Readymade Resume Copy and Paste Templates

Readymade Resume Copy and Paste Templates

Copy and paste template is free, available online, compatible with a resume builder, and can be downloaded in different file formats. Today, we will be discussing copy and paste templates and other critical details concerned with a resume.

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Basic Resume Templates

A basic resume template is super simple, and attractive, and makes the resume writing job effortless for you. Following are two resume templates categorized as the basic ones viz Prague and Perth. If you want this template for your next or first resume then click here.


resume copy and paste

If you are looking for a casino manager resume then the Prague template is a great choice. The white space is proportionately balanced distributing equal space between every section of the resume. In the top ribbon, you have the contact details and summary. Whereas other sections are configured using a vertical divider. It means the template gives you an extra space to write a little more.


resume copy and paste

The next resume example is of a human resources manager using the Perth template. The upper half contains the contact information and the lower half contains the summary, qualifications, skills, and work history. The style is simple. Additionally, the position of the resume sections are evenly organized to set a professional look.

Modern Resume Template

A modern resume template is super stylish and eye soothing since it has a perfect blend of attractive colors. The design is also modern to suit the hiring requirements of the corporate world. To get these templates click here.


resume copy and paste

The Kiev is a modern resume template where you can stylishly organize every single detail. The design is made to customize content in a vertical alignment. The position of sections like qualifications and skills at the bottom helps to limit the length of the overall resume to a single page. If you are writing a professional insurance agent job resume then this is the best choice. Save this free style template for your next resume.


resume copy and paste

How about assistant architect resumes in a dark color theme having a vertical thick ribbon? Here's the Budapest template for you. The color scheme is alluring and resumes written in a vertical style have a separate fan base. The font size is easily readable and follows the standard limit of two pages. To create your next professional resume using this template would be the best career advice. Search and download this one and look no further to write a resume.

Professional Resume Templates

Professional jobs need professional resume templates and we have it for you. To convince potential employers the applicant has to write a resume that is not only readable but easily scannable. If you are looking for the same then click here to download and continue reading.


resume copy and paste

A supervisor whether entry-level or experienced can use these templates to describe their hard skills. Moreover, at the lower bottom, there's extra space to mention other unique skills, and believe most employers like this approach. Potential employers look for interesting details and this is the reason why you must write them so that your application stand firmly.

Monte Carlo

resume copy and paste

The babysitter's new resume is visually appealing and accurately parse since every section is neatly designed. If you observe closely all the sections are well-aligned having ample white space between each other. For instance, bullet points. Hence, if you are looking to create a unique resume that is not on Google Docs or MS Word then Monte Carlo is for you. Double check after completing it.

San Francisco

resume copy and paste

A reporter resume design in the San Francisco template is what you are looking at right now. The entire document is professionally written including relevant skills, job title, experience, and summary. Job seekers will appreciate this type of design ( not Microsoft Word) because there's a large dark ribbon at the top. That accounts for authority in the niche. Download and use it now.

ATS Friendly Resume Templates

A marketing manager resume example is used to demonstrate Vladivostok ATS-friendly resume templates based on the job description of the same. The resume looks traditional but it holds all the features of modern ATS-friendly resume templates. Further, it can effortlessly pass through applicant tracking systems provided the same template is used and a resume is written using job descriptions.

resume copy and paste

Strong Resume Template

The word strong in the title strong resume template is a metaphor. It means a good resume template that is well-designed, adaptable, flexible with job application, and capable of convincing the hiring manager. We have two strong contenders in the strong template definition. Save the templates from here.


resume copy and paste

If you are planning to write your resume then use the Shanghai perfect resume template. The ample white space signifies professionalism. Moreover, there's some extra space to add awards, apprenticeships, internships, blog links, social profiles, or portfolios. Why not make it more interesting for hiring managers to read when you have all that is needed?


resume copy and paste

If your resume can't communicate effectively with a hiring manager thn there's no use of it. In that case, you need a professional resume created using a resume builder for a dedicated job posting. In addition, it must be developed using the job description published by hiring managers so that the selection chances increase.

Resume Templates Compatible with Resume Builder

The first thing that happens to a professional resume is that it has to pass through applicant tracking systems that sort out resumes that are loosely written, have two pages, have multiple color schemes, and have poor formatting. Thus, to freely pass through a tracking system you need a resume template that is friendly with the resume builder that you are using. We have both of them.


resume copy and paste

The example of a property management resume is given above using the Riga template for reference purposes. This particular template has all the potential with three compartments - one at the top with a dark ribbon and two beneath with lighter shades. It's a great choice and we advise you to customize and use it according to your position.


resume copy and paste

Templates having unprofessional font sizes, lengthy up to two pages, no skills section, or not able to download after creating it are not worth a second thought. Don't waste a single minute more behind such templates. For professional jobs and management positions customize the given template as per the need and download it in various file formats.

Google Docs Resume Templates

Apart from Microsoft Word resume templates we have readymade templates from Google Docs. The design is simple with standard fonts, single page, and PDF file format download. You can even organize and/or customize it as per your style, position, job, or qualifications. So here's the list of templates.

Coral Resume Template

resume copy and paste

Coral is a template from Google Docs for entry-level and mid-career professional applicants to write a resume. Those in the lower management position willing to upgrade their jobs need this one. The design is pretty straightforward and super simple. List your career skills and experience to create a readable document for hiring managers.

Modern Writer Resume Template

resume copy and paste

The modern writer Google Docs resume template is slightly different from the above one. This one has a dedicated header region to describe contact information. Look at the example above. Suitable for entry-level candidates the template can be used for experienced resumes too. Write skills, job achievements, career accomplishments, and much more here to convince employers.

Serif Resume Template

resume copy and paste

With a little formatting and color, the serif resume template from Google Docs looks promising. Jobs that are demanding and require professional experience with career skills need such a template. It's free and you can download using just a regular Gmail account. These templates are compatible with the AI resume builder available online.

Spearmint Resume Template

resume copy and paste

The spearmint resume template from Google Docs has a mint touch denoted in a green shade. The horizontal thick line at the top describes the starting point. Below the green line, you get space to mention summary, skills, experience, and qualifications. This less formatting, free, and minimalist template is a good choice.

Swiss Resume Template

resume copy and paste

Professional jobs like managers, supervisors, team leaders, etc have a lot to mention when it comes to summarizing their career objectives. On the other hand, employers love these types of detailings. Therefore, it doesn't matter whether you are an entry-level candidate or a seasoned applicant the Swiss resume template from Google Docs is perfect.

How to Write a Perfect Resume?

A perfect resume exists only when it is drafted perfectly and to do that you require a template having standard features. For instance, space to compile skills, job experience, style in fonts, and much more. To counter these queries here are some tips.

Resume Format

The resume format is different from resume formatting. A format defines the method to organize the content whereas formatting relates to the look and visual appeal of the entire document. Here we will discuss four resume formats and advise the standard one that can be used to compose a resume for yourself. Here you go.

  • Reverse Chronological Order - Writing resume in a reverse order is the industry standard and needless to say modern templates and resumes are created likewise. Not only this but free and premium templates also use the reverse order. In short, describing the latest details first followed by the older ones is the trend.
  • Functional resume format - To create a resume you need a solid work history with unmatched skills and both of them play a critical role when it comes to hiring. Contradictorily, in the functional format the skills are highlighted more compared to the work history. Applicants having gaps in their careers are advised to use this format.
  • Combination resume format - The combination aka the hybrid format is accurately parse but dramatically makes the resume lengthy. Now that's not something a hiring manager would like. Not to mention, the combination format is rarely used in both templates and a resume.
  • Creative resume format - The creative format is inclined to make the resume enticing visually and to do this resume design elements, geometric shapes, fonts, and colors are used. For your information, creative resumes are neither available from Microsoft Word from Google Docs. Job seekers customize them themselves or take the help of designers.

The bottom line is to apply the reverse chronological order in resume templates since it is the standard format. However, if you are into creative jobs then the creative format is a good option.

Resume Outline

Once your resume format is finalized work on the outline. The resume sections comprise the outline and for your reference purpose, we have listed them below. Take a look.

  • Contact information
  • Professional resume summary
  • Objective statement
  • Work history
  • Skills section
  • Education qualifications
  • Additional details

A detailed explanation of the above-mentioned list is given below. Let's begin with the professional resume summary.

Professional Resume Summary

A professional resume summary is an opening statement both for job seekers and hiring manager. The latter one reads and the former one compiles it. It is believed that a summary statement is the deciding factor since that's the first piece of content the reader will consume.

The purpose of compiling a summary is to give a brief introduction to the professional life of the job seekers. To do this begin with an action word like astute, passionate, attentive, competent, disciplined, etc. Thereafter add two to three relevant skills related to the job.

In the next sentence talk about your past job accomplishments and the challenges that you overcame. Finally, jot down the closing statement. This is the standard formula to compile a summary. Now here's an example of a professional resume summary statement to refer to.

Meticulous and sincere recruiter with over nine years of work experience in the hiring industry. Skilled in using artificial intelligence based resume builder and applicant tracking systems. In-depth knowledge in scrutinizing free resume templates and templates built using Microsoft Word and Google Docs. Organized orientation programs on career advice for entry-level and senior applicants. Seeking a senior recruiter role in your placement company.

Career Objective

Although an objective statement is for inexperienced job seekers we have observed even an experienced professional writes an objective instead of a summary. The formula for composing an objective statement remains the same.

For instance, create sentences using action words, search, and make a list of keywords from the job description, including skills, education, and past or current achievements. At the end mention the closing statement.

Work History

There are two ways to create work history aka career experience. First, compile sentences using keywords, hard skills, bullet points, etc. Second, use a professionally written template (a free one) to create the career history using AI suggestions.

Needless to mention, use the reverse chronological order format. Start with the current job application and mention the old experiences thereafter. Following is an example of the work experience of a human resource manager. Study the example to get an idea of the same.

Hiring Manager
Early Birds
Austin, Texas
  • Created job descriptions for vacant posts in various departments.
  • Discussed the job posting of newly recruited employees with senior management.
  • Coordinated with web developers to create an AI-based resume builder.
  • Formulated the sequences of content in the cover letters for distinct posts.
  • Sorted job applications based on unique resume design templates.
Hiring Manager
Work Force
Austin, Texas
  • Analyzed unique skills of applicants mentioned in the job application.
  • Bifurcated template-based and visually appealing resume for employers.
  • Generated an orientation program to give career advice to job applicants.
  • Created a dedicated e-book on writing a cover letter for the next job application.
  • Devised ATS-friendly resume templates and resume examples as references.
Junior Recruiter
New Recruit
Austin, Texas
  • Separated resume made using Google Docs and Microsoft word.
  • Published a series of blogs on the website on cover letters and resume templates.
  • Emailed free resume template to job applicants as per company policy.
  • Demonstrated the use of resume builder, cover letter, and templates.
  • Illustrated how to customize and save readymade resume templates.

Skills Section

Skills in a resume are easy to mention but if proper keywords and phrases are not mentioned the list won't serve the purpose. Hence it is essential to go through the job description carefully before you put down the job application.

To make the skills list interesting and compatible with applicant tracking systems use keywords from the job ad published by the recruiter. For instance, if you are a hiring professional then add keywords like example, customize, templates, entry-level, hard skills, double check, employers, create, etc. in the beginning of the main skill.

Following is the sample list of skills for reference. Read it.

  • Composed job descriptions
  • Analyzed cover letters
  • Tracked resume examples
  • Proposed AI resume builder
  • Liaison with external agencies
  • Scrutinized Google Docs
  • Tested Microsoft Word templates
  • Knowledge of applicant tracking systems
  • Bifurcated free resume templates


Similar to the skills list the academic details are also pretty easy to jot down in a resume immaterial of what the job role is. From a high school diploma to a master's degree one can describe anything that is required for the role. In short, include the highest qualification.

To understand how to add higher education or degree certificates to a resume using a template or independently here's a sample.

There's one more element you can add in the education section, the coursework. To give more depth to the academic details and overall resume add major subjects and courses that you undertook during graduation or post-graduation.

Master of Business Management
Management College of Texas
Austin, Texas
2007 – 2010

Bachelor of Business Management
Austin Business Management College
Austin, Texas
2004 – 2007

Extra Details

Additional details aka extra details are like giving a finishing touch to the masterpiece. These are nitro boosters that help your resume navigate further. Although the list is long when it comes to including extra details. Here we have compiled a list of items that you can add in the additional detail section.

  • Language proficiency
  • Awards and recognition
  • Honorary mentions
  • Websites and blogs
  • Guest speaking experience
  • Internship experience
  • Apprenticeship experience
  • Names of books published
  • Newspaper interviews
  • Course certification
  • School/college club membership
  • Other membership details

Now here's a sample of the additional section with a couple of elements from the list above.

  • English (Native)
  • Spanish (Conversational)
  • German (Beginner)
  • Certification in AI-Based Free Resume Builder, 2010-2011
  • Professional Resume Template Expert, 2011-2012
  • Texas Recruiters Confederation, Member, 2014-Present
  • US Hiring Agencies Conglomerate, Member, 2016-Present

Formatting Your Resumes

We have already discussed the format of a resume and now it's time to talk about the formatting. The concept here is to decorate your resume and one can do it either manually or using a readymade template.

The risk in formatting a resume manually is that we can overdo it hurting our chances of getting an interview call. So, how to format your resume? Here are some tips.

  • Use minimal design elements if done manually.
  • Download a readymade resume template that is free.
  • Utilize free resume templates in Microsoft word or Google Docs.
  • A free resume template is readily optimized for usage.
  • Avoid using curvy fonts and instead employ standard fonts.
  • Limit the size of the font between 10 to 12 points.
  • Skip multiple color theme templates. Use only a single color or at the most two colors.
  • Separate headings from the regular text by making it bold.

We hope you have followed the tips given in this article about the resume builder, cover letter, template, and a lot of other details. Get in touch if there's any query.

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