Digital Marketing Resume

Digital Marketing Resume

Digital marketing is the promotion of products or services through digital media in general. In this article, we guide you to create a better resume to land that job.

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Digital Marketing Resume Example

Beth Cook
Clarksburg, West Virginia

Digital marketing manager in content writing - financial sector

Professional Summary :

2 years at TDA as a digital marketing manager, I increased the traffic on the website by more than 400% and to improve our conversion rate (1% >7%). The mastery of digital marketing, social networks and content (SEO, CMS, Google Analytics ...) allows me to improve the visibility of a company and integrate more and more new customers.

Professional experiences

2018 - present, Digital Solutions LLC - financial investment platforms, California
Digital marketing manager
(market finance)

  • Increase traffic, improve visibility (X%)
  • Increase conversion rate (X%) and bounce rate (X%)
  • Planning strategies

2015/2018 - Digital Marketing Project Manager
Digital marketing project manager
(market finance)

  • Content writing and visibility optimization
  • Planning, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating the traffic management policy


2014 – Msc Digital Marketing
Laguna Beach Academy, Miami

2013 - Master in Digital Marketing
Fortuna Academy, Florida


Digital marketing strategy
Project management
Budget planning
Traffic optimization
Google Analytics, CMS, SEO, AdWords, Facebook ads, WordPress


English: Native (TOEIC: 990/100)
Spanish: bilingual (C2)

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Additional information on the digital marketing professions

According to BLS, the median annual wage for advertising and promotions managers was $133,460 in May 2020 ????.

There are currently around 316,000 people employed as digital marketers in the US. The job outlook is good for digital marketers as jobs are expected to grow by 6% compared with average growth for other jobs. And that's good because in the digital age, digital marketing is a big part of future.

Digital Marketing Resume

How can you make a digital marketing resume?

Digital marketing is a vast profession and it is necessary to adapt the CV according to the missions proposed and the sector of activity concerned.

The layout of the CV - digital marketing

The digital marketing resume must be impeccable, because you will not have the right to make mistakes regarding the layout.

You are expected to have advanced digital design skills. To avoid possible mistakes, you can use our resume template here or our sample resume here.

The structure of the digital marketing resume

Your marketing resume should include headings such as:

  • Your contact information (name, first name, photo, contact details)
  • The presentation of your profile (catchphrase).
  • Your professional experience and missions
  • Your academic background
  • Your skills - HardSkills and SoftSkills
  • Your interests

The information should ideally fit on one page.

Start with the digital marketing resume header

The header contains the main elements of your professional profile, which justifies your application.

Example of a header / Example of a bad header for Digital Marketing Resume

An example of a good header would be: "Social Network Marketing Manager - Market Finance".

A bad header would be: "Looking for a digital marketing manager position".

Is a photo required in the digital marketer resume?

It is not recommended to include a photo as the vast majority of hiring managers will not accept applications with photos to avoid discriminating against other applicants.

Choosing your digital marketing resume title

Depending on the position you are applying for, the title should be adapted and include information about:

  • To the digital marketing field in which you are an expert
  • The sector of activity concerned

It is also ideal to specify your level of seniority; beginner, confirmed, expert, junior or senior.

Digital Marketing Resume Example

Work experience in the Digital Marketing Resume

Highlighting your marketing experience when applying for your dream job is a must. As an expert in a particular area of marketing, you should value the assignments you have been given and your successes.

Are you applying for the position of marketing manager expert in social networks for a platform of financial investments?

An example of experience to value would be the following:

2018 - present, Digital Solutions LLC - financial investment platforms, California

Digital marketing manager

(market finance)
  • Increase traffic, improve visibility (X%)
  • Increase conversion rate (X%) and bounce rate (X%)
  • Planning strategies

2015/2018 - Digital Marketing Project Manager

Digital marketing project manager

(market finance)
  • Content writing and visibility optimization
  • Implementation of the traffic management policy
On the other hand, avoid mentioning your experience in the following way:

2018/2021 - Digital Solutions LLC

Digital marketing manager

  • Improvement of the visibility of the website
  • Planning strategies

4 years - Digital Marketing Project Manager

Digital marketing project manager

  • Participation in the marketing strategy

Describe your professional experience on your digital marketing resume

Several mentions must appear concerning your professional background; they are :

  • the year and the duration of the experience
  • the title of the position you hold
  • the name of the company and possibly its sector of activity
  • the missions assigned and the objectives achieved

Digital Marketing Resume Example

Examples of professional experiences for a junior digital marketer

2018/2020 - IMERO, ready-to-wear brand (launch in 2017) Digital communication manager - social networks
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Optimization of content on social networks (+10,500 subscribers)
  • Participation in the digital communication strategy

Examples of professional experiences for a senior digital marketer

2018/2020 - IMERO, ready-to-wear brand (launch in 2017)

Digital communication manager - social networks

  • Implementation of the digital communication strategy via social networks (next campaign: TikTok)
  • Increased visibility (+4,000%), traffic (+980%) and conversion rate performance above target (4%>7.6%)
  • Increased number of followers (865,400 on Instagram; 970,000 on Facebook)

Education in the digital marketing resume

Education is less important once you have a successful career and many years of experience as a marketing manager.

However, your curriculum vitae must specify your academic background.

Should you start with education or work experience?

Highlighting studies is essential if you have little experience in digital marketing. However, as soon as you have some relevant experience, you should give priority to your early career.

How to properly list your education in a digital marketing resume?

The job offer concerns the "digital marketing" field; it is therefore important to specify your training in relation to it. You should mention:

  • the year you graduated
  • the title of your degree
  • the name of the issuing body, school or institute and any endorsement obtained

Do you want to differentiate yourself from other candidates?

The training courses on your curriculum vitae can specify any skills relating (also) to the sector of activity you are targeting.

Example of the Studies section of a resume for a web marketing manager

You are applying for the position of "web marketing manager" in the financial investment platform sector. Here is an example as a web marketing manager:

2014 - MSC web marketing

Maple Ridge Institute - Honors

2013 - BBA in Marketing

2012 - 3rd year in finance speciality

Faraday Academy

Skills to put in the Digital Marketing Resume

Skills are essential to a digital marketing resume and should ideally be specific to the position you are applying for.

What are the key skills sought for a digital marketer?

Foreign language skills, computer skills, optimization software management or analytical skills are widely valued by recruiters.

What skills does a junior digital marketer need?

A beginner marketer will tend to value his SoftSkills given that his HardSkills are sometimes insufficient. The SoftSkills sought by recruiters are the following:

  • Written and oral communication
  • Creation of original content
  • Active listening
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Curiosity
  • Adaptability
  • Ability to solve problems
  • Creativity

What skills does a senior digital marketer need?

According to your field of expertise, your "confirmed" cap in digital marketing and the offer concerned, the skills in terms of tools management can be valued:

Digital Marketing Resume

Writing the perfect catchphrase for the digital marketing resume

The catchphrase should match your profile (digital marketing), your expertise (content writing), your seniority (senior), your skills (management of such and such tools) and the sector of activity (insurance) and be tailored to the job offer you are applying for.

Are you applying for a job as a digital marketing and content writing employee or manager for a well-known insurer?

Example of a catchphrase for a digital marketing employee

A professional with a background in digital marketing and content writing with two years marketing experience and one year in the insurance industry writing content for professionals. Expert in SEO."

Example of a catchphrase for a digital marketing manager

"Experienced digital marketing and content writing profile - 12 years of digital marketing experience including 8 years in content writing/insurance industry for professionals.

Expert SEO, Google Analytics and metadata via Wordpress and other platforms."

Would you like to consult resume models online? Check out a marketing example resume here, marketing example resume there, and marketing templates in one click.

Additional headings for your web marketing resume

The sections on computer skills, certifications, and foreign languages may be essential to obtain a position and differentiate yourself from other candidates.

IT skills and certifications for Digial Marketing

Are you familiar with management and optimization software? Do you know how to create a website and bring it visibility? Do you have a SEO certification from Google? Write it there! This will help you stand out and get noticed!

Foreign languages for Digital Marketing resume

First of all, a good command of another language can be a good addition and often necessary. This is even more true if the job offer proposes to assume certain responsibilities. Also, companies often have a strategy to develop internationally, and this is where the digital marketing manager comes in.

Do not forget to specify your level of language such as Spanish; "bilingual" or "fluent" as well as the scores obtained in the various certifications such as TOEFL, TOEIC or IELTS.

Having skills in another foreign language, such as German, French or another lesser spoken language such as Hebrew can make a difference. Without a doubt, mention any certifications obtained.

Areas of interests for digital marketer

You can mention your interests as long as they are relevant to the proposed job.

Thus, you can indicate that you love literature if your future employer is a publisher looking for digital visibility. On the other hand, it would not be relevant to mention that you like to paint if the recruiter is an insurer.

Summary: Key points for writing a winning digital marketing resume

In addition, the resume must include the following sections:

  • Name, first name, contact information, photo if applicable
  • The header should introduce your profile and correspond to the job title
  • The catchphrase must mention your experience, the field to which you belong, the sector of activity in which you evolve as well as your skills (HardSkills - Photoshop essential?), if any, in accordance with the job to be filled
  • Professional experience should reflect your areas of expertise as well as the company's activity if relevant; it should specify the objectives achieved and the missions successfully accomplished
  • Computer and foreign language skills and other certifications are emphasized
  • Interests can be specified if they are relevant

Write a cover letter that complements your digital marketer resume

Whether it is your first job search, or you are applying for a senior marketing position, the cover letter is a must. It allows you to specify your area of expertise; an area that is in line with what the recruiter is looking for. Such a document can specify your ability to evolve in a particular sector of activity, for which you do not necessarily have experience.

Such a cover letter is not designed to recall the training you have followed (master or business training in New York, or any other training) but to explain the projects you have carried out (digital, marketing, design ...) as a digital marketer.

Finally, the cover letter allows you to give elements related to the achievement of your objectives and to inspire confidence in you by your future employer.

Whether the company is large or medium-sized or small, don't forget to include a cover letter with your resume.

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