Ultimate Guide to Crafting A Winning Work Experience Section on Your Resume

The work experience on a resume gives a summary of your professional background to potential employers. It describes the applicant's prior positions, responsibilities, successes, and professional development.

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Ultimate Guide to Crafting A Winning Work Experience Section on Your Resume

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Table of contents
Table of content
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While hiring any candidate, the hiring managers are concerned with the fact the candidate has a relevant experience in the job profile and can do the work correctly. And the most effective way to know this is through your work experience section.

We have created a thorough work experience resume writing guide for you that includes several examples and advice.

These tips and guidelines will help you write an impactful job history section that will increase your chances of landing your dream job.

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Guidelines And Tips to Format Your Work Experience Section For Your Resume

You can demonstrate the relevant skills that can contribute to organizational growth through the work experience section.

Describe your experience in a way that appeals to your employer, and demonstrates the required soft skills that align with their expectations.

To effectively list your professional experience, follow these steps:

General Guidelines

  • Make brief assertions about your duties, headed by powerful verbs.
  • Concentrate on the abilities and qualities you have that you have recognized as important to your company.
  • Strive to include industry-specific keywords.
  • Provide specific examples of how you might fit in at a prospective employer's firm and position.
  • Make sure your action words are diverse. Not every one of your descriptions should sound the same.
  • Quantify your tasks and successes wherever you can. Use figures, quantities, dollar amounts, and percentages, in other words.
  • Only include the three or four most crucial points in your description.
Tips To Organize Your Work Experience Effectively

  • The place name, location, dates, and job title should be stated at the beginning of each item.
  • Make a list of your experiences in reverse order, listing down the most recent one first.
  • Add a few bullet points that describe your primary tasks and accomplishments under each one.
  • Focus on your employment and extracurricular activities in this part that is most relevant to the position or field you are pursuing.
  • Your job history and volunteer experience should each be described in clear, simple, yet detailed language.
  • Focus on the responsibilities that call for similar skills to the position you're looking for rather than listing every job responsibility.
  • In case you don’t have relevant work experience you can list part-time jobs, volunteering work, achievements, etc.

You have three options for selecting the proper resume format:- Chronological, Functional, and Mixed or Hybrid.

If you have a lot of job experience, the reverse chronological resume format is the one that is generally used by people. But a functional resume format is a preferable option for candidates does not have relevant or less work history.

What To Include In Your Work Experience Section?

By viewing your work experience, the potential employer must get a complete idea about your duties, the skills acquired, and the accomplishments during these years.

You can include any part-time jobs, temporary positions, internships, and even volunteer work to show the employer that you have worked in the relevant field and possess the required skills.

A strong resume offers essential details about your qualifications, background, education, and accomplishments. Write them by showing how your credentials are the greatest fit for the position.

Here are some tips to write the work experience section effectively.

  • Your resume's work experience section has to include details about your previous employment.
  • You must include the locations only if the job opening is area specific.
  • Pick a professional template that helps you properly highlight your former employers, job titles, and relevant responsibilities.
  • Mentioning the advantages that your prior work has given you to your potential employer will help you stand out.
  • Describe your responsibilities by crafting sentences that include your skills and expertise so that the hiring managers can know how you have performed in your previous jobs.
  • You can also include accolades or awards you have won or other leadership roles you have held.
  • Powerful opening and closing sentences can boost the probability that the hiring manager will read the job experience section in its entirety.

Format to list work experience

There are countless ways to organize your resume but to take the limelight, you must focus on the main component which is your job experience.

The job experience section of your resume will typically be like this:

  • Job title
  • Company name
  • Position
  • Location
  • Dates employed
  • Description/ Responsibilities
  • Achievements

Professional Way To Describe Your Responsibilities And Accomplishments

While including a section on former employment on your resume, take into account the following steps:

  • Don’t overflood the experience on your resume by including every minute job you have worked for. Add an appropriate number of only relevant work experiences.
  • Start each description by providing details about your position and employer.
  • Prioritise achievements over tasks from your job.
  • To summarise your accomplishments, use action or benefit statements.
  • Be genuine and do not lie.
  • Make your material relevant to the role.

How To Tailor Your Work Experience Section For Different Jobs You Are Applying For?

A tailored resume experience demonstrates that you possess the skills the company is looking for and you have utilized them in the past to get the best results at work. Not only that, but it is also necessary to make your resume ATS-friendly.

Follow these tips to make your a more engaging resume:

  • Study the job description and make a note of or underline any important skill-related keywords. These might be terms or expressions that appear specific to the position or are used often in the job posting. While arranging your resume, you should reflect on the employer's goals; some of the first things they mention should also be yours.
  • Use your summary and experience sections to highlight your important credentials in the top half of the page so the hiring manager can see straight away whether you are a good fit for the position.
  • Use keywords you underline to highlight your most relevant abilities and achievements in the summary section to customize your resume.
  • If you have a lengthy employment history, you must eliminate roles that do not align.
  • If the relevant experiences were held in earlier positions, divide this area into two for additional customization: “Industry-relevant experience" and "Other work experience."
  • Include quantitative facts in your work experience section to impress the hiring managers and highlight your accomplishments.
  • Include a numbered list or bulleted list numbers as and where required.
  • After that, use precise phrases from the job description in the skills section to order the employer's highest priority skills.

experience for resume examples

Common mistakes to avoid in your work experience section

Almost everyone commits certain resume blunders, whether you are a fresh graduate or a seasoned professional with years of experience.

It lessens your chances of being selected or shortlisted. It also makes a bad impression on the hiring manager.

Common mistakes you need to avoid in your work experience section:

  • Not listing experiences and competencies significant to the position you're applying for.
  • Forgetting to add relevant data supporting arguments.
  • Not highlighting the skills that hiring managers are seeking with data.
  • Flooding this section with unnecessary and irrelevant information.
  • Not crafting your resume according to the applicant tracking system.
  • Not customizing your resume according to the job application.
  • Candidates may omit important information. That can also provide the wrong impression.
  • Not double-checking for grammatical or typographical problems.
  • Not including important keywords to optimize the section.

Best Resume Examples For Work Experience

Shine Advertising
Social Media Manager
May 2015 - Present

Job Responsibilities:

  • Designed and managed campaigns on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.
  • Improve consumer interactions by keeping an eye on the company's internet presence and branding
  • Increased 30% online traffic as a result of new marketing techniques.
  • Analyze user behavior with social media analytics software.

Work Experience Examples For Fresh Graduates

Example 1

Freelance Digital Marketer

September 2020 – present

Job Responsibilities:

  • Created posters and a Facebook page to aid the neighborhood in creating marketing materials to advertise several garage sale events.
  • Written product evaluations and advertising materials for a regional technology website.
  • Volunteered direct games and activities for school groups.

This example is helpful because, even though the candidate does not have any paid work experience, they have listed down personal projects and volunteering work they did.

This gives an idea of their skills and abilities to the potential recruiters. You can also highlight relevant coursework and university projects in this section.

Most job seekers applying for their first job must follow this resume sample.

Example 2

Volunteering Experience

Apollo University of Arts

January 2018 – March 2020


  • Responsible for planning events for 250 students in 2018 and 2019.
  • Raised the student organization's social media presence by 25% in 2019.

Example 3

Blockchain Developer Intern

Maxim Technologies, California

July 2022-February 2023

Job Responsibilities:

  • Held blockchain demonstration sessions for other interns.
  • Represented the organization in Web3 meet-ups and professional events.
  • Optimized the smart contract code in conjunction with senior blockchain developers, and boosted efficiency by 10%.

It uses proper action verbs like “optimized " and "represented" to show that the applicant is willing to take on various responsibilities and plays an active position in the team.

experience for resume examples

Work Experience Examples For Technical Field

Example 1

Software Engineer

Hawkins Engineering Solutions

Montreal, QC

October 2019- June 2021

Job Responsibilities:

  • Built models to demonstrate to other programmers
  • Gained a thorough knowledge of the design, coding, and testing phases of software development.
  • Headed teams of software development in multiple niches like finance, sales, and billing.
  • Programmed software for HR management in our company

Jr. Software Engineer

Metas Corp.

Vancouver, CA

June 2017 - May 2019

Job Responsibilities:

  • Developed a multi-payment API-connected e-commerce site that increased revenue by 32%.
  • Built new infrastructure to manage a million user files with ease.
  • Worked on security updates and helped to decrease security breaches by 72%.

It successfully expresses their experience and accomplishments in the position using clear and concise language, making it simple for potential employers to comprehend their capabilities.

Example 2

Data Analyst

HDR Logistics

Washington, USA

Jan 2019–Present

Job Responsibilities:

  • Donfigured precise prediction algorithms for tools.
  • Organized varied data sets for several websites.
  • With accurate demand forecasting, improved operations efficiency and carrier performance by 18%.
  • Analyzed store patterns and made recommendations to improve outcomes.
  • Independent dealings with stakeholders and reporting to management.

Example 3

Lead designer

Cassia Design Studio

Jan 2019–present

Job Responsibilities:

  • Managed design process from idea generation to delivery of outcome designs.
  • Understand client briefs and provide statements of work for each client on regular basis.
  • Collaborated closely with account managers for project budgets.
  • Worked as a team leader for a group of illustrators and graphic designers.
  • Developed 3000 icons and art elements as company assets.
  • Monitored the creation of websites, product packages, brochures, and other branding and promotional materials

Work Experience Examples For Office Administrators

Example 1

Office Administrator

Omega Consultant

Illinois, NY

Job Responsibilities:

  • Controlled scheduling, email communication, record-keeping, and other office activities.
  • Efficient coordination with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Prepared minutes of meetings and supported the management in several administrative tasks.

It gives precise duties and accomplishments in a prior position as an office administrator.

Additionally, the content is made more lively and interesting to read by the inclusion of action verbs like controlled, supported, etc.

Example 2

Office Administrator

John & Sons

Detroit, MI

May 2019 – September 2022

Job Responsibilities:

  • Worked with leasing agents and assistants and resolved difficulties remotely.
  • Served as a point of contact for more than 20 agents and regional directors to simplify requests and fulfillments.
  • Created a new timeline structure to guarantee consistency in report submission and to set clear due dates for document submission.
  • Collaborated with the accounting team on expense reports and administered the department's expenditure and travel regulations.
  • Managed client relationships by performing administrative tasks efficiently.
  • Carried out the necessary paperwork and submitted information for processing social security and life insurance.

This work experience example demonstrates the ability of multitasking, attention to detail, and organization. It aids the hiring managers in comprehending the applicant's eligibility for the position.

Example 3

Office Administrator

Kleinfelds, New York

March 2018 – Present

Job Responsibilities:

  • Managed all administrative procedures from filing documents to developing the master schedules for meetings.
  • Assisted the employees with clerical queries and provide ideas to enhance and simplify procedures.
  • Acted as a point of contact for both external partners and internal departments.
  • Managed a 25-person workforce by creating schedules, coordinating meetings, and completing a variety of office responsibilities.

This example describes the precise duties and accomplishments of the office administrator. Moreover, the inclusion of accomplishments like managing a workforce of 25 people helps to demonstrate the number of organizational skills possessed by the candidate.

Work Experience Examples For Digital Marketers

Example 1

Digital Marketing Manager

Pretty Fashions

New York City, NY

May 2020 - December 2022

Job Responsibilities:

  • Successfully increased 25% website traffic monthly by consistently posting videos and blog articles.
  • Optimized website using SEO best practices resulting in increased conversion rates by 5%.
  • Built tools to help the selling process and shared value and position with the sales team.
  • Researched and analyzed the competitor's online presence.
  • Initiated rebranding with target marketing by sending email lists according to audience demographics and interaction.

This work experience section gives concrete, quantitative instances of their achievements and contributions to the business.

It highlights result-oriented marketing by giving statistics about engagement, conversion rates, and website traffic.

experience for resume examples

Example 2

Digital Marketing Analyst

Dean Agency

Manchester, UK

January 2021–Current

Job Responsibilities:

  • Defined and designed precise metrics for digital advertising campaigns to evaluate the effectiveness of particular digital channels
  • Did keyword research to increase the quality of traffic by 20%
  • Provided marketing and customer messaging to 500 consumers, and manage the monthly communications agenda.
  • Implemented a creative internet marketing plan in collaboration with team members that raised revenue by 10% and brand recognition.
  • Provided ideas at weekly team meetings with supervisors that were positively accepted.

This sample highlights particular achievements and measurable outcomes across a range of digital marketing areas.

It provides a complete idea of skills and expertise to potential employers by presenting data like increased traffic, increased revenue, and improved brand recognition. Listing certain platforms and marketing techniques illustrates their depth of expertise and experience in the industry.

Example 3

Digital Marketing Director

Blossom Co.

Georgia, US

June 2018–December 2022

Job Responsibilities:

  • Facilitated the e-commerce implementation, drove an increase in media reach and frequency,
  • Facilitated the e-commerce implementation, drove an increase in media reach and frequency,
  • Led SEM and social media advertising efforts to acquire new customers.
  • Acquired 900 unique visitors per month utilizing a successful SEO campaign for long-tail and high-volume keywords.
  • Generated a revised email marketing approach that saw a 200% boost in customer conversions.

It gives the job of the digital marketing director clear, quantifiable outcomes. The initiatives or campaigns are specifically described in the bullet points.

This demonstrates to potential employers that the marketer is capable of producing measurable outcomes. It shows that you are capable of working variety of tasks like social media management, email, and website optimization.

Work Experience Examples For PR Assistants

Example 1

Public Relations Assistant

Theta Consultant

Newyork, US

Jan 2020 – Dec 2022

Job Responsibilities:

  • Created targeted lists regarding outreach efforts and events
  • Assembled more than 50 media mailers for the launch of new products and handled criticism
  • Completed daily news monitoring daily reporting, and structured team-secured media clips.

Example 2

Public Relations Assistant

Apex Incorporations

Los Angeles, CA

Job Responsibilities:

  • Helped with news reporting activities for important, high-profile events like quarterly results.
  • Carried out regular news monitoring chores and made daily reports.
  • Organized video content created by the team.
  • Created briefing materials and assisted with the creation of quarterly measuring projects.
  • Prepared pitches and press releases.
  • Created innovative public relations initiatives in collaboration with account coordinators.

It contains quantifiable outcomes, like media coverage, and precise information about the PR assistant's participation in a successful event. Additionally, it emphasizes abilities like media relations.

Example 3

Public Relations Assistant

Oscar & Co

Dallas, TX

Job Responsibilities:

  • Created a helpful spreadsheet for a list pertinent to a client's present circumstance.
  • Professionally written news releases that were typed and disseminated, with material developed by public relations experts.
  • Responsible for keeping an eye on internet publications to look for customer references or any stories mentioning client activities.
  • Helping public relations professionals create news releases to communicate significant developments for our varied clients.

This example is powerful since it focuses on certain duties and obligations that the PR assistant carried out in their prior work.

Additionally, it demonstrates their outstanding writing and research abilities as well as their attention to detail while keeping media databases and monitoring coverage.

The material is simple for potential employers to scan due to the bullet points.

experience for resume examples

Work Experience Examples For Bar Tenders

Example 1


The Night Spot

San Francisco, CA

August 2019 – Present

Job Responsibilities:

  • Contribute to achieving 10% annual gains in sales revenue.
  • Keep up with the latest trends in cocktails and keep knowledgeable about the endless drink recipes and mixing methods.
  • Maintained a tidy and organized bar.
  • Discreetly and professionally handle challenging and unacceptable consumers.
  • Cooperated effectively with the other bar and restaurant personnel.

Example 2


The Voyage

Fresno, CA

April 2020 – January 2023

Job Responsibilities:

  • Raised bar sales by 25% by creating seasonal concoctions with regional ingredients and aesthetic appeal
  • Developed a devoted clientele by utilizing interpersonal abilities and drink-making expertise.
  • Reimagined classic cocktails including martinis, mojitos, and other beverages with a unique culinary twist.
  • Reduced customer wait times and increased customer satisfaction by educating new bartenders on cocktail-making and bar operations.

Example 3


Club Blue Moon

Miami, FL

Feb 2020 – June 2022

Job Responsibilities:

  • Created and executed seasonal cocktail menus and promotions, which increased sales by 15%.
  • Achieved an increase in efficiency of 20% by training workers in new menu items and procedures.
  • Created a trademark drink that was introduced to the menu and quickly rose to popularity.
  • Reduce waste and expense by 10% through inventory management and purchasing of bar supplies.

Work Experience Examples For Teachers

Example 1

Primary School Teacher

Grayson Public School

Houston, TX

June 2020 – March 2022

Job Responsibilities:

  • Developed highly customized lesson programs to fit various learning preferences.
  • Taught primary school children about cutting-edge and difficult mathematical ideas
  • Held workshops to make learning engaging and practical.
  • Increased participation and improved the class average grade.

Example 2

Primary School Teacher

CVT Primary School

San Antonio, TX

Job Responsibilities:

  • Planned and conducted classes utilizing cutting-edge teaching techniques and audio-visual tools.
  • Made the learning environment a fun and engaging place for all kids.
  • Arranged for approximately 25 cultural school field excursions.
  • Raised student pass rates from 75% to 82% between 2018 and 2020

Example 3

Elementary School Teacher

Woodford High School

Baltimore, MD

June 2019 - Present

Job Responsibilities:

  • Maintained pass rates over 80% between 2019 and 2021.
  • Provided interesting, multidimensional lessons by using technology in 50% of daily lesson planning.
  • Assisted five instructors to maintain a good learning environment by helping them with document coordination and classroom management.
  • Arranged three group tutoring sessions per month.
  • Train high school students for discipline.

experience for resume examples


How far back should your work experience go?

There are some fundamental rules that everyone should comply with, though these may vary based on the individual and their prior employment.

However, it is advised to limit your work experience period to 10–15 years.

By doing this, you will defend against age discrimination, keep your information relevant to the position, make it quick and simple for employers to review your resume, and keep it to two pages.

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