A Complete Guide to Writing a Communications Specialist Resume with Examples

Why does a company hire a communications specialist? Communications specialists like you are the experts who convey the brand message of an organization to all its stakeholders – someone who plays an essential role in maintaining public relationships, media relationships, and internal organizational relationships.

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Example of a Senior Communications Specialist Resume

Drake Smith
Communications Specialist

Professional Summary

A dynamic and highly motivated senior communications specialist with more than 7 years of experience in content creation and planning seeking my next corporate challenge in a well-reputed firm. In my previous experience at Coral Gables, I have increased the company's Facebook engagement by 27% from 2020-2022.


Aug 2016 to Present
Coral Gables
Senior communications specialist

  • Increased Facebook audience engagement by 27% in the last 2 years.
  • Carried out external communications required to build industry relationships.
  • Created social media content across multiple platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.
  • Organized a newsletter with the social media team which eventually got 14% CTR.

June 2014 to Aug 2016
Junior communications specialist

  • Monitored all social media pages and provided social media training for new team members.
  • Worked closely with the marketing team and the clients in developing the marketing strategies.
  • Improved the company’s social media presence and engagement by using social media best practices.
  • Participated in team meetings generating suggestions and engaging in problem-solving to support the team.


Master’s in Communication
University of Wisconsin

Bachelor’s degree in Marketing & Communication
Michigan State University


  • Decision making
  • Time management
  • Event execution
  • Social media marketing
  • Strategic corporate guidance
  • Associated press style
  • Adobe CC
  • Campaign Monitor
  • CMS
  • Microsoft Office


Certified Billing and Coding Specialist - NHA
Certified Manager Certification - CM
Professional Certified Marketer - PCM

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Getting a communications specialist job is not that hard – cause there’re thousands of vacancies in the market and it's growing.

But landing the RIGHT JOB – the one that pays well – with a promising career, needs a lot of research, planning, and preparation.

For this, you need a perfectly written communications specialist resume.

That’s exactly what you’ll get at the end of this article.

You’ll also learn:

  • How to choose the right layout and format for your resume.
  • Complete resume examples that you could copy.
  • How to write each section of your resume perfectly.
  • Pro resume tips to get you among the top 5% of candidates.

If you are in a hurry and want to create your resume right now, check out our ready-to-fill resume templates to create your resume in less than 10 minutes.

Junior Communications Specialist Resume Sample

Jimmy R Sarvis
Junior Communications Specialist

Professional Summary
A dynamic communications specialist with a keen eye for details seeking to leverage my career in the field of communication. My corporate communications blog is read by over 200,000 readers on the internet.

Jan 2022 to Aug 2022
Sierra Club
Communications trainee
  • Worked with the marketing team to develop strategies to manage promotions that drove the demand for several products.
  • Worked closely with the sales team to develop tools to support the sales process.
  • Learned new skills and applied them to the regular schedule to improve efficiency and productivity.
  • Currently working on improving organization-wide employee communications.
University of Waterloo
Bachelor’s degree in Communication
2016 - 2020
Archived a 3.6 GPA

  • Social media marketing
  • Marketing strategy
  • Product promotion
  • Value Propositions
  • Product development lifecycle
  • Content creation
  • Data analysis
  • Communication skills
Certificate in Public Speaking
Certificate Assistive Communications Skills

Moving on, here are some resumes of similar professionals which you can use to get further inspiration:

communication specialist resume

How Much Does a Communications Specialist Earn?

A career as a communications specialist can be highly rewarding with cash bonuses, tips, commissions, and profit sharing.

According to payscale the average salary of a communications specialist is $56,000, while it can be anywhere from $39,000 to $79,000.

Additionally, building relationships with top-tier organizations, clients, and the media can be a more rewarding experience than a paycheck.

How to Write an Outstanding Communications Specialist Resume?

Your hiring manager gets hundreds of resumes for a position like communications specialist.

You’ll spend hours optimizing your resume, but it will only take about 4-6 seconds for the hiring manager to go through your resume and throw it in the bin.

Can’t blame them if yours is just another typical application.

So, how do they pick resumes?

What are the parameters they consider?

What makes a resume an excellent one that attracts the hiring manager at a glance?

Before answering all these questions, we will start with the basics: the layout and format of your resume.

Communications Specialist Resume Layout

Just like in developing any communication strategy, it’s always better to have a plan before you start. A plan can help you avoid a lot of mistakes you could have done in the execution.

The layout is the plan you create to make your resume.

Here’s the layout we suggest for a communications specialist resume:

  • Header with your name and contact information.
  • A professional or objective summary.
  • Work history.
  • Education.
  • Skills.
  • Additional sections (certificates, languages, and interests).

Feel free to adjust these sections according to your qualifications and experience level. For example, if you are an entry-level candidate without any experience, you may list your education before experience.

communication specialist resume

Best Resume Format for Communications Specialists

Now that we chose the structure for our resume, we have to choose the order in which we write the information in some of the important sections in our resume.

Should I display my Bachelor's degree or the Master's degree first?

Should I write my most recent job first or start from the beginning of my career?

The answer to all these questions lies in choosing the right resume format.

These are the three standard resume formats in use:

  • Reverse chronological format - Reverse chronological format is the most used resume format and it’s the format that a lot of hiring managers prefer. Here we start by writing our most recent experiences and qualifications first.
  • Functional (skills-based) format - The functional format is used to highlight your skills. This format is perfect for entry-level candidates who have experience working on projects.
  • Hybrid format - The hybrid format is a combination of both reverse chronological and functional resume formats.

For communications specialist resumes, try using the reverse chronological format to list your experience section as the hiring manager would be most interested in your recent industry experience.

Writing a clean and well-structured resume saves time for the hiring manager which eventually make them read your resume in full.

Therefore keep in mind to make your resume easily digestible with the most relevant points included. You will be surprised by the number of interviews you receive.

📌Tip: The latest resume standard is to keep your resume to a single page. Don’t make it annoying for your hiring manager to scroll between pages.

You can find a perfect resume template online from our resume builder – there’re many suitable templates for communications specialists. Check them out and try them for FREE to save time.

Your template should:

  • Have a consistent theme.
  • Have consistent fonts, font sizes, and colors.
  • Have a color theme that matches your personality.
  • Have consistent margins.
  • Be saved in PDF if not specified otherwise.

Keyword Research for Your Communications Specialist Resume

Most companies nowadays use applicant tracking systems (ATS) for the initial phase of shortlisting. ATS tracks the keywords on resumes and picks the ones that align with the job description.

Therefore, your resume should have a decent number of important keywords and a quality keyword density to get through the ATS.

Use the job description to pick the relevant keywords for your resume. You could also check the company website for more keywords – the about page, blog, and product page would be valuable resources to find out powerful keywords.

Nevertheless, make sure you include them naturally in your resume – only writing what is relevant to your skills and experience. In the hiring process, keyword stuffing would do more harm than good.

We have a complete guide on using keywords on your resume if you need more information.

Start Your Communications Specialist Resume by Writing your Header

This is the section where you introduce yourself to the hiring manager. Don't make it too long, but make sure it contains all the information they need.

Here is an example of a good header and a bad one:

Mary C Justice

Communications Specialist




Communications Specialist

Mary C Justice



1446 Peck Street,


New Hampshire(NH)


Some common guidelines recruiters use to distinguish a good header from a bad one:

  • Start your resume header with your first and last names. Use a larger font to make it stand out.
  • Add the job title of the position that you are applying for.
  • Keep in mind not to add the official email of your current employer. Use a personal email that the hiring manager can use to contact you.
  • Add your mobile number.
  • Don’t add your physical address in the header.
  • Add the link to your Linkedin profile – also keep it up to date.

Write a Resume Summary to Grab the Attention of Your Hiring Manager

A resume summary is the first section in which you describe yourself to your hiring manager. It’s should be something you would answer if your hiring manager asked you to describe yourself in 10 seconds. As a communications specialist, use your excellent communications skills to explain that you are the best candidate for this position.

Your summary can range from 2 - 3 lines and make sure it contains the most important facts, your motivation behind applying for the position, and why you think you are the best candidate for the position.

Your resume summary will decide if the hiring manager will continue reading your resume or if your resume will get thrown into the trash can.


A passionate communications specialist with more than 6 years of experience in marketing, public relations, and internet communications seek to join a world-class hospitality company to advance my career. Handled multiple social media platforms and relevant communication with influencers and media with a $20,000 monthly marketing budget.


A highly motivated candidate with more than 5 years of experience in internal communications seeks a communication specialist job. I have experience in managing social media channels, marketing campaigns, and promotion strategies.

Tailor your professional summary to each job you’re applying for. Be specific. Use numbers to add credibility ad interest.

Write an objective summary for entry-level jobs

An objective summary is very similar to a professional summary. You should only write one of these on your resume.

If you do not have much work experience to write a professional summary, write an objective summary highlighting your achievements, accomplishments, and career objectives.


A passionate marketer with experience in project management and content creation seeks to join the retail industry as a communications specialist. I have a track record of successfully managing a complex marketing project during my internship at ABD Holdings – carried out market research, managed external vendor relationships, and worked with media outlets.

Stand out with a Solid Communication Specialist Experience Section

Hiring managers usually spend more time reading the candidate’s experience section. Therefore, this is where you should spend most of your time.

An exceptional experience section makes a great resume in any profession.

Just adding your roles and responsibilities as a communication specialist won’t help you get an interview in a reputed firm. You should specify the type of skills you bring to the table – explaining how your performance helped the previous employer.

Following example sections would help you figure out the difference between a general experience section and an extraordinary one.

📌Tip: Write this section exceptionally well to 10X your chances of getting interviews.

communication specialist resume

Experience section for a senior communication specialist


Aug 2016 to Present

Communications Specialist

Pleasant Consultants

  • Worked across multiple networks to achieve business objectives.
  • Supported the local communication teams.
  • Developed site-specific communication strategies.
  • Established and maintained end-to-end integrated planning.
  • Supported a lot of programs by messaging.
  • Created and planned content.
  • Provided technical advice and guidance.


Aug 2016 to Present

Communications Specialist

Pleasant Consultants

  • Monitored and managed social media accounts and provided social media training for over 20 new team members in different teams.
  • Represented Pleasant consultants at 7 major corporate functions and trade shows in 2021.
  • Developed the social media strategy for Pleasant Consultants for the years 2021-2022 which was approved by the board of directors.
  • Worked with 3 major news publications in New York to build backlinks for the company website that boosted the company's SEO authority.
  • Managed the company’s public relations strategy resulting in a client satisfaction rating of 4.5/5.0 on Google.

Be specific in writing your experience section. Use numbers whenever relevant to add credibility to your statements. Don’t just write roles & responsibilities from your previous job description.

List your achievements and accomplishments. Your key achievements in the previous job will get you the next job plus you could negotiate your own salary.

Read our complete guide to writing achievements on resume for more examples.

Busy hiring managers won’t read pages-long paragraphs to understand the worth of a candidate. Make their lives easy by writing your key experience in 4-7 bullet points. Keep them short and to the point.

Use action verbs to start each sentence. Action verbs such as Managed, Communicated, Developed, Carried out, and Planned, would communicate your authority.

Experience section for an entry-level communication specialist


Aug 2021 to Present

Communications Specialist


  • Helped the team in data collection.
  • Managed the social media campaigns.
  • Coordinated all communication activities in the company.
  • Participated in team-building activities.
  • Carried out press releases to drive brand awareness.
  • Supported the company's communication efforts.


Aug 2016 to Present

Communications Specialist


  • Created content for 4 social media accounts adhering to tight deadlines.
  • Launched customer satisfaction surveys before the implementation of the Avondale loyalty card program.
  • Increased the main landing page conversion by 12% with strong copywriting.
  • Managed employee newsletter and relevant updates working with internal parties.
  • Prepared a variety of product reviews, financial reports, blogs, and other communications to publish on the website.
  • Used adobe creative suite to design posts, banners, and landing page structures.

In an entry-level job, you should highlight your technical skills as well as soft skills.

If you have never worked for a company and applying for your first job or internship, try writing the projects you’ve been involved in while studying. Also, consider writing any freelance experience you have.

Never leave your experience section empty to drive your hiring manager up the wall.

communication specialist resume

Let Your Education Shine in Your Communications Specialist Resume

A lot of communication specialist jobs require you to have a Bachelor's degree while some jobs would prefer candidates with a Master's degree.

Your education could be either in Marketing, Communication, Business Management, or any relevant field.

When writing your education section, use a consistent format with the relevant information. If your degree is in a closely related field, you should include more details including the key learning outcomes.

For senior communications specialists, keep the education section short and save more space for the experience section, which is always worthwhile.


Master’s in Business Administration, 2019-2020

Stanford University

GPA 3.6/4.0

  • Corporate communication
  • International business
  • Financial strategy

Bachelor’s degree in Communication, 2015-2018

Standford University

GPA 3.7/4.0

  • Marketing strategy
  • Written communication
  • Media literacy

The Top Skills for Your Communications Specialist Resume

To successfully carry out your job duties as a communications specialist, you’ll need a set of special skills.

You should identify these and write them on your resume.

This will help your resume to rank among the top resumes from the ATS test and also help you to communicate to your hiring manager that you have what it takes to get the job done.

There’re two types of skills: soft and hard skills.

Soft skills are personality traits of candidates that come with experience and many other factors.

Soft Skills for Communications Specialists

  • Creativity
  • Written communication skills
  • Verbal communication skills
  • Networking
  • Decision making
  • Leadership skills
  • Problem-solving
  • Active listening
  • Active learning
  • Adaptability
  • Collaboration
  • Confidence
  • Persuasion
  • Negotiation
  • Time management

Hard skills are technical skills required to carry out the communication specialist job duties. The good thing about hard skills is that they are easy to learn and practice.

Ask these questions yourself to pick the right technical skills for the resume:

  • Is this skill stated in the job description or is it an essential skill to carry out the job?
  • Do I have that skill?
  • If I don’t have that skills, is there a way I could learn that fast?

There’re many online crash courses to learn these skills in a couple of weeks.

Hard Skills for Communications Specialists

  • Project management
  • Performance tracking
  • Strategic planning
  • Content creation and storytelling
  • Social media
  • Content writing and editing skills
  • Image editing
  • Graphic design
  • Video creation
  • Database management
  • Data analysis Data interpretation
  • CMS
  • SEO/ SEM

communication specialist resume

Additional Sections for a Communications Specialist Resume

Here we guide you to create a communications specialist resume that’s better than 95% of other resumes your hiring manager gets.

To do that, additional short sections with specific information play a key role. They could immediately catch your hiring manager's attention.

But it’s important to keep in mind not to add any unnecessary or irrelevant information in this section. Any information you add to your resume should add value to your profile as a communications specialist.

Here are some examples of additional sections you could use:

  • Computer skills & certifications
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Awards & media recognition
  • Languages
  • Interests

Computing skills & Certifications

As a communication specialist, you have to constantly interact with computers, systems, and software to carry out your tasks. Therefore additional computing skills can help you make your resume get to the top candidate list.

A skill certification would further add value to your profile. Check for the relevant certifications in your niche.

Here are some important skill certifications for communications specialists:

  • Microsoft Office Specialist Certification
  • Certificate in Project Management (CAPM)
  • Hootsuite Social Marketing Certification
  • Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certification


Are you multilingual?

If yes, you have an advantage over most other candidates.

As a communication specialist, you will have corporate tie-ups with people speaking different languages.

Fluency in an additional language would help you become an ambassador for your company.

When writing your language section, make sure to add the level of fluency in each language for more clarity.

Here is an example:


English Native

French Fluent

Spanish Intermediate






Do a bit of research before writing this section. Visit the company’s website to see what kind of technologies, projects, cultures, or sports they are interested in. It could be web3.0, Crypto, NFTs, or even traveling.

If you have anything in common with the organization's interests, don’t hesitate to add it to your resume. And as usual, make sure not to add irrelevant information.

Your interests section alone could get you the job if you are smart enough to assess the organization's culture and future projects.

More Tips to Improve Your communication specialist Resume

  • Proofread your resume with Grammarly – do not trust your instincts on this.
  • Even if you just started following a course for an important skill certification, you should state it in your resume with a possible completion date.
  • Use a modern resume template to create the communications specialist resume.

Write a Cover Letter that Complements Your Resume

Now you have a complete understanding of writing a perfect resume for your next communications specialist job.

However, some recruiters expect you to submit a cover letter along with your resume.

A cover letter is a tailored document to each job position expressing the candidate’s interest, passion, and relevant skills for the job.

Most candidates get overwhelmed by the amount of time and effort they need to put in to write cover letters for each of the positions they apply for – especially the candidates who are actively applying for jobs.

Your cover letter doesn’t have to be too long. Just 3 to 4 paragraphs would be sufficient.

In your cover letter, explain why you’re applying for this position, what skills and expertise you would bring to the table, and your previous relevant achievements.

You can use our cover letter builder to create stunning cover letters faster so you can apply to 5 times more jobs in a day. Try one of our cover letter templates for FREE.


What does a communications specialist do?

Communication specialists handle corporate relations and media relations that affect an organization’s public relations (PR). This is critical and highly skilled work in some organizations' marketing departments. Experience, technical & soft skills, and media networking are critical factors that determine the success of a communications specialist.

How to get my first job as a communications specialist?

Getting your first job as a communication specialist would be the hardest part because you don't have any previous experience. If you have the relevant education qualifications an organization expects, try to acquire the relevant skill certifications through online courses.

But none of these could beat your industry experience. Develop relationships with freelance journalists, media outlets, and influencers in the industry you like to work in. Your relationships in the industry and a couple of freelance work will take you to your dream corporate job.

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