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According to Forbes, data science jobs are growing in popularity and are among the fastest-growing jobs on LinkedIn.||According to Forbes, data science jobs are growing in popularity and are among the fastest-growing jobs on LinkedIn.

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The demand for data scientists and data mining professionals over the years has made it an attractive career to pursue. If you want to get a data scientist job, you will need to have a data science resume that stands out. This is why you may need to check multiple data scientist resume samples if you want to get the hiring manager's attention. You may also need to use some of the tips we will be looking at to help you create your data science resume, in addition to using a professional resume builder.

Today's businesses collect a lot of data from various Google certified professional data sources and need to use it to improve their overall productivity and gain a competitive advantage. A data scientist helps the company take advantage of data by analyzing it to identify opportunities and look for trends that may uncover business problems.

What to Include in a Data Scientist Resume

If you want to apply for data scientist jobs, you will need to write a resume that sets you apart from the other job seekers and you can use a cv template. You may consider using a data scientist resume sample to write an attractive resume with all the required information and communicate your qualifications. Some of the sections you will need to include in your data scientist resume are:

  • A header that is properly formatted and has a relevant and convincing data scientist profile.
  • A concise data scientist resume summary properly tailored to the job you want.
  • The experience section which should help you stand out and be a top priority to the hiring manager.
  • A technical skills section that clearly explains your most relevant skills to the job.
  • Lastly, have a custom-tailored section. This can include a publications section and your certifications to strengthen your resume.

A resume header is the first thing the recruiter will see on your data scientist resume and quickly gives the recruiter more specific information about who you are. I always ensure it has my contact information and a link to my career blog that shows my data science work. Hiring managers only have a few seconds to look through your resume, and a wrong header can easily disqualify you. Therefore, having a well-written header is crucial to make a strong first impression and increase your chances of getting your dream job.

How to Format a Data Scientist Resume

Most hiring managers scan through your data scientist resume, so it's vital to use a data science resume format that is easy to read. Data scientists can consider any of these three popular data scientist resume formats as seen in every data scientist resume example, which include:

  • Chronological format. This format lists your work experience at the top in reverse-chronological order.
  • Functional format. This format puts more emphasis on your relevant skills and abilities more than your work history.
  • Combination. This format blends aspects of the functional and chronological data science resume formats.

Chronological and combination formats work well for entry to mid-level data scientists. The combination format showcases impressive career highlights and achievements and is a good option for executive-level data scientists. Graduates or candidates who are changing their careers to data science and don't have extensive experience should consider the functional format.

Choose a Right Template for Your Data Science Resume

A data scientist resume template is a great choice for a job seeker. It simplifies the process of writing the resume for them since it has a ready, unique design. The best data science resume template should be well-formatted and attractive, with a resume layout acceptable according to the industry standards.

Once you find a data scientist resume template that works, you can fill out your information and start sending it to potential employers. Check out our resume templates and cover letter template to start creating your data scientist resume.

Start Your Data Scientist Resume with Contact Information

Having the right contact information on your data scientist resume is crucial if you want to get your dream job. You may be the right candidate for a position, but if the hiring manager cannot reach you, you lose your opportunity. There is no specific format for writing this information in any resume builder, but it needs to be accurate.

The contact information section on your data scientist resume should include:

  • Your full name
  • The title will be a data scientist.
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • An optional location. However, if you're applying for a job abroad, you should mention the location.

Mercy Dickens, Data Scientist. 105-398-697.

Write a Professional Summary

If you’ve worked as a data scientist and have gained some experience as a senior data scientist a resume summary is a great way to communicate and highlight your data science skills as you show how they have achieved results in the workplace.

A resume objective works well for an entry-level data scientist as it shows your passion for the job even if you don't have a lot of experience as a data scientist.

When writing a data scientist resume summary , focus on highlighting your years of experience and mention how you impacted your workplace. The accomplishments need to be measurable, clearly showing how your skills helped you attain specific results.

A resume objective should show your skills and passion for the job even if you don't have the experience. If you are starting as an entry-level data scientist, ensure you express your passion for the job, and if you have any experience, don't leave it out.

The idea is to grab the hiring manager's attention with your summary or objective and get them to give you a chance.

data scientist

Data Scientist Resume Summary Samples

If you wonder how you'll come up with a compelling data scientist resume summary, my suggestion is that you look at some data scientist resume summary samples. There are many resume examples you can consider. Let's look at examples of good summary examples from a data scientist resume sample and a wrong one.


A certified professional data engineer with eleven years of experience seeking to use my data mining skills to improve business models for Arifu Limited. Accomplishments include using data mining algorithms to analyze data that helped increase the revenue growth by 30%.

This summary is far from average because it states the measurable accomplishments that are likely to get the recruiter's attention.


I am a certified professional data engineer with four years of experience seeking a new position in your organization. I am good at data visualization, machine learning models, and data processing.

This summary is vague and does not show any achievements by the job seeker.

Always Include Education Information in Your Resume

If I'm writing a data science resume, I probably won't add the education section first unless I just graduated and I'm applying for my first dream job. I'll start my data science resume with my relevant work experience, if I have any, and add any relevant projects I have worked on before adding my education section.

This does not mean that education is not important because it is a requirement for most data scientist jobs. If you've done a course where you had a unit in machine learning, data visualization, data modeling, or data mining, don't fail to mention it in the education section.

When you are adding information on your education, only include the post-secondary degrees, and if you did not graduate, but you went to college, it is best not to list the school.

If you don't have a degree, you can leave this section out. Don't also include your online training certificates in machine learning models or professional training here. It's okay to list these when applying for a data science role but in a different section. Check out our resume examples to see how to write the education section on your resume.


BSc in Computer Science, Northampton University

  • Excelled in the data mining class and all my data science projects
  • Completed a project in machine learning and was named best in my class by my Professor
  • Used data regression models to predict trends that affected the company stock prices of a Chicago investment company.

data scientist

How to Write Work Experience for Your Data Scientist Resume

If you want your data scientist resume to stand out, ensure that you start with the most relevant work experience on your resume. The work experience section shows the recruiter that you can perform well in the data scientist role because you have done similar work before.

Add work experience that is related to the job you are applying for because the hiring manager is only interested in the relevant work experience. Always check the data scientist job description and tailor your data scientist resume to the job. If you are unsure how to write the work experience section, you can check a data scientist resume example to guide you on what to include in this section.

Each entry in this section should include your job title, the company name, your former position, and period you held the position, and what you accomplished in that role. Focus on stating your accomplishments in your data scientist resume's context of business metrics instead of the duties. This demonstrates that you know how to translate your business results as a data scientist to real business outcomes.

Technical Skills for Data Scientist Resume

The skills section is crucial because most recruiters use a keyword search as the first step and disqualify any person that has not included the skills they require in their data scientist resume. It's difficult to demonstrate your skills and experience when you’re trying to get your first data science or data analyst job. Besides including your finished projects, there are many other ways to show off your technical skills.

Consider including a skills section on your data science resume and add both the hard and soft skills. Soft skills such as communication and problem solving skills may not always be necessary for technical positions. Career experts advise you to start with your strongest relevant skills and finish with the weakest in your data science resumes. Hard skills such as Python, data visualization, data mining, data science skills, machine learning, and data modeling work better for data scientist and data analyst positions.

Data Science Projects, Certifications, and Awards

If you have added every important detail but still have some space left, you can add your certifications, professional training, awards, and data science projects. A pro tip given by experts is to add certifications that are related to data science and this is seen in most resume examples.

While this section is not mandatory, it can help you land your dream job since it helps your data science resume to stand out. Suppose you've been to a machine learning hackathon recently. In that case, this is the place to include it and any other relevant data science online certificates that show that you are constantly learning data science.


ProgramHack for Data Scientists
December 2017-Present

I learned how to manipulate data and program in popular data science languages properly. I also learned how to make predictions using statistics and machine learning models.

data scientist

Tips for Entry-Level Data Scientist Resume

I have found that it is always helpful to have some experience when applying for data science jobs. Career experts in the data science field advise every entry-level data scientist to add some experience because it is sometimes difficult to land a job with a data science resume without experience.

An entry-level data scientist or data analyst can take a course on machine learning models and take on some freelance jobs to gain some experience and include it in the cv. A platform like GitHub has some open source projects you can contribute to as well. If you only have data science projects you did in school, you can also include them in your data scientist resume.

Key Takeaways

Remember these tips on how to write a data scientist resume that stands out:

  • Read the job description to ensure that your data scientist resume and cover letters are tailored to fit the data science jobs you apply for.
  • Let your skills show your measurable accomplishments instead of just listing them.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a degree to work as a data scientist?

You do not need a degree to work as a data scientist, but you'll need to have hard skills such as programming and have a strong knowledge of mathematics and statistics.

How to put data science projects on a resume?

You may add an 'extras' section in your data science resume to include your projects and name the relevant skills learned from the projects in the skills section.

How much can a data scientist earn?

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary of a data scientist is $100,560. An entry-level data scientist starts with a salary of $95,000, which is still considerably high.

How long should a data scientist resume be?

Any good resume should be one page long, and that applies to data science resumes too. This is recommended because some recruiters will not look at a data scientist resume that is more than one page long.

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