Genius Graphics Designer Resume: Examples + Template

Genius Graphics Designer Resume: Examples + Template

Being a graphic designer means having creative DNA. These people are always in demand. The reason being their design skills to create visual elements (for marketing team) in complex graphic design software. They make an arousing visual appeal to the viewers using the graphic design skills.

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Who are Freelance Graphic Designers?

Dana Nodett
Senior Graphic Designer
+91 901 683 5656


Graphic design specialist with 9+ years of experience working with a wide variety of creative team and complex projects having expertise in adobe creative suite & web design to create visual elements that make an awe-inspiring visual appeal to viewers. Seeking an opportunity in Alex Print Media House to increase the customer transaction rate.


Senior Graphic Designer
ALT Print Media
Dallas, Arkansas
Feb 2018-Present

  • Handled social media marketing team of more than ten creative professionals.
  • Designed digital marketing campaigns for personal branding with $140 RPM.
  • Organised project management seminars to enrich design skills of creative team.
  • Awarded adobe creative suite excellence trophy for best logo design in 2019.

Graphic Design Specialist
Drew's Web Design
Dallas, Arkansas
Apr 2015- Jan 2018

  • Supervised a team of freelance graphic designers for online projects.
  • Assisted art director in university projects & personal branding.
  • Expert hands in creating static and dynamic web pages for e-commerce.
  • Created readymade website templates for eBay & Amazon online stores.


Bachelor's in Graphics Technology
Arkansas Allied University
Dallas, Arkansas,
2012-2015, GPA 4.0

Visual graphics programs training in Adobe Photoshop, Sketch, Illustrator, and CorelDRAW with practical application in real-time projects.

Graphic design software

  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe InDesign
  • CorelDRAW Graphics

Technical Skills

  • Ability to create visual concepts
  • Supervise creative professionals
  • Timely delivery of complex projects
  • Design skills & graphic coloration
  • Cinematic color theme knowledge

Soft Skills

  • Project management
  • Time management
  • Research & analysis
  • Problem solving

Website & Social Links

  • linkedin/


Certificate in Cinematic Coloration
NUCY Technicolor Institute
Dallas, Arkansas,
Jan 2014 - Dec 2014


  • English (Superior)
  • Spanish (Advanced)
  • French (Intermediate)

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Having said that, graphic designers tend to leave loose ends when it comes to job application. Dear designer, merely supplying your design portfolio link won't get you the graphic design job that you have been eying since a long time. You need a professional graphic design resume.

We will discuss that in a while but before that we need to talk about a similar community of graphic designers.

A person who does freelancing (mostly graphic design job) online or offline for individuals or a marketing team are - freelance graphic designers. Just like other professionals they too need a freelance graphic designer resume and there's no exception to it.

Freelance Graphic Designer Resume v/s Graphic Design Portfolio

There's a difference between a freelance graphic designer resume and a portfolio. First let's clear out what is a portfolio of a graphic designer. Portfolio of a graphic designer contains employment history, design skills, and graphic design achievements so far. Freelance designers use it to showcase their talents and accomplishments to bag new graphic design jobs.

On the other hand, a freelance graphic designer resume is a professional document saying hiring manager about your design skills but in a textual format. A difference is that the freelance graphic designer resume is for hiring managers and portfolio is for others.

Skip the queue and make a graphic designer resume for yourself. Use our resume builder tool to create your graphic designer resume under 10 minutes. Click here for the resume builder.

Reference Resume Examples List

Rotterdam Graphic Designer Resume Template

Graphics Designer Resume

The above graphic designer resume example is created using the Rotterdam resume template. This multi color two column resume template adorns modern design and is a perfect fit for making graphic designer resumes.

Hence, whether you are writing a freshman or a seasoned graphic designer resume this is the resume template that you need. It primarily focuses on the summary, experience and education sections.

The wide colourful ribbon at the top speaks your job title and name loud and clear to the hiring managers. Moreover, this Rotterdam resume template is highly compatible with the resume builder. Therefore, you can peacefully create your graphic design resume using this resume template. Check out 10+ graphic designer resume templates.

Graphic Designer Resume Example

Basic Graphic Designer Resume Template

There are three main factors in a professional resume that draws the hiring manager's attention. First is a strong resume summary, second is the employment history, and third the resume's skills section. If there's a glitch you need to be careful.

After a working graphic designer resume example here's the template of a graphic designer resume. Refer below.

Your name

Job title

Contact details

Resume Summary
Mention your employment history like a graphic designer with technical skills along with benefits to the employer. Convince the hiring manager how valuable you can be to the company. Do not go beyond 3 sentences and include power words from the job description.

Professional Experience
  • Use the reverse chronological resume formats out of the popular three.
  • Read the job description to make a meaningful professional association.
  • Include words relevant to your profession to bypass the applicant tracking system.
  • Always write employment history in points, clear, and readable.
Refer to the job description to match the educational requirements and the job title in your professional resume. Employer's job posting helps to write a winning education section. Use the reverse chronological resume formats.

Once again match your technical skills and soft skills with those mentioned in the job description. The job posting will tell you what the hiring manager is looking for. Make different lists.

Additional Details
Your achievements come under this section. For example, website, social links, course, certifications, etc. Surprisingly hiring managers always look for something more and unique while sorting a job application.

How to Create a Graphic Designer Resume

After a creative graphic designer resume example and template we have finally landed in how to make your own resume. This section will teach you how to create a graphic designer resume. Read thoroughly.


The header section is the beginning of a professional resume. If addressed properly hiring managers will glide smoothly across the resume otherwise tumble like jill from the famous nursery rhyme - jack and Jill. See how to correctly write the header section.

Good and Bad Example of Graphic Designer Resume Header

Dana Nodett

2072 Blueberry Avenue,

Dallas, Arkansas 71953

+91 901 683 5656


Dana Nodett,

+91 901 683 5656


2nd email:

Graphic Designer Resume Summary

A graphic designer resume summary must be informative and appealing to hiring managers just like the visual appeal they create using visual elements. To do this include words from the job description. When you match both the summary and the employer's job ad you get a powerful graphic designer resume summary.

Good and Bad Example of Graphic Designer Resume Summary

Graphic design specialist with 9+ years of experience working with a wide variety of creative teams and design projects having expertise in adobe creative suite & web design to create visual elements that make an awe-inspiring visual appeal to viewers. Seeking an opportunity in June Designs to increase the customer transaction rate.

Graphic design specialist with 9+ years of employment history writing a job application along with a cover letter to work as a senior graphic designer. Exceptional technical skills. Adorable soft skills. Good knowledge of web design and graphic design projects. Also see my portfolio link.

Look at the example in the red color. It contains only keywords without meaningful sentences. Avoid doing this.

Graphic Designer Resume Objective

If you are writing a junior graphic designer resume then a resume objective is critical. The reason why a resume objective is vital because there's no summary.

Graphics Designer Resume

A resume objective is for junior graphic designer resume whereas a senior graphic designer resume must contain a summary. Now let's look at two comparative examples of a junior graphic designer resume objective.

Good and Bad Example of Resume Objective

Detail-oriented and innovative graphic designer with creative graphic design skills is seeking to be a part of the Oasis Web Design team to increase customer satisfaction and build fruitful relationship with them.

Graphic designer seeking a professional association with your company. Knowledge or adobe creative suite and web design. Worked in community graphic design jobs.

Professional Experience in Graphic Designer Resume

Professional experience means the employment history of a graphic designer. However, this is related to only seasoned graphic designers and completely unrelated for a junior graphic design resume.

The method to write the work background in a graphic designer resume is standard. First thing first, use the reverse chronological resume formatting method. Begin with the current job and the go on with past jobs. Here are two comparative examples of work history in a graphic designer resume.

Good and Bad Example of Work Experience

Creative Graphic Designer

MAX Media & Graphic Designers

Dallas, Arkansas

Mar 2015-Feb 2020

  • Handled social media designing team of 10+ creative professionals.
  • Trained and supervised intern and apprentice graphic designers.
  • Expert in creating ready to install graphic design templates.

Creative Graphic Designer

MAX Media & Graphic Designers

Dallas, Arkansas

Mar 2015-Feb 2020

  • Created digital marketing campaigns.
  • Trained and supervised marketing team.
  • Experience in project management.

Education in Graphic Designer Resume

Academic qualification is the next big buzz especially when you are writing a graphic design resume. Why so?

Creativity is the one and only answer. If you don't have that creative spark then your graphic design resume won't reflect the same vibes and ultimately the applicant tracking systems will rip you out of the process.

So here's how you will write the academic details in your graphic design resume.

Bachelor's in Graphics Technology

Arkansas Allied University

Dallas, Arkansas,

2012-2015, GPA 4.0

Bachelor's in Graphics Technology

Dallas, Arkansas

Skills in Graphic Designer Resume

Skills are the most desirable part of a graphic design resume after experience and education. That's a no brainer. Anything and everything starting from adobe creative suite to project management will fall under this section.

Bifurcate all your communication skills, technical skills, soft skills, and creative skills in a separate list. Refer to the graphic design resume example above.

Additional Details

There's no harm in giving out a little extra information especially when it comes to graphic design jobs. We term it as efforts. Hence, the additional details section in your graphic design resume is part of that particular effort.

So this is what you should be writing in the additional details.

  • Language expertise
  • Certifications in graphic design
  • Relevant or advanced graphic design courses
  • Internship under a graphic design master
  • Apprentice in a graphic design company
  • University projects

Graphic Design Cover Letter

Graphic design cover letter is different than writing graphic design resumes. Yes, it's a different world but we have your back on this. We have already discussed a lot about graphic design resume and elaborating on the cover letter topic will overwhelm you with the information. Therefore let's keep it short.

Graphics Designer Resume

Firstly, a cover letter is a formal introduction of the applicant stating why is fit for the given position. It is formal request to the employer and we have a huge collection of cover letter for distinct industry professionals.

Refer to the list of cover letter examples.

Summary of Graphic Designer Resume Guide

  • Introduction to the graphic design resume
  • Freelance graphic designers: Who they are?
  • Freelance graphic designer resume v/s graphic design portfolio
  • Resume examples for reference
  • Rotterdam graphic designer resume template
  • Graphic designer resume example
  • Basic graphic designer resume template
  • How to create a graphic designer resume
  • Graphic design cover letter
  • List of power words to use in a graphic designer resume
  • FAQs about graphic designer resume

List of Power Words to Include in a Graphic Designer Resume

Writing a graphic designer resume is easy but certain thins to be kept in check. For example, graphic designer resume must be engaging enough to the hiring managers to not only scan but read in full detail and give you an interview call.

That's not impossible. Follow the resume formatting guidelines in this article. If necessary use our reference resume examples. Next, include a graphic designer resume template. These three steps will help you generate creative graphic designer resume.

Finally integrate the below given words in your graphic design resume.

  • Graphic design specialist
  • Art director
  • Visual concepts
  • Graphic design
  • Web design
  • Graphic design projects
  • Graphic designers
  • Adobe creative suite
  • Adobe photoshop
  • Graphic design job
  • Creative professionals
  • Professional experience

FAQs about Graphic Designer Resume

What are graphic design resume templates?

Graphic design resume templates are ready to use templates. They are free, modern, subtle, engaging and presentable. Not only this but this resume template can easily bypass applicant tracking systems.

Are graphic designer resume templates legit?

Yes, graphic designer resume templates are 100% legit and anyone can use including both fresh and experienced applicants. Moreover, using a resume template makes your resume writing job easy. You don't need to worry about the resume formats. Everything's done and dusted for you already.

Create your resume with the best templates

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