Find a Job in Spain: Comprehensive Guide + Tips

Looking for a move to Spain? You may have worked on work visa or studies or resident visa or such, you may be looking for employment to work in Spain as well.

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Find a Job in Spain: Comprehensive Guide + Tips

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Table of contents
Table of content
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To find work or to find a job in Spain, you will have to look at the open positions, expat groups, give your personal details, have work permit and/or work visas, contact Spanish embassy, visit local foreigner's office and so on. Recent years have been a tricky time for employment however after Covid pandemic, things have improved.

You may be able to find a new job in Spain in tourism, education (teaching English), healthcare, business (business consultants) and so on. You can also be self employed if you have what it takes to build your own jobs and employment. If you are looking to work in a company, make sure you meet all the criteria.

In this article, we will talk about how to find a job in Spain, especially where to find work and more. Read on!

Finding jobs

Finding work is not easy, especially when you are looking for a job in a country that you haven't been to before. Finding work in Spain can difficult although we are here to help you. Before we get into how to find a job in Spain, let's talk about some of the Tips on how to prepare to find work in Spain!


First things first, you need to do some research, research will help you a lot and you know it which is why you are here. When you are in your home country and looking for a job, you may have a fair idea of what all you need to research such as industry scenario and job openings and salary range offered and role and job description and so on. However, when you are looking for a job in Spain, a country that is new for you, it can be a bit more complicated to do the research because you will need to explore some more areas and factors such as visa and work permit and industry scope and economy and immigration state of the country and so on.

You may want to explore the political state, how are your home country's relations with the country you are moving to, will you be treated well and will you be safe there? You should explore how are the job markets and what is the state of immigration policies and trends that will affect you, you should also explore the visa requirements and the application processing time period. You will also need to know whether you are qualified to be hired by a company in Spain.

Find a job in Spain

You will need to learn Spanish in case you want a particular job that requires you to speak Spanish, however as English speakers, you can also find English speaking jobs such as teaching English or working with company that operates in English due to oversees clients or networks.

You will need to explore if you have the right educational qualifications to be hired and employed in Spain without any issues, you may have to take up extra courses or pass exams or such, you will need to make sure that you do not miss out on any important step of the process. You will need to ensure that all your documents are collected and prepared well for the visa application and other procedures.

Next up, you will explore your particular profession and the jobs in Spain for that field, your profile and the salary range that you may acquire for yourself. You should also explore how the resumes are written and the job applications format (personal details, word of mouth/reference requirements etc.) and more.


Before you start applying for jobs, you will be preparing for the legal requirements such as work visa and so on. Another task that you need to attend to is writing a perfect and professional resume of your profile. You will need to write it in the most professional manner and ensure that you have maintained accuracy in your resume.

You should proofread your resume twice when you are done writing to get rid of any and every spelling mistakes, grammatical mistake and factual error. You can also look up various resume formats and templates for your resume.

Before you start writing your resume, you should learn all about your role and job description, and when you write your resume, you should never undersell yourself but highlight your achievements, your skills and your experience properly. You should write your resume in past tense and third person throughout all the sections.

Your resume should be 1 to 2 pages long and you should only include the information and profile details that are relevant and important for the job that you are applying for in Spain. Keep in mind that the nature of jobs in Spain as well as the hiring system may be different than your home country and your resume should written accordingly to make sure the hiring managers are not disappointed but impressed with how thorough you are as a professional seeking jobs in Spain.

Cover letter

Cover letter may seem unnecessary or tiresome and time consuming, although, it can go a long way for you. Especially, when you are applying for jobs in Spain, you will need all your efforts to convince the hiring manager that you are a competent employee and you will serve well for their company.

You should personalize the cover letter by using the name of the hiring manager in the address and you should also customize your cover letter for each job that you apply for. Cover letter is your opportunity to reiterate your genuine interest and your whole profile including your skills, your experience, your educational background, your language proficiencies, your exposures, your knowledge and expertise and so on.

You can also talk about how you were inspired for the particular profession, how your journey has been so far, why do you want to find a job in Spain, what are your future goals for your career in Spain and so on. This will help you reflect your passion and dedication for the job and that is something that every hiring manager looks for in their ideal candidate that they would prefer to hire as their employee.

How to find a job in Spain?

In Spain, you can find plenty of job opportunities because the Spanish job market has tons of job openings. Whether you speak Spanish or you are English speakers looking for English speaking jobs such as English language teachers, you can always find a suitable job as long as you have good language skills and a knack for finding work and job vacancies in the job market.

If you are in business field and you want to work with multinational companies as business consultants or you are an expert in finance sector, you will find many jobs in Spain with the right networking events and platforms.

However, make sure that you fulfill all the requirements from Spanish work visa, insurance and every other documents. You may be dealing with Spanish embassy in your country for work visa and work permit for Spain. If you have personal contacts and good network, you can find a job in Spain easily, especially in certain industries.

Find a job in Spain


Indeed is a job search platform used to find employment by job seekers in Spain. You may have used Indeed before in your home country as well so you know how useful the platform can be. The platform is also useful in Spain and offers thousands of jobs in Spain as well as Spain's coastal regions. Many jobs are listed for cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Malaga. These locations are also popular for students who are studying and looking for a part time work or job to earn some money while studying. The platform also offers option of targeted search that saves you a lot of time and energy. Companies list a lot of jobs on the platform for all kinds of industries such as healthcare, business, education, tourism, police station, industrial engineers, finance sector, staffing agencies, hospitality jobs and so on.


You may have already heard of and even used the platform LinkedIn, it is a platform for not just job search but also networking which is crucial for dream job and expat jobs in Spain. On LinkedIn you can create your profile, upload your resume and describe your professional details that will attract the recruiters. You can also share your thoughts and journey on the platform in the professional manner. The LinkedIn platform is used by smallest companies to multinational companies who are looking for skilled workers. Among all the job websites in the job market, this website is used by most professionals in every country. If you are looking for jobs in the major cities of Spain, LinkedIn will be handy. You can also explore other people's experiences and journey of working abroad and find out about various job opportunities and job offers that you may be qualified for due to high demand of right person with right skills.

If you want to work in Spain make sure you have explored and researched all about work visas, residence permit, visa application, employment necessities to work in Spain, open positions and job market scenario, skills in demand, demand of skilled workers, work visas for residents of other countries, necessary language skills to find jobs and so on.


It can be difficult for English speakers to find English speaking jobs in Spain, however, you can still find jobs in Spain without having to learn and speak Spanish. Your job hunt needs to well targeted and well directed so that you can find a job in Spain. To find jobs in Spain, you will be exploring many platforms. We talked about LinkedIn and Indeed, next up is Infojobs platform.

Find a job in Spain

This platform us one of the top platform with a large database for jobs in Spain and you can find a suitable job for yourself from around 50,000+ jobs listed on the platform. The platform aims to ensure that job seekers are connected to employers and acquire employment in the quickest as well as easiest manner.

The platform also offers advice and study guide for the users who may be looking for some answers and guidance to find a job in Spain. With such a guidance you can quickly grasp the job search steps even in another country such as Spain.


This platform is suitable for those who are looking for part-time work during their studies. The part time work will expose the students to hands-on experience. The platform is used by a huge number of companies looking for employees like you. You can also travel to the country side on weekends to work or get jobs in Spain so that you can catch a break from monotonous study life. You can do a number of part time jobs of your liking and preference.


Turijobs is not one of the biggest job search platform in Spain however it is excellent platform for job search when you are looking for a particular niche. Many students who go to Spain for studies, often do part time work during studies before acquiring Spanish work visa. This earns them a side income that helps them with living expenses and more.

This might mean you can only work during evenings or weekends or at the hours when your classes are not taking place. Such jobs are often the hospitality jobs and tourism sector jobs. Such jobs will get you a good income and in addition you will be interacting with new people and that will help you with your language skills and ability to speak Spanish.

If this sounds like a good option, go to Turijobs and find a job in Spain that is the right fit for you. Make sure you read the job vacancies ad carefully and be informed exactly what the job is and what are the job requirements.

In addition to platforms discussed above, you can also check out these platforms-Infoempleo,, Hosco, Think Spain, Xpatjobs. These are the best websites with most jobs listed that are suitable for you. A job vacancy is useful in finding work however you need to make sure that your resume is good and suitable for speculative applications and employment requirements to work in Spain.


Your journey of job search can be difficult however with the help of this guide, we are sure you will be able to navigate your job hunt efficiently. When you are writing your resume, you need to ensure that it is perfect and job winning resume which is why you may want to explore and refer to a number of resume examples before you write your own professional resume.

We have a huge collection of resume examples and resume templates that you can refer to, regardless of the profession that you are seeking job with, you will find something helpful in our collection because it contains everything for all the A to Z professions, guides on platforms like LinkedIn, guides on writing resume and much more.

Find a job in Spain

Lastly, you should also check out our resume builder feature as it will help you write your resume withing minutes. The resume builder will give your AI generated suggestions like ChatGPT and help you write your resume easily. The difference between ChatGPT and resume builder is that resume builder is created specifically for resume writing and it will make your task significantly easy and save you time and energy both!

And that's all! Good luck with the job search, with the help of this guide, we are sure you will find employment in Spain soon!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need to know Spanish to find a job in Spain?

Not necessarily, while many jobs may require you to speak Spanish, there are tons of jobs where you can work as an English speaker too. Many multinational companies and other employers offer jobs where speaking English is required and you can be hired in those positions.

Can I find work in Spain in tourism sector?

Yes, you can find work in Spain in tourism sector as Spain is one of the most favored tourist destination in Europe and there are many roles that you can acquire as jobs in Spain, where you will be working in tourism sector.

Can I find work in Spain in healthcare sector?

Yes, absolutely! healthcare is one of the top fields with vacancies along with tourism sector.

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