Starbucks Resume: Samples, Tips & Templates

Starbucks Resume: Samples, Tips & Templates

With the ambiance of world-famous hot and cold beverages being served to a sophisticated clientele working on their MacBooks with Apple AirPods, working at Starbucks is, surely, a different experience from any other barista out there.

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Starbucks resume example

Amanda Montana
(123) 456-7891


Customer-oriented, friendly Barista with 3+ years of experience serving high-quality espresso and brewed coffee in a fast-paced coffee shop environment. Passionate about providing customers with the perfect café experience.


Aug '11 - May '15
Art History


Cafe Rico, Barista
Jul '19 - Current

  • Prepare espresso shots, specialty espresso drinks, and French press, pour-over, and drip coffee
  • Trained 20+ new baristas in workflow procedures, espresso and coffee brewing equipment, and drink preparation.
  • Operate both manual and semi-automatic espresso machines, as well as commercial coffee brewers.
  • Memorize drink orders and preferences for regular customers to build rapport and increase brand loyalty

Cafe Los Pollos Harmanos, Barista
Aug '15 - Jul '19

  • Greeted and served an average of 300+ customers daily, providing prompt, personalized, and friendly service in a fast-paced environment
  • Advised customers on coffee blends, roasts, teas, specialty espresso beverages, and artisanal pastries, offering accurate, detailed information about origin and flavor
  • Maintained an organized and tidy café environment by regularly cleaning equipment, espresso machines, tables, and the condiment bar.


Bilingual in English and Spanish
Cash Handling

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And for everyone out there, especially young adults looking to get themselves a good part-time job to reduce the pressure of their daily expenses, Starbucks surely is a great place to get into and, sorry to burst your bubble, but you most definitely need a Starbucks resume to even get started.

Cafe’s have always been a go-to workplace for teenagers and young adults to find part-time jobs as they get a certain decent level of earning to manage their daily expenses while finishing their studies, which averages around $11 - $15 (according to Payscale).

To make it out in the barista world, even if it’s for a short duration, you need your well-formatted Starbucks resume, one that reflects your people skills to handle customers.


How to make a resume for Starbucks

Now, it’s clear that you need a Starbucks resume to work at Starbucks, but jotting down a bunch of points on a piece of paper and stretching it unnecessarily will not count as a resume.

A resume, even if it’s a Starbucks resume, needs to be well-formatted with standard guidelines followed and accepted by every brand or company.

A well-formatted CV means, for example, if you’re making a Starbucks resume, it doesn't matter whether it is for an entry-level employee or a store manager, it must always follow a certain pattern and harmony.

Following such a pattern is not only preferred but also required as these guidelines are globally followed and accepted by every other brand and organization.

Types of resume formats:

  • Reverse Chronological - Relevant for candidates with a few years of work experience. The reverse-chronological format puts your most recent work experience on the top of the CV, followed by the other job roles you had in chronological order, keeping your first ever experience for the last.
  • Functional - - The functional resume format majorly focuses on candidates with almost no work experience and rather emphasizes their skills, strengths, and education. A perfect choice for recent graduates.
  • Combination - Also known as hybrid, this is the most widely used resume format which literally takes the best of the above 2 formats and blends them wisely. If you have some work experience but not enough, the combination format helps you give a place to your earlier experience and your educational background.

What should I put on my Starbucks resume?

Every resume consists of certain specific sections, the culmination of which defines a resume. These sections are broad headings in your resume that consists of very precise and crisp information about you.

As you’re a fresher, there is always a dilemma of what to put on your resume as you might not have enough credentials to show and that might make you feel a bit self-conscious.

Well as mentioned above, you’re required to choose one of the above-mentioned 3 resume formats, and applying for an entry-level job at Starbucks does not necessarily require previous work experience or high education.

As a result, your best bet is to go for the combination resume for your Starbucks resume and optimally utilize the sections.

Sections to include in a resume are as follows:

  • Professional Summary / Objective
  • Work Experience (job duties)
  • Education
  • Skills
  • Certifications & Achievements
  • Additional Info (interests, hobbies, etc.)
  • References

These are the standard and globally accepted sections that consist of a CV. Later in the article, you’ll understand which sections are a must-have in the Starbucks resume and which can be removed if needed.

Note: For freshers, try to put the education section before work if you have a little experience to show. If not, you can also entirely remove the work section.

Start with the header

The header is the topmost area of your Starbucks resume and holds a good amount of importance.

This particular section is what first catches the eyes of the recruiter and must always consist of :

  • Name
  • Job title
  • Contact details
  • Email or other relevant links (not highly required but it’s good to add)

Check this example between a relatively wrong and a professional Starbucks resume sample header:

Correct example:

John William



Incorrect example :

Kendall Bahringer

857, Hilton Meadow, Phoenix, AZ


In this case, the incorrect example does not mention the job title (if you’re not working somewhere at present, you’re supposed to write the job title you are applying for) and the lack of presence of an email address or any other links shows a level of unprofessionalism.

Is your photograph needed on a resume?

A header is also a place where you place your photograph while sending out your resume. However, this subject has always been a thing of a question as in most cases, you’re not supposed to place a picture for works in the United States, the United Kingdom, or Canada.

The reason? In these countries, the photoless resume is a standard to avoid discrimination in the procurement process. And Starbucks is not the exception.


Work Experience for a Job at Starbucks!

Being a barista requires having a good amount of skills as handling a flood of clients early in the morning leaving for work is always chaos. From taking the right order to pass it on to your colleagues or even worse, working in the kitchen and managing so many orders at once while also maintaining its aesthetic appeal is no joke.

It’s always relatively hard for freshers to make an impression for themselves at such places as they are not used to the intense real-world experience, especially dealing with different types of clients.

Hence already having work experience will always suit an added advantage over the rest of the candidates.

How to describe your work experience for Starbucks?

As Starbucks, just like any other cafe, majorly constitutes 3 working areas: baristas, cashiers, and management.

Describing work experience for all of them is and must always be different as you must be very precise about what job you’re applying for and accordingly design your resume.

If you already have some experience, try mentioning it in the following manner: -

  1. Based on receipt surveying, I achieved a 99.8% satisfaction score during my two years at Café Rico.
  2. Prepared and delivered a range of beverages for 100+ customers a day and process customer payments.
  3. Educated customers on the different beverages, while offering my personal opinions based on their feedback.

How to describe work experience for cashiers?

If you thought the magic coffee handlers were having a hard time juggling tens of orders at one time, cashiers don’t have it easy either.

To be a teenager with their first experience of the world being so fast and less empathic is always a major challenge.

From noting down the deeply detailed coffee order to correctly spelling the names of the clients and managing the buggy cash register at times, is quite a challenge.

Try mentioning your experience as below:

  1. Made and served multiple café beverages per day with speed, quality, and consistency.
  2. Advised customers on the whole bean and bulk tea purchases, detailing origin, flavor, and pairing recommendations.
  3. Maintained and operated espresso machines, blenders, commercial coffee brewers, coffee pots, and other equipment.
  4. Cleaned counters, machines, utensils, and seating areas daily.

How to describe work experience for managers and supervisors?

The teenage baristas and cashiers always face certain trouble but it’s the job of the management to help them out and make them not only feel comfortable but also to help them and get them acquainted with the fast environment.

The job of Starbucks managers and supervisors is not easy at all as they are the ones running the daily operation in the cafe and handling and supervising every single activity, from maintaining the smooth working of the machines to carefully cover the errors of the employees.

You can mention your seniority as follows:

  1. Reduced operating costs through efficient use of resources and fulfilled customer and store needs.
  2. Improved and drove a high level of excellent customer service through recognition, coaching, training, and increasing employee morale. Collaborated cross-functionally and worked as a team to achieve targeted results.
  3. Developed a promotional newsletter for my district highlighting all new policy and product rollouts called the Coffee Scoop.
  4. Encouraged individual and team accomplishments while focusing on friendly customer service.
  5. Managed a staff of 12 employees while providing exceptional service.
  6. Introduced specialty coffee drinks for custom customer orders.


The educational section in a Starbucks resume

Being an entry-level job, to work at Starbucks there is no minimum qualification required.

As a student, while pursuing your studies, you can easily apply for an entry-level job at Starbucks without worrying about your subjects of GPA score.

However, try mentioning your education in a way that must always emphasize your skills.

Being a candidate with very little to zero work experience, you have to balance the weight of your resume by filling the gap by adding more flavor to your education and skills section.

The education section in your resume, for a fresher, plays the role of providing the recruiters know about your behavior in general.

Hence, you do not have to worry about your GPA. But if there’s any course you can highlight, don’t hesitate to include it in your resume.

What skills do you need in a Starbucks resume?

If you do not have much work experience, the skill section of your resume must hold high importance as compared to the others as being a barista requires you to be highly skilled to handle multiple tasks at once and be proficient in soft skills to deal with the clients.

Even though you’re a fresher, there are certain skills that are innate and make you stand out, based on your personality.

To be a working at Starbucks, you are most definitely required to have:

Soft skills
  • Communication skills
  • Multitasking
  • Efficiency
  • Food pairing
  • Time management
  • Critical thinking
Hard skills
  • Latte art-making
  • Coffee bean expert
  • Can work around a coffee machine
  • POS ( Point of sale systems)
  • Cashiering
  • Handling inventory

Professional Summary: The Resume Objective

A professional summary in a resume summarizes the most highlighted segments of your Starbucks resume as it emphasizes the parts of your resume that might hook the recruiter to read more about you.

The professional summary is generally used by candidates with work experience as the summary prioritizes work experience more.

However, for a fresher, there’s just a slight change. Instead of writing it as a “professional summary”, you write your resume objective as “Professional objective”.

Check out these certain examples:


Customer-oriented, friendly Barista with 3+ years of experience serving high-quality espresso and brewed coffee in a fast-paced coffee shop environment. Passionate about providing customers with the perfect café experience, while providing a clean and organized workspace.


I am still a begginer with not a lot of experience, but I will do my best to become a proffesional and provide legendary customer service with my self taught ;)


Barista Guild Level-2 Certified Lead Barista with 15+ years of experience crafting high-quality espresso and optimizing drink production speed. Specializes in latte art.


I am a friendly person and can work with a team. I can provide a clean and organized workspace for clients, and lead a team,

I've been a member of an organization and I often get achievements.


If you read the barista resume examples properly, you will notice that the correct resume examples are very professional, clean, and hook the recruiter with very specific details.

However, the wrong examples are very juvenile and casual and full of spelling errors. They are not even objective and will be rejected in the first read.

Additional sections for your resume

Additional sections are the sections that are not always required to be added in your resume for Starbucks, but only when you have a solid corpus to present.

Additional sections in a resume mostly consist of:

  • Awards and certifications
  • Languages
  • Hobbies and interests

To work at Starbucks, if you’re fluent in an international language or can manage your way around it, you should definitely add it to your barista resume as this will clearly give you an advantage.

If you also have any fluency in technology, you can also mention that as this also adds a good number to your barista resume.

Summary and Tips: To boost your resume

  • Always be clear about the resume format you want to use and stick to it throughout the process.
  • If you’re a fresher, try using an online resume builder to get yourself an ATS compliant barista resume template or barista resume samples as making one from scratch might take you a long but an online resume builder like resume example helps you find the right barista resume template.
  • Do not try to overdo the resume sections as they must serve a purpose.
  • Devise a hook in your barista resume summary.
  • Explain your work experience by writing your job duties and barista skills.
  • The job titles must always correspond to the barista job description or the job ad.
  • Always read the barista job description or the job ad carefully as the job titles must be clear about being a barista, or a cashier.
  • Visit resume example to find your perfect resume template.

Match your resume with a cover letter

Attaching a cover letter with your resumes has become a very common practice for the past couple of years and is now expected from you, each time you submit your resume.

A cover letter is a statement that emphasizes your job roles in your previous occupation and how those activities and experiences can be fruitful in your current job responsibilities.

For people with no work experience, you’re supposed to emphasize your skills and potential to justify certain roles in your life that make you the right candidate.

Every cover letter must always follow the same design as your barista resume as it maintains harmony and is perceived as a continuation.

The cover letter helps you project your key skills.

Head over to resume example to grab yourself a perfect cover letter template.

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