How to Write an Award-Winning Actor Resume

Do you think Oscar-winning actors send in a resume before their next audition ? Probably not. So why should you write an actor resume to get your next audition ? Because unless you’re an Oscar winner, all other actors and actresses need to write an actor resume.

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Actor Resume Example

Jason Brown
+1 234 56 12 87

Height : 5’9
Weight : 165
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue

Manager: Michael Schofield
+1 245 76 87 65

Professional summary

An award winning actor with over 5 years of experience in TV commercials, on stage dramas, and movies. Worked in the casting crew of Money Heist, aired on Netflix in 2017.

Actor Credits

Mystery in the 11th Street- 2019
Supporting Actor
Production company: Netflix
Director: Donald Jackson

In The Air- 2017
Supporting Actor
Production company: Prime Movies
Director: Mark Anthony

The Fall - 2015
Supporting Actor
NY Films and Media Training School
Director: Wasan Christy


Best short film
Best supporting actor


BM in vocal performances, 2018-2019
Columbia University, NY

Runners up best vocal artist competition 2019

BA in Theatre, 2015-2018
Columbia University, NY


  • Singer with a deep voice
  • Western dancer
  • Gymnastic player
  • Stage fighter
  • Team player
  • Work on time

Skills Certifications

Completed western dance course at Broadway Dance Center, NewYork


  • Surfing in different locations around the world
  • Hosting a live children's program on the radio
  • Staying healthy and fit


English : Native (British Accent)

Spanish : Fluent

French : Basic

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You have first class experience in drama training, acting techniques, voice auditions, and everything you need to be successful in the acting world. But to get your next acting audition in your dream movie, drama, or TV show, you should write a professional resume.

Not only that! The resume you write should get the attention of the casting director or the recruitment manager.

Writing an acting resume that actually gets the work is quite a job itself. That is where we can help you.

In this guide, we will show you how to write that perfect acting resume step by step.

Your acting resume is important, but to get the acting job, you need to perform well in the audition. That is the real challenge. Spend your valuable time training and practicing for the audition. Create your acting resume fast by using one of our acting resume templates. Check out our resume templates here.

The average annual pay for an actor is $51,000 (

However, the potential of getting into an acting career has tremendous potential to earn. For example, as an actor, if you perform well in your part even if it is a tiny part of the whole drama or the movie, you get popularity.

You can monetize that by creating a large following on social media and becoming an influential character, or by being part of commercials and promotions for corporations.

You just need one right acting role to hit the top and earn millions. That is the beauty of working as an actor and that is the exact reason why this industry has become super competitive.

For any given acting job, there will be thousands of interested candidates and only hundreds of them get to audition. To be in that set, a powerful resume would be the major push.

Use our acting resume examples freely in your next resume. Take a look at this perfect acting resume sample:

How to make an Acting Resume

As an actor, you know how much pre-planning goes into a single take in a movie. Most casting directors spend days and weeks planning the shoot. That helps them to efficiently use the casting crew, the equipment, and other resources.

It is the same with writing acting resumes. First, you plan the resume. Then you write it. When you plan carefully, you don't miss anything important and write only what needs to be written.

Your resume needs a solid template that gets the attention of recruiters. If you need to stand out from the boring resumes other actors made with Microsoft Word, check out our resume templates.

Planning your acting CV is not as difficult as planning a part in a movie. There are standard layouts and structures.

resume example actor

The layout of the Acting Resume

A layout defines what you are going to write on the resume. The following layout is well optimized for an acting resume.

  • Header with your name and contact details
  • Resume objective/ summary
  • Work experience
  • Acting credits
  • Education
  • Workshops and training
  • Skills
  • Additional sections
Pro Tip: Limit your acting resume to one page

One page resumes have many advantages.

Casting directors are super busy people. They do spend only around 5 seconds on most resumes before throwing them into the bin. If you want your resume to be read for more than 10 seconds and to remain on the table, you should write it to the point. One page is the ideal size.

The structure of the Actor Resume

The structure is how you write the resume. There are three main resume structures to follow:

  1. Functional structure
  2. Reverse chronological order
  3. Hybrid

For an acting resume, we recommend using the reverse chronological order. In this, your most recent performances will be showcased first.

Casting directors spend only a limited amount of time reading resumes, so they want to see your most recent performances. Do not make them scan the whole resume to find them out.

In addition, consider these bullet points when composing your resume:

  • Microsoft Word or PDF is the preferred format for sending your CV
  • Choose a clear and readable font (eg: Times New Roman).
  • The headline should be in larger font size. Also, bold the text for more visibility
  • Use consistent margins

Attention to these details shows casting directors that you are serious about the role and you are a well organized actor. They love to work with professional actors.

Formatting your resume in a pleasing way to the reader is important to make them read it till the end. If you hate to start with a blank MS Word file and do all the formatting yourself, check out our resume templates. They are super creative and you just have to fill in the blanks.

Start with the Header of the Acting Resume

This section is simply about presenting your name and contact information. Though this sounds simple, there are a few important things to consider when writing the header section of an acting resume.

Example of a header / Example of a bad header for Actor


Jason Brown


+1 234 56 12 87

Height: 5’9

Weight: 165

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Manager: Michael Schofield

+1 245 76 87 65



Jason Brown

+1 232 87 83 96

101, main street, apt 24,

Washington DC


While writing this section, take into account the following:

  • Start: The header should start with your name and not with your title
  • Email: For an entry level acting resume, it is okay to put a personal email address. However, the best way is to create a professional email address after your name
  • Residential Address: Do not include your address unless it is absolutely necessary. You will anyway have to be in close distance to the filming locations if you get acting jobs
  • Website: If you have a professional website, list it at the bottom of the header. The casting directors should be able to see more of your photographs in the web gallery
  • Physical specifications: Every casting director has a picture in their mind of the perfect actor for a role. That even includes physical description such as height, hair color, eye color, etc. Stating the relevant specifications about you is really important and that would save time for both parties.
If you are part of any union affiliations, you may list it. The casting directors want to know whether you are part of any union affiliations for legal reasons. As a general rule, actors are paid based on their union affiliation. However, it is not necessary for you to be part of a union.

resume example actor

Is a photo required in the Actor Resume?

Yes of course !

The actor’s headshot is where the casting director spends their first couple of seconds. If they do not like you, they will not even flip the side to read your resume.

A clear headshot should be attached. This is not like in typical resumes with a photograph.

Your headshot is a very important part of your resume

Read the job description properly and see whether they have mentioned any specifications about the photograph like the size and background.

Do not take chances. Hire a professional photographer with experience working with actors in the industry. If you’re unsure, do not hesitate to ask an industry expert. Most professional photographers in the industry know the correct format and poses for an actor's resume.

It is very important to follow the standard guidelines. Otherwise, your resume will capture the casting director's attention, but in a negative way.

Attach your resume and the headshot for your acting gig. One way to do this is by printing your resume straight on the back of your printed photo. Another way is to use staples. Make sure they do not separate.

If you are being asked to send as a PDF or an MS Word file, place your resume on the first page and your headshot on the second page, or vice versa.

Do not attach two separate files in your email

Professional resume summary for an Actor

This is the first script your casting director reads about you. So make it count.

The professional summary is a couple of sentences that best describe your expertise, skills, and acting career. You may consider this your sales pitch.

If your casting director asks you to describe yourself in two lines, this will be it.

You can mention the previous characters you have done, your special skills, acting awards you have received, and any specialized training if you are applying as an experienced actor.


A talented actor with 5+ years of experience in front of the camera. Worked in a couple of commercials and a Netflix movie aired last year


An award winning actor with over 5 years of experience in TV commercials, on stage dramas, and movies. Worked in the casting crew of Money Heist aired on Netflix in 2017

If this is your first time as an actor, consider writing an objective summary where you highlight your passion for acting, the acting classes you have taken, special skills you have, and why you will be a great hire for this role.


I am looking for a breakthrough acting work to participate in. I am a passionate actor though I do not have much experience. Worked in a few school dramas.


A passionate actor with a solid education and training in the acting industry. Awarded the best actor for the short movie competition in the acting school competing with 34 movies and 45 actors and actresses.

Do you see the difference between the CORRECT one and the INCORRECT one?

The CORRECT professional summary is not ambiguous. It has specific details with numbers wherever possible.

Writing the summary is a challenge for most actors as there is no standard way to do it. Some acting candidates spend hours biting the pen to come up with the perfect resume summary.

Use this format to write your next acting resume summary.

  • Sentence 01: Describe yourself with an adjective that showcases your energy and personality. Use the first sentence to present yourself, your experience, expertise, and special skills.
  • Sentence 02: Describe your best achievements as an actor. Use examples of work history, theatre company, production company, editorial team or directors you have worked with, awards you have received.

Work Experience in the Acting Resume

Your experience section is the most important part of your acting resume. Most casting directors start with this section just after checking your photographs.

Think from the casting director’s angle. If you are shortlisting 1,000 resumes for a movie character, which one do you start with?

It is probably the photograph of the actor as you have a picture of the actor you need to have for the role in your mind.


What this guy has previously done!

Which are the acting credits and theater credits. Your experience in other words.

However, if you do not have much experience as an actor to list in your resume, list your performances in the acting school or your training.

Describe your professional experiences on your Actor Resume

Use reverse chronological order to list down your acting history. This way, you write your latest performances first.

Writing your actor experience would be a little different than writing a resume for any other job.

Here are a few bullet points to consider:

  • Read the role advertisement carefully to pick the keywords the casting director would be looking for
  • Do not over explain your characters or the involvement in a particular acting gig
  • The industry norm is to list the film title, the role played, the theater company, and the director. You can also use a format with columns to showcase the experience section

Examples of professional experiences for a Junior Actor


No particular experience with big screen acting. Passionate actor who went through acting training and was part of student films


The Fall- 2017

Supporting actor

NY Films and Media Training School

Director: Wasan Christy

Awards: Best short film, Best supporting actor

Examples of work experience for a Senior Actor


A summer in Paris


Supporting actor

    • Worked with the award winning director Riche Carlton
    • Assisted the cast with the lightings
    • Involved in sound mixing and final dubbing


Mystery in the 11th Street- 2016

Supporting Actor

Produced by: Netflix

Director: Donald Jackson

resume example actor

Education in the Acting Resume

Does your education matter as an actor?

Yes, it does. If you are well educated, casting directors may find it easier to work with you.

However, there are no particular education qualifications specifically mentioned in the job descriptions. That is the beauty of being an actor. You can be a doctor, an engineer, a lawyer, or any professional in your acting gigs without having an education in those fields.

Your education section especially works for getting your next audition if you are applying with little or no acting credits.

If you have little or no formal training as an actor, still you can list down your education experience in any field on your actors' resumes.

Should you start with education or work experience for an Acting Resume?

Your work experience or acting credits are the most important part of your acting resume. Even if you have the best education qualifications in the world to perform a particular role, the casting director would give priority to the candidate with acting credits.

Therefore, always give priority to acting experience.

How to properly list your education in an Acting Resume?

Use a clear format to list down your education. We recommend the following:

  • Degree type and the major Eg: BA in film studies, Masters in filmmaking
  • Mention the graduation and commencement years
  • The university or institution and its location Eg: Columbia University, NY
  • Achievements, honors, or awards

Best supporting actor, annual film festival 2014

Example of the education section of an Acting Resume


BM in vocal performances, 2018-2019

Columbia University, NY

Runners up best vocal artist competition 2019

BA in Theatre, 2015-2018

Columbia University, NY

Skills to put on an Acting Resume

Casting directors hate to read a list of hobbies as your skills. You do not have to list down a ton of skills thinking you will get an audition based on that.

Only write what you possess and make sure you read the job description and understand the responsibilities that come with the particular acting work.

Your skills section is the one that has the most potential to skyrocket your career. Think about the actors and actresses you see every day on the big screen. They all have one thing in common. Which is that they all have at least one unique skill.

Some actors are really good dancers, some are fighters, some are good looking, fit or talk a couple of languages. When you understand your unique set of skills, you could look for opportunities that allow you to monetize them.

Do a self assessment of yourself to identify the potential skills that you have.

What are the main skills sought for in a Professional Actor Resume

There are mainly two types of skills sought for in an acting resume.

Soft Skills: These are generic skills that are difficult to measure. You can easily find the expected skills by reading the job description. They would mention the responsibilities that come with the particular acting role.

  • Time Management
  • Memorizing
  • Teamwork
  • Clear communication
  • Listening

Hard Skills: These are specific skills that are easily measurable. You acquire these skills mainly through training and following courses.

  • Musical talents
  • Combat training
  • Martial arts

What skills for a Junior Actor?

Write a mix of soft and hard skills for a junior acting resume.

  • Rapper with a strong voice
  • Expert in martial arts
  • Have a smile that makes people laugh
  • Good team worker
  • Listener and fast learner

What skills for a qualified Senior Actor?

Write a mix of soft and hard skills for a qualified senior actor. Prioritize your special skills.

  • Singer with a deep voice
  • Sing Operas
  • Gymnastic player
  • Stage fighter
  • Clear communication
  • Work on time

Additional Headings for your Acting Resume

Do you need additional headings in your acting resume?

Yes. Because what we discussed above is common in 95% of the resumes the casting director gets. If you really want this audition, you should write a resume that stands out. An easy way is to write an additional section that surprises your casting director and makes him offer you a chance.

Here are some of the additional headings you could add to your next actor’s resume:

  • Skills certifications
  • Languages
  • Awards
  • Interests

Skills certifications on an Actor Resume

There are special skills certifications an actor can acquire that add tremendous value to their career. Some skills you get through extensive acting experience while others you can acquire through acting schools and training classes.

Depending on the role you apply for, and the career you expect as an actor, these skill requirements would change.

These are some of the valuable skills actors acquire:

  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • Fighting styles
  • Fine arts and advanced movements
  • Voiceover
  • Impromptu acting
  • Sketch comedy

Acquiring a professional qualification from a recognized institution for some of these skills would put you on top of the line.

Say you are one of the casting directors looking for a supporting character who can dance and you find the resume of this new talent having an impressive western dancing certification from a recognized institution. Wouldn’t you dare to give them a chance?

If you are getting private coaching sessions from an industry expert coach on method acting, you could mention that here, but there is a risk if the director does not have a good relationship with the coach. Do this with some research only.

resume example actor

Interests in an Actor Resume

List your interests if they are relevant and if you have space on your resume. Remember, you need to limit your resume to a single page.

Many actors make the mistake of listing their general interests on their resume thinking that would represent their personality. So they list interests such as pet lover, listening to classical music, and collecting antiques.

These general interests have no value either for your resume or to the casting directors.

Instead, if you have interests that communicate your personality such as hiking, radio presenter, learning new languages, you may add them to the resume.

However, do not add more than three interests.


Surfing in different locations around the world

Hosting a live children's program on radio

Staying healthy and fit

Languages in an Actor Resume

If you are fluent in a couple of languages, it is absolutely fine to state them. Especially if you have practiced an accent. Casting directors love actors who have different accents, whether trained or natural.

Those are little things that can take your resume from the boring pieces of paper that end up in the bin to the exciting professional actor resumes that casting directors are waiting to meet at an audition.


English Native (British Accent)

Spanish Fluent

French Basic


If you have received an award for your previous roles, that would put you in the front line. For beginner actors, list the awards and recognitions you received in your acting training school.

Summary: Key Points for Writing a Perfect Actor Resume

  • Start with a clean header with your name and contact details and the physical specifications as relevant. State the contact details of your manager or the agent if any
  • Write a professional summary or an objective summary showcasing your acting credits and special achievements
  • Work with a professional photographer to get a headshot to attach with the resume
  • Use the reverse chronological order to list your acting credits
  • Write your education qualifications in a clear format
  • Write a mix of soft skills and hard skills. Put more focus on your hard skills that are relevant to the role you apply for
  • Make the casting directors notice your resume by providing a pleasant surprise. Use relevant additional sections such as skills certifications, interests, or languages.

Write a Cover Letter That Goes With Your Actor Resume

Make your resume stand out with a cover letter. Cover letters are your sales pitch to the potential director stating why you would be a good fit for the job.

In your cover letter, write concisely about why you are a great fit to perform this role, the similar challenges you have taken in the past and how you have successfully executed them, and how giving this opportunity to you would benefit the production and the casting director. You can mention your passion to work with the director and mention how much you enjoy the director's previous work.

Keep the cover letter to half a page as the directors do not have time to go through a two page cover letter for a single applicant when they have thousands of resumes to shortlist.

However, check the job advertisement as they might mention the requirement of a cover letter. If they have not mentioned it, it is not mandatory.

Frequently Asked Questions for an Actor Resume

What is an actor's resume called?

This is a common question that comes to many beginners entering into an acting career. An actor’s resume is the document that is created to send to a production or a casting director to secure a role in a movie, drama, or TV program. This is often called an acting resume, theater resume, actor CV, or actor curriculum vitae.

What skills should I put on my professional acting resume?

There are so many acting skills that are valuable to showcase on a resume. Here are some of them:

  • Languages with fluency
  • Accents
  • Dance, singing, and music
  • Fighting and combat
  • Athletic skills: surfing, gymnastics, martial arts

How do you make an acting resume for beginners?

When making an acting resume for a beginner, consider the following recommendations:

  • Use a professional acting resume template
  • Clearly state your contact information and your agent contact information if any
  • Hire a professional photographer and get a headshot to attach
  • Write an objective summary highlighting your passion and training to perform the role
  • If you do not have acting credits to showcase in the experience section, write about your performances in training schools
  • State your special skills in additional sections to grab the viewer’s attention

How do I make an actor's CV?

Making an acting resume is a little different process than making a resume for any other position. Here are the steps:

  • Select a standard template that matches the role and your personality
  • Use a standard layout to present the following headings,
  • Header with your name and contact details
  • Professional/ Objective summary
  • Work experience
  • Acting credits
  • Education
  • Workshops and training
  • Skills
  • Additional sections
  • Keep your acting resume to one page
  • Attach a professional looking color headshot

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