Sample Resume: How to write a winning Model Resume

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Sample Resume: How to write a winning Model Resume

Anna Davies
DOB: 18/03/1997
+44 7645 453887

Fitting Model (bilingual)

Professional Summary

Model with over two years of experience, I have already collaborated with major brands like Prima. A patient and determined individual, I have an excellent command of a range of poses and facial expressions. I am available immediately to form part of your team of models.

Work experience

February 2019 - February 2021
Prima, New York
Lingerie model

  • Participated in commercial shoots

Posed for photo shoots and closely followed the photographers’ directions
Took part in fittings for various clients

Skills and attributes

  • Excellent command of a range of poses

Good knowledge of the fashion industry
Basic grasp of makeup application techniques


English: Native
French: Full Professional Proficiency (C2, DALF score 81/100, 2019)


Available upon request

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You’ve just managed to find an offer for a modelling job. You’re in excellent shape. You can nail a wide range of poses and facial expressions. You’re patient and determined. In other words, your profile lines up perfectly with the selection criteria outlined in the ad.

Now you need to find out how to effectively showcase your strong points in your model resume and land yourself an interview.

And this is just what we will explain in this article. Here’s what we’ve got on the agenda:

  • An example model resume to give you some inspiration
  • Plenty of advice on how to fill in each section and earn some bonus points with a polished layout.

For a first-rate resume that’s ready in a few minutes, how does that sound? Then make use of our customisable sample resumes. All you need to do is complete online, then simply download as a Word Doc or PDF file.

model resume

How to create a first-rate Model Resume

No specific qualification is needed to work as a model. If you want to set yourself apart from the rest and get yourself noticed, you need to:

  • List your previous experiences in the modelling world (runway shows, photo shoots, ad campaigns, etc.)
  • List your skills, especially those that perfectly match what the hiring manager is looking for.
  • Indicate your language abilities: a big plus for applications aimed at agencies with global reach
  • Add references (your previous employers in particular) to give yourself more credibility
  • Fine-tune your resume layout to make it easier to read and to demonstrate your professionalism to recruiters

The ideal layout for a Model Resume

During the initial screening stage, recruiters will work at an average speed of around 10 seconds per resume. So, if your resume doesn’t make for pleasant reading, recruiters will penalise you for it, or even throw your application straight in the bin.

Here is how you can nail the layout of your Modelling Resume:

  • Make your resume fit on one side of a page of A4
  • Opt for a professional, easy-to-read font style: Times New Roman, Verdana, Calibri, Arial etc.
  • Choose a clearly legible font size: 10-12 for the body of the text; 14-16 for titles
  • Avoid giving your resume a dull and dreary look; include subtle tones of bright colours such as blue or green. But not too much, less is more.
  • Ensure the page isn’t crowded: add line breaks after each section and use the 1.15 cm spacing option between each line.

The proper structure for a Model Resume

Organise your resume in a way that makes the most relevant information clearly visible:

  • Header
  • Personal statement
  • Work experience
  • Key skills
  • Languages
  • References

You could however consider organising your sections differently to highlight your main strengths. If you’re in need of some inspiration, check out our resume templates. From original resume’s to elegant, classic-style resumes, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

Showcase your work experience in your Model Resume

Casting directors place a lot of value on experience. You will therefore have a better chance of getting hired if you have already worked for well-known and reputable modelling agencies.

That said, even if you’re just starting out in your modelling career, you can absolutely still compete with other more seasoned applicants. The way that you present your unique experiences will be what sets you apart from the rest:

  • Mention the start and end dates of each of your previous assignments (the month and year)
  • Indicate the name of the modelling agency, design studio or photography studio
  • Specify the position you held (fashion model, fit model, etc.)
  • List your main tasks (3 to 4) using action verbs
  • Back up your statements using stats and figures wherever possible

model resume

The skills required to pursue a career in modelling

Note that these skills can be divided into two groups:

  • Hard skills or technical skills
  • Soft skills or behavioural skills

Both are important in the eyes of your recruiters. So, try to strike the right balance between them in your resume.

Here are a few examples of the technical skills recruiters like to see in the models they hire:

  • Solid command of modelling poses and facial expressions
  • Good knowledge of the fashion industry
  • Ability to walk a runway
  • Basic grasp of photography and makeup application techniques
  • Hairstyling techniques

Among the must-have personal qualities for the modelling world, here are a few we could mention:

  • Perseverance
  • Patience
  • Communication skills
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Performance under pressure
Here’s a top tip for arousing the recruiter’s interest: Reuse the required skills mentioned in the offer description. This will also help you get past any applicant tracking tools.

model resume

Adding extra sections to your modelling resume: languages and references

Languages for a Model resume

If you’re looking to work with international fashion agencies and designers, your language skills will be carefully scrutinised by hiring managers.

Ideally, you should specify your level of proficiency according to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

Here is an example of how to properly present your linguistic abilities:

  • English: Native
  • French: Full Professional Proficiency (C2, DALF score 81/100, 2019)
References in your Model Resume

References are undoubtedly a considerable asset to have in a model resume. Providing the contact information of your previous employees will bolster your application. You should therefore mention your most important referee first.

You may be tempted to put ‘References available upon request’, with the goal being to encourage the recruiter to reach out to you. But bear in mind that with dozens of profiles to look over, recruiters will often favour resumes that are complete and offer plenty of detail.

Writing an impactful Professional Summary for your Model Resume

It is common practice for the summary of your profile (your personal statement) to appear directly below your contact information. However, to make your resume more effective, you could consider putting this section at the end to encourage the recruiter to keep reading.

Here are a few tips:

  • Give your personal statement a title: profile summary, about me, self-introduction, etc.
  • Start off with a piece of information that will pique the recruiter’s interest: your years of experience, previous work for an agency working in the same sector, a modelling gig for a big-name brand, etc.
  • Specify that your skills and attributes will be of great use for this particular modelling agency
  • Mention your availability

model resume

Model Resume: Key points to remember for a competitive model resume

  • Show your experience in your employment history
  • Showcase skills that line up with the company’s requirements
  • Strike the balance between technical and interpersonal skills
  • Craft a sleek layout and a flawless design
  • Indicate your references

Frequently Asked Questions for a Model Resume

How much do models earn?

Very few models will earn a monthly salary. The vast majority are paid per service provided. Earnings can vary wildly.

Intermediate models can earn around $100 per hour usually for a half-day to full-day shoot, versus $200 per hour for a more experienced model. Seasoned top models can command around $20,000 for a fashion show. Whereas, new models may start as little as $20 per hour while they build up a portfolio.

How to become a model

To boost your chances of becoming a model, take a look at the following interesting ways to break into the industry:

  • Create your own portfolio (a set of photographs shot by a professional photographer)
  • Take part in modelling competitions to get yourself noticed by talent scouts
  • Submit your complete application (resume and cover letter) to the agencies listed on modelling support sites.

What sort of cover letter should accompany a Model Resume?

If you want to convince your recruiter to meet you in person, you’ll need a good cover letter:

  • It needs to contain information that lines up perfectly with the material included in your resume
  • It needs to draw a connection between your career goals and your interest in joining this particular agency.
  • It needs to include a paragraph requesting an interview to discuss matters further.

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