How to Write Education in an Education Resume | Examples + Tips

Education resume is a wide term covering a variety of jobs confined to the education department. Now this could be anything from a teaching assistant to a principle or a dean. Not only this but it also includes students.

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Since educational jobs demand high level of skills and qualifications you need to be extra careful while writing your academic qualifications in an education resume.

Considering the above point, today we will be discussing how to write education on a resume. But before we begin we would like you to go through some education resume examples.

List of Education Resume Examples

More than a dozen education resume examples have been listed here for you reference. Each one of them explains you how to write education resume effectively with relevant examples and tips. Okay, now we are not done yet with our main topic. So, let's proceed with it.

What is an Education Resume?

A document that contains relevant skills and work experience aligned with job description of an educator seeking education jobs in educational institutes is an education resume. The following are the examples that come under the category of an education resume sample.

  • Dean, Principal & Vice Principal Resume
  • College Professors Resume
  • High School Teacher Resume
  • Elementary School Teacher Resume
  • Preschool Teacher Resume
  • Art Teacher Resume
  • Education Career Counsellor Resume
  • Academic Advisor Resume

Samples like science or art teacher resume also falls in the category of education resume. Hence, if you are one of them then read this post till end because we will be discussing the critical points on writing education resumes.

education resume

How to List Education in an Education Resume?

Listing academic details in a resume is a piece of cake for some of you but the grass is not greener on the other side for the rest. Yes, it can be intimidating to pen down education skills or even write an education position in resumes if you haven't done it before. Hence, let's break the ice!

Normally, education section in a resume comes after the work history section. This applies to job seekers with ages of work experiences. For recently graduated students, the story is altogether different. We will talk about it soon after this section ends. As of now here's how to write the education in a resume.

The Flow of the Content

How you arrange the content is important. For this you need to follow a resume format know as the reverse chronological order. So far this is the best format and adapted across the globe. In the reverse chronological resume format the latest or the highest degree comes first and thereafter comes other qualifications. Following is the order of the content.

  • Name of the Degree
  • Name of the School/College/University
  • Location of the School/College/University
  • Duration of the Course (from - to)
  • GPA & Relevant Coursework
  • Honours, Awards, and Achievements
  • Club Activities and Project Works (if any)

Adding details in the education field of your resume is the easiest job. If you follow the above given examples you will quickly learn how to add school or college education. See below.

education resume

Dean, Principal & Vice Principal

PhD in Education

University of Florida

Miami, Florida


GPA 4.0

University Gold Medalist

College Professors

PhD in Economics

University of Los Angles

Los Angles, California


GPA 3.98

Advanced American Economy

Author: Theory of Economic Science

High School Teacher

Master of Arts, History & Literature

University of Chicago

Chicago, Illinois


GPA 4.0

Elementary School Teacher

Master of Arts, Performing arts

Texas State University

Houston, Texas


GPA 3.76

Preschool Teacher

Bachelor of Science

University of Phoenix

Phoenix, Arizona


GPA 4.0

Voluntary Accreditation by State Preschool Teacher Association

English Teacher

Master of Arts, English Literature

Texas State University

Houston, Texas


GPA 3.76

Texas State Teacher Association Accreditation

Education Career Counsellor

Bachelor's Degree in Commerce

University of Florida

Miami, Florida


GPA 3.97

When you have impressive resume credentials and an attitude to generate a positive learning environment, nothing can stop you. Once again we recommend you to read the education resumes in the beginning of this post.

Placement of Education Details in a Resume

You can't put your education details where ever you like because it doesn't work that way. For experienced education professionals it must come after the work history. Since employment history is of paramount importance for an education professional the resume must showcase it before academic details.

The question arises - what if an education professional has no experience? In that case, education details comes first followed by volunteer work, internship training, apprentice program or community services. Yes, if you don't working industry experience then write these details in the experience section. They all are regarded.

If you still didn't get it then read below for more information.

Writing an Education Resume

Resume writing is a lengthy but a creative process. You have to present yourself on a single page document with time constrains, and keeping your fingers crossed hoping that you resume will pass the applicant tracking systems and reach the hiring manager.

You are not short on time and neither the hiring managers but the catch is that every resume gets a stipulated time to perform. Under those circumstances a perfect resume has the probability to get selected.

So how will you do that? How will you make your education resume effective so that it catches the recruiter's attention? Short answer is by following the standard resume structure.

Yes, a resume has to be written in a set environment. Here's the structure of a resume.

Education Resume Structure

Education Resume Structure

  • Header - It starts with personal information like name, contact details, location, social media links, etc. Don't include job title here.
  • Resume Summary - A resume summary is an introduction to the hiring manager. A short but professional statement telling the reader about your professional experiences, roles and responsibilities including a job title.
  • Resume Objective - Inexperienced education professionals write resume objective statement instead of a resume summary.
  • Professional Experience - This is the space to write about your job experiences. Applicants make use of this space creatively to write their achievements and relevant skills they learned while working. Professional experience tells the hiring manager what you know and how you deal with situation using your skills.
  • Education - Finally, in the education section you will be writing your academic details that we have been discussing in this post.
  • Skills - A separate space to mention specific skills. Make a distinguished list of hard skills, soft skills and specialized education skills. Strike a perfect balance between right skills because after education and work experience skills are the most scanned details in a resume.
  • Additional Details - Anything other than your work or qualification can come under additional details. For example, specialized teaching or training programs. Hence, an achievement that makes you stand out of the crowd can be included here.

A teaching job is apparently different than a marine engineer's job, hence, there will be alterations when you plan to write an education resume. Attach a cover letter along with a resume when you decide to send a job application. A cover letter gives you space to elaborate details that you might have missed or couldn't accommodate in the resume.

⚠️ Skills are key takeaways in a resume. Although conflict resolution and leadership skills are desired skills but you can't accommodate them under special headings. That's amateur.

How to Write Education in High School Student Resume

Students looking for a part-time job requires a resume as much as a professional. We have written a dedicated guide to write a perfect high school resume. Follow the link for exclusive details.

Here we will be talking about the necessary inputs. Refer to the example below.

High School Diploma

Collins Public School, Florida

2012 –2015

GPA 3.68

Subjects: Performing Arts, English language, and Poetry

Arts and Poetry Club, President

Education in High School Student Resume

Tips to Write Education Resume

We thought a few tips on resume writing would be appreciable. So here we are.

  • Plan to write a resume based on a structure. It will speed up the writing process with zero errors.
  • Your education details will come always after the experience section if you are a working professional with competitive field background.
  • In case, you are a recent graduate or a student then demonstrate other activities instead of work experience.
  • Write academic information in a reverse order beginning from the highest qualification.
  • If you have a master's degree then do not mention high school diploma or school related details in the resume. Only bachelor's and master degree will do.
  • As discussed before, mention GPA only if it is above 3.5 otherwise not.
  • Integrating major subjects gives an added advantage. Further, eliminate details those aren't compulsory.
  • Stacking unwanted information will make a resume lengthy. Hence, stick to the one-page resume idea.
  • Focus more on technical skills in a resume. Soft skills are a part of the skills section but do not over emphasize them by making a long list.
  • Send resume with a cover letter when you apply for your dream job. Try not to repeat the entire resume in a cover letter.

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