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Are you in search of an architect resume example that highlights the necessary skills? Your resume is crucial—it's the first impression you make on potential employers. That's why crafting an excellent resume is so important.

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Architect Resume Sample

Cheryl J. Francisco
+1 706-493-4711
4986 Limer Street Augusta
Architect Project Manager

Professional Summary

Holder of the State Diploma of Architects and strong 3 years experience as an architect and project manager.  I wish to integrate your agency in order to help you to  take charge of the building sites.

Professional Experience

11/2018 – 01/2021
Boarworth, Danbury
Architect and project manager (auto-entrepreneur)

  • Client canvassing, feasibility studies and quotations
  • Design of execution plans and roadmaps
  • Planning and supervision of work sites

03/2017 – 09/2017
Blackcorporation, Rocky Mount
Professional situation (assistant project manager)

  • Finalization of the sketches (Vesoul town hall)
  • Drawing up the estimate and obtaining the building permit
  • Budget planning.


09/2017 – 10/2018
HMONP Training
ENSAPVS, Manchester

09/2012 – 07/2017
ENSAS, Hickory


  • ArchiCAD and AutoCAD Architecture
  • Rhino3D
  • SketchUp


  • Creativity
  • Management of various teams
  • Construction site supervision (APD, APS, DPC…)
  • Quotation and planning of site and budget
  • Contemporary artistic sense

Foreign language

  • Fluent Spanish (C1)


Certified Rhino Specialist Level 2, 2020

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With many architecture students graduating, the competition for internships and jobs is tough.

The employment figure for architects in 2022 was approximately 123,700, with a projected growth rate of 5% from 2022 to 2032(BLS)

Looking to create a standout architect resume? Check this guide for key tips on enhancing each section of your resume.

professional architect resume

How can you make an Architect Resume?

To better manage the contractors on the site and understand the expectations of his clients, the architect must be creative. If you are looking for a job as an architect, consider :

  • Writing a powerful catchphrase;
  • Create an organized and clear structure;
  • Add a portfolio ;
  • Show your uniqueness by taking care of the layout of your resume.

The layout of the architect resume

Choosing the right resume formats is crucial to showcasing your qualifications effectively. Here are the formats you might consider for your architect resume:

    Reverse-chronological format - Ideal if you've been in the field a while. This format highlights your work history and projects, which is what most hiring managers look for first.

    Functional resume format - Great for new grads or those shifting into architecture from another field. It emphasizes your skills and design capabilities rather than work history.

    Combination/hybrid resume - A mix of both formats. Use this if you have both the skills and some professional experience. It lets you showcase a robust skill set along with your practical experience.

Keep your resume layout clean and professional. Stick to font sizes between 10-12pt and use straightforward fonts like Arial, Cambria, Times New Roman, or Calibri. This makes it easier for hiring managers to read and understand your resume quickly.

The structure of the architect resume

Here is the structure to follow for the writing of a better architect resume:

  • Header with contact information and portfolio;
  • Resume Title
  • Resume Catchphrase
  • Professional experiences
  • Diplomas and training
  • Professional Skills
  • Computer tools, foreign languages
  • Additional information (interests or certifications)

This resume structure will allow the recruiter to easily find the information.

Start with the header of the architect resume

Placed at the top of the resume, the header must contain all your personal information (telephone, address, e-mail address...) up to date. Indeed, the recruiter will need this information if he decides to contact you for a job interview.

Examples of header for an Architect Resume

Here is an example of a right header:

Doug M. Swinney

Architect - multi-storey residential buildings

  • +1 731-836-4398
  • Halls, TN

On the other hand, here is an example of a bad header:

Rosario J. Brooks


  • 419-540-9216
  • Halls, TN

Is a photo required in the architect's resume?

We recommend you do not include a photo in your resume as most employers do not expect you to.

Choose your architect resume title

Remember to personalize and adapt each title on your resume to the job or company using their job description. Your resume should have a clear and precise title. Indeed, the recruiter will rank your resume according to this title.

professional writing architect resume

The professional experience on an Architect Resume

Architecture is a profession where many specificities are learned through practice. That's why recruiters look at work experience. Do not hesitate to talk about your experiences, whether it is the follow-up of a construction site, the design of a dwelling, the observation in a design office or the renovation of an old building.

Describe your professional experience on your architect resume

To highlight your level of expertise, specify the specifics of each of your experiences. Talk about the projects you have completed throughout your career, including:

  • The context
  • Difficulties encountered: also talk about how you overcame them
  • Goals set and how you achieved them
  • The acquired profits

Examples of professional experience for a junior architect

Here is an example of professional experience for an architect with little experience.

Work Experience

Since April 2020 - Junior Architect, Gensler , NY
  • Development of building data models using Revit
  • Work on commercial buildings
  • Drawing floor plans in 2D with AutoCAD
  • Creating photorealistic visualizations with 3ds Max and VRay
  • Research on materials, specifications and building regulations for the principal architect
  • Coordination of floor layouts
  • Assisting project managers with cost estimates, report writing and scheduling

Examples of professional experience for a Senior Architect

Here is an example of work experience for a senior architect:

Work Experience

Since April 2005 - Architect and Project Manager, Agence Regards, NY
  • Management of projects of various scales
  • Quality control of the materials used
  • Drawings of specific furniture
  • Creation of an architectural research unit
  • Main achievements: development of the Berges de Seine, renovation of Beaupassage in Paris, creation of the Hotel Bienvenue in Paris
August 2000 - March 2005 - Architect, Bansheeworks, Greenville
  • Development and finalization of creative concepts
  • Drawing of plans on Autocad
  • Search for materials
  • Contacting suppliers
  • Respect for schedules
  • Main projects: Villages Nature aquatic complex, office building in Horseheads
June - September 1999 - Internship architect, Terrazzi Design, Miami
  • Elaboration of plans on Autocad
  • Design of residential housing
  • Search for materials

edution on architect's resume

Education on a Architect Resume

A solid education (at least 6 years of study) is necessary to practice as an architect. You must hold a State Diploma of Architecture (DEA), issued by a national school. In addition to your course of study, it is also important to indicate any options or specialties.

Should you start with education or work experience on an Architect Resume?

The structure of your resume should be based on your profile and your professional background.

Do not forget to highlight your professional background and skills if you have several years of professional experience. This will allow recruiters to know the projects you have carried out as well as the projects you have completed. If you are experienced, you should start with your professional experiences.

On the other hand, if you are a beginner, it is better to emphasize your studies, training and diplomas. You can then talk about your professional experiences (e.g. your internships).

How can you properly list your Education on an architect resume?

Regarding your education or training in architecture, please specify:

  • The name of the degree and the level of education;
  • Date of graduation (start and end date of studies);
  • Educational institution.

Example of the Education section of an Architect Resume

Here is an example of the "education" section of an architect's resume:


September 2010 – June 2012
Master in Interior Design
Maple Hills College, Loudonville

September 2007 – June 2010
National art diploma, design option
Higher Institute of Arts of Houston

The skills to share on a architect resume

The skills required to become an architect are numerous. It is important to detail yours on your resume, specifying your level for each of them. This information will allow recruiters to better understand your profile.

What are the main skills sought for an architect?

The main skills (know-how) sought in an architect are the following:

  • Proposal force
  • Artistic knowledge and urban planning
  • Negotiating capacity
  • Expertise in DAO and CAD software
  • Budget management and planning
  • Project management
  • Legal and administrative knowledge
  • Drawing skills
  • Ability to listen to the needs and problems of the client

architect resume skills

Skills to state for a beginner Architect

The know-how required of an entry-level architect is based on the following knowledge:

  • Expertise in drawing software (CAD and DAO)
  • Legal concepts, particularly in urban planning law
  • Ability to reproduce architectural elements
  • Ability to draw the plans of a building (ground plan, cross-sections, elevations, perspectives)

Skills to state for a qualified Senior Architect

The profile sought for a senior architect includes a certain know-how:

  • Development and finalization of creative concepts;
  • Respect for schedules
  • Project management
  • Contact with suppliers
  • Knowledge of building and urban planning standards
  • Quality control of materials
  • Technical expertise and legal background
  • Ability to frame the entire architectural project
  • Drawing of plans on Autocad (APS, APD)
  • Proposal force
  • Design of projects according to the client's needs
  • Budget management and planning
  • Ability to listen to the needs and problems of the client

Write the Ideal Catchphrase for the Architect Resume

Adding a catchphrase to your resume allows recruiters to get to know you better. It is recommended that you write a good catchphrase to set yourself apart from other competitors for the position. Also called the "introductory sentence" or "profile description", the catchphrase is an important part of the resume, especially if your application does not include a cover letter.

Example of a catchphrase for a Junior Architect

Here is an example of a catchphrase for a beginning architect:

"A graduate of the Grenoble School of Architecture, I have the relational and technical skills that will allow me to assume the responsibilities of a junior architect within your agency. With my knowledge of building and safety standards, I would be a great help to your dynamic team."

Example of a catchphrase for a Senior Architect

Here is an example of a catchphrase for an experienced architect:

"Holder of a State Diploma of Architect and specialist in construction and rehabilitation works, I have skills in plan drawing and building decoration. I am looking for new challenges that will allow me to use my sense of precision and my creativity. "

Additional headings for your Architect Resume

Do not hesitate to add additional headings (languages, interests, computer skills and certifications). Indeed, they allow you to personalize your architect's resume. It is necessary to add them to your resume if they are likely to enhance your skills in the eyes of recruiters. For example, the "languages" section is essential if you are applying to a company based abroad.

IT skills and certifications for an Architect

Here are examples of computer skills you can include on your architect resume:

  • Autocad: advanced level (architectural drawing, documentation and bill of materials) ;
  • InDesign : advanced level (vector functions, automation) ;
  • Photoshop : advanced level (vectorial tracings, blending masks).

Areas of interest on an Architect Resume

The interest section is located at the end of your resume. Remember to highlight what sets you apart from others. Certain interests should not be included in your resume, including any reference to political or religious affiliation.

You can add the following interests to your architect resume:

  • Travels
  • Museums
  • Sport

This additional section should add value to your application.

Language on an Architect Resume

To maximize your chances of landing your dream job, consider adding your language skills to your architect resume, specifying the benchmark exams for each language. For illustrative purposes:

  • English (TOEFL, IELTS...) ;
  • German (Goethe Zertifikat, TestDaF, DSH...).

architect resume tips

Additional Information About the Architect

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the industries with the highest levels of employment for architects include:

  • Architectural, engineering, and related services
  • Residential building construction
  • Government
  • Nonresidential building construction
  • Specialized design services

As of May 2023, the median annual wage for architects was reported at $93,310.

Salary by Experience Level

  • Entry-level: Approximately $55,000 per year
  • Early-career: About $65,000 per year
  • Mid-career: Roughly $75,000 per year
  • Experienced: Around $85,000 per year
  • Late-career: Typically over $95,000 per year

Architects often work full-time, and many extend their work hours to meet project deadlines. Self-employed architects may benefit from more flexible schedules.

The employment of architects is projected to grow by 5% from 2022 to 2032, suggesting steady demand within the profession. This growth is expected to create around 8,200 job openings annually, primarily due to retirements and career changes. More details can be found on the BLS website.

Summary: the key points to write a perfect architect resume

Here are some tips for polishing your architect resume:

  • Check your writing: avoid making spelling mistakes, as these have a negative impact on the quality of your resume. Do not hesitate to have a relative proofread it or use an online spell checker.
  • Make sure your resume is well presented: you should take care of your layout, taking into account the font, the colors and the presence of logos and icons on your resume.
  • Use a resume template adapted to your needs: it will save you time.

The following sections should be included on your architect resume:

  • Personal contact information
  • Catchphrase
  • Professional experience
  • Architectural achievements
  • Studies and training
  • Skills

To make a good impression on the recruiter, it is important to use appropriate words. Indeed, the field of architecture has a rich and complex vocabulary, especially when it comes to technical terms.

Write a cover letter reflecting your architect resume

The cover letter shows not only your motivation, but also your personality. Its objective is to make the recruiter want to consult your application file. So, remember to focus on writing your letter. You must show the recruiter that you know the company, its strengths, its issues, and its market. Also, do not hesitate to highlight the essential elements proving that you have the skills required for the position.

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