyst and looking for business analyst cover letter, then you must state all the reasons on why you should be hired by the company. Explain you are background, skills and mention your qualifications and certifications which align with the need and requirements of the hiring manager.

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Career change cover letter examples:

Are you looking for a change in your career path? Then, your cover letter must be having a little change unlike popular cover letter examples the rest! As a candidate, you must be able to justify the reason in the cover letter on why you want to shift your career from the current one to the applied one.

Sales representative cover letter examples:

As a sales representative you must define your working experience and proven track record of your targets and how you can effectively help in customer acquisition and also contribute to team growth also mention in the closing paragraph on how you can bring your skills and help in customer relationship management and sale strategies.

cover letter examples

Teacher Cover  letter examples:

As a professional tutor, on the first page mention your relevant experience and your core ethical values, principles which motivated you become a teacher. Also mention key skills, your ability to build strong relationship with students and their parents fostering a collaborative culture in the classroom. Mention your contribution to the ongoing success of your students, this is how you can write a teacher cover letter example.

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Management cover letter examples:

For management cover letter, as a manager you must briefly show case your qualifications and also make sure to do proper research on the type of company you are applying to. Analyse the job market which is in current trend and also make the cover letter easy with bullet points and simple to check so that human resources manager can easily verify and call to action. By using this trick, you can effectively build a management cover letter.

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Administrative assistant cover letter examples:

Being administrative assistant you are responsible for managing various tasks single handedly with in short span of time. So, you can be called a multitasker you can handle tasks in a professional way- so create a professional cover letter highlighting your skills which are necessary for the job application. Make sure that your cover letter includes your task like file organization, scheduling appointments and many more. This is the technique; you can follow for administrative assistant cover letter examples.

Professional cover letter examples:

As a professional in any field like marketing, sales, IT and many more; make your expertise visible to the manager so that they realize the potential of your value which can be added to the team growth. You can follow this as cover letter examples.

So, few professional covers letter examples which have been mentioned and collected with great research for various professional position for different fields.

Whenever you apply for a position, mention all the necessary skills that make you the perfect candidate for your chosen role.

Ensure your cover letter grabs the manager's attention when you attach your resume.

Create a one-page cover letter and ensure it is error-free with legible fonts.

Instead of relying completely on AI text, make your own cover letter.

Write a few sample cover letters describing your past experiences in a simple format.

Use sample cover letter examples for guidance if you are a teen and looking for a role.

📌 TIP: Consider using an AI Builder and choose professional Resume Templates to enhance your application.

cover letter examples

Mistakes to avoid in choosing cover letter examples

Here are 5 common mistakes to avoid while writing a cover letter: Here are 10 common mistakes to avoid while writing a cover letter:

1. Overly long:

Limit your cover letter to one page if possible and do not overload your write up. Avoid giving the reader too much information that your percussively think are relevant and state the main objective of yours.

2. Repeating your resume:

Do not just rewrite your resume in your cover letter because that has been the tradition you have just been following. Concentration should be placed on stressing on interpersonal skills and experiences.

3. Ignoring instructions:

The applicant must ensure that the format of the application, the information given, and the general presentation is in line with the requirements stated in the job advert. Also, try to add references so that the employer can get to know more about you.

4. Lack of research:

Leaving the company’s name out of the cover letter and/or not taking time to investigate the firm to which you are applying makes the employer think you are careless and have not put a lot of effort into the application.

5. Grammatical errors:

One should ensure that their cover letter is polished by proofreading, so as to correct any spelling and grammatical errors. Misconducts that you display to your customer, colleagues or other clients may degrade your professional standards.

6. Being too formal or informal:

Do not forget that the potential employer is looking for a professional but at the same time, they want to learn some traits that make the candidate unique. Do not use the business standard English or the worst, the use of slang language should be discouraged.

It is possible to avoid such mistakes within the cover letter and ensure that document complements the overall application process as well as gains the attention of the employers.

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FAQ - Cover letters examples

How long should my cover letter be?

Your cover letter should be summarized within one page. It should be short and crisp so that it is simple for the employer to read and review your application. You must use a suitable resume header and include 3-4 paragraphs with detailed content focusing on relevant skills and experience.

Should I make changes in my cover letter for each and every job application?

Yes, it is highly recommended to make customized cover letter for various job applications. It is suggested to use a traditional resume format which simple yet sophisticated. Tailoring your cover letter for specific jobs requirement will definitely showcase your genuine interest towards the company and this personalized approach is recommended for seeking the attention of hiring managers.

What should I include in my cover letter if, I am a beginner with no prior experience?

If you are a beginner in the industry and have no work experience, then you can mention about your extra-curricular activities, hobbies and interests academic achievements and also mention about the internships you have done. Demonstrate your interest towards the particular field and also mention how your education has allowed you to excel the particular position.

How do I address the cover letter, if I don't know the name of the hiring manager?

If you can't find the name of the hiring manager, then you can use the general way of salutation like "Dear hiring manager" or "Respected hiring manager". Remember, not to use any generic tags like "To whom it may concern" which sounds unprofessional.

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