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Before you write a professional business resume to yourself understand what does it mean and who it is for. In a while, we will discuss a business resume and professionals who need it.Make this concept clear that a business resume is for business job applications and not otherwise. Business-related jobs are multifaceted.

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For instance, a business owner needs a business development manager, business executives, business administration assistants, operations management, project management, business development executive, and so on.

In this article, you will read business resume examples of different job title. What we will do is discuss a variety of business resume template section-wise and how they appear in a business resume. In addition, every section will have distinct business resume examples. So, without much ado let's begin.

Do you find it hard to write a business resume? Do you need help to write a business resume? If yes then we have readymade business resume templates. They are highly customized and ATS-friendly. For templates click here. Also, read stand-alone resume example of industry professionals. Browse them here.

Still, looking for a resume example? Go through the links below to find a wide variety of resume examples that are similar to a business resume. Here's the full list.

How to Write a Business Resume?

A professional resume has six resume sections or at the most seven if there's any extra information the applicant feels necessary to write. This separate section contains dedicated details depending on the level of education, work history, and key skills.

Therefore, let's address the critical components of a business resume.

  • Resume header
  • Resume summary
  • Objective (for inexperienced)
  • Professional experience
  • Education section
  • Key skills section
  • Additional details

A business resume objective is specifically for those who are inexperienced. In terms of the business world - a business student resume can have an objective statement. For everything else, there's a resume summary. After defining the vital ingredients of a business resume next is the resume layout.

The Layout of a Professional Business Resume

resume for a business

The layout of a professional business resume points out two essential things - one is the structure of your business resume and another is the business resume format.

The detail in the structure of a business resume we have already discussed above. It has personal information, summary or objective, work history, education, key skills, and other details. The additional details section can have relevant information like language proficiency, certificates, awards, publications, an online portfolio, and a lot more details.

A good resume format tells hiring managers where you have worked so far and what kind of work history you have. Along with that it also speaks about education. Now all this information in a business resume template is in reverse chronological order.

The reverse order will arrange employment history starting from the latest job and going up to the first ever job that you did in the past. In short, the reverse chronological order defines your past and present work history.

Although we have functional and hybrid resume format still we will be using the standard chronological format in business resume templates.

Now we will go through individual sections of a business resume template and also refer to the examples. To make things simple and easy to understand each resume section is bifurcated based on a job profile. For example, if you are reading the header in a business resume template then the designation will be of a quality manager or a production planner.

Business Resume Header

A business job listing in operations asks for executives and managerial roles in production, quality management, inventory, and supply chain operations.

So here's a good example of a business resume header in an operations management resume.

Louis Schneider

Quality Manager

Atlanta, Georgia

+1 956-214-3761

We can determine straightforward details in the above example. One active phone number, an active email address, location, full name, and designation. A single word beyond this will ruin your business resume.

The below example in the business professional resume is the epitome of errors. Fancy email addresses, zodiacs, and a lot more things that are unwanted.

Louis Schneider

Quality Manager

2768 Jerome Avenue

Atlanta, Georgia 78501

+1 956-214-3761

Birth date - August 15, 1973

Age - 49 years old

Zodiac sign - Leo

Business Resume Summary

After the header section of business resumes here comes the business resume summary. Okay, answer this question. What is a good resume? What kind of resume will you label as a good resume? It's complex because there are many factors responsible for a business resume to work or break down.

Out of all these factors, the business resume summary is critical. It's an opening introductory statement and hiring managers will begin reading the resume for a business job from here onwards. Hence, it must be engaging. Not to mention that the resume summary must be short and probably not in bullet points.

Following are two examples to show you how a business resume summary needs to be written. The job profile that we have selected for our resume summary is of a business development manager. So here it is.

Accountable business development manager with a master's degree in business management having key skills in new business development and customer services. More than 9 years of relevant experience in revenue generation by 33% at Index Tradings is seeking an opportunity to be part of your business development team.

Passionate business development manager with a master's degree in business management. I have relevant skills in new business development and customer services. I also have 9+ years of relevant experience and a solid track record. I seek an opportunity to be part of your business development team as new initiatives in my career.

Business Resume Objective

Skills are an essential part of your resume since they are across your business resumes. It means that must be in the business resume objective too. The basic formula for writing a business resume objective or a strong resume summary is to integrate the right skills and formulate sentences that reflect your professionalism.

This strategy applies to every single objective statement that you write in the business resume template. With this in mind below are two examples of objective statements. For reference here the job profile is of a business administration assistant.

Passionate business administration assistant with a bachelor's degree in commerce and business management worked as a volunteer business admin at Stepping Stone Technologies. Documentation, tax returns, bills receivables, and bills payable are some relevant skills that would bring substantial benefits to Star Technologies.

Upon closely observing we can determine that the above objective statement has a proper balance of relevant keywords that will boost the application forward. On the other hand, if you observe the below statement, you will find relevant keywords but they are open-ended instead of drawing conclusive statements.

A graduate business administration assistant in business management. Have a work history working in my father's own business. Also worked as a business student during my internship programs. Seeking an opportunity to boost my skills by joining your team of business professionals.

Professional Experience in a Business Resume

resume for a business

A business career gives an individual ample opportunities to thrive and succeed. Although business ventures are not an uncontested marketplace yet the applicant can win a high-paying job and establish his or her potential.

Hiring managers look for potential in only one place in a business development resume. That is the professional experience section. This is a separate section that can make things go south if not addressed properly. The only real way to describe the relevant experience is to follow basic characteristics.

  • Use the reverse chronological order.
  • Make use of the present tense while writing.
  • Writing in bullet points is standard practice.
  • Include skills and relevant information.
  • Avoid writing this section in the past tense.
  • Integrate hard and soft skills in the bullet points.
  • Add action verbs and key phrases from the job description.

These are some general tips and following them could yield a strong resume. Now let's consider the examples below. We have written professional experience as a business development executive.

Business Development Executive

Gibs Super Grocery Store

Atlanta, Georgia


  • Encouraging customers to purchase add-on items by arranging group demos and free sample distribution as a part of the promotion strategy.
  • Mentoring and training intern sales executives to complete their monthly target job assigned by store or floor managers.
  • Assisting store display assistants to refill display counters, maintain display stock inventory, and promote brands to visitors.
  • Monitoring new product promotion and revenue goals of aspiring brands during the weekends and public holidays.

Business Development Executive

Gibs Super Grocery Store

Atlanta, Georgia


  • Encouraging customers to purchase add-on items.
  • Arranging group demos and free sample distribution.
  • Training executives to complete their monthly target job.
  • Assisting store display assistants to refill counters.
  • Maintain display stock inventory and promote brands.
  • Monitoring new product promotion and revenue goals.
  • Managing store visitors during the weekends and public holidays.

Education section in a Business Resume

A job description is a valuable resource to win full-time (or part-time) jobs. Yes, you can get hired for part-time jobs if you pay attention to the job description published by prospective employers before you begin writing a resume.

The reason why we repeatedly tell you to refer to the job description is - you get to know what they want from you.

For instance, a prospective employer needs a master's degree and you present him with a high school diploma. Without a second thought hiring managers will pull the plug because it's a mismatch for a business management resume. Refer to the examples below of the education section of business executive resumes.

Bachelor of Commerce

University of Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia

GPA 3.9


Commerce Degree

Atlanta, Georgia

Graduation Year 2018

That's not how you should be writing your qualifications in the education section. It is completely normal not to mention GPA or major subjects but simply putting down a commerce degree won't work and you know that.

It's a business resume for jobs related to revenue goals, documentation, filing, and a lot more other things. Hence, professionalism is utmost required. Follow the correct example.

Key Skills Section in a Business Resume

Do you the difference between project management and volunteer work? Both of them require distinct skills. After professional experience and education - skills are the most sort after sections in a business management resume.

Now if that's the case then your skills section must be top-notch to attract the eyeballs of a hiring manager.

Expert advice recommends compiling the skills section into segments like key skills, hard skills, technical skills, and all those relevant skills needed for the target job.

Again refer to the job description let out by the prospective employer to help you refine your business resume skills section with action verbs. Go through the example below and see how to have separate sections for defining core competencies.

We have taken business and management job profiles as our reference to enlist skills.

Soft skills
  • Problem-solving
  • Communication
  • Self-motivated
  • Team player
  • Time management
  • Organizational
  • Critical thinking
  • Decision-making
Hard skills
  • Documentation
  • Data analysis
  • Computer literacy
  • Customer services
  • Book-keeping
  • Generating reports
  • Accounting
  • Sales
Technical skills
  • Preparing tax documents
  • Budget planning
  • Filing tax returns
  • Financial reporting
  • Payroll management
  • Invoicing
  • Project management
  • Auditing

Additional Details in a Business Development Resume

resume for a business

Have you ever come across a business development manager resume? No? If you would have then you know what additional details section contains. Okay now, let's shed some light without creating suspense anymore.

A business development manager resume has language, certificates, academic awards, achievements, internships, blog links, sales portfolios, and other similar details that would interest prospective employers.

Consider it the other side of the coin and not only a business development manager resume but you will find extra information in every resume example that you read. The resume samples listed above, in the beginning, contain additional details. All these extra details make a stellar resume.

Business Cover Letter

So far we learned about business resume template, resume example, and key skills section, and now the final chapter is the cover letter. A business cover letter is highly demanded by a prospective employer. If not then just a resume is enough.

However, if they demand a cover letter then you must be prepared with one. How to draft a cover letter is explained by our resume experts in a dedicated guide.

Here you will also come across alternate cover letter examples just like a resume example we have read so far. It explains to the employer or a business owner how you fit into the business world.

FAQs About Professional Business Resume

What are the top eight resume tips to follow?

The most simple resume tips one can follow without putting much effort are as follows.

  • Use maximum action verbs throughout the resume.
  • Use present tense as much as possible instead of past tense.
  • Follow the job listing published by employers.
  • Study a resume example before creating your own.
  • Start with a business resume template.
  • Separate crucial details using bullet points.
  • Use bullet points to write a track record in a business career.
  • Mention new initiatives taken during the employment.
  • Describe academic awards and publications.

Follow the above-mentioned general tips to make your resume shine.

What is a business administration resume?

First things first, a business administration resume is similar to a professional resume used to make job applications for various roles in a business establishment. Different types of business opportunities create vivid job roles. However, each one of these vacancies varies depending on the business opportunities that are generated by a business owner.

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