Data Analyst Cover Letter: The Ultimate Guide

After doing a million grammar checks and creating multiple “final” copies, you’ve finally managed to get your data analyst resume right, but so has every other data analyst candidate. Yet, a well-written entry level data analyst cover letter complimenting your data analyst resume is what’s going to help you stand out from the rest.

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Data analyst cover letter Sample

Check out this entry level data analyst cover letter example as to how you can present your work in a clear, crisp tone that also feels easy on the eyes:

Miles Morales
March 5, 2021
Downtown, 243423

Company Name
4321 First Street
Brighton, State ZIP

Dear Ms/Mr Hiring manager (replace with the name)

My name is Miles Morales , and I’m an avid tech geek looking to augment my talents to identify new growth strategies for ZOHO as a Junior Data Analyst. Numbers have always been my forte and having a career based on them through technology has been my goal. My career in the retail business has taught me to think strategically about problems and identify solutions. I believe this experience has prepared me for ZOHO’s Junior Data Analyst role.

Your job posting mentioned that you're looking for a DBMS analyst with experience in SQL, proficiency in a statistical programming language, and strong time management skills.

During my previous role as a store manager, I undertook multiple activities on a daily basis and yet kept in check, both, the brand (revenue) and the customer (service and quality standard). I’ve also been working freelance on multiple short individual projects to work on my passion for data. Here’s how my past year looked like:

  • Automated in-store payroll and auditing tasks with Python, freeing up 5 hours per week.
  • Completed a case study using point-of-sales data from the store to optimize our promotions and merchandise, leading to a revenue increase of 14 percent.
  • Completed the Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate, which included extensive coursework in both SQL and R.

I'm very excited about the opportunity and to use these experiences to fuel data-driven decisions at ZOHO, and I'm keen to continue progressing my skill set on the job. I am available for a video call or in-person meeting to discuss how I can help ZOHO with improving market product performance through data.

Thank you for your consideration,

Miles Morales, Junior Data Analyst
1234 Main street
Downtown, 243423
(123) 456-7890

Resume Guide
Use this example

The purpose of your data analyst cover letter is to explain a little in detail about either your educational background or work experience or both, and how it directly corresponds to the entry level data analyst job you’re applying for. If you’re a complete fresher or someone with reasonable work experience, you might want to explain your education or the activities you undertook at work a little more in detail but a resume doesn’t allow you to do that.

Your data analyst cover letter provides insights to the hiring managers about your previous work (if any) and the roles and responsibilities you undertook. These in-depth yet brief and to-the-point insights help them judge your profile and make a decision. Not to mention, t he purpose of the cover letter is also to entice the hiring manager enough to help you land an interview.

How to write a data analyst cover letter from zero

Just like a data analyst resume, a data analyst cover letter follows a certain standard that must always be followed. These standard guidelines discipline the entire content you’ll be writing and give very clear information to the hiring managers.

Follow this standard format while writing a data analyst cover letter:

  • Heading, (including your name and contact information)
  • Date
  • The Hiring Manager’s name and title, and the company’s name and address
  • Personalized greeting
  • An introductory paragraph that hooks the reader
  • Body paragraph(s) that explain your data analysis experience and accomplishments
  • Body paragraph that expresses your enthusiasm for the role
  • Closing paragraph with a call to action
  • Sign off

Data Analyst Cover Letter

Following a set pattern while writing a data analyst cover letter will give you directions in what way you should write the content. Also, most companies today use applicant tracking software to filter out resumes that do not meet the criteria, and these softwares are embedded with codes that follow the particular standard. Thus, there are high chances your cover letter will also get scanned by such programs and might end up filtered out if not written in a particular fashion.

Write an effective header

As candidates everyone wants to be creative in their resumes and cover letters, to stand out from the crowd. But unfortunately, in these types of documents, the scope of being creative is either very less because you have to follow a particular pattern and therefore you can’t be fluid enough with your creative side.

However, you can and must show your creativity through the content you write to captivate the hiring manager, starting with the header of your data analyst cover letter.

In the header space of the data analyst cover letter, the basic rule is to write your name, title, address, and contact information. But if you want to play a little smart, you can add relevant links like your portfolio, etc, alongside as well. You can also use a minimalistic, basic icon to represent the link.

Introduce yourself efficiently and professionally

Keep in mind, cover letters are an addition to your resumes. Hence, do not make the mistake of repeating the same information you mentioned in your data analyst resume but try to explain it well and use the points listed in the job post.

As the potential employer deduces a lot from your data analyst resume, you should spend less text on introducing yourself and explaining your goals and focus on telling why you’ll be a great data analyst.

The introduction must always be precise and professional, never using so many lines as the hiring manager is more interested in knowing about your work experience.

Even the introduction must be written in a manner that represents your skills and work.


I'm excited to be applying for the Data Analyst position at Cloud Clearwater. As someone with a lifetime love of relational mathematics and pattern recognition, I thrive on digging into complex data sets and producing insightful, data-driven strategic recommendations. I'm eager to turn my talent for analyzing big data into actionable growth strategies for Cloud Clearwater.


My name is [Your Name] and I am applying for the position of [position name] with your company as advertised on [company website / Linkedin / job board website].

Right off the bat, you can clearly feel there's no substance in the incorrect data analyst introduction example.

Make your approach a little more encouraging and interesting as certain sentences set the tone for the entire read.

Delve into your capacities and abilities

Showing off in life is not recommended in general, except in resumes and cover letters, that’s what's mostly done, but in a professional manner.

As your data analyst cover letter’s existence is based on the fact that it gives in-depth insights about your previous work roles, you have to make sure to do justice to it by not shying away.

But there’s a catch!

Just because you have a lot of experience, that doesn’t mean everything makes the cut.

Be bold enough to present your skills and abilities through work experience. But, make sure the work or skill you mention not only corresponds to the job you’re applying for but also adds value to it.

Talking about when you sold 25 t-shirts in an hour at Abercrombie will not do any good to the company who wants to hire a data analyst.

But if you initiated an activity there that relates to data collection and managing it, maybe you came up with a survey idea, got it approved, took the survey and managed to reflect positively on sales, that’s something that belongs on your data analyst cover letter.

Oh, and feel free to use bullet points.

Data Analyst Cover Letter


At ABC Pvt. Ltd., I'm in charge of assessing company data and passing it on to the marketing team, which investigates market volatility further. ABC was able to estimate the market with great accuracy thanks to a recent model I constructed for projections, which resulted in improved cash flow cycles. I've also created business intelligence models, and as a result, I've been promoted to senior data analyst.

Note: Even though the example is for a senior data analyst, you can learn how to professionally present your work and skills by just framing the right way.


As much as I enjoy data processing, it is data analysis that really excites me. I enjoy delving into the relationships between numbers and turning data and spreadsheets into narratives. These stories become tangible solutions and tactics for businesses in the age of big data, and I'm proud of my ability to make data accessible to both corporate decision-makers and frontline sales people.

Note: The narrative this example brings is how the text does not add any value to your data analyst cover letter as it is more like a random mumble jumble which you should definitely avoid.

Top Skills for Data Analysts

Here are the top rated skills in the current job market for a data analyst:

Hard skills:-
  • SQL ( Structured Query Language)
  • R or Python
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Data Visualization
  • Machine learning (will be booming in the future)
Soft skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Presentation skills
  • Problem solving aptitude
  • Research
  • Attention to detail
  • Team work

Enhance your data analyst cover letter with a Call To Action

In case you haven’t heard of this term, a call to action, as the name says, is when you either directly or very subtly try to nudge someone into taking an action.

Also known as CTAs, you see them everyday in your life. From websites making you submit your email address to a button on your favorite mobile app, everything is a call to action.

Question! How will a CTA look like in a data analyst cover letter?

You won’t be using any of the standard marketing CTA schemes of course but in a data analyst cover letter, the CTA must be something that nudges the hiring manager to get you an interview.

Yes that’s right!

The CTA in your data analyst cover letter is a very subtle hint that you’re actually very interested in the job and trying to land yourself an interview. But it has to be very fluid and not directly throw onto the faces of the hiring managers.

Ditch the “Looking forward to hearing from you”!!

The standard closing of every cover letter is simple and may be boring. Just because you can’t be too creative, doesn’t mean you can’t be smart.

The cover letter ending must serve as a last push for the hiring managers to take away.

Check out these effective CTAs data analyst cover letter example you can use to land an interview:

  • I'm really excited about discussing how I might be able to assist your team in achieving XYZ value. I'm extremely enthusiastic about the XYZ project and would like to learn how I can help.
  • I'd like to meet with you to discuss how I can help XYZ Company achieve its objectives. I am available for a phone conversation or in-person meeting at your convenience.
  • I'd be interested in hearing your opinions on what I've said. I'd be delighted to have a Zoom call with you at a date and time suitable to you to discuss how I can assist XYZ firm with XYZ problem.”
Note: The above CTAs work well as they clearly define a motive and in a very subtle way persuades the hiring manager s by projecting the idea of arranging a call with them by discussing a very particular issue to show your involvement.

Tips to leverage your CTA

Some quick tips to leverage your CTA in your data analyst cover letter:

  • End your cover letter with the idea of having a phone call with the hiring managers as this shows courage and involvement.
  • Provide a fruitful reason for the call, which usually includes solving a certain issue and how you can provide your feedback on it.
  • Present the idea that you have a strategy for them and it can maximize their sales.
  • Be updated with the company’s latest trends and changes and offer to discuss those topics.

Data Analyst Cover Letter

The farewell: How to conclude your letter

Every cover letter follows a set format and after the ending remarks, it ends with the salutations and a data analyst cover letter is no different.

“Yours sincerely”, “Thank you for your consideration,” “Kind regards,” are all safe options.

Try not to overdo the salutations as it will seem a bit too animated but also do not underdo it as to not seem disrespectful.

Always go for the safe options to maintain harmony.

After ending with the salutation, write your contact details again.

The presence mostly catches the eye of hiring managers and makes them contact you.

Key points: Honing your cover letter to land the job

  • Just your resume, your cover letter must always be of one page only.
  • Check online templates to help yourself find a better cover letter
  • Always write the hiring manager’s name as full name
  • Do not mention your years of experience but rather a certain project that dines you as an employee.
  • Don’t shy away from smartly writing your accomplishments and achievements.
  • Highlight certain job activities that helped the company gain more profits as it’s a key point to prove you’re a great fit for the job.
  • Break the text into small paragraphs and use bullets.
  • Sign your cover letter with your full name
  • Use safe salutations for endings like “look forward” or “sincerely” etc.

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