Sample of Radiologic Technologist Resume

Radiologic technologists are professionals that work in various industries. More often than not, the radiologic technologist position is offered in the medical field.As a radiologic technologist, you'll have to be skilled in radiographic equipment, working in a medical team as well as being able to provide high-quality radiologic services.Indeed, not everyone can fill the shoes of an experienced radiologic technologist. This line of work takes a vast amount of knowledge.

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Sample of Radiologic Technologist Resume

Radiologic Technologist
+1 234 56 78 99

Professional Summary

Experienced Radiologic Technologist with 7 years of expertise in healthcare administration. Adept at applying management skills to develop patient and healthcare organization needs. A demonstrated history of applying problem-solving strategies and collaborating effectively across levels, with leader skills that inspire teams to achieve the best results.

Work Experience

Radiologic Technologist

Medical Hospital
03/2016 - Present

Assist in various projects as assigned by the direct supervisor.
Maintains inventory and orders supplies and restocks supplies.
Assists in patient examinations and patient education with patient safety and diagnostic images.


2011 - 2015


Proficiency in digital radiography
Hospital experience
Interpersonal skills


English fluent
Spanish fluent

Whatever the case may be, we know that you're the right person for the job, so how do you show that to the hiring manager at your dream job?

The answer is simple - you'll have to write a powerful radiologic technologist resume!

We've written this article for the sole purpose of changing your radiologic technologist resume from good to perfect. Enhance your resume with our radiologic technologist resume tips and sample resume!

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for radiologic technologists and technicians was $61,000.

In addition to the higher than average annual wage, the overall employment of radiologic technologists is set to grow 7 percent from 2019 to 2029.

This growth is most likely brought about by the increasing age of the population. Statistically speaking, with the average age growing, so will the frequency of diseases and health conditions within the population.

It is true, the demand for a solid radiologic technologist has never been this high before!

Keep in mind, with the growing demand for the radiologic technologist role, there is also going to be a growth in the number of competitors you'll have during your job search.

More and more people will apply to the same radiologic technologist jobs that you are.

So a great way of getting ahead of your competition and getting that radiologic technologist role you've always wanted is by writing an effective technologist resume!

Radiologic Technologists Resume Example

How to make a Radiology Technician Resume

So you've decided to go for it and apply to a couple of radiologic technologist jobs. That's the first important step, but you might be wondering what comes next? How do you begin writing a strong and powerful radiology technologist resume?

In order to write a solid resume that's going to get you callbacks for interviews, you need to consider a few factors before writing down your content.

A strong radiologic technologist is going to need appropriate formatting and a logical layout for the content. Making sure that these two key factors are applied is essential for an effective application.

Additionally, an important point to keep in mind when writing a resume is to always have the content be related to the job you'll be sending your application out to! Try to focus on the job requirements and start writing about yourself from there.

The Layout of the Radiology Technician Resume

Make sure that you have a solid layout in mind when starting the process of writing your radiologic technologist resume! The layout will determine how easy to read and visually effective your resume is going to be.

The process of logically laying out the application can sound daunting, but it simply entails breaking up the content into separate sections. Having a resume template will definitely make writing it a lot easier!

We will be covering these sections in the article and the ones that you should include in your resume:

  • Header
  • Professional Summary
  • Work Experience Section
  • Education Section
  • Skills Section
  • Additional Information

The structure of the Radiology technician resume

It is essential that your content isn't just laid out nicely but looks nice as well! A resume with a well-structured body of content can turn heads and impress the hiring manager, who'll be reading your cover letter.

A key point to consider is to give your text a proper resume format. The most popular same format that's used for writing a radiology technician resume is the reverse chronological resume format.

If you have worked as a radiological technician in the past, list your previous work experience, educational background, and other professional information in chronological order.

Start with the header of the Radiology Technician Resume

Now that we've talked about the importance of appropriate formatting and layout for your radiologic technologist resume, it's time to start writing the application!

We're going to start at the very top of your technologist resume. It is of the utmost importance that the reader knows who the resume is written about.

What better way to let the recruiters know who's applying than by writing your name as the title of your resume?

We suggest writing your name at the beginning of the technologist's resume, with a font size of 14 - 16 and in bold lettering. Make sure your name stands out!

Below your name, write your contact information in smaller lettering. We recommend a smaller font size of around 11 - 12. Include things such as your email address, work phone number, and physical address.

Example of a header / Example of a bad header

This is an example of a properly formatted header:


Radiologic Technologist

+1 234 56 78 99

This is an example of a badly written header


Office Administrator

+1 234 56 78 99


Is a photo required in the Radiologic Technology Resume?

We advise dedicating most of your resume to your experiences and content rather than a photo.

Instead of taking up important space of the resume with the professional photo, you should instead focus on making the content of the application do the work.

Discuss your work history, education, certifications, and key skills. With a technical job such as the radiologic technologist role, a photo won't prove to be very beneficial.

The majority of employers (80%) would not even consider an application that includes a photo.

Click here for more resume templates.

Radiologic Technologist Professional Summary / Resume Objective

With the growing popularity and demand for radiologic technologists, the amount of technologist job seekers has increased as well.

Indeed, companies that are hiring for radiologic technologist jobs receive hundreds of resumes for every job advert. How are they able to read through each and every job application?

The answer is that hiring managers at these companies don't read through every resume. These recruiters use resume filtering software that chooses and picks resumes with the highest amount of industry-related keywords and action verbs. Afterward, they'll usually just skim through the chosen applications.

A good way to catch the hiring manager's attention is by condensing all of the content in your resume into one comprehensive section. This section can either be a professional summary or a resume objective!

A professional summary is only a few sentences long and talks about your previous work history, skills, and accomplishments as a professional radiologic technologist. The professional summary is better suited for technologists with a few years of working knowledge and experience.

The resume objective, on the other hand, is the better option for entry-level radiologic technologists that are just now getting their foot through the door. In just a few sentences, you're going to discuss your career motivation, relevant work history, and job-related skills. Briefly discuss how you'll be able to apply your skills and knowledge for the benefit of the hiring company and why you want to work there.

Professional Summary Examples

This is an example of an effective career summary:


Experienced Radiologic Technologist with 7 years of expertise in healthcare administration. Adept at applying management skills to develop patient and healthcare organization needs. A strong track record in problem-solving and collaborating at all levels with proven leadership skills that inspire teams to achieve top-quality results.

This is an example of a weak career summary:


Radiology technologist with experience in healthcare administration. Skilled in team management and interpersonal relationships. Experienced in working in a team and leading a group of team members.

Resume Objective Examples

This is an example of an effective resume objective


I am an ethical, entrepreneurial, punctual, accountable, and a fast learner. I believe in quality and take a great deal of responsibility when it comes to delivering compassionate and credible work to my patients—looking for a medical team where I can apply my skills and grow professionally.

This is an example of a weak resume objective


Skilled radiologic technologist who's ethical and punctual. I provide quality control in my work. Looking for a medical team to work with.

Work Experience in the Technologist Resume

Now that we've finished with the professional summary/resume objective sections, we'll be continuing on with our objective of writing the perfect radiologic technologist resume.

In order to get the job as a radiologic technologist expert, you'll have to write a solid and effective work history section. This section is going to be the largest part of your job application due to the type of content you'll be including here.

Describe your professional experiences on your radiologic technologist resume

You might be wondering how you can go about writing a solid work experience section? Don't worry; we're here to help!

Your previous work history will be discussed in this section. This part of your application includes every relevant job you can think of.

In this section, you will discuss the duties and obligations you had as an employee at your current job or previous employment.

Talk about the job descriptions using bullet points; each key description of your previous work needs its own bullet point. This is going to make the text appear much easier to read.

Don't forget to put the job title above the name of the company, dates of employment, and job description. Bold the job title as well.

Writing a strong work experience section can be daunting, but we're here to help with some extra resources! Check out our resume builder for more work experience examples by clicking here.

Examples of professional experiences for Radiologic technologist resume beginner/junior

Work Experience Radiologic Technologist

Medical Hospital

03/2016 - Present

    Assist in various projects as assigned by the direct supervisor.

    Assists with inventory, ordering of supplies and re-stocking of supplies.

    Assists in patient examinations and patient education with patient safety and diagnostic images.

Examples of work experience for Senior Resumes for Radiologic Technologist

Work Experience Senior Radiologic Technologist

Medical Hospital

03/2016 - Present

    Ensured high patient satisfaction scores by using x-ray and CT equipment efficiently on positioned patients and using shields appropriately to minimize exposure to radiation.

    Updated the patient history and developed and labeled diagnostic images and films, ensuring established quality standards were strictly followed.

    Followed hospital regulatory guidelines when collecting patient information and conducting imaging procedures to maintain highest quality, radiation safety, patient safety and patient confidentiality.

Education Section

The next big step in writing an effective radiologic technologist resume is to add in some information that shows further expertise in the radiologic technology field but doesn't come from work experience.

The best way to show this information is by adding an education section to your radiologic technologist resume!

The education section offers a look into your educational background. Making sure that this section is well written can improve the vital signs of your resume immeasurably!

The reason why the education section is so crucial to your radiologic technologist resume is that most hiring companies nowadays require a university degree or higher for every radiologic technologist that applies.

A solid education section will prove as additional proof of your expertise and knowledge as a radiologic technologist.

Should you start with education or work experience in a Radiology Technology Resume?

We recommend starting with the work experience section and following it with the education section.

This layout is strong and effective as it shows your professional expertise first and follows it up with your educational background, further solidifying your credentials!

How to properly list your education in a radiology technology resume?

You may be asking yourself, "How do I begin writing the education section of my radiologic technologist resume?".

Here are some tips to help you write a successful education section for your radiologic technologist resume:

  • Starting with the most recent degree you possess is a good idea. The first thing you should write in your education section is the highest degree that you have. For example, write about your master's degree first, and mention your associate's degree second.
  • Indicate the name of the university, address, year of attendance, and degree obtained.
  • Be sure to only include a GPA above 3.7.
  • Use bullet points to list all of your relevant coursework that could be related to the job you're applying for.

Example of the Education section in a radiologic technology resume




2011 - 2015

Skills to put in the resume for a radiologic technologist resume

After writing about your work experience and talking about your education, you might be wondering how to enhance your radiology technician resume even further.

A great way to do this is by dedicating a section to all of your relevant key skills. A part of your resume should be dedicated to showcasing your most prominent technical skills as well as soft skills.

You can showcase all of your soft and hard skills by including a skills section in your radiology technician resume!

Dedicating a skills section in your radiology technician resume is a perfect way for you to mention any skills you would like to highlight or couldn't mention in your work experience section!

What are the main skills sought for a Radiologic technologist resume?

Here is a list of all top soft skills and hard skills related to the radiologic technologist resume:

  • Supervision
  • Proficiency in digital radiography
  • Hospital experience
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Knowledge of diagnostic imaging procedures
  • Quality assurance
  • Proficiency with imaging equipment

Additional headings for a radiologic technologist resume

We always suggest leaving a little bit of space for additional information that could benefit your radiologic technologist resume.

Adding additional sections will always enhance your application, as long as the content of your resume you're going to be applying with is related to the job and its requirements.

Additional information can come in the form of certifications that show your expertise or a language section that showcases your knowledge of languages!

Computer skills and certifications

Work as a radiologic technologist requires a lot of additional training. Usually, job seekers put specific information into their cover letters.

On top of stating your knowledge of applied science, you should also demonstrate your knowledge of human anatomy, ray equipment, and time spent in a radiography program.

A great way to do this is by including a certification section in your radiologic technologist resume!

In an industry where additional education and training is always appreciated, adding in a certification section can be a perfect way of showing your additional training and expertise in diagnostic imaging, radiation exposure, and safely positioning patients.

Here's a list of certifications you can list down in your radiologic technologist resume to show your expertise:

  • The certificate in Computed Tomography (CT) Imaging
  • The certificate in Magnetic Resonance (MR) Imaging
  • The certificate in Positron Emission Tomography (PET)
  • The Breast Ultrasound Certificate


Additional information can also include a section dedicated to a different kind of knowledge that can be very beneficial.

Including a language section can be very important, especially for jobs that require knowledge of an additional language.

Adding in a language section can be the difference in your radiologic technologist resume. If you're multilingual, adding in a language section can always help your application!

Summary: key points for writing a perfect Radiologic technologist resume

To be effective and professional, a resume must showcase the candidate's abilities concisely and effectively. Our article has gone over all the elements and sections that will make your radiologic technologist resume get you the right job.

We've discussed many important points, so here are a few pointers to remember while writing your radiologic technologist resume:

  • You should title your resume with your name. Name your cover letter at the very top.
  • Write a resume objective or professional summary that highlights your skills and abilities.
  • You must include a section on work experience on your professional resume. If you want to make your job descriptions easier to read, use bullet points.
  • In the education section of your resume, you should include details about your education with bullet points.
  • Write about skills that are relevant to the job description in your skills section.

Frequently Asked Questions for a Radiologic Technologist Resume

    How do I write a radiologic technologist resume?

If you're a job seeker as a radiologic technologist, you'll have to write an effective radiographer resume. You can do this by choosing an effective format and layout for your resume.

Always write your content in reverse chronological resume format and maintain the layout in the same order you see here:

  • Header
  • Professional Summary
  • Work Experience Section
  • Education Section
  • Skills Section

    What skills do you need to be a radiologic technologist?

While there is a lot of training that goes into being a professional in radiologic technology, we recommend including the following skills in your skills section:

  • Supervision
  • Proficiency in digital radiography
  • Hospital experience
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Knowledge of diagnostic imaging procedures
  • Quality assurance
  • Proficiency with imaging equipment

    How do I list radiology credentials?

We recommend including a certificates section into your application to be able to effectively showcase all of your training and expertise in radiography.

A skills section is the best way to list your additional training, while the work experience and summary / objective sections are ways you can list your main work history and credentials.

    What is a good objective for a Radiology technician resume?

A good objective needs to talk about your career motivation and why you want to work in the company that you're applying for. Additionally, it needs to demonstrate your skills and previous relevant work history/training.

Make sure that your objective is brief and only a few sentences long.

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