How to Add Your Resume to LinkedIn [+Job Application Tips]

About 185M US professionals are on LinkedIn by 2022 which amounts to 23% of the total global LinkedIn users (OMNICORE agency statistics). If you’re not on LinkedIn, it's time to head over and create a perfect LinkedIn account.

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How to Add Your Resume to LinkedIn [+Job Application Tips]

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Table of contents
Table of content

Write your resume in 15 minutes

Our free collection of expertly designed resume templates will help you stand out from the crowd and get one step closer to your dream job.

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For the past 20 years, LinkedIn has always been THE social media for professionals – helped with networking, idea sharing, career growth, and jobs.

In this article, we focus on its job search engine – how to add your resume to LinkedIn – and how to effectively search for jobs.

There’re 15M+ total jobs posted on LinkedIn – probably, your next dream career would have been already posted there. Here, we cover everything you should know to find it – apply for it – and to get it.


  • A step-by-step guide to adding your resume to LinkedIn.
  • How to search for jobs on LinkedIn and upload your resume.
  • How to turn your LinkedIn profile into a resume.
  • Tips to increase your chances of getting a job.

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How to Add Your Resume to LinkedIn

There’re many ways to add your resume to your LinkedIn. Consider different options and choose yours. Here’s how to upload your resume to the LinkedIn featured section.

Upload resume to the featured media section

You could add items directly to your profile page and they will be featured to the visitors. The media here are public – so anyone can access your resume and its data. If you’re concerned about the privacy of your information, consider removing such information from your resume before uploading it.

Uploading your resume to the featured section is simple:

  • Go to your profile page – if you’re in “Home”, click the “Me” drop-down menu with your profile picture and select “View Profile”
📌 Tip: This is the link to the page you should put on your resume

  • Click “Add Profile Section” – this allows you to add different information and media to your profile. This consists of 3 parts – namely, core, recommended, and additional
  • Choose “Recommended” – completing this section increases your credibility and gives you access to more opportunities
  • There you could see the “Add Featured” section – this will redirect you to your profile’s featured section
  • Click the “+” icon at the top right corner – you’ll see a drop-down to add a post, newsletter, article, link, or media
  • Select “Add Media” to add your resume
how to add resume to linkedin

  • Choose the most up to date resume file and upload
📌 Tip: Use a professional file name for your resume – ideally, use your first and last names

How to Upload Resume to Your LinkedIn Job Application

Applying for jobs on LinkedIn is easy. LinkedIn has made its job search engine much more productive with different features over the years.

If you don’t want to feature your resume on your profile, the next thing you could do is to send it directly to the hiring managers – so the information on your resume is protected.

To apply for jobs on Linkedin, head on to the “Jobs” section

how to add resume to linkedin

In the LinkedIn job search engine, you could search for jobs by title, skills, or company and you could also specify the location (City) you’re looking for.

how to add resume to linkedin

📌 Tip: Set a job alert for the position you’re looking for – LinkedIn will send you notifications as soon as relevant jobs are posted on the platform

If the job is posted as “Easy Apply” – which most recruiters do – you’ll be able to simply upload your resume and submit the application within a minute.

how to add resume to linkedin

If “Easy Apply” is not available, you’ll be redirected to the job portal on the respective company website. You’ll have to manually fill a couple of sections and there’ll be a resume upload option in most cases.

📌 Tip: If you’re in a hurry and want to send the application some other time with a perfectly tailored cover letter, you can “Save” the job for later

LinkedIn stores five recently used resumes you uploaded so that you don’t have to upload them every time you’re applying for a job.

Create a Resume Post on LinkedIn

A more proactive way to look for jobs on LinkedIn is to upload your resume as a post and make it visible to your connections – this also allows you to gain LinkedIn’s magical organic reach.

This will look like a normal post you see on your feed.

  • Click “Start a post”
  • Go to “Add document”
how to add resume to linkedin

  • Choose your resume file from your computer or cloud
how to add resume to linkedin

  • Add a title to your document and write a description of the job you’re looking for in the post

If you’re actively looking for a job, this would be a much more efficient way. As the interactions of your connections with your post, it will reach an organic crowd that is not among your connections increasing your chances.

⚠️Warning: Posting your resume on LinkedIn would allow anyone who sees your post to download the resume. If it contains your contact information and any confidential information, they will be used.

By default, LinkedIn will put your audience as “Anyone”. However, you could simply change this before posting – change who sees your post before making it public.

how to add resume to linkedin

Make your post interesting and interactive. Ask your audience to like, comment, and share for better reach.

📌 Tip: Show your connections and hiring managers that you’re open to work. There’s an option on your LinkedIn profile to display your profile picture with a frame stating that you are “Open to Work”

Download Your LinkedIn Profile as a Ready-Made Resume

LinkedIn gives you the option to create a resume out of the information you’ve already put in your profile – you could download this as a PDF document and send it as your resume.

Here’s how to do this:

  • Go to “Me” and click “View Profile”
  • Go to “More”
  • Click “Save to PDF”

This way, you’ll instantly get a PDF of your LinkedIn application in a resume template which you could use as a resume. If you want to edit the information, follow these steps:

  • Go to “Me” and click “View Profile”
  • Go to “More”
  • Click “Build a Resume”

There, you’ll get a document with your profile information – before you save this as a PDF resume, you could edit any information.

how to add resume to linkedin

However, we do not recommend you use this document as your resume.

Your LinkedIn profile would be filled with so much information that you shouldn’t be including in your resume. In fact, your LinkedIn profile consists of generic information about yourself – your career – and work experience.

Your resume is different. It should be a tailored document demonstrating your ability to meet the job requirements of a specific job role.

Don’t just use the LinkedIn profile as your resume – instead, get the information from your LinkedIn resume and create your own with a modern resume template. Tailor your work history to the job you’re applying for to create a targeted resume.

Tips to Improve Your Chances of Getting a Job

Create an exceptional resume and add it to your LinkedIn profile. Follow these tips to increase your chances of winning at the shortlisting:

  • Though you apply through LinkedIn “Easy Apply” feature, try to include a cover letter to your application – cover letters are a great way to showcase your interest to the hiring manager.
  • Most LinkedIn “Easy Apply” jobs get 200+ applications (1000+ for some jobs) – getting your resume noticed would be a challenge here. Most recruiters use Applicant tracking systems (ATS) to shortlist this massive amount of job applications. Therefore, write an ATS-friendly resume with the right keywords. Read more about our guide to resume keywords.
  • Update your profile picture with a professional headshot that demonstrates your personality.
  • Complete your profile with education, experience, and skills – all the information and timelines should match your resume.
  • Create content on LinkedIn that resonates with your specialized skills and industry – use the featured section to showcase your best content.
  • Networking is the key to success on LinkedIn – if there’s a company you would like to work for, connect with people who already work there – talk to them – aks them what it took them to get there.
  • Create content – make professional connections – actively apply for jobs

Summary: Add Your Resume to LinkedIn

  • Create job-winning resumes that demonstrate your skills, experience, and education.
  • Use a modern resume template to create your resume.
  • Add your resume to the LinkedIn Featured Media Section.
  • If you’re actively looking for a job, consider creating a post on LinkedIn with your resume.
  • Use the LinkedIn Easy Apply feature to apply for jobs faster.


How many posts should I post on LinkedIn before applying for on jobs?

In reality, hiring managers don’t have time to go through your LinkedIn posts – however, if your application was shortlisted for an interview or if they’re trying to finalize a candidate for the job between two or three job seekers, they might check your profile.

In either case, it’s advisable to create at least 4 to 7 original content posts on LinkedIn – it could be blogs, videos, presentations, or industry new articles.

Do I need to create a cover letter for every job we apply on LinkedIn?

Most jobs on LinkedIn Easy Apply do not require you to submit a cover letter. However, if there’s an exciting position that you would specifically like to join in, you should write a cover letter. A tailored document expressing your interest and fit for the role would be highly valuable in the eyes of the hiring manager.

Writing cover letters is not as difficult as it was with our resume builder. Try it out for FREE today.

Can I use the same resume for every job I apply for on LinkedIn?

You can, but we do not advise you to do so. Tailor your resume to the specific set of skills the hiring manager is requesting in their job advertisement. This makes your resume ATS-friendly and increase your chances of getting shortlisted for an interview.

Tailor your resume to each job requirement faster with our ready-to-fill resume templates. Our resume builder saves you time and makes your resume targeted for the jobs increasing your chances.

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