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A delivery driver is responsible for transporting goods from to a personal or business address in a safe, on-time, and professional manner. You only need a high school diploma and a valid driver's license to qualify for the job. A clean driving record and relevant job experience make you a shoo-in for the job, if you can submit a great delivery driver resume.

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Example of a Delivery Driver Resume

Delivery Driver
New York
(914) 438-1234

Professional Summary

Experienced and reliable Delivery Driver with 3+ years of experience driving delivery vehicles with a maximum load of 30,000 lbs. Has a proven track record of on-time, error-free deliveries. Provided excellent customer service, ensuring retention and referrals. Established an efficient payment collection system. Experienced in servicing delivery vehicles and working with a team to ensure complete customer satisfaction

Work Experience

Delivery Driver, Brooks Corporation, Valhalla
October 2019 to present

  • Responsible for driving a delivery truck and completing consignments, averaging 120 orders daily
  • Provides excellent customer service from the beginning of the transaction to the end
  • Plans efficient delivery routes to ensure on-time delivery
  • Accurately processes order paperwork and delivery receipts
  • Performs vehicle safety and maintenance checks

Delivery Driver, Emerson’s Inc., New York
March 2017 to September 2019

  • Collaborated with other departments to ensure exceptional customer service
  • Delivered an average of 150 orders per day
  • Generated $20k of sales through upselling and cross-selling
  • Re-arranged delivery routes to maximize trips, achieving an average of 97% on-time deliveries and saving an average of $5k of fuel cost monthly


  • Customer Service
  • Defensive Driving
  • Basic Vehicle Maintenance
  • Knowledge of traffic laws
  • Route Navigation
  • Basic Sales


High School Diploma
Norwell High School, NorwellSeptember 2013 to June 2017



Award Received

Safe delivery driver award for incurring zero accidents for five consecutive years.

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As of 2024, the average pay for delivery drivers is about $34,000 per year.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 5% growth in overall employment of delivery drivers from 2019 to 2029.

The rise in e-commerce transactions drives the demand for delivery services, translating into an estimated average of 163,000 job openings for delivery drivers yearly over the decade.

The opportunities for delivery drivers give you more reason to learn how to craft a professional resume that would engage hiring managers and get you a job interview.

delivery driver

How to Make a Delivery Driver Resume

A resume builder can help you prepare your delivery driver resume, but you should learn how to do it to personalize your resume.

Writing delivery driver resumes requires six basic steps, but we share with you two additional steps to help you win that job.

Apart from the delivery driver resume example we shared above, you will find a delivery driver resume sample for each section.

Let's start with a professional resume format - the structure and layout that will give you a positive first impression.

The Layout of a Delivery Driver Resume

Ideally, you should contain your credentials in a one-page resume, similar to the delivery driver sample resume shown above.

Choose a simple, compact design.

Avoid boxes, designs, and headings that take up excessive space. Do not use fancy designs that take attention away from your qualifications

Use standard resume fonts that are 11 to 12 points in size. Ideally, headings should use bigger fonts. However, you may use the standard text size if the bigger headings won't fit on a single page.

Avoid the following to make your resume compliant with the Applicant Tracking System (ATS):

  • Text boxes
  • Several different fonts
  • Several different colors

Be concise. Use bullet points to highlight your credentials.

Check the job post and use keywords relevant to the delivery driver position you are applying for.

Leave enough white space so your resume does not look crowded.

Use a 1-inch margin on all sides, but can use a ½-inch margin when necessary. Leave a space between paragraphs.

The Structure of a Resume Delivery Driver

If you are an experienced driver and want to highlight your work history, the best format is the reverse chronological format. However, this may be a problem if you have employment gaps.

The functional format is suitable for job seekers hoping to get their first job, shifting to a new career, or having significant employment gaps. Focus is given to skills rather than job experience.

The hybrid format is ideal for mid- to senior-level delivery drivers who would like to play up both their skills and job achievements so they can be granted a job interview.

Regardless of the format, your delivery driver resume should have at least the following sections:

  • Header
  • Work experience
  • Education
  • Skills
  • Additional sections such as languages, awards, licenses, and certifications

Start with the Header of the Delivery Driver Resume

delivery driver

The header of your delivery driver resume should contain your basic personal data - your name, email, and mobile number.

You may add your mailing address, especially if the job opening gives preference to local applicants.

You may include your LinkedIn profile and social media accounts only when requested or relevant to the delivery driver job.

Your header should either be in the center or the topmost left portion of your delivery driver resume, so the recruiter can readily see it.

Keep your contact information updated.

Use a professional email address; stick to using your name.

Example of a header/ example of a bad header

Here is an example of a well-written header

Sean Stevens

Delivery Driver

Personal Information

Phone +1-727-201-7934


Compare that example to this one.


Sean Stevens

Personal Information

Phone +1-727-201-7934


Is a photo required in the Delivery Driver Resume?

In accordance with federal antidiscrimination laws, recruiters are not allowed to require a photo of job applicants for delivery drivers. However, you might find that there are foreign companies based in the U.S. that require photos of employees.

Check the job posting for a photo requirement.

Use a professional-looking photo, not the offbeat profile pictures you use in your social media account.

Choosing Your Delivery Driver Resume Title

A resume title or headline is a catchy one-liner summarizing your career in a manner that gets the recruiter's attention. Although it is not compulsory to use one, it is better to have a resume title to end your header because it tells the potential employer your capabilities.

Keep the resume title short.

Put it below your name and contact information.

Use all capital letters.

Use keywords found in the job post.

Highlight significant achievements.

Example: Two-time Safe Delivery Driver of the Year awardee and a top-notch upseller.

Professional Summary/Profile

Experienced delivery drivers must capture their achievements on the job in a summary statement. It gives the employer a gist of what you can contribute to their company.

delivery driver

You can refer to a delivery driver resume example to craft your professional statement or use a resume builder to create your own. Below is an example of an excellent professional summary and the other, an incorrect one.


Delivery driver with 4+ years of experience driving through various locations. Clean driving record with experience in maintaining delivery vans. Complies with all traffic laws, safety, and industry regulations. Owns a commercial driver's license. Skilled in customer relationship management.


Delivery driver with excellent driving skills. Transports goods to customers based on assigned deliveries. Performs various delivery driver duties such as finding the fastest delivery route to ensure timely delivery, asking for customer signatures as proof of delivery, and maintaining the assigned delivery vehicle.

In place of a professional summary, those applying as a driver for the first time may write a delivery driver resume objective statement.

Here is an example

A self-motivated individual seeking the role of a delivery driver at ABC Inc. Proficient with the use of navigation systems and has in-depth knowledge of traffic laws. Trained on defensive driving techniques and customer relationship management

Work Experience in the Delivery Driver Resume

The Work Experience section is among the first things that a recruiter would look at. This section should be able to show what you have accomplished in your career.

If you are looking to begin a career as a driver, you can showcase the skills you have acquired from volunteer work, internships, etc.

Pick those which talk about your leadership potential, customer service orientation, documentation, or other skills relevant to a driver.

Describe your professional experiences on your delivery driver resume

Present your work experience in reverse chronological order, i.e., start with your current job and end with your first job.

Cite your position, the company where you worked, and the date covered for each job.

Use bullet points to describe your duties.

Begin your bullet points with action verbs that create impact.

Include only those duties that are relevant to the job opening.

Quantify your achievements.

Examples of professional experiences for delivery driver beginner/junior

Intern, Driver Aide

ABC Furniture

August to September 2019

Key Duties:

  • Coordinated product delivery schedule with customers and delivery drivers
  • Assisted in the maintenance and minor repairs of delivery vehicles
  • Loaded in the van all items for delivery based on order schedules while observing safety guidelines
  • Updated all delivery information in the designated computer software

Examples of professional experiences for senior delivery drivers

Food Delivery Driver

Z Cafe

April 2018 to present

Key Responsibilities:

  • Check accuracy and completeness of orders before departure from the cafe
  • Coordinate with the customer in case an item ordered is not available
  • Properly load orders in the delivery vehicle following food safety guidelines
  • Perform a vehicle maintenance check before departure
  • Plan the best route to get customers' orders to them on time
  • Comply with traffic laws to protect company property and the general public
  • Manage customer complaints politely and effectively

Education in the delivery driver resume

Whether you have the experience or not, recruiters will look into your education to determine your fit for a delivery driver job.

delivery driver

Should you start with education or work experience?

Generally, applicants with no work experience should put education at the top of the resume - after the career objective. Those with experience should start with work experience.

Based on the job description, decide if your work (or volunteer) experience or your education is essential and more relevant to the role you are applying for.

The more vital section should be at the top

How to properly list your education in a delivery driver resume

Indicate the school name and location, the degree obtained (if applicable), the field of study, the year of graduation (if applicable), and any award or academic recognition.

Do not include your GPA unless it is higher than 3.4.

If you have a college degree, you can skip the high school section.

Example of the Education section of a delivery driver resume

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

University of Oregon, Oregon

2015 to 2019

  • Honors: Dean’s List SY 2016 to 2017
  • Student Societies: CompSci Society, Secretary, SY 2017-2018

Skills to put in the resume for a delivery driver

The Skills section is essential, especially if your education or work experience is enough to attract the recruiters.

What are the primary skills sought for a delivery driver

Both the hard and soft skills of a delivery driver are critical such as meeting tight deadlines and targets with your time management skills, working in a fast paced environment under pressure, paying attention to details and reducing customer service complaints.

What skills for a junior delivery driver?

An entry-level applicant should have at least: cash handling, customer service, GPS navigator use, mathematical, route planning, and safe vehicle operation skills.

Soft skills would include communication, interpersonal, organizing, teamwork, and time management,

What skills for a qualified senior?

Apart from those listed in the junior delivery driver skills, they should have the following hard skills: accident response, basic vehicle preventive maintenance, emergency vehicle repair, hazard management, selling, and in-depth understanding of company policies and standard operating procedures.

Add the following to the soft skills: customer relationship management, leadership, problem-solving and decision-making, and work process analysis,

Write the ideal resume hook for a delivery driver.

Though not a part of the primary section requirements of a resume, a resume hook is effective in getting the recruiters' attention. It sets the tone for the rest of your resume.

sample delivery

Place your hook at the top of your resume.

Use the format:

Job Title + 2 words/phrase to describe what you do +2 words to describe who you are

Example of a tagline for a junior delivery driver

Delivery Driver - excellent navigator and communicator - safe and fit

Sample tagline for a senior driver

Delivery Driver - dedicated to transporting goods safely and serving customers - resourceful and disciplined

Additional Headings for your delivery driver resume

Additional sections are used as applicable.

Computer skills and certifications for a delivery driver

Proficiency in route navigation software and basic applications such as Word and Excel would be an added advantage. For some, working knowledge of inventory management software would be a big plus.


Putting your interests on your resume would be helpful if you are a beginner, but not so much for seasoned drivers.

Include only those relevant to the job, e.g., traveling, swimming (keeping fit).


Speaking another language gives you an edge over other applicants because it is highly possible to have customers who speak a different language.

Summary: Key Points for Writing a Perfect Delivery Driver Resume

To recap, here are key points for crafting your perfect resume.

  • Keep your resume simple, concise, and professional.
  • Use keywords used in the job post.
  • Highlight your achievements essential to the job.

Write a cover letter that goes with your delivery driver resume

A great cover letter should explain why you want the job. State briefly how the job fits into your career goal.

Without repeating what is already on your resume, add a paragraph or two describing how you fit the role. Cite your accomplishments and quantify them when possible.

End with a subtle call to action that will take you to the next step. Remember to thank the employer for their time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should a delivery driver put on their resume?

Delivery drivers should highlight their driving skills citing relevant licenses and certifications and relevant duties and responsibilities handled in previous jobs, internships, or volunteer work. Related training attended, e.g., defensive driving or vehicle maintenance, will be helpful.

What is a delivery driver’s job description?

A delivery driver does not need a degree, but having the appropriate driver's license is a must. Their primary role is to transport goods for individuals or companies. Most delivery drivers work full time, but some companies hire part-time drivers. They report to either a supervisor or a manager.

How do you describe driving skills on a resume?

Tailor your driving skills to the job duties indicated in the job description. For example, if it says the role requires lifting and carrying packages that weigh 25 to 70 lbs., you may write as a skill

“Physically able and fit to carry over 100-lb loads easily.”

What skills do you need to be a delivery driver?

Besides driving skills, typical skills of a delivery driver would include customer service, time management, communication skills, lifting ability, multitasking, and teamwork.

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