Sample VP Resume Examples

Sample VP Resume Examples

A vice president plays a very important role in most companies. As a top executive, you will work directly with or right underneath the CEO or company president. There will be multiple departments under your wing. Therefore, you are expected to have all the knowledge, experience, leadership and skills required to address practically any situation you are confronted with.

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An example of VP resume

Emilia EllisVice
President of Operations

Portsmouth, VA

Professional Summary
Decisive and results-driven Vice President with vast experience in sales and customer service. Proven track record and excellent performance with a personal record-high of 120% increase in quarterly sales and 90% increase in customer satisfaction ratings.

Work Experience
Vice President of Operations
ABC Company
Portsmouth, VA
June 2016 to July 2021

  • Consistently increased quarterly and annual sales with a record-high of 120% for the second quarter of 2021.
  • Spearheaded campaigns to decrease employee retention by 50%.
  • Managed the development of new apps, websites, rewards programs for customers, and many more sales and management processes.

Managing Director
XYZ Company
Portsmouth, VA
September 2012 to May 2016

  • Handled sales, marketing, and operations department managers and coordinated day-to-day management processes.
  • Launched the company’s e-commerce website and increased revenue by 200% within a year.
  • Decreased business expenses by 50% by heading the transition to a no-paper policy and an option to work remotely.

Master of Arts in Economics
Norfolk State University
Norfolk, VA

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Norfolk State University
Norfolk, VA


  • Client Relationships
  • Wealth Management
  • Business Development
  • Risk Management
  • Project Management
  • Financial Services
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Problem-Solving
  • Crisis Management
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Researching some of the best VP resume examples gives you a good head start when you want to secure a VP role in a company. Your resume must be above and beyond expectations. Other competent professionals are most likely applying for the job, too. You must stand out.

While the vice president can be under a lot of pressure, the job is very rewarding in most cases. With the average annual salary at $130,000 according to Payscale, it's no wonder why VP’s are expected to be the best in their job.

In fact, this position is the goal of many employees as they climb up the career ladder. The vice president handles many jobs, but it can be very fulfilling.

If you are already confident about your experience and skills, it is now time to create the best VP resume that will eventually get you the job offer you’re waiting for.

There are different kinds of vice presidents in companies. You can be the VP of operations, sales, marketing, and so on.

The qualifications required for your job search also vary. More often than not, you have to be very experienced. You need to have a proven track record and a rich work history.

A bachelor’s degree might not be enough. Some companies require doctorates or at least a master’s degree. This is not an entry-level position given to just anyone.

However, if you are a young, highly skilled and competent professional, then your experience, skills, and knowledge could be rewarded greatly.

Using data from Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for chief executives is $185,000. Median annual wages also vary per industry. Here are the average salaries of chief executives in some of the top industries:

  • Manufacturing: $208,000 or more
  • Technical, scientific, and professional services: $208,000 or more
  • Healthcare and social assistance: $160,000
  • Government: $113,00

sample vp

How to Make a VP Resume

Being a company vice president means that you have a lot of responsibility right in the palm of your hands. You should be extraordinary and always above average. You are expected to be excellent at all times.

Therefore, your vice president resume should not be any less than stunning.

More than any other document you’ve ever written or created before, you must make sure that you are building something that’s beyond just any professional resume. You must have the best vice president resume.

When making your vice president resume, you can start by looking at other relevant templates or executive resume samples. You may also look into a resume builder that can help guide you while writing your executive resume. Check out our resume examples to see some great tips and ideas and examples of other related resumes.

These guides will help make sure you won’t miss vital details on your vice president resume.

Also, read and understand the job description thoroughly. Make sure that your vice president resume or executive resume is based on this.

Do your research well about the position and the company you are applying for. Not only will your research be beneficial while writing your vice president resume, but it will also help you with your interview. This can help take you one step closer to achieving your career goals and winning your dream job.

Also, check on executive resume samples and use them as templates for your own junior or senior vice president resume.

Keeping these tips in mind will help you.

  • Use the right format, layout, and structure for your vice president resume or executive resume.
  • Read the job description and highlight your experiences and skills that are relevant to the position you are applying for.
  • Use relevant keywords since many recruiters use applicant tracking systems. Your resume will stand out if you use these keywords.
The job description is rich with the keywords you need to use. Also, make sure that your resume highlights all your best achievements and work experiences. Focus on these as vice presidents are expected to be results-driven, high-achieving professionals.

The Layout of the VP Resume

The layout of your junior or senior vice president resume should be proper, organized, and neat as this speaks a lot about your professionalism. The layout itself of an executive resume can already tell recruiters a lot about you.

The ideal resume format for a vice president resume would be the reverse chronological format. This resume format focuses on your work experience, which is usually the primary requirement or qualification companies are looking for when they hire a top executive.

Check out executive resume samples to see how others would create entry level or senior vice president resumes.

The Structure of the VP Resume

There are two other formats you can consider when writing a junior or senior vice president resume. These are the functional and the combination formats.

Although the functional resume format which helps focus on skills is great for entry-level positions, it is not exactly the best choice especially for senior vice president resumes.

However, the exception to this would be if the job description places more weight and importance on skills over anything else. Use your best judgment when deciding if you should use this type of format.

The combination format combines both reverse chronological and functional formats. This might just be the best choice since you most are most likely highly skilled and have a lot of work experience already.

Make sure your entry level or senior vice president resume includes these sections.

  • Header
  • Professional Summary
  • Work Experience
  • Education Section
  • Skills Section
  • Additional Sections

Start with the Header of the VP Resume

The header includes your contact information and other personal data. Make sure these are updated, accurate, and very clear.

Your senior vice president resume must have a header that includes your full name, phone number, email address, location, and other relevant links such as a portfolio link.

You may use executive resume samples as your guide when creating this section.

Example of a Good Header

Emilia Ellis


Portsmouth, VA

Example of a Bad Header for VP

Emilia Ellis


2456 Covina Ave, Suite 123

Portsmouth, VA 98765


DOB: September 8, 1980

Keep your headers as professional as possible. Use a professional-looking email address and avoid adding too much personal information irrelevant to the job. You may also include your LinkedIn profile link, if available.

Is a Photo Required in the VP Resume?

Did you know that 80% of companies based in the USA say they’d rather not consider applicants with photos on their resumes? Expectations may differ when it comes to an executive resume though.

It is good to know that you are not required to add a picture to your vice president resume.

If you choose to add a photo to your executive resume, make sure that it looks professional. It must not be a selfie. It must have a neutral background. Wear something formal.

You might just become the senior vice president after all. You wouldn’t want party photos appearing on your resume.

Choosing Your VP Title

When you take a look at executive resume samples, you will see that the most recent position held is usually the title used. You can do this or you can also use the position title or the job title you are applying for.

If you are currently the vice president of a company, be specific when writing your title. For instance, you could be called Senior Vice President for Operations or Senior Vice President for Sales.

sample vp

Professional Summary for VP

Perhaps one of the most important parts of your vice president resume would be the professional summary or profile. This briefly sums up your work experience and major achievements as an executive or vice president.

Use this opportunity to grab the attention of the hiring manager. So make sure you’re focusing on your top skills and best qualities.


Decisive and results-driven Vice President with vast experience in sales and customer service. Proven track record and excellent performance with a personal record-high of 120% increase in quarterly sales and 90% increase in customer satisfaction ratings.


An experienced vice president who can promise to perform and increase the revenue of your company. I have handled many departments and employees in my career. I am knowledgeable and experienced.

sample vp

Work Experience in the VP Resume

Most companies wouldn’t even consider a vice president or executive without any experience. Your work experience on your vice president resume should highlight your most relevant experiences based on the position you’re applying for.

It should also include your major achievements and the biggest responsibilities you’ve held in your previous jobs.

Also, include the company name, your job title, and years you’ve worked there in this section. You may check out our resume templates that can guide you when writing your work experience.

Describe Your Professional Experiences on Your VP Resume

As earlier mentioned, it is best to include a description, in bullet points, of your experiences, tasks, and responsibilities for each of the companies you have worked for.

Most executives and vice presidents have very long work histories. If you are one of them, we recommend adding your most recent, relevant, and significant experiences that can be useful to the job you are applying for.

If you have held many previous jobs, you don’t need to include all of them especially if they are not related to the position or the industry of the company you wish to work with.

Examples of Professional Experiences for Entry Level VP

Regional Director

ABC Company

Portsmouth, VA

January 2018-January 2020

    • Worked alongside the company president and vice president while managing multiple departments of the organization.

Handled production and sales operations to ensure consistent increased revenue.

Created training materials for senior managers distributed to nationwide branches.

Represented ABC Company to other companies and clients.

Examples of Work Experience for Senior VP

Vice President of Operations

ABC Company

Portsmouth, VA

June 2016 to July 2021

    • Created new sales methods and strategies to increase quarterly and annual sales by 120% in 2021.

Built an employees’ rewards system to decrease employee retention.

Spearheaded the transition to e-commerce selling that helped in increasing revenue for the company by 200%.

Managing Director

XYZ Company

Portsmouth, VA

September 2012 to May 2016

    • Major decision maker for marketing, sales, and operations departments.

Launched the company’s customer loyalty program to attract new and returning customers.

Successfully decreased company expenses by 50% with the Save Mother Earth program.

Education in the VP Resume

More often than not, companies expect their executives or vice presidents to have at least a bachelor’s degree. Include the name of your degree, location, and years of study.

Should You Start With Education or Work Experience?

Once again, you need to use your best judgment of whether you should start with your education or experience section on your vice president resume.

Based on the job description, you will see whether the company puts more importance on previous experience compared to education or vice versa.

Also, it is a common myth that an executive or vice president should have the highest form of education such as a master’s degree or doctorate. Although these are preferred by some companies, many more would appreciate experience and skills better than any diploma.

Just be sure that you’re being honest on your resume as this is exactly what many companies expect their applicants to be.

How to Properly List Your Education in a VP Resume

As earlier mentioned, you simply need to include the name of your school, degree earned, years of study, and location.

Example of the Education Section of a VP Resume

Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration

Business Administration University

Portsmouth, VA


sample vp

Skills to Put in the VP Resume

The skills section is yet another essential section of any executive resume. You can check executive resume examples that can serve as your guide on how to list down your skills.

You can list down the right skills such as your hard skills and soft skills separately or you may choose to combine them. Have them in bullet points so they appear organized.

This section is a great opportunity, once again, to highlight your expertise and for you to use the keywords in the job description that will let the hiring manager easily search your executive resume.

What are the Main Skills Sought for in a VP Resume?

Hard skills or technical skills are those that make you qualified for the job.

Soft skills, on the other hand, are just as important as your hard skills. How do you handle bad news? How do you work with other employees?

Your soft skills show your character and why you’re the best vice president to hire for the job.

Here are some examples of hard skills

  • Process Improvement
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Crisis Management
  • Identify Inefficiencies
  • Branding for New Business
  • Working with Third Party Affiliates
  • Financial Management

Here are some examples of soft skills

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Highly motivated
  • Leadership
  • Problem solving
  • Organized
  • Teamwork
  • Delegation
  • Flexibility
  • Communication skills

What Skills for a Entry Level VP

  • Public speaking skills
  • Writing skills
  • Leadership
  • Highly motivated
  • Process improvement
  • Financial services
  • Communication skills
  • Ability to communicate with executive directors
  • Problem-solving skills

What Skills for a Qualified Senior VP

  • Public speaking skills
  • Strong Leadership
  • Financial management
  • Wealth management
  • Crisis management
  • Branding and marketing strategies
  • Process improvement
  • Subject matter expertise
  • Employee development

Write the Ideal Resume Hook for a VP Resume

A great resume hook or tagline can grab the attention of hiring managers. Your vice president resume hook is a short statement that can be a testimonial, quotation, or even a brief description of yourself or your achievements.

Example of a Tagline for a Entry Level VP

Emilia Ellis, the Vice President that leads companies to success.

Example of a Tagline for a Senior Level VP

A vice president that gives equal importance to customers and employees. Leading companies to success since 2010.

Additional Headings for Your VP Resume

A vice president resume usually includes more than just a few pages. With a long work history and dozens of achievements, it would be difficult to place them all on one page. However, many executive resume examples have great layouts that make this possible.

So make sure you’re checking these out so you still have room for additional headings that can be helpful in your professional resume.

Computer Skills and Certifications in a VP Resume

Depending on the sector you’re working in, computer skills and other certifications might be necessary when you’re applying for a vice president position. For instance, if you are working in the IT industry, extensive computer knowledge is non-negotiable.

Aside from computer-related skills, here are examples of other leadership certifications you can include in your vice president resume.

  • Graduate Certificate in Leadership, Champlain College Online
  • Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification, McGill University

Interests in a VP Resume

Interests are not usually necessary and definitely not required in an executive resume. However, it still depends on the industry you work in. You may include relevant interests related to the job at hand.

Write your interests if they are related to the company you’re applying for. For example, if you are applying to a company in the food industry, cooking as one of your interests would be great. An airline company would like a vice president who loves to travel.

Languages in a VP Resume

Especially if you’re aiming to work with a multinational company, speaking more than just one language can earn you some bonus points with recruiters. A vice president would usually meet with clients and other company chief executives. It would be best if you could speak their native language, too.

You can either include your level of fluency or the official language certification tests you’ve passed if any. Here are some examples.

  • English: TOEFL
  • German: TestDaF
  • Spanish: SIELE

Summary: Key Points for Writing a Perfect VP Resume

Once again, we highly recommend using vice president resume templates or examples as a guide when building your resume. Although this might be the nth resume you’ve written throughout your career, it would be best to be guided by a resume expert and to get expert tips so you won’t miss out on important details.

Here’s a summary of the key points you need to keep in mind

  • Make sure your contact information is clear, accurate, and updated.
  • Follow the correct resume format for your vice president resume.
  • An executive resume includes all important sections such as the header, resume professional summary, work experience, education section, and skills section.
  • Write a cover letter and attach it to your resume when submitting your application.

Write a Cover Letter that Goes with Your VP Resume

Cover letters are not necessarily required when submitting applications, but are expected. If you want to be that company’s future vice president, it’s a great opportunity to show them your genuine interest, professionalism and written communication skills.

A cover letter will help you share more information about yourself, your professional experience, and your objectives as well. It gives you an edge over other applicants and might just win you an interview and a job offer.

Frequently Asked Questions for a VP Resume

How do you write vice president on a resume?

Make sure you’re being specific when writing your title as a vice president on your resume. For instance, you can use senior vice president or you can also add your department such as vice president for sales.

How do I write an executive level resume?

An executive resume is written just like most resumes, except you need to make sure you’re highlighting your work experiences and achievements and leadership more than anything else.

How do you write a senior level resume?

If you want to get a senior position in a company, you must show that you are capable. Build a professional resume that includes your achievements, experiences, and skills.

What should be included in an executive resume?

Your executive resume must include the header, professional summary, work experience, education section, and skills section.

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