Shoe Salesman Resume that Lands the Most Jobs (Tips+Examples)

Shoe salesmen handle the shoe department helping potential customers to buy new pairs of shoes. Their daily tasks include greeting customers, attending to customer needs, recommending products, displaying merchandise, handling cash transactions, arranging sales records, and maintaining inventory.

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Along with these duties, a shoe salesman is required to have sales skills, convincing power, strong communication skills, interpersonal skills, computer literacy, and availability to work in shifts. With this in mind here’s a shoe salesperson resume article for reference. In this article you will find:
  • List of similar resumes for reference
  • Shoe salesman resume example
  • How to write a shoe salesperson resume
  • Topic wise good and bad examples
  • Frequently asked questions

List of Similar Resumes for Reference

The links above will take you to dedicated resume example posts on topics related to sales. If you are working in the sales field these links are valuable. Click to read them.

Shoe Salesman Resume Example


Domingo B. Godfrey

Shoe Salesman

+1 215-892-9228

Philadelphia, PA

Professional Summary
Hard-working shoe salesman with deep knowledge of merchandise selection and purchase having work experience of 5+ years in premium shopping malls. Skilled in efficiently organizing inventory and stock. Seeking a position in Metro shoes to enhance the experience.

Work Experience
Shoe Salesman
Levis Stores, Philadelphia, PA
2020 - Present
  • Trained junior salesman to increase monthly target sales.
  • Reviewed store employee performance every week.
  • Helped underperforming salespeople achieve sales targets.
  • Successfully demonstrated multi-tasking between 5 company stores.
  • Checked inventory weekly to ensure accuracy count & inventory stock.
  • Impressive achievements in achieving sales goals & arranging displays.
  • Experienced working in a fast paced environment to promote sales.
  • Solely managed a Levi's in house store, especially for the men's department.
Assistant Shoe Salesman
Skechers, Philadelphia, PA
2018 - 2020
  • Greet customers to acknowledge monthly store promotions.
  • Awarded salesperson of the month within 6 months of employment.
  • Experience working with diverse customers and team members.
  • Assisted project manager to develop a new Skechers store for men.
  • Adept in understanding customer needs and suggesting products.
  • Helped customers to find products that suit their size, style, and budget.
  • Successfully managed product return & exchange counter for 11 months.
  • Maintained & organized a neat and clean display merchandise area.
Footwear Sales Associate
Coach Inc, Horsham, PA
2015 - 2018
  • Greeted and welcomed customers to the store.
  • Explained to potential customers about existing and new products.
  • Managed stock inventory at the store and godown.
  • Attended customer phone calls and served as customer service support.
  • Managed transport of new shoe inventory between store & godown.
  • Willingly took up new tasks and responsibilities after work hours
  • Maintained store policies and procedures as per company codes.
  • Rendered professional customer service as per company policies.
Bachelor's Degree In Commerce
Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA
2013 - 2015

Hard Skills
  • Product knowledge
  • Computer literacy
  • Business communication
  • Customer engagement
  • Active listening skills
  • Conflict resolution
  • Rendering merchandise demo
  • Social selling
Soft Skills
  • Time management
  • Strong research
  • Critical thinking
  • Problem-solving
  • Accountability
  • Collaboration
  • Storyteller
  • Tech-savvy

Shoe Salesman Resume

Shoe Salesman Resume Structure

A resume structure defines the flow of the details. It determines what type of information must be included and how it shall appear in a resume. It is also essential because it controls the overall length of the resume. If your resume exceeds more than a page then you need to first revise the structure. Having said that, the following is the standard structure of a resume.
  • Header
  • Summary
  • Work experience
  • Education
  • Skills
For a shoe salesman resume the above structure is recommended. However, job seekers need to emphasize skills because at the end of the day sales matters.

Shoe Salesman Resume Format

As a resume structure is to the flow of details, the resume format is to arrange job experiences. A format decides how you will write your work history in the resume. Let us tell you that if a job seeker is new to the industry without relevant experience then there won’t be any work history. The entire experience section will be replaced by volunteer work, internship, work-study student, or community service experiences. There are 3 resume formats to write work history.
  • Functional aka skill-based
  • Reverse chronological
  • Combination aka hybrid
The reverse chronological resume format is widely used and recommended. Moreover, it is popular among job applicants and hiring managers because of its ease of use. Hence, if you are making a new resume or refurbishing an old one make sure to use the reverse chronological resume format.

Shoe Salesman Resume Header

Now that your resume structure and format are defined let’s look into different sections of a resume. The first one is the header. A header contains basic information about the job applicant like name, contact details, location, and job title. On the contrary, there are resumes with loads of personal details in the header itself. Remember, the hiring process is not motivated by including info like gender, street address, too many phone numbers, date of birth, quotes, or academic degrees in the header. To help you understand better, here is an example.

Good and Bad Resume Header


Domingo B. Godfrey

Shoe Salesman

+1 215-892-9228

Philadelphia, PA


Shoe Salesman and Manager

Domingo B. Godfrey

2136 Glen Falls Road

Philadelphia, PA 19103

DOB: June 3, 1998

+1 215-892-9228

The bad resume header contains unwanted information. Skip all of them since they are not required. Follow the good example to write the header. We have mentioned the location of Philadelphia, PA in the good example. You can skip that if you want and proceed with the rest of the details.

Professional Summary in Shoe Salesman Resume

A summary is the short highlight of your career that tells hiring managers about your accomplishments, strengths, and responsibilities. There’s a key to writing a professional summary. In the first sentence highlight two skills followed by two key responsibilities in the next sentence. Finally, mention the company name to make it more personalized.

Good and Bad Resume Summary

Hard-working shoe salesman with deep knowledge of merchandise selection and purchase having work experience of 5+ years in premium shopping malls. Skilled in efficiently organizing inventory and stock. Seeking a position in Metro shoes to enhance the experience.

Shoe salesman skilled in retail sales with excellent customer service, customer satisfaction, stock room, customer inquiries, collecting payments, and operating cash registers. 5+ years of experience in sales floor management.

In the good resume summary, there are multiple keywords showcasing skills and responsibilities including the name of the potential employer. These types of summaries draw the focus of the recruiter. The bad example contains candid keywords, it sounds like they have been adapted directly from the job description.

How to Write Objectives in a Resume

A professional summary can be replaced with an objective under a condition where an applicant is inexperienced. In other words, objectives are for entry-level job seekers. Here are two objective examples. Take a look.

Good and Bad Resume Objective

Enthusiastic entry-level shoe salesperson. Assisted floor manager with display and merchandising in a popular brand’s factory outlet. Have offered courteous customer service to outlet visitors. Maintained cash register and stock room inventory.

Energetic entry-level shoe salesman employee, skilled in shoe sales, cash register, customer satisfaction, retail sales, etc. Inexperienced but looking for an opportunity.

The beginning “energetic entry-level shoe salesman…….” in the bad example isn’t that bad but it gets progressively worse as the sentence continues. Avoid crash landing. Maintain uniformity by adding skills and what did you accomplish using those skills.

Work Experience in the Shoe Salesman Resume

Work Experience in the Shoe Salesman Resume

We have already given you a hint about what work experience looks like. Refer to the example resume above. If you want to see your name in the recruiter’s list of candidates to be interviewed then your work experience section must be interesting.

To impress recruiters, if you include every single detail from your past job then the resume won’t be a resume anymore - it will be an autobiography.

The recruiter will treat your resume the way we do with ads on YouTube videos - SKIP!

What’s the solution? The job description is the ultimate key. Yes, read the job description carefully and underline all the roles and responsibilities. Now match your skills with those underlined in the job description.

ake a look at the examples below.

Good and Bad Examples of Work Experience

Shoe Salesman Nike Retail, Philadelphia, PA
  • Assisted customers in selecting merchandise that suits their needs.
  • Developed shoe size charts to reduce exchange merchandise rates.
  • Strategizing merchandise allotment to increase current sales at other stores.
  • Created extra counters to accept returns that directly benefited customers.
  • Led a team of sales associates to deliver excellent customer service.

Shoe Salesman Nike Retail, Philadelphia, PA
  • Sales associate training, maintaining sales records.
  • Performed opening and closing procedures of stores.
  • Obtain merchandise based records of shoe sales
  • Informed customers about ongoing discounts and promotions.
  • Sales associate performance review and bonus distribution.

Shoe Salesman Vogue Inc, Philadelphia, PA
  • Introduced a new error-free stock-keeping method for new merchandise.
  • Rearranged shoe displays to help customers get desired items in less time.
  • Updated staff with new product knowledge and company sales policies.
  • Helped the front desk cashier by offering assistance to customers.
  • Organized training programs to enrich the selling skills of sales staff.

Shoe Salesman Vogue Inc, Philadelphia, PA
  • Maintained professional enthusiasm
  • Answering questions from customers about shoe sizes
  • Actively participated in conflict resolution of buyers
  • Displayed shoes in racks according to shoe size.
  • Helped the men’s department team by offering assistance.

Details in Shoe Salesman Resume

How to write a Shoe Salesman Resume without work experience

It is not mandatory to write work experience relevant to selling shoes. Selling is a wide field and at some point in the past, you might have tried selling something or the other. For example, insurance or cosmetics.

Figure out all those past sales experiences. Have you ever tried selling a product? Performing tasks like working at a store, arranging displays, sorting new stock, and undergoing training to gain product knowledge are all parts of a sales job.

You can list all these past working backgrounds in your resume without mentioning shoe sales and still apply for a shoe salesman position.

Refer to the list of tasks that you can write in a professional resume without work experience:

  • Attended customer inquiries
  • Rendered courteous customer service
  • Store opening and closing procedures
  • Maintaining sales records
  • Collecting payments
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Communication skills
  • Worked as a sales floor associate
  • Informed customers about new merchandise
  • Welcoming and greeting customers
  • Retail sales experience at a local supermarket
  • Undergone training for store promotions

Education Details in Shoe Salesman Resume

The essential requirements for a shoe salesman in terms of education are subtle. A bachelor’s degree or a high school diploma is all you need. Even a recent graduate with zero work experience can apply for an entry-level position.

The only concern here is to layer the details properly.

  • Name of the degree
  • College/university name & location
  • Graduation date or year
  • Example of education details in a professional resume
Bachelor's Degree In Commerce
Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA
2013 - 2015

Shoe Salesman Resume without work experience

Skills to include in a Shoe Salesman Resume

We have already told you this - always refer to the company’s job descriptions to write the resume. Your resume must be tailored according to the company’s requirements.

The same applies to the resume’s skills section. Here’s a list of skills that you must include in your resume:

  • Excellent customer service
  • Sales floor management
  • Operating cash registers
  • Inventory stock keeping
  • Product knowledge
  • Computer skills
  • Communication
  • Customer engagement
  • Conflict resolution
  • Demo presentation
  • Social selling
  • Time management
  • Strong research
  • Critical thinking
  • Accountability
  • Collaboration
  • Storyteller

What to write in Additional Section

The resume of a shoe salesperson is skill-oriented since you need to sell merchandise. In short, your selling skills matter the most here.

Hence, mentioning skill enhancement programs, training, seminars attended, or similar achievements of sales but not limited to shoes or specific products.

Summary of a Shoe Salesman Resume

We are finally in the summary section. It’s been a long article since we started. Hence, before we conclude let’s summarize the crucial steps once again.

  • Header (only brief personal info)
  • Professional summary (short introduction)
  • Work experience (start with the latest one)
  • Education qualification
  • Skills (hard, soft, and interpersonal)
  • Additional details (if any)

Writing Cover Letter

A cover letter is often written considering it a normal to-do thing but it is a sales pitch, however. You need to sell yourself and the cover letter provides enough space to do that. But what if you don’t know how to write a cover letter? Refer to our cover letter templates plus cover letter examples that match your job profile. Click the link and began writing now.


What does it take to be a good salesman?

Learning and then polishing skills related to a job to achieve desired results makes a good salesperson. You need to convince the recruiter about the key aspects of your success and how your skills contributed towards it.

What are the growth opportunities for a salesperson?

An entry-level salesperson can be promoted to the position of a floor manager, store manager, or even sales head with associated perks.

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