Facility Operations Manager Resume: How to Make it Shine?

A facility operations manager works with staff from varying cultural backgrounds having distinct academic qualifications. The work culture is manifold including monitoring people involved in the maintenance & repairs of heating, cooling, and ventilation systems.

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Additionally, a facilities operations manager job needs to strike a balance between facility management and supervising critical systems maintenance activities.

Therefore, a facility manager has to have a proven ability to work in collaboration with bottom-line staff and internal support groups of senior & junior personnel.

Considering this, let’s get on with the facilities operations manager resume example. It will help you write one for yourself. If you are not looking for it then check out our huge library of professional resume templates and industry-specific resume examples.

List of Samples to Write an Effective Facility Operations Manager Resume

Facility Operations Manager Resume Example

Mark R. Gallagher
Facility Operations Manager
Houston, Texas
+1 701-382-5944

Professional Summary
Responsible facility operations manager with 8 years of experience in the facilities management industry. Creative attitude towards problem-solving. Exposed to multiple project management in the last four years. Looking for a work culture where collaborative efforts of employees and the company collectively thrive to excel.

Work Experience
Facility Operations Manager -Team Lead
STRG Warehousing LLP., Houston, Texas

  • Managed warehouse operations for an e-commerce company totaling over 230,000 sqft.
  • Successfully handled a team of 40 facility management members including trainees, internships, and entry-level. Member training, delegating work as per schedule, discipline management, and performance evaluations were core job duties.
  • Coordinated with senior project management staff to resolve issues related to warehouse operations.
  • Developed strategies with internal and external departments of the warehouse to address bottom-level employee benefits.
  • Devised and implemented an emergency warehouse evacuation plan during natural calamities like earthquakes, storms, heavy rains, and fires.
  • Created a system to increase the efficiency of incoming and outgoing items in the warehouse leading to a 16% rise in the overall output.
  • Organized monthly preventative maintenance programs at multiple projects of the company to ensure smooth operations.

Sr. Facility Operations Manager
Blue Bird Shipping, Houston, Texas

  • Implemented inventory for equipment to meet the needs of onboard staff.
  • Applied creative experience to establish excellence in marine services.
  • Delegated responsibilities to team members with the senior operations manager approval and accordance.
  • Employed comprehensive policy guidelines and regulations for laborers, supervisors, managers, and the workforce on the docks.
  • Developed policies regarding hazardous waste operations to escalate environmental and social accountabilities.
  • Prioritized energy efficiency to keep long-term operating costs minimum.
  • Organized monthly meetings of facilities managers, maintenance staff, facilities team, and another management team to oversee completion in a timely manner.

Jr. Facility Operations Manager
Pine Housing Projects, Houston, Texas

  • Planned, organized, maintained, and managed the housing project operations and general maintenance tasks.
  • Established inspection processes are done by grounds maintenance teams of building equipment for multiple facilities.
  • Monitor outside contractors performing building maintenance work, third-party service providers, and support staff doing major technical work at ongoing sites.
  • Training, evaluating, and recommending grounds maintenance staff to senior management along with direct reports to concerned heads.
  • Administered vendor management policies and procedures to improve vendor relationships.
  • Trouble-shoot facilities operations issues as required, for instance, malfunctioning fire alarms and electrical systems.
  • Collaborated with team members to establish a dedicated data center for multiple projects ensuring delivery of valuable inputs in a timely manner.


Bachelor’s Degree in Facilities Management
Houston Business School
Houston, Texas

Public Institution Supervisory Certification
Houston Trade School
Houston, Texas

Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities

Knowledge of

  • Facility management & supervision
  • Principles & practices of contract management
  • Applicable laws, codes, conduct, and regulations
  • Principles & practices of vendor management
  • Space management & procurement regulations
  • Project management laws and regulations
  • Preventative maintenance programs & practices
  • Maintaining customer satisfaction
  • Sustainability in facility management
  • Facilities manager best practices
  • Continuous process improvements
  • Building systems & energy management

Skilled in

  • Supervising grounds maintenance staff
  • Translating technical documents
  • Mapping facility operational costs
  • Implementing complex space management practices
  • Training teams of a junior facility manager
  • Managing multi-faceted facilities operations
  • Facility maintenance under applicable laws and regulations
  • High level of process improvement in complex projects
  • Developing programs to manage building systems
  • Vendor management & vendor relationships assessment
  • Equipment maintenance & workflow management
  • Preparing project management reports

Abilities to

  • Conduct preventive maintenance programs
  • Analyze key performance indicators
  • Identify & recommend solutions to problems
  • Communicate effectively using computer technology

Writing an Exceptional Facility Operations Manager Resume

A facilities operations manager has to supervise workplace safety. The list of tasks that a facility operations manager needs to perform include contract management, maintenance, communications, space management, and life safety for workers.

However, essential job requirements that recruiters need are networking, negotiation, interpretation of complex information, computer skills, and time management.

Having the above-mentioned skills can get you a job provided they are professionally structured in your resume. The following details will help you do that.

Facility Operations Manager Resume Structure

The structure of your resume is important as the details that go into it. You don’t want the recruiter searching your resume for hours to find what he needs. This is where the resume structure comes in.

Henceforth, below is the standard resume structure that you must follow.

  • Header
  • Professional summary or Objective
  • Work experience
  • Education
  • Skills
  • Additional details

Additional information in your resume will give you an upper hand to stay above the competition. We will be discussing what you should be writing here in a while.

Facility Operations Manager Resume Format

The format of your resume tells the hiring manager about your work experiences. The work history is layered in a readable format to make the reader easily understand crucial details.

There are three standard resume formats. Here they are.

  • Functional resume format
  • Hybrid resume format
  • Reverse chronological resume format

It depends on how you want the recruiter to go through the work experience in your resume. Ideally, using the reverse chronological resume format is the best practice.

Let’s see an example of the same.

Reverse Chronological Format in Facility Operations Manager Resume

Job Title
Company Name & Location
Duration (start with the most recent)
  • Sample description bullet point one
  • Sample description bullet point two
  • Sample description bullet point three
  • Sample description bullet point four
  • Sample description bullet point five
  • Sample description bullet point six
  • and so on……..
Location is not mandatory but it can give added information to the recruiter. Similarly, start with the most recent work. If you are still working then write present or till date in the duration.

Secondly, organize descriptions in bullet points with keywords that best describe your roles & responsibilities. Read the job description carefully and understand what employers are looking for.

Writing a facility operations manager resume might seem a little tedious if you don’t have the right resources. We can help you.

Resume-Examples offers an intelligent resume builder to eliminate your resume writing pains once and for all. It has guided features with an incredibly user-friendly interface. All you need to do is fill in the details. Click the link above.

Facility Operations Manager Resume Header

Now that we have discussed resume structure and formats in greater detail let’s proceed with the header. Here’s where resume writing begins. The same process follows in our resume builder too.

A resume header must be simple with precise information. For example, name, job title, and contact details. Anything beyond this will draw unnecessary negative attention.

The following examples explain how you must arrange details in the resume header.

Good and Bad Resume Header

Mark R. Gallagher
Facility Operations Manager
Houston, Texas
+1 701-382-5944
Mark R. Gallagher
Facility Operations Manager
Pinewood Avenue, North Lane
Houston, Texas 77001
+1 701-382-5944
DOB: 03/23/85
Bachelor’s Degree
GPA: 4.5

Professional Summary in Facility Operations Manager Resume

The summary follows exactly after the header. It is a short statement that speaks about your experiences, qualifications, and skills. Hence, keep it short and to the point.

We have pointed out summary examples below to help you. Refer to them.

Good and Bad Resume Summary

Operations manager with the ability to manage facilities, equipment, and staff members. Having extensive knowledge of IT. Adaptable in managing outside contractors while maintaining smooth customer relations. Implement innovative programs and training sessions to prioritize workplace and life safety measures. Persuasive and credible communicator looking forward to working with your organization.
Project management experience. Seeking a job as operations manager. Proven ability and technical knowledge in building management, energy management, maintenance operations, and contract management. Maintenance work assignments performed at multiple facilities. Management skills and efficiency. Customer satisfaction and much more seeking an opportunity in your company.

The basic rule of writing a professional summary is to let the hiring manager know what you are capable of doing and that you will be an asset to the company.

Stacking the summary with technical terms will neither convince the recruiter nor fetch you even a chance to show up at the interview.

Writing Objective in Facility Operations Manager Resume

The objective in a resume is written only when the candidate is a fresher. If you are inexperienced then use the following examples to guide you through.

Sample Resume Objectives

  • Ready to accept the challenging position of operations manager in your organization to use my management skills for the all-around growth of the company as well as enrich my work experiences.
  • Devoted to working and managing the company’s facilities and services rendered to customers. A facility management graduate with an attitude to welcome new ideas, create growth opportunities, and a positive work environment to achieve professional goals.
  • Keen to develop energy efficiency priorities by monitoring construction management of multiple locations of your housing company. Expertise in building systems and capabilities to manage energy utilization that keeps operational costs under control.
  • An operations manager with a graduate degree in architecture is seeking an opportunity in your company. Plan, organize, maintain, and manage building codes, facilities services, electrical systems, heating, cooling, and ventilation throughout the facility.
  • Unmatched academic record, technical expertise to understand and execute complex data with excellence in data analytics looking to join an intelligent workforce to enhance the existing knowledge. Good at designing and implementing creative solutions with a progressive mindset.

Work Experience in Facility Operations Manager Resume

Facility management job demands to have sound technical expertise along with managerial skills. The job can get more demanding depending on the type of facilities that need to be maintained and managed.

To deal with writing impeccable work history we have written short examples below. They are from different work backgrounds. Read them carefully and analyze how each one of them is written.

Examples of Good and Bad Work Experience

Operations Manager
Fit & Fine Gym
  • Monitor day-to-day facility management activities of maintenance staff, service providers, and security.
  • Training, recommending, and scheduling working hours of existing and new staff members.
  • Executing disciplinary actions under performance management guidelines.
  • Supervising renovation work, budget, reports, and costs as per the code and building standards.
  • Managed installation of spa, therapy, and yoga rooms in fitness facilities.
  • Reviewing potential bids from outside contractors to maintain the budget.
Operations Manager
Fit & Fine Gym
  • Doing facility management activities
  • Hiring and training people on the job
  • Taking care of discipline and practices
  • Supervising and managing work at the gym
  • Manage budget and outside contractors
  • Proven ability to perform multiple tasks
Operations Manager
KL Logistics
  • Supervised routine maintenance, sanitation, and housekeeping at the logistics facility while tracking the same using daily reports.
  • Arranged safety programs for in-house staff members to ensure safety during work time.
  • Set up a new logistics facility for small-scale vehicles transporting goods less than 1000 kg in a single trip to cut down heavy traffic.
  • Ordered, procured, and received new equipment for the facility to speed up the peak hours rush.
  • Managed multiple logistics facilities having an average area of 252K sqft. with storage. CC roads, loading, and unloading equipment.
  • Purchased supplies needed for logistics facilities. Trained new team members to use the latest equipment at the site.
Operations Manager
KL Logistics
  • Supervised everything at the logistics center
  • Developed safety programs for everyone
  • Constructed a new logistics data center
  • Order new equipment needed
  • Worked at multiple locations
  • Hiring and training new employees
An operations manager at a facility never hires new employees because there’s an HR department to do the job. Refer to the point “hiring and training new employees”. To put it differently, training can be part of the job but not hiring.

Therefore, writing such things in a work history can backfire and seriously damage your chances.

How to write a Facility Operations Manager Resume without work experience

Writing a resume without work experience can be mind-boggling. If you are a fresher then don’t worry because we have covered it for you.

Refer to the sample below.

Volunteer Work
Houston, Texas
  • Supervised community cleaning and housekeeping programs with fellow volunteers to promote community hygiene.
  • Developed login programs for local warehouses to monitor time movements within the facility.
  • Designed sign boards and caution banners for storage houses.
  • Created a five-page static website for a local logistics company to promote their brand within a 100 km radius.
  • Took part in community-sponsored training programs and earned certificates.
Even without professional work history you still stand a chance to get an interview call for entry-level positions if you write your achievements as an emerging talent. Good luck with it!

Education Details in Facility Operations Manager Resume

Facility management is a manifold job and it depends on the job profile and what qualifications are required. For instance, a commerce graduate can’t manage a marine engineering facility. It needs an engineering background.

With this in mind, we mentioned a bachelor’s degree in our facilities operations manager resume example above. Refer to the sample below.

Bachelor’s Degree in Facilities Management
Houston Business School
Houston, Texas

Public Institution Supervisory Certification
Houston Trade School
Houston, Texas

A supervisory certification is also mentioned in the above sample. It is aligned with the job profile of an operations manager. Moreover, it seems reasonable to depict a credential that is closely related.

Skills to include in a Facility Operations Manager Resume

An operations manager resume is typically skill oriented. It is because the level of technical knowledge that a candidate carries is essential and more importantly a deciding factor.

Hence, here’s how you will notify skills in your facilities operations manager resume.

  • Indicate knowledge of executing different tasks. For example, project management and supervision.
  • Acknowledge the expertise that you are skilled in. For example, translating complex technical documents into simple language.
  • Indicate special abilities like effective communication using computer technology.
  • Notify interpersonal skills like leadership, negotiation, emotional intelligence, empathy, positivity, etc.

What to include in Additional Sections of a Facility Operations Manager Resume

You can include an additional section in your resume after writing skills. But what you should be writing here. Let’s see.

List of achievements to be integrated into an additional section

  • Certificates – If you have procured certificates by taking part in special skill development programs then mention them here. For example, computers.
  • Honorary mentions – Mentions in magazines, articles, or thesis papers can be included here by citing accurate sources.
  • Books – Mentioning books authored by yourself can be a huge asset to improve your chances of selection. Cite appropriate sources.
  • Awards – Academic or professional awards that you have received can be mentioned here.
  • Sports – Candidates taking part in sports during their academic career can be a thing to mention. However, writing sports achievements as an additional section applies to specific jobs only or if it is demanded by the employer.
  • Blog or websites – Digital presence like blogging or having a niche website can be mentioned with exact links.

Summary of a Facility Operations Manager Resume

That’s how you will be writing your facilities operations manager resume. It’s time to wrap the entire post into a summary. Here it is.

  • Start your facilities operations manager resume with a header
  • Write a short professional summary
  • For freshers write resume objectives
  • Use reverse chronological to write work experiences
  • Education details
  • Skills, knowledge, and abilities

Writing Cover Letter for a Facility Operations Manager Resume

A cover letter accompanies a resume when applying for a job. Further, writing a cover letter is altogether a different subject. But we have summarized it for you.

Structure of a Cover Letter

  • Personal information
  • Date
  • Employer contact details
  • Salutations
  • Body of the letter
  • Complimentary closure
  • Signature

Not what you’re looking for? Browse our cover letter templates. With cover letter samples of Resume-Examples you can convince recruiters to manage an interview call that could land you your dream job


What are the five 5 key responsibilities of an operations manager?

Although the responsibilities of an operations manager are substantially different still there are five major ones you must possess. Analyzing data, monitoring schedules, supervising staff, resolving disputes, and procuring tools to get the job done efficiently.

How to become an effective operations manager?

The basic qualification to become an operations manager is to earn at least a bachelor’s degree with additional coursework. Then develop hard and soft skills. Finally, gain work experience to get into your dream job.

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