Property Management Assistant Resume: Useful Guide + Bonus Tips

Your professional property management assistant resumes should be accurate, formal and meet the standards of professional resumes that HR managers expect to see in the job applications that they receive. You should always keep in mind that this is crucial to creating your impression as an ideal professional employee.

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Let's talk about how you can write a job winning resume!

Where to begin?


Research is the most important part before even penning down your resume. In order to know what will go on your resume for this particular post or for the position of property management assistant you should research on different social media websites at a professional capacity and also go on search platforms to know more about the role and job description through various sources. The following will explain to you to what to refer to for making your resume ready for the role.

To learn more about the role or the role in the organisation, then you should hop on to a platform like LinkedIn and then understand what the people in the organisation have put in, then check the employees in the same role or who have worked in the same role or in associated organisations. Second hop on to websites like Glassdoor which have people who post honest reviews about the companies, these people are existing employees or ex-employees.

After you have done your research on the websites then proceed to create your resume basis the characteristics, the words and phrases you read. This allows you to be closer to the role and organisation. Secondly research about the company. Look up their website understand their mission statement and vision statement and use those words and phrases in your resume. Key words that can be put in as soft skills or even hard skills. Their idea has to be in your resume so that they can realise that you are fit for the company.

Property Management Assistant Resume


There are essentially three formats that everyone follows and even for the role of proerpty management assistant. First the Functional Format, the reverse chronological format, and lastly the combination format.

The Functional Format: The functional format for the property management assistant role is where the candidate in this case you are not very experienced and are starting out your career. If this is the case then you do not have to follow any chronology and do not have a lot of restrictions, however, your resume should show enough potential to compete with people who have experience.

You should have your education section that should be your priority, then you should show any additional certifications and/ or courses you might have completed before applying, then you should put your internship experiences, and it would be best if it was around the job position you are applying to, or if not weave you're experiences in a way that can show how you can transfer your skills to property management.

The functional format is very simple. It does not show case much in the experience section so you can put in your internship, if you have held any job, or even your positions of responsibilities that college students have in clubs and societies. If there are any major achievements or awards or even recognitions due hight light them in another section and explain to them the importance.

The Reverse Chronological Format: The reverse chronological format is quite widely used format in terms of characteristics. The reason it is so because everything that is mentioned in the resume is to be in a reverse order. So whatever you have done i.e., experiences, courses, education, certification, all has to be in a reverse chronological order. The priority is to be given to what you have done recently.

Under this reverse chronological format the experience section is what is the most importatnt component. The reason beiing this format is more suitable for a person who has had experience of over 5-7 years. This allows them to expand on their experiences a bit and also then highlight the key points under it. This format gives them the liberty to use multiple points under the experience and even mention skills as part of it.

The Combination Format: The combination format as the name suggest is when you combine the characteristics of the reverse chornological format and the functional format. you would like to use both these formats in one to maximise your potential as a candidate for property management assistant. The reason you would want to combine is almost all people in this profession use this format and even globally in all professions this is the case.

Even if you have little to no experience, or moderate and/or a lot of experience, try to pen it down in a case where the latest is put first and the earliest towards the end for all the components.

Resume sample outline

The outline of your property management assistant resumes can make a lot of difference for you as you go about presenting your profile however you need to make sure you choose the right format for your profile and resume. Here is a resume sample outline for reverse chronological resume format:

  • Resume header
  • Resume summary
  • Professional experience/work history
  • Education section
  • Skills section
  • Extra sections

Contact information section

The contact information section on your property management assistant resume should include your details that help the hiring managers in contacting you, such as:

  • Your full name
  • Your contact number
  • Your email address
  • Your LinkedIn profile link
  • Your photograph and home address (not mandatory)

Resume summary section

Next should be your resume summary section where you will highlight the most impressive parts of your property management assistant resume. Your resume summary should be short, crisp and concise where you only mention the details that are impressive and will help you grab the hiring manager's attention to detail that is intriguing and sustain that attention for the rest of your resume.

Your resume summary should cover certain points such as total years of experience, your role, your background (residential properties or commercial properties or such), impressive details and achievements, intriguing information, your goal moving forward as in what kind of opportunity you are looking for.

Professional experience in property management

You will talk about your job experiences, work history, relevant skills and anything else that may be important and relevant in this professional

Make sure you mention details such as your job title, full name of the employer and the employment period before each experience. In the description, ensure that you mention your important achievements, milestones, rewards, awards, recognitions, any exceptional performances and more that will help you highlight your competency efficiently.

Education section

An important section for those people who are applying for the property manager assistant role with little to no experience. For example fresh out of university students or relatively less experience like 1-2 years. These people applying for the role of property management assistant should add in the education section.

The education section should follow the reverse chronological format. That means the latest education first and the earliest last. For example if the person is a masters degree holder than that should come first and then the undergraduate degree second and then the high school diploma.

If you add in any additional courses you have done besides the formal education system from online sources or any other certificaiotn then that will not come in your education section. For example if you have done a certification course for property management assistant then that will not be included here but in another section titles Certification and Courses.

Property Management Assistant Resume

Skills section

Skills are the most used tool in a business that requires dealing with multiple people. These skills will help you navigate the path to become a better candidate that can be shortlisted for becoming the organisation's property manager assistant.

📌List of relevant skills for your property management assistant resume:

  • management assistant skills
  • assistant property manager skills
  • property management
  • property manager skills
  • real estate management assistant skills
  • real estate management knowledge
  • customer service skills
  • maintenance requests management
  • working with property managers
  • property management software
  • attention to detail
  • excellent customer service skills
  • exceptional customer service skills
  • Microsoft Office
  • business administration
  • rent payments
  • accounts payable
  • project management
  • rental agreements
  • commercial properties management assistant skills
  • tenant relations
  • tenant satisfaction
  • provided administrative support
  • office manager skills
  • administrative tasks
  • tenant events management
  • administrative support skills
  • working with property management staff
  • property management field knowledge
  • coordinating tenant events
  • timely manner
  • property inspections
  • data entry
  • monthly reports
  • service contracts
  • preparing monthly reports
  • weekly accounts
  • customer complaints management
  • potential tenants relations
  • administrative assistant skills
  • residential properties management
  • lease administration
  • financial reports
  • financial analysis
  • lease renewals
  • time management
  • company policies
  • managing tenant files

Bonus Tips

Beat the ATS

To ensure that your property management assistant resume beats the AI software or ATS used by HR manager, you will have to include the relevant keywords throughout your resume in a sensible and meaningful manner. We have prepared a list for you, you can also pick up important keywords during your research.

📌List of relevant keywords for your property management assistant resume:

  • company policies
  • timely manner
  • time management
  • legal documents
  • successful completion
  • office equipment
  • office manager
  • residential communities
  • tenant relations
  • tenant complaints
  • tenant files
  • leasing agent
  • administrative support
  • administrative assistant
  • weekly accounts
  • customer service
  • customer complaints
  • potential tenants
  • preparing monthly reports
  • data entry
  • property inspections
  • real estate management assistant
  • business administration degree
  • coordinating tenant events
  • provided administrative support
  • management team
  • 10 years of experience
  • email address
  • part-time
  • accounts payable
  • business administration
  • rent payments
  • managing accounts payable
  • Microsoft Office
  • certified property manager
  • assistant property managers
  • attention to detail
  • property management assistant
  • property managers
  • maintenance requests
  • customer service
  • property management assistants
  • real estate
  • property manager
  • property management
  • management assistant
  • assistant property manager

Why write a cover letter?

The reason to write a cover letter is several folds. A cover letter is like selling your self to the hiring manager or whomsoever reads it. Selling the skills you have acquired, selling the experience you've gained which will help the organisation or the firm you're applying to. A cover letter usually between five hundred to eight hundred words. The letter has to cover the kind of person you are, your nature, your willingness, your key experiences, your key take aways, your achievements, awards and recognitions and lastly they should be weaved and narrated in a way that allows the reader to understand who you are as a person subjectively and not objectively like from your resume.

It adds value to your resume since you're now using sentences, and emotions and the whole english literature to get to where you are as a person. Cover letter should expand on your key experience if you have added significant value to your previous job. If you have won any award or been recognised as something in your previous job or even before that part so that the employer or the hiring manger knows then you should mention it over here.

Always get your cover letter read by a third person so that they can give you feedback. The third person should be able to read the narrative you have woven for your self.

Are references important?

References are important for when you are applying for a property management assistant. References will take your side when the hiring manager decides to give your previous employer's a call. The references should be people whom you trust and have gained valuable experience from and who have seen you grow professionally. Those kind of references will do more than justice to you as a character.

The resume should always have at least three references. Three is the ideal amount of references that should do the job. The references should know that they have been selected to represent you should the hiring manager gives them a call. Secondly, the references should always tell the hiring manager you overcoming your weaknesses, apart from just tell your strengths ans achievements. The reason ton mention you overcoming weaknesses is because that shows potential of growth, that you were also focusing on improving your self for the organisation and that your reference who most likely would have been your senior has witnessed it in a positive light which show cases that you are also a team player.


We have talked about everything in detail that will help you write your property management assistant resume. You can also check out our extensive collection of resume examples, resume samples, resume templates and more. Our resume builder feature is also helpful for saving time and energy, as it gives you the AI prompts similar to ChatGPT.

Lastly, check out a number of property management assistant resume examples and assistant property manager resume example and property management assistant resume samples and more before you start writing your own property management assistant resume or begin modifying your assistant property manager resume.

Property Management Assistant Resume

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many pages should my assistant property manager resume have?

Ideally, your standard professional assistant property manager resume should have 1 to 2 pages.

Do I need a master's degree on my property management assistant resume?

Not necessarily. Depending on the job descriptions, you will know whether particular position requires a master's degree or not. You can also confirm the same with the recruiter as well.

Which keywords are most important for assistant property manager resume?

Here is a list of most important keywords for your assistant property manager resume, you can also refer to the lengthier list mentioned in the article above.

  • property management
  • years of experience
  • real estate
  • customer service
  • certified property manager
  • property managers
  • property management assistants

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