Academic Advisor Resume | Examples, Templates & Tips

The job of an academic advisor can be daunting and encouraging, at the same time. Students look forward to you for academic advice and insights. Students of different age groups and faculties collaborate with you to share knowledge and experience relevant to academic goals.

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The role of an academic advisor is an intelligent junction of personal interests, capabilities, and values. You love advising and helping students as they proceed positively toward their goals.

Academic advisors deal with educational challenges that students face and we are here to help them. Hence, if you are an academic advisor then you are reading the right stuff.

How can we help?

In this post, we have included an academic advisor resume sample. You can either use the same or write from scratch. To write a professional academic advisor resume use the resume builder. Click the link, fill in the details and a tailored resume is ready!

What’s in this post?

  • Resume writing using an academic advisor resume example.
  • Links to academic advisor resume samples for your reference.
  • Collection of resume templates to get you started.
  • Section-wise examples of good and bad resume writing.

Now that you know what’s in for you let’s begin with an academic advisor resume example. Continue reading.

Academic Advisor Resume Example

Joseph D. Ramsey
Academic Advisor
+1 803 603 4444

Professional Summary
Highly motivated academic advisor having 5-plus years of experience in delivering value-added counsel is seeking an academic advisor position in your educational institute. Trained entry-level academic advisors. Enabled online support program for student communities. Progress report analysis, application evaluation, and processing of student issues.

Senior Academic Advisor
Colombia Community College, Colombia, SC

  • Pre-registration of students in academic programs.
  • Counseling students with academic advice according to their majors.
  • Helped students to set their academic goals.
  • Designed & scheduled junior academic adviser training programs.
  • Conducted student evaluation programs to identify issues and challenges, and to help them determine their career path.
  • Introduced forums so that students can network with industry professionals and experts.

Academic Advisor
Lexington Academy of Excellence, Lexington, SC

  • Offline counseling to students in terms of career and social concerns to prioritize their academic success.
  • Organized special online counseling sessions for students using chat support, questionnaires, and surveys.
  • Designed custom counseling for students with special needs.
  • Education performance-based students’ progress evaluation.
  • Held campus outreach programs and invited students from other schools to share their experiences, ideas, and thoughts mutually.
  • Aided and assisted students in the university transfer process.

Academic Advisor
Cayce Catholic High School, SC, Cayce, SC

  • Generated academic success reports sharing with other departments.
  • Supervised campus outreach and other counseling programs for students.
  • Participated in junior academic advisor training sessions to enhance students’ academic success rate.
  • Scheduled, supervised, and participated in career growth programs within the campus as well as the community.
  • Devised an auto questionnaire for new students to assess their requirements.


Academic Advisor Master’s Degree
Colombia Community College
Colombia, SC

Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce
Colombia Community College
Colombia, SC

Cayce City High School
Cayce, SC


  • Administrative competence
  • Student development
  • Degree programs mentorship
  • Time management skills
  • Accountability
  • Training sessions
  • Requirement assessment
  • Communication skills
  • Leadership skills

Additional Activities

Member, Colombia City Teachers Association

  • Created monthly activity schedules for teachers.
  • Author of monthly magazine “career goals”.
  • Representative of statewide strategic planning conference.

Online Career Counselor

  • Helping international students in course selection based on career goals.
  • Continuously develop action plans for non-native language students.
  • Trained students for challenging tasks like a job interview.

Drafting an Academic Advisor Resume

When it comes to students’ career development, a hiring manager will look at the educational and work backgrounds of potential applicants.

However, if you have the ability to assist prospective students in achieving their educational goals then you have a better chance than others.

You must remember that your resume must speak all this to a hiring manager loud and clear. Let’s see how we can do it.

Academic Advisor Resume Structure

A career advisor carves the path for students and the one who will hire you wants those abilities upfront in the resume. Meaning your resume must be well-drafted and organized.

Here’s what a structured resume looks like.

  • Header
  • Summary
  • Experience
  • Education
  • Skills
  • Additional activities

Compare the above list with the academic advisor resume example given at the beginning of this post. You will see the example following a smooth structure. Follow the same when you write your resume.

Academic Advisor Resume Format

Basically, a resume follows three major formats as explained below.

  • Reverse chronological order
  • Functional (skill-based) format
  • Hybrid format (mixed one)

The question is which format is best for an academic advisor’s resume. It depends on how you want to present yourself in front of recruiters.

Our recommendation is the reverse chronological format. Now it is important to understand what information must be arranged in reverse chronological order.

It’s the work experience.

Arrange your work history starting from the current one and then the past one. If the employment history is long then mention the last two along with the current one. If you put down every single work experience it might take up additional pages making the resume long.

The Header of a Motivated Academic Advisor Resume

It’s a no-brainer. Your resume begins with your name, job title, and contact information, and that’s the header. Refer to the example below.

Good and Bad Header

Joseph D. Ramsey
Academic Advisor
+1 803 603 4444
Joseph D. Ramsey
6589, 5th Lane, Pepper Street
Colombia, South Carolina
+1 803 603 4444 (home)
+1 340 589 5666 (office)
Age: 35 years

The examples above clearly state what you must and must not include in your header. Following are some pointers to keep in mind.

Points to subtly write academic advisors resume header

  • Include (only) name, job title, phone number, and email address.
  • Avoid writing date of birth or social security numbers.
  • A full residential address isn’t a mandatory thing. Don’t write.
  • If you still want to show where you belong, write the city name.
  • Don’t mention the current office phone number. It’s unprofessional.
  • Mention professional social media links only, for instance, LinkedIn.

The bottom line is to keep the header free from unnecessary clutter. Don’t overwhelm the recruiters with too much information.

Professional Summary in Academic Advisor Resume

After the header write a brief summary to introduce yourself to the recruiter. Again keep it short, precise, and neat.

We have already done this (in the introduction) in the academic advisor resume example above. Scroll up to read the full example resume or else refer below.

Good and Bad Summary

An enthusiastic academic advisor with proven work experience of 11+ years counseling college and high school students. Rendered academic advice to assist students in career-oriented college degree programs. Looking forward to carrying the experience and expertise to guide students of your institute toward a bright career.
Presenting a hard-working academic advisor resume who is willing to join your esteemed college. Experience 11+ years of guiding high school students. Organized student workshops. Addressed student concerns. Assisted students in a new degree program and created monthly activities. Familiar with campus and college life. Sensitive to student inquiries. Work hard to achieve the educational objectives of the students and the hiring school and colleges. Best advisor for international students in higher education. Timely manner of task completion. Well-organized and aware of job duties.

First thing first, the resume summary in the red is bad and it is for a reason. It’s too long, complicated, and meaningless and includes open-ended questions.

For instance, organized student workshops. The purpose is not clear behind coordinating student workshops.

Then there’s addressed student concerns. What type of concerns? Not clear again.

Further, it says sensitive to student inquiries – but what kind of inquiries the advisor is sensitive to is not mentioned.

We can go on and on with such errors. These mistakes can turn down a potential candidate immaterial of how intelligent, honest, and hard-working he or she is.

Hence, your resume summary must be to the point and readable.

Academic Advisor Resume Objective (instead of a resume summary)

A resume objective shall define two major goals. First, why are you the best candidate for this job? Second, why are you interested in this job?

Objectives in a resume when carefully optimized enhance your chances from the rest. Instead of explaining, let’s go through some samples. This will make you feel confident to initiate writing your resume objective.

Sample Academic Advisor Resume Objective

  • Academic advisor having 5+ years of counseling experience seeking a position in your school to work with a diverse student population for their career growth.
  • Exploring opportunities while rendering student counseling services using a completely new student orientation program at your institution.
  • Intellectual academic advisor seeking a position to map student progress by delivering meaningful academic insights.
  • Master in academic counseling looking forward to securing a position in your college to offer growth-oriented student support.
  • Expert in international career counseling and an academic advisor with a master’s degree who wants to pursue advising students in the right direction.

The purpose of an academic advisor in the above-mentioned objective statement is crystal clear.

Phrases like student orientation, student concerns, student progress, student support, student counseling, prospective students, and related terms are more likely to match the job duties required by the hiring manager.

Work Experience in Academic Advisor Resume

Writing work experience in a resume is critical but not an intimidating task. Follow simple rules and you will get it done for yourself with ease.

Rules to Write Work Experience to Get Your Resume Noticed

  • Follow a set format to organize work experience in a readable order.
  • Mention the company name, job title, and duration.
  • Don’t mention the full address of the company you worked for.
  • Avoid trying to overwhelm the reader with exaggerated claims.
  • Mention roles and responsibilities backed with figures to add credibility.
  • Instead of writing “I advise students in schools and colleges” write “Conducted student orientations program in schools and colleges”. The second one is more credible than the first one.
  • It isn’t mandatory to mention specific dates of employment. Simply write it in mm/yy format.
  • If possible, maintain a single-page resume format. Cut down unwanted details from your resume. Follow this academic advisor resume example till the end for more info.
  • Eliminate fancy fonts, styles, and animated emojis to decorate your resume. Keep it subtle.

It’s easy to follow the rules mentioned above. Let us show you how to write work experiences in a resume via examples.

Examples of Work Experience in Academic Advisor Resume

Medieval Arts College
Academic Advisor
  • Introduced student development tools to schedule online training, academic planning, and progress reports in collaboration with staff members.
  • Helped academic staff improve student growth by strategizing training programs on campus.
  • Scheduled monthly advice sessions for students based on their performance in major subjects
  • Played the role of an intervention specialist to assist students in matters related to their careers, growth, and opportunities.
Medieval Arts College
Academic Advisor
  • Transfer students to other schools and colleges.
  • Designed student orientations programs.
  • Work hard to boost student growth in all aspects.
  • The increased student retention rate in my work tenure.
  • Developed a student handbook to increase student participation.
IETC College of Science
Academic Adviser
  • Experience in collaborating and conducting workshops to upgrade curriculum.
  • Advised students during course selection for degree requirements.
  • Guided students to achieve financial aid opportunities for higher education.
  • Collaborated with local banks to educate international students about potential financial aid opportunities.
  • Monitored student registration process, curriculum updates, academic status, and classroom presentations.
  • Substantial knowledge to manage and supervise educational college fairs in and out of the campus.
IETC College of Science
Academic Adviser
  • Collaborated with a senior academic advisor to work
  • Encouraged students to participate in college degree programs.
  • Promoted to junior academic advisor position in six months.
  • Advised students regarding what to do post secondary education.
  • Habituated to work and handle a diverse student population.
  • Robust interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Experienced managing wide college recruiting activities.
Using keyphrases relevant to your job profile is a good strategy to optimize your resume. However, putting keywords straightforward won’t serve the purpose. The examples in red are just collections of key phrases. Don’t do this.

What to write in the work experience section when you don’t have any?

If you don’t have enough work experience or starting out as a fresher then this segment is especially for you.

The elephant in the room is what you should write in this section.

There are ample other things you can mention. For example, an internship program that you have attended. Additionally, you can mention private projects that you have collaborated to work on.

Even voluntary project work can be written in the work experience section. Hence, if you are an academic advisor without sufficient experience then need not worry. Follow the tips given above and your resume will look fine.

Education Details in Academic Advisor Resume

An academic advisor deals with the academics of students. Needless to say, the applicant must meet the minimum qualification requirements.

Academic Advisor Master’s Degree
Colombia Community College
Colombia, SC

Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce
Colombia Community College
Colombia, SC

Refer to the above examples. The minimum requirement for an academic advisor position is a bachelor’s degree. If you have a master’s degree then you have better chances to secure the job.

One more thing.

If you refer to the academic advisor resume example above then you will come across additional activities. Although they aren’t benchmarks of academic qualifications, still they carry weight in the resume.

Therefore, if you have certificates apart from regular education then mention them.

Skills to Mention in Academic Advisor Resume

Similar to education, skills are vital ingredients of a resume and are immaterial to your work profile. Here’s the list of key skills that an academic advisor must write in his/her resume.

  • Strategic planning
  • Analytical thinking
  • Curriculum design
  • Student career development
  • Career counseling
  • Mentoring students
  • Student engagement
  • Communication

Along with having excellent communication abilities an academic advisor must be proficient in other skills too like those mentioned above.

Additional Sections in Academic Advisor Resume

Once again let’s quote the academic advisor resume example mentioned above. There’s an additional activities section. Now, this depends on the job profile and what goes in there.

For example, if you are applying for a technical job then listing training certificates will be ideal. Similarly, for an academic advisor, we have included other activities like being an active member of an educational organization and an online counselor.

Since a student advisor’s job is related to education, language, and computer skills in a resume can make a big difference.

Summary of Academic Advisor Resume

We have explored different sections of resume writing in great detail with examples and tips. Let’s sum it up in readable points.

  • Start with a header (brief personal information)
  • Professional summary (mention roles & responsibilities)
  • Resume objective (for freshers without work history)
  • Work experience (begin writing with the most recent one)
  • Education (indicate the minimum qualification)
  • Key skills (mention skills relevant to the job profile)
  • Additional Sections (certificates, appreciation letters, etc.)

Cover Letter with Academic Advisor Resume

Writing a cover letter differs from writing a resume altogether. There are different aspects of doing it in a professional manner.

Browse our readymade cover letter templates to help you get started. Here you will get unmatched cover letter ideas.

However, if you want to write it all by yourself then the above link will help you do that too.


Can I register for a training program to enhance my academic advisor skills?

You can definitely register for a training program to enhance your skills that are relevant to your job. Moreover, the recruiting institute would appreciate it. It is observed that even the school or colleges you are working with might arrange a training program for its employees.

What makes an effective academic advisor?

Knowledge and experience are characteristics of an avid academic advisor. They are conscious of the needs of students and their career goals. They are always open to suggestions and highly accessible to their students.

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