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A resume gives recruiters a good overview of your education and previous work experience, but it may not always express different skills and personal qualities or how much you want to work for a given company.

A resume alone is not enough to convince a recruiter that you are the perfect candidate for the job. A cover letter can play a vital role when applying for a job. So if you want your statement to stand out, we definitely recommend adding it.

There may be tens or hundreds of candidates for one job. They may have similar skills, experience, educational background and achievements, so it is very important to stand out from the others. By writing an impressive cover letter, you can do just that.

A cover letter should be professional but interesting. That being said, sometimes hundreds of people apply for a job, which means recruiters have to read just as many resumes and cover letters. Do not write an extremely long text that the recruiter does not bother to read to the end. Grab his attention from the beginning of the cover letter. Convince him that he needs to look at your resume and invite you for a job interview. Let your personality shine through!

Cover letters

How to start a cover letter?

When starting a cover letter, it is important to remember some key elements:

  • Avoid using "I" in the first sentence. Prefer to introduce yourself in the third person: "Worker...", "Literature student...".
  • Mention the number of years of your work experience.
  • Don't mention the name of the company.
  • Write the name of the position you are applying for correctly.
  • Emphasize your interest in the position.

How to end a cover letter?

The best way to end a cover letter is to use a polite form. This will allow you to not end your letter too abruptly and leave a good impression on the employer.

Here are two examples:

  1. Awaiting your reply, Sir/Madam, my special greetings.
  2. Waiting for your reply Sir/madam, my sincere regards.

What to put in a motivation letter?

You want to apply for that job offer, but you're wondering, "What to say in your cover letter?"

Here is a list of what you can talk about:

  • Your personality, hobbies
  • Your interest in the field of activity for which you are applying. How did this interest come about? How has it evolved over the years?
  • Your skills, attributes and significant professional achievements.
  • What you know about the company and what it inspires you.
  • What you can offer the company, with your expertise.
  • Your desire to join a team and integrate into a project that interests you.

Hints on how to improve one or another aspect of the business. Don't develop your ideas too much and suggest that they can be "expanded during the conversation if necessary."

Should I sign a letter of motivation?

Signing the letter of motivation is optional.

However, if you have the option, we recommend that you create a signed manual signature from a computer using the signature tools on our CV creation website. This will add a more serious and personal character to your cover letter.

How to submit a motivation letter?

If you are applying for a job for the first time, you will definitely be thinking about how to write a motivation letter. Here are the different parts to follow:

  • Enter your name, first name, address, telephone number and email address in the upper left corner of the page.
  • In the upper right corner of the page, write the name of your recipient or the department you are applying for, and the name and address of the company.
  • Below, right-aligned on one line, indicate the location and date.
  • On the second line, aligned to the left: the purpose of the application. Specify which position you are applying for.
  • Then you need to write the content of the letter.
  • Finally, add your first name, last name, and signature below!

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