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Imagine that you are looking at a listing for your dream job as a Product Manager, but you are not confident enough to apply because of your weak resume. To land the perfect job, you need the right skills, but you also need to know how to showcase them to impress your recruiters. An average Product Manager’s salary is around $87,115 per year. Can you think of all the wishes you can fulfill if you land this job?

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Sample Product Manager Resume

Rachel Greenhall
Senior Product Manager
16, Clover Street, Atlanta

Professional Summary
Innovative Product Manager with six years of experience launching excellent products that increase profits. A proven track record in designing product roadmaps and formulating cost-effective product strategies. Expert at establishing solid workplace relationships and fostering teamwork.

Work ExperienceSenior Product Manager
IBM, Charlotte, NC (2013-Present)
Assisted five teams, developed products and product roadmaps and delivered high-quality products on time.
Controlled employee performance, sales plans, and closely monitored team members, resulting in a 56% increase in the company’s efficiency.
Set up a pricing policy that met company goals and increased profits by 67%.

Associate Product Manager Inc, Seattle, WA (2008-2012)
Created product stories and established acceptance criteria based on information gathered.
Won contracts with distributors that resulted in a 5% cost reduction for the company.
Gained working experience in a business analysis position.

Academic Achievements

Harvard University
Master in Business Administration, 2006-2008
GPA - 3.8/4

Stanford University
Bachelor in Commerce, 2003-2006
GPA - 3.5/4

Proficiency in Rally Software
Working knowledge of OmniGraffle
Excellent problem-solving capacities
Outstanding communication skills
Openness to learning

English - Cleared TOEFL with a score of 108.
Spanish - DELE. Cleared B2, with a score of 82%.

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However, many people hesitate to apply for jobs because they don’t have the proper resume. A good resume will get you on your way to success. Let’s show you how you can write a Product Manager resume that will stand out from the crowd. By the end, with the right techniques, templates and advice for successful product management, you should have a job-winning resume in your hand!

Looking at the job market

Product Managers are always in high demand in the business sector. They are in charge of product-related procedures. They brainstorm and create new strategies to develop product output and general productivity.

As an Associate Product Manager, you can earn an average salary of $70,000 per year. When you have enough experience in this field, you will move on to Senior Product Manager, earning $126,000 per year on average. And if you can secure the Product Management Director’s role for yourself, your salary will go up to $147,000 per year.

With the perfect Product Manager resume, you can land jobs with Inc, Oracle Corp., Medline Industries, Inc., and International Business Machines (IBM) Corp. Do these sound like your dream companies?

Then let’s talk about how you can build a solid resume to grab a Product Manager role in one of these big corporations.

Example of a resume

Before we go into the tips and tricks of writing your very first resume for Product Manager, let’s look at a Product Manager resume sample.

To get started, check out our resume templates

How to Make A Product Manager Resume

How do you define your product management skills?

Many job seekers are looking for the position of Product Manager right now. So why should your recruiter consider you? For this, you need to have a brilliant, concise and professional-looking Product Manager CV that will catch your hiring manager’s eyes immediately. Including your education, work experience, and technical skills is a must for this particular job role.

The Layout of the Product Manager Resume

Your resume's layout determines how it looks. Remember that hundreds of job seekers are applying for the same post every day. So, the average hiring manager does not spend more than 10 seconds on each application unless it is an especially eye-grabbing one.

Tips for creating a stand-out product management resume -

    Use Colours

When we ask you to use colors, we don’t mean anything too flashy or too bright. That can turn your recruiter off. Instead, use professional and muted colors that make your resume one of a kind. It’s something that you will need for good product management.

    Catchy Headers

Make separate paragraphs in your resume. One extended essay about your achievements will be boring. For each section you make, use catchy headers to arrest your employer’s attention.

    Bullet Points

Always list your skills using bullet points. They make your resume concise and increase your chances of selection.

You have to remember that the ideal layout for a Product Manager resume is highly professional and the right amount of informal.

Structure of the Product Manager Resume

The structure of your resume is the arrangement of your details. Have you ever wondered if you should put your latest work experience at the top? You may also have wondered whether to put your education before your professional background or the other way round. Let us look at why we have different structures so you know which is best for your current situation.

To adequately structure your resume, you need to know about the three kinds of formatting you can use when making your Product Manager resume. Good product management needs product managers who understand their job. They need to carry out robust user research, be active in their job search, and can collaborate with cross functional teams.

Researching the market is essential. Your resume template needs to list out all important details for product managers.

These formatting styles will help you maintain your professionalism and add more appeal to your application.

1. Reverse Chronological Formatting

This is the most popular formatting style for creating an excellent resume for any job listing. In this format, you list every detail in the reverse chronological format. This means that your most recent fact goes on top, and the oldest goes at the bottom. However this is less suitable if you don’t have a lot of relevant experience.

2. Functional Formatting

Functional formatting is what you use when you have the proper technical background for the job at hand but not enough relevant work experience. Hiring managers will look for this.

3. Combination Formatting

You can use this resume format when you have both the job description’s key skills and the related professional experience. Product management experience is important for a product manager job.

Here are some of our tips we’d like you to consider before writing your resume -

  • If you are an entry-level Product Manager writing your first resume, we recommend using either functional or combination formatting. These formats will highlight your technical expertise more.
  • We recommend using the reverse chronological format for your resume if you are an experienced candidate because this is the most professional structure of all.
  • To your prospective employer, your professional experience holds more importance than your education. You have to include both in your resume, but highlight your work experience before your education.

If you want to understand how these resume formats work, you can check out our Product Manager resume examples.

Start with the Header of the Product Manager Resume

Many people are often surprised that they need to include a header in their resume. The truth is, without a header, your resume is not attractive enough. Imagine writing an essay without a title. How will the reader know what your essay is all about? A resume header is nothing different. Here are a few product manager resume examples for you to check.

Example of a Header

Let’s look at some examples of a Product Manager resume example header to help you understand the correct way of writing it.


Rachel Redwood, lives in Atlanta, works as a Senior Product Manager in IBM. My email is


Rachel Redwood

Senior Product Manager



Tips to remember -
  • Your header is where you put your contact information. But you have to format it nicely, just like these product manager resume examples. Don’t write it in a sentence.
  • Always use a professional email. If you look at the incorrect example, you will see that the email is too casual and shows a lack of professionalism.

product manager resume

Is a photo required in the Product Manager Resume?

Remember that not every candidate will include their photo. So, when you add your photo, your recruiter may unconsciously become biased towards your resume. To avoid this, many company’s HR departments will not even consider applications with pictures in them. In fact around 80% of employers will not consider a candidate's application if it includes a photo so it’s quite risky to include a photo. A photo is often seen as an unprofessional addition which can shift focus from your skills and experience as well as discriminating against people.

Only use photos when you are confident that they will not adversely affect your Product Manager job opportunities. Adding a photo could increase the value of your resume to some employers. An image makes it easier for your hiring manager to give a face to the Product Manager skills you are outlining in your resume.

Choosing your Product Manager Resume Title

For your Product Manager resume title, your name should be enough. But sometimes, you can use a short and crisp line or hook to describe your job position and qualities that make you invaluable to the job at hand. Always remember to personalize your resume title according to the particular Product Manager role for which you are applying. Here are some product manager resume examples to help you.

Product manager resume sampl

Rachel Redwood Enthusiastic and Innovative Junior Product Manager

product manager resume

Professional Summary/Profile

How does your product management resume look like? A great product manager resume needs to conduct market research properly to address the needs of the job posting.

Your professional summary is where you answer this question - why should your employer hire you? It’s a short introduction to everything else you will be writing in your resume. You write a concise paragraph about your years of experience, your field of expertise, and what you can bring to the company.

Let’s look at some product manager resume examples


Innovative Product Manager with six years of experience launching excellent products that increase profits. A proven track record in designing product roadmaps and formulating cost-effective product strategies. Expert at establishing solid workplace relationships and fostering teamwork.


Talented Junior Product Manager who has been working with IBM for the last 7 years to increase their profits constantly. Helped my team members to create so many great strategies to increase profits and grow the company. Invaluable when it comes to communicating with colleagues.

If you look at the two examples, you will see that the one we marked as incorrect sounds highly unprofessional. Product managers should not do this. It also repeatedly talks about one thing and hardly brings in variety. You may have minimal experience, but you must know how to present it professionally.

You need to have a go-to-market strategy, whether you are applying for an entry level product manager or for a development team.

Some tips -

    Remember to mention only the achievements most relevant to the Product Manager role at hand.

    Use short sentences to summarise significant achievements and strengths. Don’t cram everything into one long, dull sentence.

    Read through the product manager resume example before sending your resume to the particular prospective employer.

Work Experience in a Product Manager Resume

Product management is what you need to excel at.

Have you organized product management events in your last job as a Senior Product Manager? Did you conduct thoughtful market research and develop creative product strategies? You will include these details in your professional experience section.

For a recruiter, those who can meet the requirements of their job description are particularly interesting candidates. Some jobs require freshers, and some require more experienced Product Managers. You have to frame your professional experience section to match it with what hiring managers expect from candidates.

Work Experience in the Product Manager Resume

To create a great Product Manager resume, you need an excellent work experience section. For this, we have some tips we’d like to share. Follow these product manager resume examples tips for the best results.

  • Always mention the names of the companies you worked for. Each company gets its section.
  • Under each company’s name, mention the role you held there. Include the period for which you worked in the company.
  • List the milestones you achieved in each company. Did you help increase the profits of the company? You should include this in your work experience section.
  • You may have done many internships, freelance projects, and part-time jobs. It’s always a good idea to include these, but only if they align with the job responsibilities for which you are currently applying.

Example of Work Experience Section for Junior Product Managers

Here’s an example of how you can write your experience section if you are a Junior Product Manager

Junior Product Manager Inc, Seattle, WA (2008-2014)

  • Created product stories and established acceptance criteria based on information gathered.
  • Won contracts with distributors that resulted in a 5% cost reduction for the company.
  • Successfully formulated environment-friendly solutions, leading to an increase in the company’s use of sustainable products by 38%.
  • Gained working experience in a business analysis position.

Example of Work Experience Section for Senior Product Managers

Can you impress the hiring managers? What do product managers look for? Let’s see how the professional experience section of a product management resume can look like.

Senior Product Manager

IBM, Charlotte, NC (2010-2018)

  • Developed products and product roadmaps in collaboration with development teams.
  • Assisted five teams in delivering high-quality products on time.
  • Set up a pricing policy that met company goals and increased profits by 67%.
  • Controlled employee performance, sales plans, and closely monitored team members, resulting in a 56% increase in the company’s efficiency.

product manager resume

Education in the Product Manager Resume

Right after your professional experience, you will create the education section in your Product Manager resume. Your academic qualifications will help your hiring manager understand the level of technical skills you possess and if it is relevant to what they expect.

Here, you will include the institutions you attended, the degrees you received and your GPAs. Your resume format needs to have all of this. Combine that with market research and your product management skills, and you will have a resume template with the right resume format.

Should you start with education or work experience?

Ideally, you should start with your work experience and then move on to your educational qualifications. Most recruiters will only look at what verifiable expertise you have as a Product Manager. Your degrees only add another feather to your cap.

If you are a fresher with little to no professional experience, you can begin with your education section. In such cases, remember to highlight the best academic achievements you have relevant to the job at hand.

How to Properly List your Education in a Product Managers Resume

Highly targeted resumes are always the best ones. To make your Product Manager resume education section a sharply focused one, use the following tips -

  • Always mention the years you have attended a particular institution and the degree you received.
  • You have to list all your achievements in quantifiable terms, so your GPA is a must.
  • Add any professional training or diploma degrees that are relevant to the job responsibilities.

Your job description will tell you what kind of resume template is right for you. Product managers will need to showcase their valuable skills, and a customized resume helps with that. Having a clear resume objective will help you avoid fruitless job searching. Use a resume builder for the best results.

Example of the Education Section of a Product Manager Resume

product manager resume

Harvard University

Master in Business Administration, 2008-2010

GPA - 3.8/4

Skills To Include In Your Product Manager Resume

This is the section of your resume where you showcase the relevant vital skills you have. For a Product Manager resume, you need to list your hard and soft skills.

Here are some hard skills you can list -

  • Systems Analysis
  • Leading cross functional teams
  • Experience in increasing product lifecycle
  • Proficiency in Rally Software
  • Working knowledge of OmniGraffle
  • Experience in managing supply chains
  • Knowledge of core value proposition
  • Product roadmap planning

For soft skills, you can use the following templates -

  • Capable of managing risks and assuring safety
  • Excellent problem-solving capacities
  • Outstanding communication skills
  • Time management
  • Ability to lead teams and maintain team spirit

Skills For A Junior Product Manager

Other than the hard skills, let’s look at some of the primary soft skills you should write in your resume if you are a Junior Product Manager -

  • Ability to make decisions with confidence
  • An inclination toward innovation and creativity
  • An openness to learning
  • Sensibility in business

Skills For A Senior Product Manager

For successful product management, here are some additional skills you can include -

  • Keen on developing analytical strategies to boost company profits
  • A clear understanding of KPIs and how they work
  • Expertise in working with Agile
  • Multi-tasking skills

Write the ideal resume hook for a Product manager resume.

The hook in your resume is a short line about the kind of job you are looking for, your experience level and your strengths. For a good Product Manager resume, you can include this hook in the very first line of your professional summary so that it immediately grabs your recruiter’s attention. Look at the job description the recruiter has provided, and tailor your hook to align with what they are expecting.

Example of a Junior Product Manager Hook

Highly skilled and enthusiastic Junior Product Manager looking to gain experience through a stimulating job role.

Example of a Senior Product Manager Hook

Experienced Senior Product Manager with 5+ years experience, looking to join a creative and inspiring workspace.

Additional Headings For Your Product Manager Resume

With our recommendations, you will create a truly good resume that stands out from others. But there are some other headers that you can include to add extra value to it.

Computer Skills

Are you tech-savvy? Make a separate section to include your computer skills. These skills are fundamental in a world steeped in technology. If you have any computer science certifications to prove your technological skills, include them in this section. Proficiency in MS Word and MS Excel are some highly valued skills these days.


The company for which you are applying might have global, multilingual clients. A candidate with the relevant language skills can be valuable when it comes to negotiations and relationship building.

Tip -

    Make separate headers for each language.

    Use only the official certification levels.

    Mention the scores you received.


    English - Cleared TOEFL with a score of 108.

    Spanish - DELE. Cleared B2, with a score of 82%.


You can include some hobbies in this section. But remember that this section has no real value to your job requirements. So, only include this section if your interests happen to meet the needs of the job in question.

Summary: key points for writing a perfect Product manager resume

Let’s take a quick look at our suggestions for writing the perfect Product Manager resume -

  • Use a catchy hook to impress your hiring manager.
  • Always include information that is relevant to the job.
  • Bullet points are essential for a concise resume.
  • Quantify your achievements with concrete numbers and statistics.
  • Use a professional summary to summarise your talents and grab the hiring managers attention
  • Use the correct formatting to create a professional resume.

Writing A Complementary Cover Letter

Unless the job description explicitly forbids a cover letter, always remember to include it. In your cover letter, you will introduce yourself, your strengths and unique skills, and the kind of job you are looking for. You will also write about why you will be a great addition to the company. Limit your cover letter to one page only.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Product Manager resume do?

The proper Product Manager resume will help you land an excellent, high-paying job in the business sector. So, remember to create a great resume using our Product Manager resume templates.

What are Product Manager responsibilities?

A Product Manager creates a solid product strategy, a product roadmap and a go-to market strategy to boost company outcomes. In addition, they work intimately with sales, marketing, and engineering teams to identify market trends and customer needs.

What skills does a Product Manager need? What does a successful product manager resume look like?

A Product Manager needs a range of soft and hard skills. They need to have experience in handling negotiations with distributors, creating market strategies, and product solutions. They also need leadership qualities and excellent communication skills.

How do I write a Product Manager resume?

If you want to write the best Product Manager resume, you can follow our recommendations, look at some Product Manager examples or use one of our tailor-made templates.

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