Example of an internship cover letter

Although it is an internship application, recruiters will still be in search of the quality of the cover letter. No more poorly presented letters, with many spelling mistakes and that does not explain any interest in the company in question.

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Cover letter template for an internship

John D. Guerrero
Omaha, NE 68102
+1 402-348-0345

Mr. Peter McMillen
Trustgreen Mobility
Guy H. Jones
326 Sun Valley Road
Kennewick, June 3, 2021

Subject: Application for a 6-month internship as a ticket agent at Trustgreen Mobility

Dear Mr. McMillen,

Currently a student in my second year of BTS in Tourism at Laguna Creek College, I am looking for a 6 month internship starting in October as part of my studies. I would like to work as a ticket agent for Trustgreen Mobility. I am fluent in Spanish (C2) and ready to invest myself fully in your company.

After my BTS, I would like to work as a counter agent, preferably in a reputable company like Trustgreen. Working as a ticket agent for you would be an opportunity for me to advance my career and reach my ultimate goal: to become a package operator.

Having already held the same position during my first-year internship in an airline, I was able to acquire soft skills, particularly in terms of customer prospecting. I am bilingual, thrive under pressure and I think I have the necessary qualities to carry out the responsibilities you would entrust to me.

In order for me to demonstrate my motivation for this position, I remain at your disposal for an interview.

Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to meeting you.

John D. Guerrero

To maximize your chances of being called for a physical interview, you need a personalized internship cover letter.

This article reveals the secrets to having a good cover letter that encourages the recruitment officer to meet you.

internship cover letter

How can you write an internship cover letter?

Since this is an internship application, you probably don't have much work experience. And recruiters already know that. In any case, do not insist that you are an intern and that you are applying only to learn.

Want to stand out from the many other candidates? Demonstrate through your cover letter that you can bring something to the company you are applying to.

To have the best internship cover letter, here are some expert tips:

  • Focus your arguments on what you have learned during your school career
  • Make it clear that you did not choose the company by chance
  • Demonstrate that your career ambitions are in line with the internship offer
  • Highlight the skills and qualities that you can bring to the company
  • Write a paragraph specifying a request for an interview
  • Make the content easy to read with a neat presentation
  • Structure your letter in a coherent way

The layout of the internship cover letter

Just like a simple cover letter, the cover letter written for an internship application must be pleasant to read. Here are the basic rules for a perfect layout:

  • Make the letter fit on a single page in A4 format
  • Write short paragraphs (5 lines maximum)
  • Choose a professional font (Calibri, Cambria, Verdana...)
  • Opt for a readable font size (10 to 12 points)
  • Avoid giving the letter a fancy look
  • Space your text with about 1.15 cm between lines
  • Make line breaks between paragraphs
  • Align text to the left

To avoid getting lost in the presentation, we invite you to consult our cover letter templates.

The structure of the cover letter for an internship

In terms of structure, the internship cover letter is similar to a classic model, although the content is different.

Here are the elements that should be included in a cover letter for an internship:

  • The header
  • The purpose
  • The greeting of politeness
  • The catchphrase
  • Career objective and interest in the position
  • The skills
  • The interview request
  • The closing greeting
  • The signature

Writing a cover letter for an internship

At the top left of your cover letter, you should indicate the following:

  • Your name
  • Your mailing address
  • Please include your phone number with the country code (+1 for U.S.).
  • Your professional email address

Below your contact information, line up the company's information on the right, including:

  • The name of the company
  • Contact information for the person who is responsible for recruiting
  • The postal address of the company

Also indicate the date you are writing your cover letter.

Attention : Do not forget to indicate the subject of your application. The duration of the internship, the position to be filled in and the name of the company must be specified.

internship cover letter

Example of a cover letter for an internship : Application for a 6 month internship as a sales assistant at E. Leclerc.

Writing the ideal catchphrase for an internship cover letter

After the greeting (Dear Sir/Madam or HR Managers name), it's time for part 1: the catchphrase.

In this first paragraph you will answer the following questions:

  • What training are you currently taking? In which school?
  • What is your level of education?
  • What is the duration of the internship you wish to do? As of which date?
  • What position are you looking for in the company?

And to arouse the recruiter's curiosity, mention some of your most relevant skills. Don't forget to show that you want to join their team.

Example of a good catchphrase

Currently a student in my second year of BTS in Tourism at East Shores College, I am looking for a 6 month internship starting in October as part of my studies. I would like to work as a counter agent at Europcar Mobility. I am fluent in Spanish (C2) and ready to invest myself fully in your company.

Example of a bad catchphrase

Having a good touristic culture acquired during my university studies, I wish to become an intern in a renowned company like Europcar Mobility.

internship cover letter

Mention your professional project in your cover letter for interns

It is in this second paragraph that you will be able to make the difference and stand out from the other students.

Talk a bit about your career plans and try to relate them to the company's expectations.

Important hint : Do not start writing this paragraph until you have researched the company. By skimming their website, learn about their projects, their competitors, their products, or their services. Try to define their problems so that you can provide a solution to address them.

The idea is to make your internship cover letter more powerful and to make your potential employer want to consider a future collaboration.

Example of a professional project for an internship cover letter

After my master's degree, I would like to become an international marketing manager in the food sector. Considering that Zoomplanet wants to reach international targets, joining your marketing team would be a unique opportunity for me to carry out my professional project.

Highlight your strengths and key skills in your cover letter

Of course, recruiters will not be able to project themselves without knowing your strengths. So, make sure you write a paragraph highlighting all your skills in your cover letter for an internship.

You can indicate any skills acquired during a professional experience (internship, summer job, interim mission). Ideally, only those related to the internship offer should be indicated.

Also, list some of your soft skills. Indeed, behavioral skills will be decisive if two students have roughly the same career path.

How can you finish your cover letter for an internship?

Adding a paragraph stating your desire to meet the recruiter is crucial to a successful internship application. The objective is to demonstrate that you are highly motivated to join the company.

There are several ways to request an interview in a cover letter for an internship. The same applies to the closing greeting.

Examples of interview request forms

  • In order for me to demonstrate my motivation for this internship, I remain at your disposal for an interview.
  • I remain at your disposal for an interview to deepen my application.
  • So that you can evaluate my application face to face, I propose to meet for an interview.

Examples of appropriate closing greetings for internship cover letters

  • Thank you for your consideration
  • Looking forward to meeting you.

Summary: the key points to write a perfect internship cover letter

Here are the tips to remember for having a competitive internship cover letter:

  • Write a catchy first paragraph
  • Make the link between your professional project and your interest for the position
  • Highlight your skills from previous internships or summer jobs
  • Conclude your letter effectively with an interview request
  • Capture the recruiter's attention with an impeccable presentation

internship cover letter

FAQ for Internship Cover Letter

Which resume should you choose for the internship cover letter?

Both documents must be written in a consistent manner. To make your resume perfect, consider incorporating keywords to pique the recruiter's interest. And most importantly, make sure that it is presented in an impeccable manner.

Out of inspiration? Feel free to use our free downloadable resume templates in PDF/Word format.

How to write the email that will contain the cover letter for an internship?

The email to accompany your cover letter for an internship should include the following:

  • Subject (example: Application for an internship position as [job title] at [company name] for a period of X months - [job reference number])
  • Formal greeting of politeness (Dear Madam, Sir, or ideally if you have their name Mr,x Ms.x or Mrs.x)
  • Target position in the company
  • Duration of the internship and desired start date
  • Key competencies in line with the description of the internship offer
  • Sentence indicating that you have attached your cover letter and resume
  • Closing greeting

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