How To Write A Professional Resume Objective Statements?

A Professional Resume Objective Statement similar to a resume summary statement is the first thing that will intrigue the hiring manager to consider your resume and read it further. You have your resume written in perfect structure and layout, listing down all the work experiences, skills, and certifications you have under your name.

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How To Write A Professional Resume Objective Statements?

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Table of content
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But these things alone will not be enough to convey why you are the best fit for the job. It certainly will not tell why you even want to join a particular company.

This is where a resume objective statement comes into play. But not just any resume objective. You’ll need a professional resume objective that is well crafted and engaging enough with all your relevant skill sets to the job description you are applying for.

The objective statement's purpose is to convey the professional goals concisely and clearly, as well as to highlight your skills, experience, and areas of expertise. It gives a summary of your professional objectives and brings the attention of the hiring managers to your most significant attributes.

If done well, it will help you make yourself shine from your other candidates. Not only that, through a polished resume objective summary you can still convey to the hiring manager that you can be the best fit for a job even with a lack of required experience.

You can relay your passion and enthusiasm for the job you are applying to with the help of a powerful resume objective. Therefore, a professional resume objective statement is an impactful element for job seekers wishing to grab the attention of hiring managers and show their eligibility for a certain job.

This guide will inform you of the:

  • Ideal objective statement for a resume that hiring managers like to see.
  • When to utilize a resume objective to identify yourself apart from the competition.
  • How to craft a resume goal that will get you an interview despite your lack of experience.
  • Excellent career objective examples that you may use on your resume and copy for a variety of professions.

how to write a objective

What is a Professional Resume Objective Statement?

A professional resume objective statement specifies the candidate’s career goal or objective. It is a brief section at the top of the resume. This statement answers the queries of hiring managers.

It is an eye-catching statement of your professional goals that sits on top of your resume. A resume objective, also known as a career objective, is a one or two-sentence summary of your short-term professional ambitions that also includes a purpose for your job search.

The emphasis on the candidate's career goals sets a professional resume objective statement apart from other sorts of resume statements. A resume objective statement clearly describes the candidate's career objectives and how they are relevant to the job you have applied for.

A strong resume objective statement can immensely help to showcase a candidate’s unique skills and accomplishments. Moreover, It can also show that the applicant is capable of properly communicating their professional aspirations and having a clear understanding of them.

Resume Objective Examples (Career Objective Samples)

Disciplined professional with strong organizational skills, a dedicated team player, and communicative and problem-solving skills, looking for a full-time position as a sales manager that enhances my team-leading skills and effective sales strategies.

Job-Specific Resume Objective Examples

Given below are some industry-specific objective examples:

Customer Service Representative Resume Objective Example

A Customer Service Representative with five years of experience handling products and service issues. Certified in communication and conflict resolution. Excellent track record of resolving challenging technical and financial issues. Sustained a maximum customer satisfaction rate.

Project Manager Resume Objective

Experienced and detailed-oriented professional with ten years of project management skills. Looking for a job in project management that will let me use my knowledge and abilities, particularly those in communication both verbal and written budgeting, leadership skills, team management skills, and problem-solving skills.

Secretary Resume Objective

Graduate in Communication seeking a secretarial position with an established organization. Organized with excellent verbal and non-verbal communication skills, bilingual, and multi-tasker. Practical experience in the management of employee relations acquired through several voluntary projects, teamwork, and task management.

Administrative Assistant Resume Objective

A highly organized and detail-oriented administrative assistant with over 5 years of experience supporting a management position. Proven ability to provide exceptional administrative support, manage calendars, schedule appointments, and maintain confidential files. Efficient in Microsoft Office Suite and Google Suite, with excellent team management skills communication, and interpersonal skills.

Account Manager Resume Objective

Experienced account manager with strong communication skills, outstanding project management skills, analytical skills, detail-oriented, and highly focused. Impressive track record for revenue generation and client service. Proficient in tax and accounting software. Seeking a position with a growing company for better career opportunities.

Software Engineer Resume Objective

Result-driven QA Engineer with over five years of experience in computer science. Excellent understanding of software engineering paradigms. Seeking a position to enhance skills design skills, customer service, and support abilities.

Executive Assistant Resume Objective:

Experienced executive assistant with providing outstanding support to three entrepreneurs with organizing their tasks by scheduling meetings, meeting deadlines, and managing communications with the member of the teams. Looking to seek a position that allows applying relevant skills and knowledge.

Data Entry Resume Objective:

Data entry specialist with a great work ethic searching for a position where I can employ my strong typing, data entry, excellent customer service skills, and administrative support abilities. My typing speed is 70 WPM, and my careful attention to detail guarantees precise and effective data entry.

Dental Assistant Resume Objective:

Certified and professional dental assistant with four years of experience. Looking for a job in a dental office to use organizational, patient care, and support abilities when engaging with patients and working with a dentist.

Bank Teller Resume Objective

Self-driven, dependable, and trustworthy Teller seeking a position as a bank teller with a reputable bank to use excellent math, client-facing abilities, effectiveness, and desire to learn new responsibilities to use.

Receptionist Resume Objective

Looking for a position as a receptionist at your esteemed organization for utilizing my clerical abilities, including my knowledge of the phone, written and spoken communication, computers, and administrative assistance. Experienced at interacting with consumers in person and have outstanding organizational skills.

Experienced Office Manager Resume Objective

Seeking a position as an office manager in a fast-paced environment with complete theoretical knowledge and five years of expertise in relevant roles—including customer service, professional communication, scheduling, leadership, and management—to good use.

How To Write an Objective Resume?

Our professional resume writing experts have crafted detailed guidelines for writing professional and catchy resume objectives.

how to write a objective

Identifying Your Professional Goals

Each individual wants to do well and climb the professional ladder. This signifies that you are doing great professionally and have the potential to do even better.

However, this doesn’t mean to keep on going without thinking about where you want to head. You have been in the same company for some years now but reached a point where professional growth isn’t either possible or not financially beneficial.

To avoid getting fixed in such an unpleasant situation you need to set your professional goals. Setting long-term goals in particular can lead you to your ultimate work pleasure. Having clear career goals is essential to advancing professionally.

It is necessary to know what you want to accomplish professionally as it will keep you motivated and focused.

And most importantly, when your job is in alignment with your ambitions and goals, it gives your job satisfaction.

Techniques for identifying and clarifying your goals

Here are some of the techniques through which you can identify your goals:

  • Self-Reflection

You need to reflect and define what exactly you want to achieve professionally. What would you like to achieve in your career? Remaining unfocused and unclear will not lead you anywhere.

  • Networking

Skills to develop networks can be of great importance. This involves connecting with others in your field and seeking their advice. When networking, it's important to approach individuals with a clear goal in mind whether they be your mentor, colleague, or an industry expert. Or you can use online networking tools such as LinkedIn.

  • Do Research

Research prospective work opportunities, sectors, and career routes that fit your interests and abilities. To obtain a sense of the qualifications needed, look at the job description and skill requirements.

  • Set Short-Term Goals

Often we, as humans, plan for years ahead in the future in our lives, irrespective if it is something personal or professional. It is not something wrong but could prove impractical. To achieve your long-term agendas, you need to break them into short-term goals To reach a certain position, you need to acquire and work at multiple lower-level positions than that you had set for yourself.

Identifying professional goals is an ongoing process and may change in the future as you advance in your career. So you must continue to reflect, learn, and grow.

Crafting Your Professional Resume Objective Statement

Tips for writing an effective professional resume objective statement are:

  • Tailoring your objective statement to the specific job you are applying for.
  • Include any expertise, talents, and aptitudes you are confident can aid the business in achieving its objectives.
  • In your resume objective, avoid boasting or using emotional language. As much data and facts as you can support your experience.
  • Make sure your professional objective is relevant to the organization you are applying to if you want to achieve it.
  • Do not intentionally use complex terminology to appear smart.
Do’s of writing professional resume objectives

  • Utilize a language that is focused and precise.
  • Emphasize your experience and talents that are pertinent.
  • Be precise and direct.
  • Use language that is uplifting and assured.
  • Personalize each job application
Don’ts of writing professional resume objectives

  • Use unclear or general wording
  • Prioritize your goals for the position over your qualifications.
  • Incorporate irrelevant details (e.g. age, marital status)
  • Utilize a slang or outdated style of language
  • Use a generalizing strategy

how to write a objective

Examples of Effective Professional Resume Objective Statements

Correct Example
Administrative assistant with an experience of three years, a strong work ethic, and attention to detail looking for a career in a respected firm where I can use my communication and organizing abilities to help the team and contribute to the fulfillment of corporate goals.

Why is it a strong resume objective statement?

  • Highlights the candidate's key attributes, motivation, and attention to detail.
  • Summed up the years of experience.
  • Indicates the applicant's willingness to work for a respectable firm and help the company reach its aims
  • The candidate is aware of the duties and responsibilities associated with the job position and can articulate how he can fulfill them successfully.
  • Language is simple and precise.
Incorrect Example
I am looking to be a part of a respected firm and ascertain my exceptional skills for a few years before switching careers to arts.

Why is it a bad resume objective statement?

  • The use of the word exceptional is boasting.
  • It doesn’t show why you want to join this company in particular.
  • No relevant skills or experience is mentioned.
  • You have also mentioned switching careers. It’s a big no.

Tailor Your Professional Resume Objective Statement

Tailoring your professional resume objective statement for each job application is essential because it increases the likelihood that the hiring manager will notice your resume seeing your unique interests and qualifications for the position.

Also, it indicates that you have taken an effort to understand the job description and have personalized your application properly, which might increase your likelihood of receiving an interview invitation.

Here are resume objective tips statement to tailor based on your job description

  • Analyze the job description and note the essential abilities, experience, and qualifications that the employer is seeking in a candidate.
  • Once you have recognized the essential qualifications, compare your experience and skills to those listed in the job description. To showcase how your knowledge and expertise make you a good match for the position, give actual examples.
  • Utilize similar phrases and keywords that have been emphasized in the job description.
  • Explain how the position fits with your aims and goals for your career. This might indicate your excitement for the work and your dedication to the company.
  • Focus on the essential qualities and talents that make you a great fit for the position in your purpose statement, keeping it brief and to the point.

By doing these, You can raise your chances of attracting the hiring manager's attention and proving your fit for the position.


  • A professional resume's objective statement should be no more than three lines.
  • Tailor each resume objective statement as per the job requirements.
  • Try to avoid improper language and general wordings.
  • Show your enthusiasm for joining the specific company.
  • Emphasize how your career goals align with the company you are applying to.
  • The information in this section must match the other resume sections.

Use our resume builder to craft a professional resume objective statement that will help you stand out to potential employers. It only takes a few minutes to create a polished, focused resume goal statement with the help of this ready tool.

how to write a objective


What is a good objective statement for a resume?

A brief focused, and targeted objective statement for a resume is one that is appropriate for the position and industry you are looking for. Your most important accomplishments, experiences, and talents must be focused on to emphasize your qualification for the position.

It should highlight your essential qualifications, particularly your background in customer service and your reputation for providing great service. It shows your desire to join a team that places a strong emphasis on serving customers, which is certain to be appealing to potential employers in the customer service sector.

What is a good objective for a resume for a career change?

A good career change resume objective will help Human Resource Management professional grasp how your skills from your prior position might be applied to your new one with the aid of a career transition resume description.

The best thing to say in the situation is

  • Current knowledge or expertise that is relevant.
  • How your past experiences may assist you to succeed in your current position.

Customer service expert with more than four years of experience providing technical help over the phone seeking to use communication talents as a Sales Manager at Magnimopus. Outstanding proven ability to provide high-quality service, with a 4-star rating on average over the previous two years.

Is it OK to write objectives in the resume?

In recent years, hiring managers look for a summary statement or a professional profile section in a candidate’s resume that will provide a brief overview of their skills, experience, and career goals. Unlike objectives, these are more specific and highlight the relevant skills of the candidate that can contribute to the specific companies.

When to not include objectives?

Situations when they aren’t really useful or don’t give the reader some useful information, they are old fashioned, they are about the candidate and nothing about the company. You should ditch objective statements if any of these things apply.

When to include objectives?

In case you are switching careers or applying for a job in a completely new industry then it can be beneficial to provide an objective statement. An objective statement is acceptable but not always necessary. Consider using a summary statement or professional profile section in their place.

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