Untapped Career Objective Examples To 100% Success

Career objectives doesn't mean simply writing determined marketer with online marketing skills. That's a resume headline not a resume objective. Let's clear some air here.

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Untapped Career Objective Examples To 100% Success

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Table of contents
Table of content

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Our free collection of expertly designed resume templates will help you stand out from the crowd and get one step closer to your dream job.

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A career objective in a resume is a written statement comprising of skills, education, experience and details that an employer is searching in a potential employee. The career objective is the point where the hiring manager will scan your professional journey and make sense out of what you have written.

Things can get real messy from here onwards if the resume objective is poor drafted. So today we will go through some hand picked resume objective examples to learn how it should be written.

Without much ado let's get started with example resume objectives. Here you go.

career objective examples

35+ Resume Objective Examples Based on Job Title

Following are some killer resume objective examples to guide you to write your own resume objective statement. The links given in each resume objective examples will lead you to a full fledged library of sample resume.

Administrative Clerk Resume Objective

Dynamic college graduate, positive outlook for office work, communication skills, problem solving skills, excellent knowledge of record keeping and licensing, accounts, organizing digitized copies of customer's files, willing to accept challenging tasks is seeking an administrative clerk position in Darrell & Associates.

Administrative Assistant Resume Objective

Responsible administrative assistant with assimilated verbal and written communication expertise with related working background. Expert proficiency in computer literacy and hawk eye in detailings. Adapted at introducing new technologies in emailing, proofreading and other tasks seeking an administrative assistant position at Transparent Solutions.

Account Manager Resume Objective

Qualified and trained account manager with refined skills in analyzing financial statements and submitting them to the tax authorities. Excellent knowledge regarding corporate laws, online return filing, tax and accounting software seeking position as an account manager in DCB Law Firm.

Business Development Manager Resume Objective

Self motivated business development manager with high conversion ratio and an impressive career history of achieving monthly targets for two consecutive years at MSP Pharma Ltd. Having strong communication skills and ability to resolve customer queries to inspire trust factor looking to work as a senior business manager with Life Growth Pharma Ltd.

Bank Teller Resume Objective

Seasoned banking professional seeking opportunity in your financial organization as a bank teller having six plus years of experience in banking services. Deposits, withdrawals, checks issuing and loan payments are core customer service skills along with extensive practical and theoretical knowledge of banking and finance systems.

Business Manager Resume Objective

Determined business manager with expertise in business planning and strategies is seeking an opportunity to work with the super achiever team of ACB Logistics. Handled team of diligent customer support representative with highest accuracy to meet the annual business goals. A business manager well versed in logistics science and analytical skills guarantees productive work environment.

Community Manager Resume Objective

Inspiring individual with a bachelor's degree in computer science, certifications in digital marketing and relevant skills needed for creating online forums, event series or branding strategies is keen to join the entry level position as an online junior community manager.

Casino Manager Resume Objective

Applying for the challenging position of a casino manager with eleven plus years of experience managing the gaming area having excellent customer service skills and the enthusiasm to promote good customer services. Paying attention to complaints and securing the play area will be the priority.

career objective examples

Commercial Manager Resume Objective

Proactive commerce graduate with six years of experience and leadership skills in developing commercial businesses and managing vendors is looking forward to work in the challenging position as a senior commercial manager and drive the company sales force towards monthly target achievements.

Cashier Resume Objective

Disciplined accounting graduate with an honours degree is seeking a position of a senior cashier in ROX Gold Loans. Relevant skills to accomplish daily task are transaction managements, maintaining cash registers, collecting payments, tracking credit transactions, handle customer complaints and queries.

Data Entry Resume Objective

Detail-oriented candidate having high school diploma in data entry science with a self motivated attitude seeks a fresh data entry position in Data Wealth Technologies. Technical abilities to decode data files in encrypted formats to simplified formats like MS Word, Google Docs, PDFs and more. Also experienced in analysis, sorting, error rectification of the data.

Dental Assistant Resume Objective

Seeking a position as dental assistant with customer service skills at Smiling Teeth having work history of eight months as a dental care associate in previous job. Scheduling appointments for patients, managing and filing dental records, and assisting seniors with dental procedures are some of the core competence.

Executive Assistant Resume Objective

A dedicated team player with a degree in management science having volunteer experience of business planning, strategy, leverage organizational skills to increase profitability is ready to take on the tasks of executive assistant. Business skills like accounting, invoicing, receivables, payables, taxation, import and export can bring value to the business.

Facility Operations Manager Resume Objective

Engineering graduate with five years of experience in facility management and daily operations is seeking a position as a facility operations manager in CUBE Warehousing Solutions. Along with positive leadership skills forecasting warehouse space, liasoning with vendors and customers are core competence.

Front End Developer Resume Objective

Excited to share technical skills and bring value to the company using exuberant knowledge of markup language - HTML, website maintenance and optimization for speedy browsing. A front end developer with a degree in computer science having solid theoretical knowledge and experience in Java, Java Script, C#, C++, python, jQuery, programming languages wants to join your super skilled team of developers.

General Manager Resume Objective

Self motivated general manager having master's degree in commerce to elevate business revenue using outstanding project management skills and leadership qualities like strategic thinking, analysis, team and time management, interpersonal and organization skills along with deep knowledge of business operations is looking for the same role at JPR Infra LLP.

Hotel Manager Resume Objective

Applicant with high end communication skills is seeking a position of hotel manager to increase customer satisfaction and foot falls in terms of confirmed bookings during peak season and off seasons. Award winning manager who has organized and motivated employee to serve customers better for more than eight years via serving in the hotel industry.

Human Resource Management Professional Resume Objective

Hardworking human resources coordinator having an MBA degree in human resource with leading organizational skills is willing to take the first step of the career beginning from HRA Placements to enrich existing knowledge and learn valuable things during this professional journey and impart the practical application of the college training.

IT Project Manager Resume Objective

Personable IT project manager seeking a position in Creative Minds having six years of field experience in project management position. Expert in technical skills like data control, technology evaluation, staff training and recruitments. Capability to locate the problems in code structure and fix bugs to ensure smooth functioning of the code.

Marketing Strategist Resume Objective

Data-driven and result-oriented marketing strategist with organizational skills who is also a dedicated team player with work history of more than nine years hereby making an application. Area of expertise include branding, sales, business planning, budgeting, managing and maintaining KPIs, focusing on customer needs and offering solutions in mutual benefits.

Medical Officer Resume Objective

Applying to be part of and best suitable for emergency medical response team, worked as a front line medical officer during COVID pandemic, relevant degree from reputed college, having relevant skills to supervise daily operations is seeking a position in Seven Star Medical Emergency & Trauma Center.

Network Engineer Resume Objective

Responsible and hard working applicant with technical skills in data analysis to pioneer and maintain the system. Worked with a variety of network devices while supervising installation of the same at remote sites by the team. Trained to provide support and backup to device engineers on duty looking to join your team as a network engineer for future growth.

Operations Manager Resume Objective

Approachable operations manager seeking a position in ROF FMCG Products having a capacity to also work as a facility manager in dual designation with a master's qualification in business management. Unmatched analytical skills and ability to manage the company operations according to standards and regulations are the vital skills.

career objective examples

Office Assistant Resume Objective

Acknowledged office assistant skilled in Microsoft Office Suite and core administrative tasks. Looking to increase the productivity of the office work space using excellent admin and interpersonal skills as an office assistant at KL Diagnostic Center. Worked at an entry level position managing calendar, office supplies, bookings and scheduling work details.

Pharmacy Manager Resume Objective

Disciplined and hard working pharmacy manager with organizational skills and ten years of experience managing a generic pharmacy where job duties included attending customer, understanding their requirements, billing, explaining dosages, tracking supplies, inventory, payments, stock reporting along with team management skills seeking to apply for the same position in your generic medicine outlets.

Property Dealer Resume Objective

Innovative property dealer with an eye to details skilled in selling, buying, renovating and reselling commercial and residential properties. Looking forward to work with JBS Infrastructure in the position of sole property dealer with exclusive rights of selling newly constructed properties in country side locations on commission basis.

Program Manager Resume Objective

Ability to commit to detailings in projects with 100% customer service skills is seeking a position as a program manager. Graduate with a bachelor's degree and work experience of more than five years in total with technical and soft skills. Multitasking, bilingual, team leader, performance oriented, result driven and more.

Product Manager Resume Objective

Specialized in product design, development and delivery with relevant skills, keeping in mind the maximum benefit of consumers skilled in pricing and product positioning. A visionary product manager who is efficient in handling product prototypes, product launch, strategize promotion and decode customer mindset with problem solving skills is enthusiastic to work with Home Innovation & Tech Solutions.

Project Coordinator Resume Objective

Creative applicant having robust project management skills and academic qualifications is seeking a position as a project coordinator to improve and make the growth more value added for those working in the company. Inspired productive work ecosystem in previous project management position making sure that customers are satisfied, the project is cost-effective, and daily operations are smooth.

Regional Sales Officer Resume Objective

Five times awarded the best regional sales officer in a row having strong communication skills and interpersonal skills to elevate the sales figures and keep them continuously growing for the organization. Qualified in recruitment, budgeting, marketing strategy, corporate training, ensuring all regulation and procedures are followed securing the interest of customers.

Receptionist Resume Objective

Diligent receptionist with out of the box communication skills and proven abilities in conflict resolution is seeking receptionist position in Comfort Stay. Perform duties like answering and forwarding phone calls, sorting and responding to weekly mails, room bookings, serving guest, supervising maintenance staff, ordering hotel and kitchen supplies.

Restaurant Manager Resume Objective

Experienced candidate, certificate in Food and Beverages, nine years of experience handling restaurant and banquets with excellent customer service skills, routine management operations, addressing costumer complaints, testing food quality, and interpersonal skills is ready to take upon the vacant position of restaurant manager with immediate effect.

Sales Manager Resume Objective

Earnest sales manager candidate with a proven career record of being awarded as sales star of the year for two consecutive years applying for a managerial position in Hawk Packers Pvt. Ltd. Substantial experience of twelve years having unmatched data analysis and communication skills seeking change in the career role.

Supply Chain Manager Resume Objective

An industrious supply chain manager with leadership qualities like team management skills, conflict resolution, workforce management, monitoring operational performance, tracking logistics, shipment and more seeking a senior position in BTB Logistics. Nine plus years of experience working at remote site drawing substantial cost-oriented solutions.

Secretary Resume Objective

Devoted applicant with a variety of experience as a secretary in major law firm committed to work, having a work experience of seven plus years and a master's degree in arts is looking forward to work in your esteemed law firm. Strong written communication, interpersonal skills, calendar management, reporting, document filing and more are core strengths.

Software Engineer Resume Objective

Certified and hard working professional seeking a position as software engineer to invest the knowledge and expertise from acquired skills in SAP Technologies that provides growth and opportunities. An individual with strong organizational skills, data analysis, and problem solving attitude.

career objective examples

Social Media Marketing Manager Resume Objective

Focused and efficient graduate with certification in digital marketing having two of apprentice experience is seeking a position as a social media marketing manager in Dev Digital. Outstanding project skills, timely completion, strategy, performance, and success are my prime motive.

The above list contains a total of 37 resume objective examples. All the examples above are hot jobs that are always high in demand and if you are currently serving in one of the position mentioned in the list above or planning to begin you career in the same then follow the resume objective examples religiously.

6 Hot Jobs and their Resume Objective Examples

Just like you get buy one get one free offers on Amazon we have something extra for you. Here's a brief list of resume objectives for the most in-demand jobs in current trends. Refer below.

Construction Project Manager Career Objective

Master's degree in civil engineering, work experience of eleven years, knowledge of architectural drawings, on site work allotment, quality control, material management, material testing, machinery and equipment training, budgeting, cost control, project completion on time, weekly site visit and update reports seeking construction project manager position in JKL Infracon.

Hiring Manager Career Objective

Talented hiring manager having eight years of experience in human resource industry with skills like developing job description and publishing job ads to invite applications from young and highly experienced professionals to satisfy the needs of our clientele. Top notch applicant conversion rate in past employment as much as 18% monthly looking to work with Prime Placements.

School Executive Assistant Career Objective

Academically sound having secured gold medal in master's degree with profound knowledge of school management system, timely maintenance of equipments, school calendar management, and strict implementations of student's safety protocols is willing to fill the vacant position of school executive assistant.

Senior Shoe Salesman Career Objective

Having work experience of five plus years at world's premium shoe brands. Top skills include showroom management, floor supervision, customer satisfaction, analyzing team's performance, settings monthly target and helping floor managers to achieve their sales figures. Managed Nike, Adidas, Puma, Reebok, Woodland showrooms as senior shoe salesman.

Banking Professional Career Objective

Seasoned banking professional seeking to upgrade career experience of nine years. Line of work includes raising capital selling bonds and securities, market research, financial statement analysis, data-driven judgement, pre investigation, search premium investors, reporting higher management after deal closures.

Regional Sales Manager Career Objective

Performance oriented and friendly regional sales manager with a positive attitude helping team members to grow, self-motivate and educate themselves creating an utmost productive work environment where everyone mutually befits. Looking for a senior level position in the management team as a career change opportunity.

We have accomplished more than needed via this article regarding the topic career objective. Before we finally conclude let's take a quick note at some trending questions. Read below.

career objective examples

Frequently Asked Questions - Resume Objective

What is a resume objective statement?

Resume objective statements are brief sentences written in the beginning of a resume to acknowledge the hiring manager about an applicant. The career objective statement includes details depending on the applicant's position in terms of education and work history. Sometimes this career objective statement focuses on skills and what values an applicant can bring to the business. Refer to the career objective examples above to understand in depth.

Who needs a resume objective statement?

Two kinds of job seekers need resume objective statements. The first one is a fresh applicant without field experience stepping into the job ecosystem. The second one is an experienced applicant who is planning a career change. For instance, moving out of the current location or changing careers (line of work) completely. Under both circumstances an objective statement is required.

What's the difference between a resume objective statement and a resume summary?

Keep in mind that resume objective statements are short, may or not include exemplary details about an applicant's profession. Whereas, a summary is specifically written only if you are a seasoned professional. Hence, we can conclude that work experience is a deciding factor whether a resume will have summary or a career objective statement.

What resume objective mistakes one must avoid?

A resume objective must be 2-3 sentences lengthy including essential skills that matches the employer's job description. If you don't have related work background then skip writing or boasting about it because it can seriously backfire. Focus on what benefits the business will receive with the skill sets you have. That's more trustworthy than anything else. Browse our sample resume collection to shed more light on your queries.

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