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Example of a forklift operator resume

Edward J. Simeon
567 Sand Fork Road New Carlisle

Cargo HandlerProfessional Summary

Rigorous forklift operator with 5 years experience in handling and storing products in warehouses. Versatile, I also master the handling equipment. I want to bring all my expertise to XPO Logistics.

Professional Experience

May 2019 - Today
Doras, New Jersey
Cargo handler

  • Load and unload products using a handling machine
  • Ensure the preparation and storage of each customer order
  • Control the conformity of the goods
  • Manage supply to avoid stockouts

March 2018 - February 2019
Paros, Seattle
Warehouse operator

  • Move products from the delivery truck to the warehouse
  • Receive and put in-stock products according to the instructions of the store manager
  • Prepare pallets of goods for shipment


CAP Logistics Operator
Command High School, Seattle


CAS 1 - 3


  • Driving a forklift
  • Respect for safety rules
  • Inventory management software
  • Rigor
  • Versatility
  • Good physical condition


English : Mother tongue

French : Master's degree (C2)

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Warehouse forklift operator, forklift operator, pointer forklift operator... Whatever the position you are aiming for in a store or a warehouse, you must know how to make the most of your strengths. Yes, you certainly have a few assets that will make you stand out from the other candidates.

You'll see in this guide how to write an effective forklift operator resume.

On the menu:

  • A forklift operator resume template to inspire you
  • Good practices and mistakes to avoid when filling in each section of the resume
  • A bonus: tips for writing a convincing cover letter for a forklift operator

Before going any further, you should know that you can create an irresistible resume in just a few clicks. Check out our free downloadable resume templates in Word/PDF format.

Our research suggests that the average forklift operator salary in the USA is $29,000 per year or $15 per hour. Entry level positions start at $26,000 per year while most experienced workers make up to $35,000 per year.

forklift operator resume

How to make a forklift operator resume

A forklift operator is an important link in a logistics chain. Therefore, he must show in his resume that he has the qualifications and skills required to effectively carry out his future missions.

Here are some essential tips for a winning forklift operator resume:

  • To avoid being penalized by the recruiter: mention your license and category
  • To boost your application: don't hesitate to put them forward if you have a vocational training certificate in logistics?
  • To be sure to meet the expectations of the future employer: write the resume while taking into account the conditions described in the offer (ideal profile, missions, level of experience, required skills)
  • To please application tracking tools: introduce keywords in the job description.
  • To make a good first impression: take care of the appearance of the resume from the layout to the structure

The layout of the forklift operator resume

Note that recruiters spend relatively little time reading a resume. That's why the presentation is so important to make it easier for him.

To make a good layout:

  • Summarize your forklift operator resume in one page
  • Choose a professional font (Calibri, Verdana, Times New Roman...)
  • Do not use more than one font
  • Choose a readable font size (between 10 and 12 points)
  • Aerate the structure of the document with a spacing of 1,15 cm between lines
  • Limit the use of logos and pictograms
  • Don't mix more than two colors and avoid making the resume look dull

The structure of the forklift operator resume

To organize your forklift operator resume in a consistent manner, be sure to highlight the following sections:

  • Personal information in the header
  • The title
  • Summary of the professional profile
  • Professional experiences
  • The studies
  • Certifications
  • The skills
  • Secondary headings (languages, computers and interests)
Note: You can adopt other plans to highlight the sections containing the most relevant information. In need of inspiration? Don't make it difficult for yourself! Use our online resume builder.

Start with the forklift operator resume header

Your personal information should be listed at the top of your resume, including:

  • Your name
  • Your postal address
  • Your phone number with the code +1 for United States
  • Your professional e-mail address
  • Your driver's license

Example of a good header for a Forklift Operator

Darren J. Mahoney

2535 White Oak Drive Independence



B driving license

Example of a bad header for a Forklift Operator

Alexander M. Morgan

065 514 7832


Is a photo required in the Forklift Operator's resume?

We recommend you do not include a photo as most US employers do not consider applications that include a photo in their resume.

Choosing your forklift operator resume title

"Resume” as a title should not be used. To be more effective, clearly state the title of the position you wish to obtain.

Here are some examples:

  • Warehouse operator
  • Receptionist forklift operator
  • Forklift operator - order picker
  • Cargo handler

forklift operator resume

Work experience in the Resume of a Forklift Operator

Want to make your resume perfect and maximize your chances of getting called for an interview? Emphasize your work experience as a forklift operator, especially those related to the position.

Have you just started your career? Don't panic! Highlight your application by emphasizing your experience as an intern. Your summer jobs or temporary assignments (related to the logistics sector) may also interest your potential employer.

In any case, make sure you present this section well.

Describe your work experience on your forklift operator resume:

  • Put your most recent work experience first
  • Start with the duration of the contract (month + year)
  • Fill in some information about the store or warehouse (name + location + area if the company is not well known)
  • Specify the position you have held (Warehouse operator, forklift operator, etc.)
  • Make a bulleted list of your main missions (3 to 5)
Tip to give more weight to your resume: Include figures (example: preparation of 25 orders/day). Also, use action verbs in the infinitive to describe your tasks (put in stock, load, unload, etc.).

Examples of work experience for a Junior Forklift Operator

February 2016 - July 2016

Depay, Maryland

Forklift operator trainee
  • Manually load and unload delivery trucks
  • Record the receipt and issue of goods
  • Alert the relevant departments in case of non-conformity of raw materials

Examples of work experience for a Senior Forklift Operator

October 2015 - March 2020

ECLA, Oklahoma

Warehouse operator
  • Daily management of a team of 15 forklift operators
  • Putting away goods while driving a forklift
  • Manage the stocks and arrivals of raw materials using the Erplain software

forklift operator resume

Studies in the Forklift Operator Resume

No diploma is required to become a forklift operator. Nevertheless, having a certified forklift license would be a real asset for your application. At the cost of between $150-$200, it will be a great investment and definitely worth it when you land your job. Because employers will want to know you are trained for the job.

So be sure to mention these licenses if you have one. This allows you to demonstrate to recruiters that you are well equipped theoretically to perform your future tasks to perfection.

Should you start with your studies or your work experience in a Forklift Op?

Organize these two sections according to your profile:

  • For beginners: mention your diplomas above your experiences
  • For the experienced: highlight your professional background

As you can see, the idea is to place the section that contains the information most likely to arouse the interest of the future employer first.

How to list your education in a forklift operator resume

Just like the description of your experiences, opt for the reverse chronological format. List your most recent education first.

Indicate the year of graduation and the name and location of the educational institution.

Example of the Studies section of a forklift operator resume

2018 SAC Pro Logistics

East Park High School, Washington

Certifications in a Forklift Operator's CV

To operate powered industrial trucks in the United States, forklift operators must complete safety training required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Anyone over the age of 18 can earn a forklift driving license.

Skills to put on the Forklift Operator's Resume

Technical skills allow recruiters to determine if you have the necessary qualifications to perform your role in the company.

Note, however, that in addition to your know-how, your personal qualities also count in their eyes. So, remember to balance your hard skills (technical skills) and your soft skills (behavioral skills) in your resume.

Also, try to incorporate keywords into your resume. Why introduce terms from the ad?

  • On the one hand, to avoid the elimination of the resume by the application tracking software;
  • on the other hand, to facilitate the task of recruiters who read the document diagonally.

What are the main skills required for a forklift operator?

The most sought-after technical skills in a forklift operator are:

  • Use of a pallet truck
  • Driving a forklift
  • Knowledge of safety rules
  • Protocol for loading/unloading goods
  • Inventory methods
  • Maintenance of handling equipment
  • Load balancing principles
  • Mastery of inventory management software

The most valued personal qualities in a forklift operator are:

  • Versatility
  • Rigor
  • Reactivity
  • Good spatial awareness
  • Good organizational skills
  • Endurance
  • Teamwork
  • Skill
  • Resistance to stress

forklift operator resume

Write the ideal hook for the forklift operator resume

You have completed the most important sections. The question is how to get the recruiter to read all your information. What better way to do this than with a well-written professional profile summary?

Ideally, your tagline should include the following information:

  • Experience level (for juniors)
  • Most recent diploma (for seniors)
  • Previous position (optional)
  • Target position within the company
  • Main skills and qualities to be profiled by the potential employer
Note: This section is to be placed below the header of the resume. But in practice, it must be drafted last. This way, it will be easier for you to summarize your profile.

Example of a teaser for a junior forklift driver

Holder of a forklift license I wish to join your team in order to work as a forklift operator. During my 6-month internship in a large distribution company, I was able to acquire solid skills in driving and maintaining handling equipment.

Example of a teaser for a senior forklift driver

Rigorous forklift operator with 5 years experience in handling and storing products in warehouses. Versatile, I also master the handling equipment. I want to bring all my expertise to APO Logistics.

Additional sections for your forklift operator resume

The languages for a Forklift Driver Resume

Don't forget to add this section to your forklift operator resume if foreign language skills are required by the company. In addition, they will help you earn points if you have little work experience.

In any case, consider specifying your level. Also mention your scores on any certification exams.

Here is an example:

German: Autonomous (C1, Goethe Zertifikat 80/100, 2017)

Areas of interest in a Forklift Resume

Include your interests in your resume only if they can add value to your resume. If not, forget about this section.

In order to help recruiters better understand your personality, try to be more specific.

Example of what not to do in a forklift operator's resume: sport

Example to be done in a forklift operator resume: Captain of an amateur handball team

The latter clearly indicates that you will have no problem joining a team.

Summary: the key points for writing the perfect forklift operator resume

  • Emphasize your experience in the field of logistics
  • Build on your education if you are a junior forklift operator
  • Specify that you hold a forklift license
  • Balance your hard and soft skills
  • Integrate winning keywords
  • Write a powerful tagline
  • Take care of the presentation of your resume

Write a forklift operator cover letter that complements your resume

When writing a forklift operator cover letter, keep in mind that this document will be read in full by the recruiter. The latter will therefore penalize your application as soon as it sees information that is not consistent with the information provided in your resume.

Be sure to highlight the skills you can bring to the store or warehouse. Also indicate your professional project as well as your interest in the position. And most importantly, don't forget about a job interview request.

Check out our tips for more information on writing a forklift operator cover letter.

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