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Being a training instructor, you have a rewarding career and in a heavily influential position. The way you share your knowledge will shape the mindset of a person.  People always look up to, and have fond memories of their teachers, instructors and mentors.

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Instructor Resume Example

Creed Dexter
Senior Training Instructor
Brooklyn, NY 11222
(123) 4564090

Professional Summary

Senior Training Instructor looking to apply 6 years of professional experience at a growing school to strengthen vocational teaching skills and special education programs. Effective curriculum designer, achieving high work experience placement rates amongst participating students. Strong grant-writing skills and experience in building community partnerships. Proven success in raising crucial funds to operate vocational programs.

Work Experience

Hamilton College of Sciences - Senior Training Instructor
April 2013- current Brooklyn. NV

  • Designed and implemented activities focused on a balance of instruction, demonstration, and time allocated to individual work.
  • Supervised daily facility operations following company goals and collaborated with staff in developing curriculum.
  • Assessed students' understanding of training materials and workshops by having students complete written tests.


Bachelor’s in Science
Brooklyn High | New York

MBA in Applied Sciences
Cornell University | Ney York


  • Computer-aided training
  • TESOL Certified
  • Workshop and conference presentations
  • Competency assessments
  • HTML and CSS mastery
  • Team building
  • Creative lesson planning
  • Public relations
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Counseling
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An instructor in any form or field deserves the highest appreciation as they’re the ones who help a person on their journey with them.

If you’re the one who wants to land your next great opportunity and move on to the next phase in your career, you need an excellent training instructor resume, to begin with, and it must look like a professional instructor resume.

A well educated and qualified instructor on average earns an annual salary of around

$60,000 with an average base hourly rate of $20 (
Important: - The hourly wage for an instructor here is based on an average and is directly affected by your qualifications and skills.

Education is the most important factor for someone who wants to be an instructor. Hence, with every added qualification, skill, and experience, your worth increases and you can demand more pay than the average.

An instructor can be in any field. It can be a school/college instructor to a fitness instructor to a dance instructor, etc. But what’s constant is that you need to be educated in your domain to share it properly with people and shape them accordingly.

For some training instructors, like gym instructors, it’s not mandatory to have a formal education as a certain person with enough work history and self-taught knowledge can be a great instructor for mentoring students. Hence, for some professions out there, having a high school diploma or a bachelor’s degree might be enough. But the more education you can gather, the more credible you’ll be perceived.

How to make an Instructor Resume (That attracts hiring managers)

Being educated, having all the knowledge makes you a smart and wise person but with your passion to educate others and make a difference in their lives, you need something to channel your skills and the abundant knowledge you hold and that’s where you use your instructor resume.

A training instructor resume shows the best version of you. It contains all your educational qualifications, work experiences, skills, etc, that make you a better instructor candidate than the rest of the people out there.

The instructor resume is your key to numerous doors of opportunities. If you craft it properly, you can open any door of your choice, and if not, you might end up in a place you didn’t want to be.

Every resume out there needs to follow a concept before it even begins and that’s called a format.

A format is an idea that gives you a broad direction in which your instructor resume will flow. 3 types of formats are globally accepted and followed and they are as follows:

  • Reverse Chronological - In reverse chronological instructor resume format, you put your most recent work experience on the top and follow the chronology to your first ever job, putting it last.
  • Functional - For candidates with relatively less or no work experience, use a functional format in your professional resume to emphasize your skills and educational qualifications.
  • Combination CVs are the most popular CV format. By combining chronological and functional features, it emphasizes the best points of both.

Be careful of choosing the right format as you are not supposed to change it whilst writing your resume.

The layout of the Instructor Resume

The layout of the instructor’s resume is what we call a template. A template is the foundation of every professional resume as it gives you a visual aid to imagine how you can professionally construct the entire resume.

Not only does it help you to design your profile around it, but the visual appeal of it attracts the hiring managers as well. A well-designed template can easily catch the eyes of the hiring managers and make them look at your profile. What makes them stay comes next.

Before bouncing off to the next part, keep in mind the below points to choose the right resume template: -

  • Never choose a flashy, too much-colored template as it is frowned upon and is not considered a professional resume.
  • Go for general blue, black, and grey-themed templates.
  • Choose a simple, easy-to-read, and professional font style and use it throughout the entirety of your CV.

instructor resume

The structure of an Instructor Resume

A structure in a resume is the division of your sections and is responsible for the space allocated to them.

All the sections on your resume starting with the header to the references section define the resume structure as a whole.

Check out the most commonly followed structure in every resume format: -

  • Professional Summary / Objective
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Skills
  • Certifications
  • Achievements
  • Additional Info (interests, hobbies, etc.)

This is the standard format for every resume out there no matter the domain. However, you as a candidate can always rearrange the order based on the qualifications you want to show first. For example, if you have more educational qualifications than work experience, you shuffle them to put education first then your work experience, and following it your skills section. As you wouldn't want to showcase an empty experience section at the top of your resume.

Start with the Header of an Instructor Resume

As the name suggests, the header is the topmost space of a resume, which consists of your name, your job title, and your basic contact information. Avoid being too creative when it comes to making resumes as hiring managers do not have enough time to decode fancy fonts just to decipher your name and email address.

Your name should be the boldest followed by your job title. If your name and the title are on the left side of the resume, write your contact information on the right and vice versa to utilize the ample blank space.

If, as an instructor your job requires heavy reliability on social media, you can always link your username for the said social media.

Is a photo required on an Instructor Resume?

Adding your photo to your instructor resume depends upon the company’s rules whether they demand such a resume or not.

Usually, US companies don’t like having resumes with a candidate’s photo as it subconsciously clouds the judgment of the hiring managers and making a choice on what someone looks like rather than their skills and experience is not allowed in the US.

Always check online the resume formats of your country to understand if adding pictures is a common activity or not.

Choosing your Instructor Title

Your title comes directly under your name in the header space. If you're already an instructor working somewhere, write the current position you hold. If you’re a fresher or someone with some work experience but are currently out of work, you are required to write the job title mentioned in the instructor job description.

instructor resume

Professional Resume summary in an Instructor Resume

A professional summary is the beginning of your actual instructor resume structure. Holding very high importance to it, a professional summary is the collective short roundup of your entire resume.

It’s a small paragraph, around 5 lines, summarising your major accomplishments, skills, and achieved figures that will help you make an impression in front of the hiring managers.

A professional summary holds such a high value because it is responsible for creating a hook and attracting the recruiter towards reading more about you. If you write your professional summary smartly, hiring managers will feel a desire to give more time to your resume, increasing your chances of landing the job.

At Resume Example, our experts have crafted some samples for you to learn from. Check them out here. You can also use our online resume builder to assist you.

Senior Training Instructor looking to apply 6 years of professional experience at a growing school to strengthen vocational teaching skills and special education programs. Effective curriculum designer, achieving high work experience placement rates amongst participating students. Strong grant-writing skills and experience in building community partnerships. Proven success in raising crucial funds to operate vocational programs.


Experienced training instructor with certification in physical sciences and 4 years experience working in training aids industry-leading organizations.


Skilled training instructor with expertise in training activities and computer literacy. Demonstrated ability to achieve high job-match rates for students enrolled in vocational training programs. Experience with classroom, online, and blended methods of instruction. Familiarity with various types of educational learning management systems.


Passionate training instructor with few years of experience in teaching and classroom management looking to teach the basics and appreciation of music to bachelor's degree students. Looking for a new position with the potential for long-term advancement.

To see some more excellent examples, check out our online resume builder. Automated summaries are generated for each job. When you choose your profession, your resume will reflect it. Streamlining the whole process.

Alternate to professional summary: Training Instructor professional objective

Very similar to a professional summary, an objective is used by candidates with relatively less to no work experience.

The goal of an objective is to sell your skills and educational background to get the attention of the hiring managers as it acts as compensation for not having work experience.

Except for the work experience, you include all the relevant information that you think will get the hiring manager hooked on your profile.

Learn from these instructor resume objective samples made by our team at resume example online resume builder and land your new job: -


Creative training instructor with a bachelor’s degree in arts and a keen ability to adapt content and presentation of adult curriculum to diverse audiences of varied ages, education levels, and cultural and socio-economic backgrounds.


Creative training instructor with a keen ability to adapt content and presentation of adult curriculum to diverse audiences of varied ages, education levels, and cultural and socio-economic backgrounds.


Results-oriented training instructor with 2 years of experience in professional development. Motivated in identifying and delivering high-quality training programs that effectively meet wide-ranging requirements. Strong background in building relationships with a diverse range of people and comfortable working with senior leaders. Looking to apply skills and experience to a challenging role with Learn Fast Training Company.


Talented teacher with over a year of teaching computer science and related logistics courses. Enthusiastic about instructing students to develop good study habits. Able to foster positive student rapport.

Work Experience in the Instructor Resume

No matter the field, work experience boosts the resume to the sky and especially an instructor resume.

Mentioning your work experience, especially a new job, in your instructor resume might not be an easy task but it surely is an important one.

Describe your professional job experiences on your Instructor

instructor resume


A lot of new job seekers usually make this very common mistake of not describing their work experience efficiently. They either don’t explain their work enough, which leaves the recruiter thinking too much, or they explain it a bit too much that covers unnecessary space on the resume and takes time to read. In either of those ways, the recruiter always ends up losing interest.

Work descriptions must always be brief on an instructor resume as the hiring manager spends about 40 seconds to take a quick scan of your resume and if they have to read long paragraphs in your work experience section, it acts as a big turn-off for them.

Try explaining your job roles within 2 lines to maintain good engagement from the recruiter’s point of view. Your skills are not only limited to your skills section. Writing your skills while explaining your work experience represents your job role very clearly and specifies the activities you can do in your future company and they understand the training needs required for you.

Have a look at these work experience examples created using the resume builder at resume example: -

    • Designed and implemented activities focused on a balance of instruction, demonstration, and time allocated to individual work.

    • Supervised daily facility operations following company goals and collaborated with staff in developing curriculum and new hire training making new lesson plans to maintain program effectiveness with Excel and Power point.
    • Assessed students' understanding of training materials and workshops by having students complete written tests under time management.
    • Held sessions with fellow educators to collaborate and share information and mentor students to improve success by understanding their training needs and increasing computer literacy.
    • Created guides and study notes for students to use as a tool to reinforce the lecture material and augment presentation skills with time management while working with fellow instructors.
    • Observed other instructors' lesson plans and teaching techniques and incorporated those methods into teaching other courses and improving interpersonal skills and managing student performance to achieve goals.
    • span style="font-weight: 400;">Provided instruction and coaching to students on how to use video and social media to illustrate their storytelling projects with time management.
    • Maintained safety precautions and first aid rooms, especially during field trips with senior/junior instructors.
    • Conduct self-improvement classes using Power Point and evaluate student progress.
    • Promoted positive relationships with students, parents, other teachers, and administrators to develop effective lessons and experiences within the classroom

  • Performed my job responsibilities with time management
  • Provided training materials to students for their studies
  • Wrote course materials to measure program effectiveness
  • Managed student performance.
  • Helped achieve students their college degree
  • Improved my teaching methods by gaining computer literacy
  • Developed new techniques to implement strategies
  • Prepared students to improve cultural understanding
  • Teaching every subject to young children with Power point
  • Assisted teachers in grading papers
  • Arranged field trips
  • Fulfilled my job requirements
  • Introduced a second language in the training materials
  • Participated in special projects to gain more professional experience
  • Created multiple practical exercises and improved their presentation skills and communication skills
  • Enjoyed my passion for teaching students
  • Helped students achieve their high school diploma and bachelor’s degree
  • Subject matter expert

Education Section in the Instructor Resume

Addressing the elephant in the room! The most important section to add to a training instructor resume is the “Education section”.

How can an instructor provide education to someone if they are not themselves well aware of the subject?

It’s a very obvious assumption to make by hiring managers that if you’re applying for the role of an instructor in any given field, you must be holding at least a senior graduate degree with you, even though it won’t give you a job but this might still be the prerequisite.

However, having mass education is hard, no doubt, but fruitfully presenting it in your instructor resume is where the big question lies.

While explaining your educational background, don’t overwhelm the recruiter with tons of information, but rather explain in a bullet point or two what was something unique you learned from your studies.

For example, if your latest education was your MBA in a certain domain, explain what unique thing you learned there that will add as an advantage to you being an instructor

Should you start with the education section or work experience with your Instructor Resume?

You will probably require a good quality education from a renowned institution to even cut the ATS ( applicant tracking system), if the job requires a certain level of education.

However, if you have more work experience to show as compared to your current education (a new job counts as well), you should always start with your professional experience first and follow it with education.

How to properly write your education section in an Instructor Resume?

In most domains to be a training instructor, you need to have a good quality education that can be quantified. Having just a high school diploma will not usually give you the job, unless you’re qualified by experience.

However, this information should also be presented well in your instructor resume for the hiring managers to understand what you’ve learned, to be a good choice for their prospective hiring.

To complete your education section, you always first write the program/course you’ve undertaken immediately followed by the name of the institution, location, and the year.

In the next line, you describe what you learned most from that education. Try writing a line or a maximum of two and do not exceed that as it takes away space from other relevant sections.

Skills to put on the Instructor Resume

Having an abundance of education, training and skills in an instructor are of the utmost necessity as it takes a skilled person to captivate the attention of the masses and be the one to teach them things simultaneously.

As an instructor, you’re supposed to be technologically sound, given the new version of life due to the pandemic, but also your soft skills must always be at par to captivate your students' attention.

To ease out the clarification, read the instructor resume examples of the skills by our experts at resume example: -

instructor resume

Hard skills: -
  • Computer-aided training
  • TESOL Certified Instructor
  • Workshop and conference presentations
  • Competency assessments
  • HTML and CSS mastery
  • Quiz practical exercises
  • Hire training and professional experience
  • Preparing course materials
  • MS Office tools like Word and Power Point
  • Computer literacy
  • Creation of lesson plans
  • Treatment plans
  • New hire training
Soft skills
  • Team building
  • Creative lesson planning
  • Public relations
  • Counseling
  • Classroom management
  • Teaching skills
  • Hire training
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Communication skills

Additional Headings for your Instructor Resume

Additional headings are the sections that are not necessary to include at first but later on can boost your instructor resume if chosen correctly.

Headings such as certifications, accomplishments, etc act as additional headings.

In an instructor resume, adding the above headings can be a good idea as certifications represent your will to learn more and accomplishments project your successful work experience.

Computer skills and certifications in an Instructor Resume

The not so common but highly valued additional section to be added to an instructor resume, especially these days is the certifications section, particularly focusing on computer skills.

To make your resume just perfect and land your dream job as a training instructor, you most definitely need additional certifications to boost up your profile. Technical skills have gained much higher importance after the pandemic than they were before due to the shift of students from physical classes to online classrooms.

As a training instructor, you must know certain basic but important skills like MS Office tools, video conferencing software, content scheduling, etc. Instructors these days are gaining new technical knowledge every day to give their students the best classroom experience they can, even if it’s online.

Interests in an Instructor Resume

Adding interests to your training instructor resume is a smart move to play. Usually, candidates think that the recruiter wants to know everything about them as a person which is not true at all.

The recruiters are focused only on knowing those facets of yours that will impact your job performance, either in a good way or in a bad way. The interests section comes under this slightly confusing category.

As you know, every other hiring manager out there spends only seconds per resume and they want their time to be respected. Hence, adding sections that are generally not required or that are not adding anything fruitful to your resume, it is often considered a waste of their time as they only want to read relevant information.

If you as a training instructor, want to add your relevant interests to your training instructor resume, try writing those hobbies and interests of yours that add value to your resume.

For example, adding singing and dancing to your resume might work if you’re planning to be a school teacher, as then you can perform such activities and help the school save costs on hiring a dedicated trainer. However, such interest won’t matter for a fitness instructor or let’s say a gymnastic instructor.

However, your interests don’t have to be directly impacting your training instructor resume. You can always mention your interests as a way of promoting a new skill. You might write “learning chess” as your interest. Even though it doesn’t directly impact your job role, it shows to the recruiter that you’re a critical thinker and have the potential to perform better under pressure.

Languages in an Instructor Resume

Another important section to add value in an instructor resume can be the language section. Knowing at least an additional language in your life is always an advantage and if you want to pursue your career as an instructor, there can be good benefits of knowing another language.

Knowing multiple languages lets you cater to different sections of students, thus giving you an advantage over potential instructors. Not only that, but you can also devise your curriculum and get yourself promoted in that particular language subject if the school does not want to hire multiple professors.

The most common international languages taught in schools are French, Spanish, and German. Even though it does matter from school to school what language they prefer to teach, but on average, these are the most common languages taught. If you find yourself fluent in any of these languages, you are required to take a certain language exam by a governing entity that will certify you as a qualified training instructor in that particular language.

Write a Cover Letter That Goes With Your Training Instructor Resume.

Cover letters have always been crucial to employers as it shows another side to the candidate that the resume doesn’t offer. It is also a great opportunity to sell yourself and explain why you’re the perfect fit for the position.

It is an extended version of your training instructor resume that explains the highlighted portions of your training instructor resume.

A good cover letter complements a professional resume and helps the recruiter to provide more in-depth information about you as a person.

There are certain rules to writing a cover letter as well. Again, as it’s an extension to your resume, that doesn’t mean you write a whole page explaining the strong points of your resume rather you show your will and motivation as to why you are joining the particular company and what added value will you be bringing to the table if you’re hired.

Summary: Key Points for Writing a Perfect Instructor


  • Try to maintain a professional resume format by choosing the right kind of resume template. Check out our resume builder to find out more about the instructor resume examples.
  • Write all of your work experiences, even private tuitions per se if you did any.
  • Always read the job description before, to modify your resume accordingly.
  • Include any relevant, short period certifications and skills you've gained through your employment.
  • The skill section of your resume holds very high importance and both, soft skills and hard skills must be divided equally to project your efficiency.
  • Your content in your resume must always have to be precise and to the point.
  • If you want a free resume, just follow this guide, but if you want to be able to do it faster, use our online resume builder which will format and structure your resume easily.

Frequently Asked Questions for an Instructor Resume

How do you list a teacher on a resume?

You list a teacher on a resume the same way you list an instructor but by focusing more on the school and college domain of expertise.

What should I put on my resume for coaching?

An instructor resume can also be used as a coaching resume as they are similar roles It will be identical in many ways. Again, you will need to create a proper resume format and show your experience and education to demonstrate that you are the perfect candidate for the job.

How do I write a resume for a fitness instructor?

Check out this link to write a resume for a personal trainer.

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