Assistant Architect Resume (Examples, Templates & Tips)

There are countless assistant architect openings every month and you can secure a fantastic job opportunity for yourself but it won’t come in handy. You need a solid architectural assistant resume that can draw the attention of a recruiter.

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Resume-Example is here to help you. Click the link to browse professional resume templates for reference. We also have a user-friendly resume builder to cater to your resume-writing needs. It’s effortless, try it.

However, if you want to give it a try then follow the example below. Let’s get started with it.

Architectural Assistant Resume Example

Felix Dunkin

Architectural Assistant

+1 713-539-7702

Houston, TX

Professional Summary

Technically skilled architectural assistant with a keen eye for details and creativity. Having 6 years of experience in construction project management including residential, industrial & commercial. Ability to supervise a large workforce, and support the on-site team to deliver timely completed projects.


Architectural Assistant

July 2009 – Current

Parallel Construction

Houston, TX

  • Site management & daily task allocation at the project site
  • Assist project executives, managers, and senior architects
  • Drafting material estimates during project procurement phases
  • Analyze labor, material, and job work cost monthly
  • Assisted project manager to create cost projection reports
  • Review site architectural design in the planning phase

Architectural Assistant

January 2006 – June 2009

New Home Housing

Houston, Tx

  • Liaison with estate developers for space planning & contract documents
  • Coordinated project design with the design development team
  • Prioritized speedy schedules with other team members
  • Coordinate fast approvals of architectural drawings & construction documents
  • Utilized AutoCAD programs & adobe photoshop for detailed drawings
  • Tracking the progress of assigned sites with project teams
  • Ability to handle multiple projects efficiently with active participation

Bachelor in Architecture Technology,

Houston Community College, 2001-2005

Houston, TX

GPA: 4.26

Clubs: Engineering Community & Creative Arts Society

  • Construction drawings
  • Working knowledge of conceptual design
  • Base maps creation in Autocad
  • Construction administration
  • Time management
  • Schematic design in adobe photoshop
  • Preparing construction documents
  • QA and QC of building materials

Drafting the Best Assistant Architect Resume

assistant architect resume

The position of an architectural assistant is crucial since the work includes a ton of responsibilities. For example, creating accurate architectural drawings.

When you are involved in these types of jobs your technical expertise counts. Hence, we have compiled a list of pointers that could help you while creating your resume.

  • Avoid stretching your resume to more than a single page.
  • Keep contact details brief & avoid unnecessary info.
  • Include core technical skills that are visible upfront.
  • Avoid work experience older than 10 years if any.
  • List current work experiences only in reverse order.
  • Use assistant architect resume samples in this post.
  • Follow the resume example given at the beginning.

Assistant Architect Resume Structure

Your resume must follow a predefined structure because that's what will help you get hired. An unstructured resume won’t reflect a professional image. Hence, how you sequence your details in the resume is important.

The sequence of your details:

  • Header
  • Summary
  • Experience
  • Education
  • Skills

This is how your information must follow in the resume.

Assistant Architect Resume Format

Like resume structure, the format is also vital. It is directly connected with the work experience that you write. In short, the layout of your work history. Basically, we write the work-related background in three formats.

  • Functional
  • Reverse chronological
  • Hybrid (mix)

The reverse chronological resume format is the classical style in which work history is written. The current experience comes first followed by the later ones.

Header of an Assistant Architect Resume

A short and quick introduction at the beginning of the resume is the header. Let’s see what you must and must not write here. Refer to the examples below.

Examples of Good and Bad Headers

Felix Dunkin

Architectural Assistant

+1 713-539-7702

Houston, TX

Architectural Assistant

Felix Dunkin

+1 713-539-7702

1191, Locust Street

Houston, TX

DOB: January 14, 1988

December 31, 2001

It’s apparent why the above examples differ from each other. The latter one contains too many personal details that are not required. Keep it easy and comprehensible.

A hiring manager will scan your first and then read it. Hence, avoid doing this.

We come across a typical question like should I send my photo with the resume. It is not advisable to send a photo because it is not even required in the first place. Hiring managers don’t ask for it to keep the process free of any discrimination.

Professional Experience

assistant architect resume

Your experience counts while recruiters are scanning your resume. Yes, that’s true. The way your work background is written in the resume also plays an important role.

We have discussed this in the resume format segment above. Always arrange the experience in a reverse order starting with the current one and then the later ones.

It is not a tough job to execute this and below are two examples to help you do it according to industry standards. Here you go.

Example of good and bad work experience

Assistant Architect

RJM Construction Pvt. Ltd.

Houston, TX, USA


  • Worked on extensive industrial project designs and communicated closely with project managers.
  • Supported project management team and senior architects with project documentation.
  • Followed site visit schedules, developed surface area plans, and liaisoning with local authorities for required permissions.
  • Prepared budgets, filed project-related critical documents, and participated in meetings conducted by project managers.
  • Forwarding monthly reports to senior management related to different aspects of various projects.
  • Earned employee of the month for accurate reports & maintaining material inventories for three residential construction projects single-handedly.

Assistant Architect

RJM Construction Pvt. Ltd.


  • Know construction drawings on AutoCAD
  • Doing system architecture
  • Microsoft office knowledge
  • Completed assigned projects
  • Communication skills
  • Prepared drawings & interior design
  • Performed job responsibilities
  • Developed solutions for problems
  • Architecture work experience

Compare the examples above and you will know what’s wrong. Let us point out a couple of mistakes for you.

Merely writing keywords like interior design, AutoCAD, and prepared drawings won’t get you hired. These are instant turn-offs for hiring managers. These words don’t convey the exact message.

Instead refer to the correct example, a proper portrayal of work experience has been done using job-related keywords. By doing this you are conveying a meaningful message to the recruiter.

Writing work experience when you don’t have one

assistant architect resume

Integrating work experience into your resume when you don’t have it is a tricky job. Leaving that space blank will propose unprofessionalism. Additionally, it may also greatly decrease your chances.

What’s the solution?

Since you don’t have experience and you are beginning then here's what you can do. Write internship, voluntary, or job training experiences.

Yes, they can significantly contribute towards your goal. Including them in your resume leaves an impression that you are not completely a beginner.

Education Details in an Assistant Architect Resume

A straightforward approach works better when it comes to academic qualifications. Refer to the example below.

Bachelor in Architecture Technology,

Houston Community College, 2001-2005

Houston, TX

GPA: 4.26

Clubs: Engineering Community & Creative Arts Society

Time, place, name of the course, GPA, and even clubs are mentioned. All these collectively create a scenario in which you are well-qualified and organized.

A bachelor’s degree is generally a qualifying factor in terms of education when it comes to technical jobs. However, don’t lose heart if you have a diploma because you still stand a chance to get yourself a job.

Skills to write in an Assistant Architect Resume

An architecture candidate’s resume must display technological strengths. Being an assistant architect you have to deal with complex calculations and technological stuff. Hence, the skill section must convey this to the recruiter.

Keeping the above mentioned in mind here’s a list of skills that your architecture resume must have.

Computer Skills
  • Microsoft Office
  • 3D studio max
  • Adobe photoshop
  • Autocad
Interpersonal Skills
  • Complex calculation skills
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Problem-solving attitude
  • Attention to details
  • Communication skills
  • Time management
  • English (native)
  • Spanish (expert)
  • Chinese (preliminary)

If you are not comfortable dividing your skills as mentioned above then do it as shown in the resume example you read at the beginning of this post. There’s one more thing you can do.

Try our resume examples. Here you will find a greater variety of resumes from different professions and industries.

Professional Summary in an Architectural Assistant Resume

The summary defines a short introduction of what you are currently doing. The critical items in your professional summary are roles, responsibilities, and achievements.

Go through the following examples and you will have a clear idea.

Examples of good and bad summary

Hardworking individual with an architectural background of 6 years, adept at supervising construction projects, providing creative solutions, and drafting progress reports of projects. Attention to detail, proficiency in architectural software programs with extensive team management presently seeking an assistant architect position in your firm.

An individual with more than 6 years of experience in architectural work. Responsible to solve technical problems. Worked with other design professionals and other disciplines also. Perform multiple tasks and be enthusiastic with clients and consultants. Worked with a famous architect. I can also work conveniently with others.

The latter one is apparently a disaster and it is evident from how the entire summary is written.

Additional Sections to Boost Your Resume

assistant architect resume

If there’s anything that can level up your game is the value that you add to your resume. Adding value means offering something additional to the recruiter which gives you an upper hand.

In short, the recruiter is looking forward to what you bring to the table. Now that could be languages that you speak, computer programs, machines or equipment that you are an expert in handling, or a special training program relevant to your profile.

Refer to the list of skills listed in the skill section above. If you have language expertise then list them separately depending on the level of proficiency.

Since your profile is technical a couple of specialized activities might add up to the resume. For instance, detailed drawings using AutoCAD or designing floor plans is your core competence then list them in your resume.

Summary of an Assistant Architect Resume

You are almost there and if you are still reading then let us compose a brief summary of what you have read. But if you have scrolled down directly to this section then we advise you to start from the beginning because you might lose valuable insights.

Here’s the summary.

  • Header
  • Professional summary/objective statement
  • Work experience
  • Education
  • Skills (technical & soft)
  • Additional sections (if any)

Cover Letter to accompany your Assistant Architect Resume

If the recruiter specifically asks for a cover letter along with a resume then you ought to send one. If you know how to write then that’s not a big deal but if you don’t know how to then we have an easy solution.

We have ready-to-use cover letter templates that will make your job easy. You will not only find architecture-related resumes but also resume examples like the ones below.


What is the salary of an architectural assistant?

Approximately $60,550 is what an assistant architect takes home. However, the salary fluctuates greatly between $56,188 and $65,330 in the United States. According to, ranges can vary widely depending on many important factors, including education, certifications, additional skills, and the number of years you have spent in your profession.

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