Medical Receptionist Resume Examples | Resume Tips + Templates and More

Medical Receptionist Resume Examples | Resume Tips + Templates and More

Have you always wanted to work in medicine? Do you enjoy assisting others? Starting as a medical receptionist is just what you need. If you're unsure where to start, we've got the tips and resources you need to write a great medical receptionist resume.

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Medical Receptionist Resume Example

This medical receptionist resume sample shows how to blend soft talents in customer service with hard abilities in insurance and paperwork.

Cody Fredickson
(555) 555-1234

Patient-centered professional with 5 years of diverse administrative management experience in corporate, nonprofit, medical, pharmaceutical, and physician's office settings. Highly organised and detail-oriented professional with a track record of managing office activities, providing proactive assistance, and facilitating effective project deliverables. Thrives on new challenges and retains discretion, tact, and diplomacy while dealing with delicate issues. Committed to patient-centered empathy and excellent customer service.

Work Experience

Medical Receptionist, Hero Medical, Atlanta, GA
06/2020 - Present

  • Utilized the Resource Scheduler meeting room reservation system to efficiently schedule high-volume daily appointments as well as corporate meeting room reservations.
  • Processed 100 tickets every day and managed incoming mail from internal HR partners properly.
  • Managed a multi-line phone system and provided administrative assistance in an assigned region, which required interaction with various levels of management and personnel.

Senior Administrative Assistant, EMedical Corp, Atlanta, GA
01/2019 - 06/2020

  • Supported the Vice President of Regulatory Affairs and the Senior Leadership team with administrative duties. As the first point of contact for internal and external partners at all levels, I served as a trusted training and development leader.
  • Meetings were scheduled, expenditure reports were filed, and local and foreign travel plans were planned.
  • Large meetings for cross-functional events on and off-site were organised, interviews were arranged and managed, organisational charts and distribution lists were kept, and secret communication was handled.
  • Recognized for contribution to critical initiatives such as process improvement by revising standard operating procedures (SOPs) and regulatory protocol papers using Microsoft Word templates.
  • Timelines and goals were met while handling complicated projects with competing priorities and deadlines.
  • On a worldwide scale, worked directly with production locations, third-party vendors, the FDA, and health authorities.
  • Managed large-scale data entry metrics and analytics that required constant attention to detail.
  • Earned acclaim for delivering outcomes and interacting with team members in arranging, planning, and managing 40-person off-site meeting events and activities

MRI Center of Atlanta, Atlanta, GA • Receptionist
02/2015 - 01/2019

  • Within a high-volume medical office setting, I greeted patients in a polite and timely manner, answered a multi-line phone system, and offered troubleshooting for corporate issues.
  • Scheduled and maintained patient appointments and schedules with precision and attention to detail
  • Coordination of patient appointments for ultrasounds, CT scans, and other tests and physician appointments; constant adherence to industry, state, and federal regulations and procedures.
  • Patient communication was filed, and medical data were linked with claim forms that required evidence.
  • Managed confidential insurance and Medicaid claims, collected credit card and cash co-payments, and oversaw daily bank deposits.
  • Patients' demographics were verified, and medical information and patient files were updated.


Newark High School
Newark, NJ


  • Medical Administrative Assistant Certification
  • Additional school course work included practice work cases with ICD-10 & CPT codes
  • Arlington, VA Association of State & Territorial Health Officials (ASTHO)
  • Contact Tracing Training and Certificate


  • Calendar Management
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Project Management
  • Process Improvement
  • EHR & EMR
  • Medical Terminology
  • Billing & Coding
  • Collections
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Confidentiality
  • Leadership Support
  • Staff Training
  • Relationship Management
  • Teamwork
  • Complex Communication
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Starting as a medical receptionist is one approach to determining whether you want to work in the healthcare profession as a specialist. It can be easier than you think to get started. If you already have the expertise as an office receptionist, working as a medical receptionist might be a terrific opportunity to specialize. "Can I truly work with patients?" you may wonder. For sure, and a strong medical receptionist resume will assist you in getting there.

We are here to help you stand out from the crowd with a job-winning medical receptionist resume. Let’s get right into it.

Do you want to save time by having your resume ready in 5 minutes? Test out our resume builder. It's quick and simple to use.

medical receptionist resume

How To Write A Medical Receptionist Resume From Zero

Understanding what parts to include in your medical receptionist resume is the first step. Your resume should include the following components:

  • The professional summary
  • The employment history section
  • The education section
  • The resume skills section

A good medical receptionist resume is similar to any other selling medium in that the style, tone, and message should be tailored to the individual with whom you are speaking. In this case, the hiring manager represents the medical facility, which might be an office or clinic manager, a hospital administrator or HR department, or a recruiting firm.

Investigate all you can about the job you're looking for, including the location and the individuals involved. Try to put a name and a face to the recruiting manager and, if not the same person, whomever will be your supervisor. Write your medical receptionist resume as if you were addressing hypothetical interview questions. Who can say? It might lead to a real interview, putting you one step ahead of the competition.

Choose the Best Format for Your Medical Receptionist Resume

Patient registration, appointment scheduling, and calendar management. Medical front desk positions need a high level of attention to detail!

Make your medical receptionist resume shows your organisational skills. The first step is to ensure appropriate formatting:

  • Make a suitable resume header structure with your phone number and contact information clearly mentioned.
  • Remember to make all portions of your resume visible to recruiters. Make use of large section titles and leave a gap before and after each part title.
  • Choose one of the well-known top resume formats. A chronological resume is usually your best choice because it highlights the most important aspects of your career.
  • Choose attractive, professional resume fonts. There will be no bespoke fonts or Comic Sans.
  • White space is your ally. Recruiters require some breathing space.
  • A resume should be saved in PDF format. However, double-check the medical receptionist job posting. Some companies only accept DOC files.
✒️ Note: A one- or two-page resume? A single-page resume is recommended for an entry-level medical secretary resume with fewer than 5 years of professional experience. A two-page medical front desk resume is sufficient if you have more experience.

How to Write a Header

The header is the most important part of your medical receptionist resume and should not be disregarded. It typically begins with your name and concludes with your contact details. Because the header is the first thing an employer's eyes will see, making a mistake there means recognising that you are now dissatisfied.

Good Header Vs. Bad Header

Now just as important it is to have a flawless header, so is to have a perfect one. Let’s see an example of a good and a bad header:


Ivy Haddington

Medical Receptionist

+1 247 56 03 87


Medical Receptionist

Ivy Haddington

+1 247 56 03 87

78, main street, apt 9,

Washington DC


When you examine the examples above, you will notice that, while there are no significant differences between them, they are highly different.

Here is everything you should keep in mind while building an effective resume header:

  • Your resume must begin with your name.
  • Following that is a professional-looking email address.
  • Finally, unless expressly requested by the company, never reveal your entire address.
⚠️ Using photographs on a resume is a personal preference, but it is not requested when applying for jobs in the United States. For discriminatory reasons, asking for a picture is strictly prohibited. As a result, unless expressly asked, it is better not to use your photo.

medical receptionist resume

Work History Resume Example: Tell A Successful Tale

This is the foundation of your CV. Make sure it's easy to read and showcases all of your professional achievements. Most resumes list positions in reverse chronological order, from most recent to oldest, and we recommend doing the same. If your relevant experience is older or you are just starting out in your profession, you may want to examine different ways. Only include more categories, such as courses or certificates, if you have spare room to fill. Your overview, job history, and achievements should be your top priority.


Human resource departments filter resumes to exclude candidates who do not satisfy the minimum qualifications for a post. Although many companies utilise an applicant tracking system, they may still check each application manually. Make sure your resume meets the job requirements or shows why you are an excellent candidate even if one is absent.

Experience that fits the job

Keep in mind that you are the office's initial point of contact. Employers will be searching for someone who can effectively represent them. Your resume must demonstrate that you are qualified for the position. There is no opportunity for self-expression in the employment history section, so make sure your experience is relevant to the position. Each item should emphasise your professional manner, technological proficiency, and interpersonal office abilities.

Consider the essential abilities provided in this guide. List achievements that showcase these talents in your descriptions using bullet points and active verbs, even if the position does not appear to be directly connected to medical reception.

Instead of describing talents, emphasise accomplishments. Hard data is always advantageous.

Leave out any responsibilities that do not pertain to medical reception. It is not necessary to detail all you did at each position. Take your time. Be thoughtful in how you arrange your bullet points. Put your most outstanding accomplishments first, where they are more likely to capture the attention of a recruiter. Consider utilising the CAR format to convey the following: the Challenge you accepted, the Action you performed, and the Results. For example, if you optimised a procedure or created a new system at one of your previous employment, this is a terrific opportunity to highlight your accomplishment.

📌Tip: A medical receptionist position is an excellent first job. As a result, you might not have a lot of experience to list. Use your high school job, if you had one, as well as any club memberships or school activities that demonstrate your accomplishments.

Not sure what experience will be beneficial? Have you worked in a non-medical field as a customer service representative? Consider your accomplishments. Customer service is an important aspect of a medical receptionist's job. Here are some instances of descriptions:

OK: I made phone and in-person appointments with patients.

Good: Developed rigorous phone scripts, which increased appointment scheduling efficiency and patient satisfaction.

Excellent: reduced appointment scheduling time by 25% and patient wait time by 15%.

Here is a sample medical receptionist employment history resume you can refer to:

  • Patients were greeted and given information and help.
  • Handled phone calls, gathered personal information, and scheduled appointments.
  • Utilized booking systems and managed patient-doctor correspondence.
  • Prior to being examined, patients were instructed to do particular chores.
  • Patient forms were distributed and collected to be filed.
  • I was in charge of the office mail, payroll distribution, and the physical layout of the front office.

Medical Receptionist Education Example

Display your knowledge. You've learnt a lot; now it's time to put it to use. Medical receptionists only require a high school diploma, but if you have any post-secondary coursework or degrees, that's even better!

If you've got any training in medical terminology, health vocations programmes, or computer technology, you'll be able to stand out from the throng. Make sure to include these lessons in your education section and keep your list concise.

A high school diploma is the academic entry requirement for medical receptionists. While this is true, you must elevate your application above others who just satisfy this requirement. Consider the following questions:

Did you study anatomy in high school? Did you take any other medical terminology-related courses, such as a health careers class?

These are impressive.

Did you take a class where you had to utilise word processing or spreadsheet software?

These are two more valuable skills.

📌Tip: You may also improve your marketability as a medical practitioner by completing medical billing and coding training or even basic business classes. Some colleges provide medical receptionist certificates, however they are not required for the position. Take healthcare-specific courses to broaden your knowledge.

You can include any courses you've done in your summary, or you can include them in a distinct part of your resume. These honours will help you, especially if you are new out of school.

Medical Recepionist Resume Sample Skills Section: Boast a Little

One of the most crucial components of your resume is your skills. This is how recruiters and ATS assess your main job characteristics. A medical receptionist requires a specific set of abilities that fall into two categories: hard skills and soft skills. Hard skills are technological or industry-specific abilities, such as knowledge of medical terminology. People skills are referred to as soft skills. These are critical for a professional who will be the patient's initial point of contact. Empathy for persons who are unwell or concerned about their own or a loved one's health can lead to improved health outcomes for patients.

✒️ Note: When creating your CV, consider both hard talents, such as computer programme proficiency, and soft skills, such as empathy and communication.

Hard Skills

So, what are the most important hard skills that companies look for in a medical receptionist? A check of the individual job advertisements that pique your interest can help you prioritise, but the following abilities appear almost always:

  • Basic data input and word processing software computer literacy, as well as the capacity to learn how to utilise a new system
  • Appointment scheduling systems knowledge
  • Telephone systems knowledge
  • Clerical skills such as preparing charts and filing
  • Basic knowledge of medical terms

Some medical practices also ask receptionists to:

  • Collect copays or payments
  • Verify insurance information
  • Enter charges and/or process billing

Soft Skills

Soft skills are just as important in this professional role.

✒️ Note: A resume is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your communication and organising abilities by making it clean, succinct, and readable.

medical receptionist resume

Communication is the number one soft talent required by employers for medical receptionists; it is by far the most regularly stated soft skill. But what exactly does this involve, and how can you demonstrate your communication skills?

It's not as difficult as you think. Patients may be anxious, impatient, in discomfort, or in agony. They might be upset over a wait or a cost. Highlight your compassion and capacity to remain cool and polite in stressful situations. Mention your pleasant and clear phone voice. Demonstrate your abilities to attend to several patients in a timely and polite manner.

Coworkers, physicians, and staff rely on you to correctly relay information provided by patients. You may also be requested to communicate information from a staff member to patients. You most often shown this ability when working on a group assignment at work or school. Listening is an important element of communication. Consider including this ability on your resu e as well. Medical words will be used regularly.

Emphasize your understanding of these phrases; this ability makes you a better communicator. Time management is also high on the list of necessary soft skills. You must be able to operate in a busy office with several patients and staff members and complete all tasks on schedule.

This results in organising abilities. Maintaining physicians' schedules, relaying patient communications, and adhering to any other staff members' needs necessitates a consistent approach.

Keep in mind that the Applicant Tracking System is examining your resume for keywords and phrases that can boost your candidate score and offer you a higher chance of passing the initial screening.

Concentrate on the job description to improve your chances. What abilities are mentioned? Make certain that such keywords are included in your summary. Never fear if all of this seems overwhelming!

Here’s a list of top medical receptionist skills:

  • Data entry
  • Scheduling
  • Handling calls
  • MS Office Suite
  • Office Administration
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Budgeting
  • Organization
  • Customer Service
  • Empathy
  • Friendliness
  • Time Management

But here's the catch—

Raw skill lists are often ineffective. The example above should merely serve as a starting point.

In your medical assistant resume skills list, you must provide them with exactly what they are looking for.

Here's how to highlight your medical clerical abilities on a resume:

  • Begin by compiling a thorough list of employment talents: soft and hard skills, as well as resume technical skills, are all equally crucial.
  • Reread the job posting. Look for terms that connect to medical abilities.
  • Return to your list and examine how many of your talents correspond to those given in the offer. Isn't that a lot? That is your skill set.
  • In the talents area, don't only include your most important skills. Include some in your resume summary or aim, and sprinkle a few in your work history section.

Resume Summary Example: Make It Shine

Personality is important in the job of a medical receptionist, and this is the place to display it. With a superb summary, you can stand out from the crowd! These two quick thoughts could be the difference between your success and failure. This is your opportunity to demonstrate who you are and why you would be an excellent medical receptionist. You always want to seem professional, but introducing a little personality is a good idea, especially because you're the face of the clinic. Active verbs and descriptive language should be used. You won't have to worry about starting from scratch because this guide and resume builder will walk you through the process of producing a fantastic summary.

Poor: I like talking to patients.

Great: Excellent at communication with patients, emotionally open, compassionate yet efficient.

Not every resume includes a summary, and opinions on their importance differ, but here are a few reasons why you should:

  • By adjusting the emphasis, adding or removing a skill, summaries can be readily adjusted to any job.
  • If you are just starting out or changing careers, you can utilise the summary to persuade an employer that you are the perfect person for the job.
  • More power to you if you can incorporate certain ATS keywords while telling your dream employer about yourself!

Checkout the example for a medical receptionist professional summary below:-

Medical Receptionist with experience providing exceptional administrative and secretarial assistance in high volume medical offices. Competent in scheduling, setting appointments, taking messages, and serving patients with care and respect. Providing the capacity to manage front desk environments with structure and tranquilly. I'm excited to work at a new medical practise where I can use my expertise to serve others.

Keywords and Word Clouds

Aside from adding colour and personality to your description, another consideration is matching this professional tale to the job post for which you're applying. While having a general purpose template for your summary is a wonderful idea, when trying to score an interview, you should always tailor your resume razor-sharp for a specific role.

Examine the listed job criteria, as well as the terminology and commonly used terms in job descriptions, to improve your chances.

Job postings may be written in jargon or in difficult language. On the other hand, they may not provide much detail. Plugging the listing into or is one way to explain what your future employer needs. These sites produce word clouds that rapidly reveal the most commonly used terms. Then, modify your resume such that those terms are clearly shown.

You can determine the terms that ATS systems are looking for by using word clouds. The likelihood that your potential employer has set the ATS to emphasize a particular term increases with its size in the word cloud graphic.

Use such terms in your resume since it will be in your best benefit to do so. Keep in mind that if you want someone to read your resume, you must pass the ATS.

The summary should just briefly mention your most significant accomplishments, professional milestones, and attributes since it provides a more comprehensive perspective of your professional character.

Add Other Sections to Your Medical Receptionist Resume

All of the preceding sections? These are essential components of any good medical receptionist front desk resume.

But please tell me one thing—

How badly do you want the job? Quite a lot, right? Good.

So take your resume up a level. Include additional parts that demonstrate and justify your worth. Consider:

  • Resume language skills
  • Resume achievements and accomplishments
  • Additional training
  • Volunteer experience
  • Hobbies and interests

Tips to Make Your Medical Receptionist Resume Like a Pro

  • Use action verbs in your section about professional experience.
  • In the contact section, be precise.
  • Make sure the résumé is no more than one page.
  • Keep your layout basic and tidy.
  • Typos and grammar mistakes are the most obvious turnoffs. Don't approach them.

medical receptionist resume

Key Takeaways For A Medical Receptionist Resume

  • An excellent method to enter the health industry or to switch occupations is in medical reception.
  • The demand for medical personnel is increasing along with the healthcare sector.
  • Examine job postings to find keywords to use in your resume so you can get past applicant tracking systems and into the hands of hiring managers.
  • You have six seconds once there to make an impression.
  • Create a compelling summary that conveys your personality to a prospective employer. This is your one and only opportunity to add personality to your resume.
  • Active verbs and the CAR structure should be used to describe your professional accomplishments. Be results-oriented.
  • Consider talents rather than industry sectors. Your prior expertise in another industry adds value to you as a medical front desk clerk.
  • List all of your relevant high school and post-secondary coursework in the healthcare industry.
  • To inject some personality into your resume, use our editor tool on the template of your choice. Keep it bug-free, spotless, and organized to showcase your skills.

Attach a Medical Receptionist Cover Letter for a Resume

Do cover letters even exist anymore?

They do.

Actually, if a cover letter isn't included, only about half of recruiters will even look at your medical receptionist CV.

(Shockingly, just 50% of applicants still submit cover letters!)

Math is simple, right? Your chances of being recruited are doubled if you write an application letter.

In order to increase your chances of getting the interview, remember the following:

  • Apply the fundamental cover letter formatting guidelines.
  • Use a "hook," such as your most noteworthy accomplishment, if you're unsure of how to begin a cover letter.
  • Always keep in mind what you can provide rather than what you hope to gain from the position.
  • Your medical receptionist cover letter closing should contain a call to action.

As you can see, writing cover letters doesn’t have to be hard!

Plus, a great cover letter that matches your resume will give you an advantage over other candidates. You can write it in our cover letter builder too.

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