Guide to Creating a Winning Accounts Manager Resume

Suppose there is a listing for your ideal job as an account manager, and you are keen on getting it. You may have significant experience and attributes, but it is almost impossible to succeed in job interviews with a weak accounts manager resume.

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With hundreds of resumes sitting on the hiring managers desk, only an eye-catching resume grabs the top jobs. Can you imagine the things you can fulfill in life after you land this dream job?

Yet, many people still won’t get a chance for a top position due to their underwhelming resume.

Through our suggested tips, you will learn the correct techniques and tips regarding the account manager position and have a professional resume right in front of you.

Additional Information About The Accounts Manager Resume

A Look At The Job Market for Account Managers

In the business sector, account managers are often high in demand. Only those that have admirable communication skills and a commitment to client satisfaction are able to take on the role. They must have thorough knowledge of their organization’s series or products while supervising financial procedures. They are also responsible for fostering good client relationships.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there are around 493,000 jobs for an account manager with another 15,000 new account manager jobs projected to grow over the next 10 years.

Moreover, you can expect to earn an average of $55,800 per year. As an entry-level manager with less than years’ experience, you can expect to earn $45,000 per year. When you hone enough skills and experience, you can advance to an account director position and receive around $99,000 per year. Soon, you can secure the position of Senior Account Director, where your salary can go up to $118,000 per year (Payscale).

For account manager jobs, top companies like Tanium, Thermo, Google, LinkedIn, Dell Technologies and Amazon frequently seek this position.

If these are the companies for your dream job, you need a solid resume to grab the position in one of them. A resume builder will help you create a customized application quickly.

Account Manager Resume Example

Before we jump into the tips and tricks to create a resume for yourself, check out this account managers resume sample ????

Richard Bowman

Senior Account Manager
1171, Kemper Lane, Texas

Professional Summary

Dedicated Account Manager with seven years of experience in promoting customized solutions and transforming slumping sales into productive enterprise. Versed in dynamic sales techniques and effective conflict resolution skills. Proven ability to predict trends and execute strategies to increase market share.

Work Experience

Senior Account Manager
Nolan & Sons, Jerome Avenue, NYC (2015-Present)

  • Routinely met and surpassed expectations for levels of accuracy and productivity.
  • Identified and found solutions for challenging strategic issues and offered support to promote business development
  • Presented with company’s Employee Performance Award for achieving a sales record of 57% growth for 8 consecutive months

Junior Account Manager
Schultz Group, Manhattan, NYC (2010-2014)

  • Investigated market trends to devise annual sales and marketing strategies to target audiences
  • Managed inventory for 3 stores and ordered products as required
  • Collaborated with retailers to increase company’s product expertise by selecting better display locations and effective customer services.

Academic Achievements

Baylor University
Master in Business Administration, 2005-2009
GPA – 3.5/4

The University of Texas
Bachelor of Commerce, 2002-2005
GPA – 3.6/4


  • Strong lead development skills
  • Creative problem solving
  • Multi-task management
  • Persuasive communication expertise
  • Cross functional collaboration


  • English – Cleared TOEFL with a score of 100
  • French – Cleared DELF A2 with a score of 90%
Now that you have an idea about an account manager’s resume, check out our resume templates in our resume builder.

How To Make An Account Manager Resume

With so many potential candidates applying for the same position as you, why must hiring managers choose you?

To understand this, you should highlight the relevant work details and skills according to the job description. The resume must appear professional-looking without having too much or too little information. Essential aspects to mention in your resume include a summary statement, education section, work history, and technical skills.

The Layout Of The Account Manager Resume

A professional resume should have a solid layout that describes all the information a recruiter needs to know about you. The applicant tracking system must recognize your resume as impressive and unique.

Tips for creating a winning account manager resume

Use Numbers for Impact
Numbers speak louder than words for the account manager resume. The path for a successful resume is that it should convey that you will positively impact their business. You can quantify your impression by using numbers that also include revenue.

Prepare Eye-Catching Headers
In the topmost section, the resume header must include all your relevant contact details. Moreover, for each section, create exceptional headers to catch the recruiter’s attention. The titles must be clear and visible so that the recruiter quickly navigates through them.

Select Appropriate Colour Schemes
Colour schemes are a great way to make your manager resume appear creative. However, going overboard with bright colors is also not recommended. A safe color scheme for an account manager resume is black, white, and a third color like green or blue.

An ideal layout of the account manager resume needs to strike the right balance between professionalism and creativeness.

Account Manager Resume Sample Structure

The structure in your resume refers to the arrangement of your details in an orderly manner. Yet, many people still get confused about the structuring. Should you put work experience or educational qualifications at the top? Is there a need to insert a summary at all in your resume?

These are many other similar questions that can result in an incomplete manager resume.

The best way to structure your resume is to understand the three main types of formatting styles. For an account manager resume, these structures help you list out all the crucial skills the company is seeking.

These formatting styles add appeal to your application which makes it hard to overlook.

Reverse Chronological
The reverse chronological resume format is the most popular and valuable to virtually all job seekers. Recruiters are also familiar with this style as it helps them spot relevant information quickly. The sections that go into reverse chronological format are contact information, resume summary or objective, work experience, education, skills and additional details.

This format emphasizes your work history more than other information. However, it is not an ideal format if you have little to no past work experience.

Skill Based or Functional
A functional resume format pays attention to your skills and abilities rather than your work experience. It takes the pressure off of writing about your work history and emphasizes your skills. However, since it is not an accessible format to scan, most recruiters don’t prefer it.

When it comes to forming new relationships and hiring new employees, employers need someone who is a team player and who has done volunteer work.

Hybrid or Combination
This resume format combines the elements of reverse chronological and skill-based design. So, this resume is perfect for those having the critical skills and years of relevant work experience. But, this format suits only a few candidates and is challenging to create.

Before you start writing your resume, pay attention to these tips:

  • If you have a few years of work experience, we recommend the reverse-chronological format across all organizations.
  • If you are entry-level with few years of work experience, the skill-based or function is ideal. This format will highlight and emphasize your technical skills during resume review.
  • Insert the STAR format in your resume as it articulates your accomplishments objectively. STAAR is composed of Situation, Task, Action, and Results. Through this, you can demonstrate the steps you took to tackle a situation and the effects it profred.

If you would like to understand how the formats mentioned above work, check out our Account Manager resume examples.

Start With The Header Of The Account Manager Resume

Imagine what it’s like reading a book or an essay with no title. The content will not make sense and even look boring. The manager resume is also the same. Without a header, your resume looks unappealing. A header is one of the essential elements and the first thing a recruiter sees in the resume.

Example of an Account Manager Header

Check out this manager resume example:

Richard Bowman, lives in Texas, works as a Senior Account Manager at Nolan & Sons. My email ID is
Richard Bowman
Senior Account Manager
Tips to Remember –
  • You should write your full name as the resume header in your resume.
  • Instead of writing the header’s contact information in a sentence, put it in a clear and professional format.
  • Always provide a professional email address rather than a casual ID. In the incorrect example, you will observe that the email ID is amateur and informal.

Is A Photo Required in The Account Manager Resume?

When it comes to resumes, only add details that are beneficial to your job application. It addresses your experience and skills articulately. However, adding pictures is considered unprofessional by the recruiter. A photo on a resume takes up unnecessary space and contributes very little to your application. Moreover, it can also lead to the formation of unbiased opinions or discrimination various factors. Therefore we recommend you do not include a photo on your resume.

A recent study found that 80% of US companies do not consider applicants that have a photo on their resume.

Choosing Your Account Manager Resume Title

A resume title outlines your technical skills and work experience. The title helps the recruiter to analyze what you can offer to the organization. Most people insert their name as the resume’s title. However, you can enhance it further by adding a short yet personalized line to describe your job position and attributes. Below is an example of an account manager resume title.

Richard Bowman
Dynamic and goal-oriented Senior Account Manager

Professional Summary for Accounts Manager

A summary of an account management resume gives an overview of your professional life. It briefs the recruiter about your achievements, fundamental skills, and the experience you have. You can also write a resume objective in place of a summary.

Your resume summary also answers the predominant question – why should the recruiter hire you? This short introduction summarizes your entire work life in 2-3 sentences. The concise paragraph must include years of experience, proficiency and achievements.

Take a look at the summary for an account manager resume sample

I have seven years of experience in promoting my company’s products and increasing sales at Nolan & Sons. I have various sales techniques and leadership skills. Hard working and like my job.
Dedicated Account Manager with 7 years of experience in promoting customized solutions and transforming slumping sales into productive enterprise. Versed in dynamic sales techniques and essential leadership qualities. Awarded with the Employee Performance Award for achieving 57% growth in annual sales.

The manager resume example marked incorrect sounds unprofessional and highly casual. Account managers must avoid writing their summary in this manner. Even though you have minimal experience, you should present it professionally.

A resume objective is helpful for candidates that have limited work experience, like a fresher or a recently graduated student.

A resume objective summary for an account manager resume example

Motivated accounts manager seeking to develop extensive working experience with trained superiors.My goal is to become one of the top 5 account managers within the next year under this companys tutorage. Highly trained to develop pricing strategies, increase sales territories, and achieve solutions to meet customer requirements.
Some tips to remember:
  • List the top achievements of your account manager career in the summary
  • Write 2-3 sentences rather than stuffing everything into one long and hard-to-read sentence
  • Read through several account manager examples before writing your summary in the resume.
  • Only write a resume objective focusing on goals and ambitions when you don’t have enough work experience to talk about account manager achievements.

Work Experience In An Account Manager Resume

The work or professional experience category is one of the most critical sections of the resume. This section is scrutinized the most by the hiring manager and needs utmost attention while writing. The more experience you have, the better decisions you have to make in deciding what to add or skip.

Some job offers require freshers, while others hire a highly experienced candidate. So, according to the hiring manager’s expectations, you have to draft your experience section.

Describing Personal Experience On Your Account Manager Resume

Follow these essential tips to describe your personal experience as an account manager in your resume:

  • Mention the companies you have worked for, and add the previous positions you’ve held. Similarly, describe your work responsibilities under each company.
  • Outline the milestones you achieved in each company, whether increasing sales or managing and implementing new concepts.
  • Present the work history in chronological order, which begins with the current job.
  • You do not have to include every job, especially those unrelated to the field of accounts manager.

Examples of Professional Experience Section for Junior Account Manager

Junior Account Manager
Schultz Group, Manhattan NYC (2010-2014)
  • Built company’s customer base or accounts by attracting new customers and promoting products.
  • Collaborated with retailers to increase the company’s product expertise by selecting better display locations.
  • Increased team performance by 50% by improving processing and work procedures.
  • Developed and implemented a series of customer focused sales, service standards and guidelines to make the process efficient.

Example of Work Experience of a Senior Account Manager

Senior Account Manager
Nolan & Sons, Jerome Avenue, NYC (2010-2019)
  • Routinely met and surpassed expectations for levels of accuracy and productivity.
  • Identified and found solutions for challenging strategic issues to promote business development
  • Presented with company’s Employee Performance Award for achieving a sales record of 57% growth for 8 consecutive months.
  • Held daily meetings to assist 100 existing clients via email, phone, and in-person interactions.

Education In The Account Manager Resume

The education section tells your recruiter whether you possess the required technical skills deemed qualified for the job.

Here you will list the names of schools and universities you have attended, pursued courses, and more. The hiring manager will examine all these and decide whether your educational qualification is relevant to the account manager position.

Should You Start With Education Or Work Experience For An Account Manager Resume?

In a typical resume, your work experience comes first, followed by your educational qualifications. Recruiters look at your work history to determine whether you are fit for that position, while your degrees give an edge to getting hired.

If you are freshly graduated or have little to no experience in account management, you can place your education details before your work history. In these exceptional cases, you should highlight the top academic achievements that are relevant for the job.

How To Properly List Your Education in an Account Manager Resume

Make your resume focus sharply on your educational qualification by following these tips:

  • Mention the enrolment and graduation dates for every mentioned school and university.
  • Mention the degrees you have received.
  • As part of educational achievements, list out your GPA.
  • Add any other diploma or other training courses you took that are relevant for the job.

Check out our resume examples according to industry types to create a modern and professional application.

Example of Education Section of an Account Manager Resume

Baylor University
Master in Business Administration, 2005-2009
GPA – 3.5/4

Skills to Put in Your Account Manager Resume

The resume must include crucial skills you have that are relevant to the job description. For an account management resume, you need to mention both hard and soft skills.

Here are some hard skills you can list:

  • Upsell opportunities
  • Territory sales experience
  • Cash management
  • Marketing and analytical strategies
  • Multi-task management
  • Weekly payroll
  • Cross-functional collaboration
  • Talent management

For soft skills, you can use the following for an accounts manager:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Community involvement
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Effective planning
  • Goal-oriented

Skills for a Junior Account Manager

Here are additional key skills templates for junior account management:

  • Strong negotiation and presentation skills
  • Openness to learning
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • String drive towards innovation and creativity

Skills for a Senior Account Manager

Here are additional key skills for a senior account manager

  • Company and customer expertise
  • Skilled negotiation
  • Strategic perspective
  • Familiar with CRM programs

The Ideal Resume Hook for an Account Manager Resume

In a resume, the purpose of a hook is to describe briefly the position you are seeking, your experience level, highlighting your strengths and unique characteristics. According to the job description, create a hook aligned to it.

Example of a Junior Account Manager Tagline

Highly focused and enthusiastic account manager looking to apply my strong relational and problem-solving skills with a thriving company.

Example of a Senior Account Manager Tagline

Experienced senior account manager with 7 years of experience, looking to successfully deliver solutions in a dynamic workspace.

Additional Headlines for Your Account Manager Resume

The above-mentioned sections are extremely crucial to insert into your resume. But there are other additional headlines that can add extra value to your resume. This section includes information that does not fit anywhere else in your resume.

Computer Skills for an Account Manager Resume

If you are digital savvy, make a separate section to highlight your computer skills. In an account manager resume, proficiency in MS Word, PowerPoint and Excel is high in demand. Moreover, you can also add software that you are qualified at such as CRM software tools.

Interests for an Account Manager Resume

The interest or hobbies section is added to let the hiring manager know more about the candidate. However, only include this section if your interests align with the job you seek.

Languages for an Account Manager Resume

If you are proficient in a language, it can increase your value, especially if the company has multinational or global clients.

Tips –
  • Create a separate header for each language
  • Mention the official certification levels
  • Mention the scores you attained
Here is an account manager resume example
  • English – Cleared TOEFL with a score of 100
  • French – Cleared DELF A2 with a score of 90%

Summary: Key Points for Writing a Perfect Account Manager Resume

Here is a quick look at our recommendations for writing a perfect resume:

  • The Reverse Chronological Format is the most recommended.
  • Highlight your account manager resume skills in the skills section.
  • Create interesting hooks and a summary.
  • Make use of professional templates for resume descriptions.
  • Make concise use of short bullet points.

Writing A Complementary Cover Letter

To win over hiring managers always include a complementary cover letter unless the job description explicitly forbids it. Your cover letter must perfectly mesh with your resume. It needs to have a short introduction about yourself, reasons why you fit the job, skills you possess and why you want to work for the organization. Do not exceed the cover letter to two or three pages; one page is ideal.

Frequently Asked Questions for an Account Manager Resume

What should I put on my resume for account manager?

Your account manager resume must have a profile, personal details, work experience, educational qualifications, skills and additional information.

Does account manager look good on resume?

A good account manager is a satisfying and highly rewarding job. The position is especially suited for people who value achievement. Create a great resume by using our account manager resume templates.

What are the roles and responsibilities of accounts manager?

An account manager manages a company’s relationship with new and existing customers. Aside from managing accounts, they develop long-term relationships and generate sales. They also keep records of transactions and manage projects.

What does a good account manager CV look like?

A professional and good account manager resume summarizes a candidate’s experience and relevant skills. It appears structured and modern, providing an impactful look at a candidate’s potential.

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