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A professional resume needs to have a lot of things, details of candidate's profile, relevant skills, relevant experience, relevant keywords, professionalism, visual appeal, good readability of content and so on.||A professional resume needs to have a lot of things, details of candidate's profile, relevant skills, relevant experience, relevant keywords, professionalism, visual appeal, good readability of content and so on.

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One might wonder, how to write a team member resume and how to describe your team member skills without making it sound like -typical words or empty words?

Team members may be responsible for wide range of tasks however one crucial goal is to ensure the results in timely manner along with success of the project.

team member resume

Many positions may require you to handle customers in which case you will need interpersonal skills and communication skills along with problem solving skills.

Being a team player is necessary in most fields because without team work, achieving success can be difficult. Hiring managers always look for candidates who are good team players.

💡 You might not know however, about 75% employers consider team working to be essential in the work places.


And yes, many job seekers simply mention 'team work' or 'team player' as skills in their resume; but that's not enough.

You need convincing words and work history that really says it for you- that you are a team player. Your work experience and skills should reflect how well you performed in various teams and achieved the goals.

Being team member can be difficult, you have to get along with people with different nature and personalities.

Sometimes it may seem exhausting however you need to remember that everyone brings something to the table and getting along with everyone is essential to make sure the project succeeds.

This is why not everyone can be a team member, and being a team member is a valuable skill for job seekers. Especially if the job seekers are looking for jobs as a crew member or team member.

Let's go over some of the questions you may have such as how to write a team member resume and how to write you are a team player on your resume.👇

Team member resume

A team member resume needs to reflect the candidate's nature to be courteous, flexible, attentive, patient and goal oriented.

team member resume

As a team member you may be responsible for one particular task or multiple responsibilities concerning certain areas of project or business. Your soft skills related to sales, cash registers, front counter, drive thru and your hard skills related to technology, payments, equipment, techniques and so on will go a long way in your resume.

How to write a team member resume?

Now let's talk about how to write the resume for a team member.👇


Before you write your team member resume, you need to choose the suitable resume format. There are various formats that you can choose from: functional, reverse-chronological and combination.

You can also make a choice of theme from options such as modern, minimalist, traditional, visual and so on.

While making these choice, you need to consider what your role and position are, what kind of industry you are applying to, who is your employer, what is the job description and most importantly, your own professional profile and its details.

Consideration of all these aspects will help you decide which format will be the best way to present your profile in your resume.

The format of resume, provides the outline which decides the visual appeal of your resume. When the recruiter is looking at your resume, the visual appeal will play a huge role in what kind of impact your resume leaves on the recruiter.

Along with visual appeal, the format will also help in organizing the profile information in proper manner which is important for comprehension, readability and impact of the information of your profile.

A good format has the ability to make a big difference in the impact of your resume and your impression on the recruiter.

Once, you have chosen the suitable format, you can start with your profile presentation in your resume.

team member resume

Contact information

In the header of your team member resume, you need to describe your contact information. First of all, although not necessary, you can add your professional headshot in formal attire. Next, write your name in slightly bigger fonts than the rest.

After your name, note your contact number where you are easily reachable. Do not forget the area code, parenthesis (), plus sign+ and spaces in your contact number as required so it looks formal.

Next up will be your email address. You need to use the email address that is formal and professional. Avoid using your personal email address that may look informal.

At last, you can add your home address if you are applying for the job in another state or country however it is not mandatory.

Profile summary

The profile summary of your team member resume should highlight your work history, skills and key accomplishments.

team member resume

The summary should be written in bullet points no more than 3 to 5. The sentences should not be wordy and lengthy. Keep it crisp, short, concise and to the point. Avoid unnecessary jargon as well.

The first bullet point should cover the total number of years of your work experience and a bit of background. The next point can describe your key accomplishments and key skills. You can also mention your team member work related soft skills here as they are as important as hard skills when it comes to team work.

You should reflect your commitment, soft skills and other relevant and important aspects of your profile. At last you can mention your expectations of next opportunity and willingness to contribute with all your skills and knowledge.


The professional experience section will discuss your work history and you should note it in reverse chronological order. You can start with your latest experience and walk back towards your first job.

Mention the name of the employer along with the position you held and add the period of time that you worked there for.

Again, while writing the details of the experience, use bullet points and avoid writing extra information that might not be relevant.

In your work experience, reflect how you have successfully worked as a team member and achieved the goals and results at the end of the project. Mention your friendly and patient approach with other team members. Talk about issues you solved and dealt with difficult situations with your team members without any difficulty.

Showcase your skills of adapting with new environment, new people and ability to maintain good revenue and sales according to set requirements.

team member resume

Your work history might have various roles in different industries and you can draw the team player parts from all those roles. Whether it was keeping the premise clean or waiting tables involving interaction with customers, being a team player comes into the picture in all the roles.

Highlighting your ability to work well with others without any issues while being productive is important as a team member. You need to understand people and learn how to get along with them while reaching your work goals.

In experience you can also mention any training you might have had or given your fellow team members. Your past working experience should showcase you as the ace team member who holds everyone together and achieves the goals.


Your education details will be mentioned in education section. You need to mention the name of your education institution along with its location. Add the full name of your degree and any subjects that you majored in.

Avoid mentioning the graduation year unless you are yet to graduate as it can lead to bias on hiring manager's part.

You can mention relevant coursework briefly along with any other details of your education such as any special programs or online courses you may have completed that are relevant to the role you are applying for or speaks to your skills as a team member.

team member resume


The skills section of your team member resume may have soft skills and hard skills that are relevant. You can mention your skills related to sales, front counter, technology, payments, drive thru, merchandising, communicating, bringing resolution to issues, working with commitment and so on.

You can demonstrate how you provided support and helped your co-workers or other team members. How you are detail oriented and pay attention to everything. Your work ethic and productivity abilities (speed, areas of expertise etc.) should also be showcased.


In addition you can add extra sections to describe any other relevant information you might have such as language proficiency, hobbies and interests and so on.

Anything that speaks to your ability of working as a team player can be demonstrated in your resume in every section.

How to write you are a team member on your resume?

You might be wondering how to write you are a team member on your resume without spelling it out directly to avoid sounding 'typical' or 'ordinary'. Especially if team work is part of your role's requirements but not the center of the same.

team member resume

📌 Here are some bonus tips for that:

Show, don't tell

Few understand the important and crucial power that 'team working' holds. Take example of any corporate successful company- Google, Meta, Microsoft; they are all successful because their employees are taken care of and as a result they work together to achieve great results.

When you are trying describe that you are a team player on your resume, you don't need to mention it directly. Instead, showcase the instances where you were a team player and achieved exceptional results!

Use alternative synonyms and phrases

Using alternative synonyms and phrases is another simple tip! Instead of saying you are a team player, you can use these words and/or phrases:

  • Achieved results as a team
  • Adapted well with the new team
  • Resolved the issues with my team
  • Collaborated
  • Joint-effort
  • Group-effort

Highlight your contribution in team projects

When you are describing your experience, you can highlight your contribution in a project that involved a team. Talk about how with your contribution, the team achieved the goal and completed the project.

Talking about your contribution helps you emphasize your skills along with your ability to work well with others.

team member resume

Describe your personality traits speaking to your team player skills

Many traits of human nature show the ability to work well with others as a team member.

For example,

  • patience
  • adaptability
  • flexibility
  • open-mindedness
  • respect for everyone

having these traits naturally imply that you have the capability to perform well as team member.


Some people prefer to work alone, others perform better when accompanied, some people have leadership skills and others work well with guidance. Your skills can take you a long way and closer to your goals in life.

One of such skill is being a team player and it is difficult because sometimes our co-workers have particular habits or personality traits that we may find annoying or uncomfortable.

However, being able to work with them and achieving results speaks to your strength and professional power.

Your team member resume should showcase your commitment and ability to work with people and achieving results. The hiring manager would be looking for someone who will be a good addition to the team and not just someone who has skills and knowledge to complete their tasks.

You can use this article as your checklist for the team member resume. You should also check out our resume examples and templates.

Take into consideration the role you are applying for, its responsibilities, the job description and the employer; and ensure that you describe yourself as a team member in a way that sets you apart from other applicants.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I say I am good at team working without saying it?

Mention your team work experiences and use alternative terms and phrases such as collaboration, group effort and so on.

Is team working skill important as a management personnel?

Majority of the roles, if not all, require you to work with others in your company or organization which means your will need the team working skill. As someone in management, you will be working with many other people and you will definitely need the team working skill.

Should I write specific team work experience in my resume?

If you have specific examples of having worked in a team, you should definitely describe it in your resume. Your experience as a team member speaks louder than mere claim of being a team player in your skills section.

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