Business Resume : A Wholesome Guide with Tips

Business Resume : A Wholesome Guide with Tips

You spent a significant number of years pursuing the necessary education, exposure, certifications and relevant skills in order to land your dream job with outstanding perks and benefits, didn't you? But all that may go in vain if the same education, exposure, certifications and relevant skills are not presented in an outstanding manner, in your business resume!

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Hiring managers require the noted qualifications and skills, but they choose based on the presentation of the same, not mere presence of those in your business resume. But what are the tips and tricks to make your resume stand out in a pool of hundreds of business resumes?

Read on for a comprehensive guide with tips for how to create an impactful business resume before you start your job search; you can also check out our resume examples.

Business resumes can be targeted for many job titles i.e. business development manager, business development executive, business developer and so on. However, there is a common theme for all business resumes, this theme includes a particular common tone, common skills and qualifications, common language and common presentation style.

You will learn it all in this article along with a comprehensive guide for writing a business resume.

business resume

Types of Business Resumes

As mentioned before, there are many job titles in the business fields, you need to have the clarity of which business position you are aiming for. The theme may be common for business resumes however, with the clarity of a particular role, you can slightly alter the language and keywords in your resume to optimize it.

Some of the types of business resumes are:

  • Business developer
  • Business development manager
  • Business development executive
  • Business manager
  • Business analyst
  • Project Management
  • Human Resources
  • Business Consultant

The list is long, although we have done most of the heavy work for you in this article, you may want to research a bit on your own for the particular position you are aiming for.

Tips for a Good Resume

Now, let's get to the simple tips that you need to keep in mind while writing your resume for positions in the business field. These general tips are simple yet important and effective. You don't need to make any exhaustive efforts to implement these tips either.

business resume

Choose a Standard Format/ Outline

First of all, you need to choose a standard format- the chronology of your details, the way you want to present each section of your details (i.e. table, paragraphs, bullet points), the importance of the details and so on. Once you figure that out, you can lay out a rough draft of your resume.

When you are choosing the format, it is important that you choose a standard format and yet manage to make it stand out. You can make some sensible and optimizing tweaks in the outline of your business resume which will catch the hiring managers' eyes and intrigue them.

💡Pay close attention to-

  • Line spacing
  • Font style
  • Font size
  • Font color
  • Effects such as bold, italic, underline

Make sure these are symmetrical and in visually appealing form, your business resume shouldn't look chaotic and all over the place at first look.

Pay Attention to Language

Your resume may not be for a role centered around language i.e. Proofreader or Editor, however the accuracy of language is just as important for you in your business resume. It will reflect your qualities such as attention to detail, your command on language, your communication skills and proficiency, your dedication for striving for perfection.

Any hiring manager will lose interest upon seeing a grammatical error or spelling error. Always proofread your resume twice once you are done.

business resume

Use Numbers, Factual Statements

Make sure you do not end up writing fluff lines and paragraphs. Try to include as many numbers as possible that reflect your capabilities and experience. Write factual statements that are short and to the point. Use bullet points, tables and short paragraphs to present all the relevant information.

Reflect Your Uniqueness

Apart from providing your basic details such as education, experience, qualifications and such, you can also try to show what is the 'little extra' that 'only you' can and will bring to the table. Subtly lay out all your qualities and skills outside of relevant job related skills. Tell them who you are as a person and how your personal qualities will positively impact your performance in their organization.

Include Important Links

When you curate your business resume, make sure to add the important links. One non-negotiable is the LinkedIn profile link. Your LinkedIn profile should be properly updated and its link should be mentioned in your business resume in a way that the hiring managers don't miss it.

If you have a relevant blog site or such other sites, make sure to mention those in your business resume as well. Many resume examples often miss this in their template.

Tips for an Outstanding Business Resume

Tips for a good resume is a must for everyone and they are pretty simple and basic. Now, a good business resume can get you a job if the hiring manager can figure out your potential. But it cannot get you the job you dream of along with impressive benefits. For that, you need an airtight business resume that is cleverly optimized. Read on for tips for an outstanding business resume.

business resume


Your business resume summary should not be generic. It is your first and possibly last chance to grab the hiring managers' attention and intrigue them. You can highlight your qualifications along with the unique skills you bring to the table in this section. You can also choose a specific achievement and drive your resume home on its back!

You can also choose to carefully balance the formal and casual language and attempt to build a connection with the hiring manager that is reading your resume.

Business world is the epitome of formality and corporate culture, however it is also the one place where you can stand out simply by balancing casual/genuine communication along with formal/professional communication (language).

The smart tip to write a good summary is to use the keywords that the recruiter has mentioned in their job description. Lastly, make sure your summary is really a 'summary'- it should not exceed three lines- limit. A good summary is a cherry on top even if you have also provided a cover letter.

Work-Experience Section Optimization

Pick up any resume example and you will find a work experience section, all the business resume examples and business resume templates also have it. So how can you optimize this section in your resume?

business resume

First tip to keep in mind is to not go on about what you did in a generic tone, rather point out your contribution to the organization and include numbers as well.

It is important that the hiring manager learns what is so special about you because the job responsibilities that come with a particular job title are likely to be completed by anyone employed with the title, what you do differently or extra- will make you stand out. Companies don't just need employees, they need employees that will uplift the company and lead to success.

It is a common mistake to add multiple sections such as relevant experience, additional experience and professional experience and so on. Avoid such segregation and include all important experience in one section, get rid of unimportant and additional information, this will help you put the important information in proper focus.

📌 Now some small tips that are quite important-

  • use bullet points
  • use action words (ie completed, led, managed)
  • try to include numbers and measurements instead of vague statements
  • highlight your particular achievements and exposure
  • Avoid long wordy sentences

Education & Certifications

There are particular business education levels mandatory for most jobs posted by hiring managers so it is not important that you have xyz degree.

business resume

Important are your accomplishments during your studies, any specific programs you participated in that are relevant should be highlighted in your business resume.

Avoid adding details of irrelevant certifications and achievements, (ie you were part of a sports club or participated in an essay writing competition) they will not weigh much when you are applying for a business job title.

You should relate your education journey to your professional experience and then the job title you are applying for. Create a story-like flow which will convince the hiring manager that you have worked and come a long way for this position.

Degree is Mandatory but Skills gets you Hired

As mentioned before, a particular degree is mandatory so having that will not get you hired from a pool of applicants with the same degree. So what will?

business resume

Your key skills! The skills that you developed from experience, skills that you learned while studying instead of just learning the theory. You need to bring focus on your relevant key skills in a manner that is impactful. Again, use numbers instead of ambiguous statements.

Do not miss any keywords, especially the ones mentioned in the job description in the job posting. Avoid any passive phrases.

Choosing the Right Business Resume Template

There are a number of sources available on the internet for the business resume template and business resume examples. So how can you make sure that the business resume examples you are going through are actually right for you? You need to choose a business resume template that is perfect for you.

business resume

Hiring managers hiring people for job titles related to business often look for a theme that is in sync with the business world. For example, you should make sure your presentation is quite traditional and formal. Your fonts should be simple and language tone professional.

Your business resume should be easy to read with simple visuals and outline with important details highlighted in a simplistic manner. You should regard your business resume as a business document. Notice these aspects carefully when you are looking at business resume examples.

Writing the Cover Letter

People often invest a lot in curating their business resume, going through business resume examples and business resume templates and what not. They often underestimate the importance of a cover letter.

While it is important that you make your resume an all-encompassing presentation of what you bring to the table, a good cover letter really boosts your chances of getting your dream job. When you start your job search, make sure to invest in both your business resume and the cover letter.

While it's true that some hiring managers don't look for cover letters anymore, the other half may not look at your resume if there is no cover letter attached. So why take risks?

Cover letter is your space where you can present all your achievements and skills but with a focused target on the company you are applying to. You can mention them and talk about how you feel about working with them. If it is your dream company, you can describe your journey and show all that you did along the way to get an opportunity with this particular organization.

Your cover letter is basically a personalized letter to the company that you are applying to.

business resume

Key Takeaway

  • Do not underestimate the importance of how you present every detail and information
  • Experience section should be tailored with care, with focus on the relevant highlights
  • Your resume should have a story-like flow from education to achievements and experiences
  • Use bullet points, short paragraphs
  • Have a clear format with no scope for chaos anywhere
  • Get rid of irrelevant details
  • Use numbers and avoid ambiguous statements
  • Include the important and relevant keywords

    (Do not underestimate the importance of keywords. The use of Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) has increased a lot. The market is US $ 2.1 Billion! And it is estimated to grow 5.3% during the 2022-2032 decade! Source:

You can easily find hundreds of job listings online and during your job search you may apply to 10-20 of them everyday and end up getting nowhere. Sometimes, many people don't even get a single call or mail after months of job search. One of the reasons for this is the absence of an effective and carefully curated resume. You need to invest in your resume a lot if not as much as daily responsibilities of a job. Take a look at our resume examples and you can use one of the business resume templates for your business resume.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are cover letters mandatory?

Cover letters are not mandatory but you should consider them a must if you want to ensure your business resume gets through the software used by hiring managers to filter the hundreds of business resumes they receive. They will also help you make an impression with the hiring managers.

I don't have any experience, what should I add in my resume?

If you are a fresher with no experience, you can focus on your education section. You can also elaborate your certifications, relevant extracurricular activities and achievements. You can describe your skills with regard to your learning journey during education.

Do I have to revise my business resume while applying for every job posting?

It is beneficial to revise your business resume for every application you make because you can edit the details and especially the keywords accordingly. Even more important is to revise your cover letter for every job posting that you apply to.

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