Auto-Mechanic Resume Sample

People at times don’t realize the importance of an auto mechanic until their ride gives up on them mid-travel. But they soon realise when they need a repair or maintenance how a tremendously important and skilled job it is. If you want to land a mechanic job of your choice, you definitely need an excellent mechanic resume.

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Auto-Mechanic Resume Sample

Mike Brown
Senior Automotive Mechanic
Brooklyn, NY 11222

Professional Summary

Talented Diesel Mechanic professional offering 6 years of related automotive experience with particular expertise in auto body repair. Highly skilled at supervising subcontractors and working effectively with engine cooling and infrared engine analyzers to deliver projects on budget and to deadlines.

Work Experience

Firestone Complete Auto Care - Senior Diesel Mechanic
April 2015- current Brooklyn. NV

  • Created a new technique to make brake systems last long

Handled all types of automotive systems in 4 wheelers.
Specialized in fixing and maintaining engine cooling.
Repaired hydraulic components in 4x4 trucks.
Provided quality workmanship by being a diesel engine expert.
Mastered welding equipment and conducted preventative maintenance and tune-ups.
First-ever expert in computerized diagnostic devices.
Maintained constant dedication for electrical repair and tune-ups.


ASE Certification
Smith College | Richmond, Virginia
September 2014


Power and Pneumatic Tools
Engine repairs
Troubleshooting at the component level
Familiarity with CAD software
Solid independent worker
Solid communication skills
Organizational strengths
Strong interpersonal skills

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An auto mechanic resume will not only help you land a contract with well-known service centers, and possibly even at big companies like Tesla.

Did you know an auto mechanic on average earns an annual salary of around

$45,000 with an average base hourly rate of $19? (
Note: - Hourly pay is affected by a candidate's experience.

The pay deviation for an automotive mechanic is mostly based upon his experience and hard skills. Hence the more experienced and skilled you are, the higher the chances you’ll have of getting good pay.

The following employers are popular with many job seekers:

  • Firestone Complete Auto Care
  • Midas Auto Services
  • The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co
  • The Pep Boys
  • CarMax, Inc.

Example of a Mechanic Resume

auto mechanic

How to make a Mechanic Resume

Now that you know how important it is today to have an automotive mechanic resume, you need a clear direction to forward to build that and our team at resume example is here to help you choose the best of auto mechanic resumes.

Just like every other resume out there, the first step is always to know the type of format you’re going to follow and an automotive mechanic resume is no different.

The right resume format acts like an idea and a rather important one to get you started on building your auto mechanic resume.

Every resume must have a format to understand in which direction the flow of your resume will go but for that, you need to understand the basic difference between the types of formats out there.

There are 3 types of globally used formats available for a resume which are as follows: -

Reverse-Chronological -
    It involves starting at your most recent experience and working backward until your oldest experience, which is at the bottom.
Functional -
    When you don't have extensive work experience, you'll probably choose the Functional CV format, which shows off your education and abilities.
Combination -
    • Combination CVs are the most popular CV format
    The presentation is divided into chronological and functional segments.

These 3 formats above decide the whole journey of your auto mechanic resume as based on one of these formats you arrange and segment your CV.

The layout of an Auto Mechanic Resume

The layout in general is the template of your auto mechanic resume that acts as the foundation. A layout segments your resume at the beginning giving you an idea of how and where the content of your auto mechanic resume will go.

Based on the above-chosen format, you need to find the right template that will fit all the sections of your resume according to their importance.

For an auto mechanic, whose job is mostly experience and skills-based, try to find a template that gives more space to these two aspects and if you’re having trouble, check out our online resume builder at resume example and let us take care of it.

Every hiring manager out there gets hundreds of resumes on their table and that’s after the filtration process i.e. ATS. Applicant tracking systems are software that checks for specific keywords in your resume and removes the ones that do not follow the correct structure.

That means there are high chances your CV might not even land on the hiring manager’s desk, let alone you get the job. Hence, to avoid this, try out our ATS compliant auto mechanic resume examples at resume example and get the job of your dreams.

The Structure of An Auto Mechanic Resume

Now that you’ve laid down the foundation with the right template, the second step is to understand and arrange the structure of your resume.

A resume structure is the sections you will include that will contain all the necessary information there is to justify why you’ll be a good fit for the job you’re applying to.

Every resume mostly follows the same structure with a few tweaks according to the candidate’s portfolio.

Here’s the general structure that one must follow while writing a mechanic resume: -

  • Professional Summary / Objective
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Skills
  • Certifications
  • Achievements
  • Additional Info (interests, hobbies, etc.)

As mentioned above, the sections follow a similar pattern but it always changes according to the candidate. Hence, if you’re someone with comparatively less work experience but are rich in educational qualifications and skills, rearrange the sections to first education and then work experience.

Start with the Header of the Mechanic Resume

Every resume out there starts with a header, which is the first and foremost space of a resume.

A header includes your name, your job title, and your basic contact details. However, even the header is customized to the domain you’re applying for as one can also add social media links, etc, to their header.

But as your job as an auto mechanic does not entail that specific area, try adding only the above basic information

Is a photo required in the Auto Mechanic Resume?

To simply tell you the answer, no.

Adding your photo to your resume is more of a country/company-specific detail and you should be aware of the type of format your country follows.

Companies in the U.S. do not require you to add a picture to your resume but in countries like France, it’s much more common to add your photo.

Choosing your Auto Mechanic Resume Title

If you’re already working somewhere write the position you currently hold, and if you’re a fresher or someone who does not have a job at present, try writing the job title asked in the job description.

The title defines the work you currently do or the work you wish to do. Hence it’s very important to always mention a job title.

Professional summary for Mechanic Resume Example

A professional summary holds very high importance, which many candidates fail to address and end up getting rejected.

But why a 4-5 line paragraph is so important? Well, a professional summary is more like a mini resume. It takes all the best and direct to conclusion aspects of your CV and forms a fluid judgment about you as a professional candidate.

The reason why a summary is directly under the header is that it appears right at the eye level of the hiring manager or the shop manager.

The main idea of a summary is to entice the hiring manager with your qualifications enough to let them read more about you. This is why a summary must never exceed 5 lines.

Check out these mechanic resume sample summaries created by our experts at resume example: -


Talented Diesel Mechanic professional offering 6 years of related automotive experience with particular expertise in auto body repair. Highly skilled at supervising subcontractors and working effectively with engine cooling and infrared engine analyzers to deliver projects on budget and to deadlines.


Skilled Auto Mechanic with particular expertise in allocating resources, electrical systems, and monitoring methods of production using diagnostic equipment.


Seasoned Diesel Master Mechanic with 6 years of experience working with engines, brakes, auto repair, and various vehicle systems. Proven team player with a commitment to delivering exceptional customer service and meeting documentation requirements.


Accomplished Automotive Mechanic with scheduled maintenance services and wide-ranging mechanic skills.

auto mechanic

Alternate to professional summary: The Auto Mechanic Resume Objective Example

An objective is a lite version of a professional summary. The most common difference between the two is that a professional summary consists of experience and an objective focuses more on a candidate’s skills and educational qualifications as the objective is usually used by freshers.

Compared to a professional summary, an objective is a bit hard to write as a candidate must write it in a way that emphasizes your qualities but also shouldn’t feel like you’re overselling something that sounds very cringe and cliche.

Check out the diesel mechanic resume examples and the objectives used in them by resume example: -


A capable potential automotive mechanic in good physical shape with expertise in electrical systems and customer service skills while accomplishing complex projects to deadline. A consistent team player passionate about seeing through all orders and instructions.


Skilled, solutions-focused candidate looking forward to being an auto mechanic with more than 2 years of experience creating and implementing preventive maintenance programs and undertaking referral business.


Goal-driven passionate Auto Mechanic, with 2 years experience in the heavy equipment industry, highly skilled at delivering first-rate routine service to all the clients. Successful at working effectively with auto mechanics, and contractors providing top-quality project management and field supervision.


Driven and conscientious candidate looking to be a diesel mechanic with a strong reputation for providing fast service.

Work Experience in the Mechanic Resume

Being an auto mechanic, your chances of landing a dream job relies most upon your skills and work experience. Adding work experience to your diesel mechanic resume filters the competition by a significant amount as, dealing with automotive machinery, the client will only believe in you if you have some previous work to back yourself upon.

Describe your professional experiences on your Auto Mechanic Resume

To describe your work experience, you need to follow the online liner rule of thumb which means that while writing about your current or previous job roles and activities, always keep the explanation to a brief one line or a line and a half. By doing so you help the hiring managers get a quick view of your job activities and get to know about your role without thinking too much and making an immediate decision.

But adding work experience is not as easy as it sounds as one mistake can make you sound like you’re overselling your qualifications and hiring managers can very easily spot that.

Examples of professional experiences for Mechanic

Check out these diesel mechanic resume work experience samples below to avoid being filtered: -

    • With 15,000 A-star reviews, provided excellent customer service to clients

Performed all basic repairs with scheduled maintenance services.

Created a new technique to make brake systems last long

Handled all types of automotive systems in 4 wheelers.

Specialized in fixing and maintaining engine cooling.

Repaired hydraulic components and air conditioning in 4x4 trucks.

Performed multiple small engine repairs using sophisticated diagnostic equipment.

Auto repair mechanic specialized in diagnosing cooling systems.

Provided quality workmanship by being a diesel engine expert.

Mastered welding equipment and undertook routine service of diesel repair and tune-ups.

First-ever expert in computerized diagnostic devices.

Kept logs of shop equipment

Used various machine tools to repair fuel systems and air conditioning

Ease of understanding technical manuals for ASE master tech.

Got training in accurately diagnosing mechanical failures

    • Helped clients to maintain vehicle performance

Fixed power steering issues and mechanical failures

Arranged pneumatic components

Properly defined combustion control standards

Use strong problem-solving skills

Know-how of wheel bearings

auto mechanic

Education in the Mechanic Resume

Make sure you list your qualifications in a suitable format without including any unnecessary information. Get to the important information and get to the point.

Example of the education section of an Mechanic Resume

ASE Master Tech

Sandalwood College, Idaho

December 2018

Should you start with education or work experience for a Mechanic Resume?

For an auto mechanic to make an auto mechanic resume, you must know which format to use. Thus, if you have a lot of work experience, always include your experience as your first section after your summary, otherwise, begin with your education.

The help of a resume builder online, for example, ours, will help you create a professional resume template and cover letter to have the best chance of moving forward with your auto mechanic resume.

Skills to put on the Mechanic Resume

Being an auto mechanic is a highly skill-based job. People earlier never used to receive any formal education to be a mechanic. They just worked with the superiors in the game and learned by practicing the craft. Even though today we have more educational resources to offer to people who want to pursue mechanics, the game still relies heavily on skills.

And yes by skills we do mean that the technical skills bite the biggest bite in this job but neglecting the human aspect in this game is what gets people filtered out. As your job entails dealing with actual clients, human skills can never be out of the picture and should also be given heavy importance.

Have a look at the skills below to understand the common difference between the two skills and learn about their importance: -

Hard skills: -
  • Welding
  • Power and Pneumatic Tools
  • Engine repairs
  • Troubleshooting at the component level
  • Pipefitting
  • Familiarity with CAD software
  • Bindery Equipment
  • Transmission service
  • Sub-Arc experience
  • Urethane Painting
Soft Skills
  • Solid independent worker
  • Solid communication skills
  • Organizational strengths
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Friendly and hardworking
  • Exceptional problem solver
  • Deadline driven
  • Eye for detail

Additional Headings for your Mechanic Resume

Additional headings in a resume are sections that give a boost to your existing qualifications. Independently they don’t weigh in much but adding them after including all your necessary sections can greatly impact your resume.

For a mechanic resume, the best additional heading that will surely boost your profile will be the section called “Certifications”.

As mentioned above, there are many dedicated schools and courses out there that help you become a better mechanic. They offer certifications in software and tools etc.

By adding certifications to your resume you project the mentality that you always want to learn more and keep yourself updated.

mechanic resume

Summary: Key Points for Writing a Perfect Mechanic


  • A template is the foundation of every resume and thus try to take time in finding the perfect resume template according to your needs.
  • Always be clear about choosing the right mechanic resume format.
  • Learn more from mechanic resume samples online.
  • Never exceed a resume to more than one page, especially if it’s an entry-level mechanic resume.
  • Don’t forget to include a cover letter to complement your resume. You can find the perfect cover letter template in our resume builder at resume example.
  • Give equal importance to soft skills while mentioning technical specifications.
  • Make sure to always read the mechanic job description and updating your CV.

Frequently Asked Questions for a Mechanic Resume

What should a mechanic put on a resume?

A mechanic should first put on their work experience followed by education and skills. To make a better impact, they can add additional sections like certifications, accomplishments, and references.

What are mechanic skills?

Read above under the section “Skills”.

Skills for a mechanic are both hard and soft skills. Hard meaning technical skills such as preventive maintenance, conducted routine service, tyre replacements etc, whereas soft skills are more likely with no qualification behind them but important personality skills such as attention to detail, customer service and interpersonal skills.

How do you put mechanical skills on a resume?

You simply name them under the technical skills section of your resume before soft skills.

Use bullet points to draw attention to the skills and show the importance of them.

What responsibilities do mechanics have?

Check above the work heading to learn more about a mechanic’s roles and responsibilities.

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