Management Consultant Resume: Complete Guide + Tips

Looking for answers to the questions regarding management consultant resumes? You have come to the right place!In this article, we will discuss everything that concerns a professional and job winning management consultant resume.

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We will discuss your options for resume format, we will discuss how and where to begin when writing your management consultant resumes, how you can write a professional resume and we will also give you a few tips on how you can improve your chances of getting hired for your dream job!

Let’s dive in!
Management Consultant Resume

What makes your resume a professional resume?

How can you write a professional resume? To answer that you need to understand what exactly is a professional resume and which factors or characteristics define a resume as a professional resume! And that is what we will discuss now. A professional resume reflects professionalism and meets all the industry standards and practices of writing and presenting a resume.
  • A professional resume always uses third person and past tense in the language because it helps you reflect professionalism through formal tone of language
  • A professional resume does not have any pronouns in the sentences because that makes the sentences less formal
  • A professional resume does not have any errors, whether it is a grammatical mistake or spelling error or factual error; you can ensure this by proofreading your management consultant resume twice before saving it
  • A professional resume document is labeled simply and clearly with the candidate’s first name, last name, and the term ‘resume’ or ‘CV’
  • A professional resume follows the right resume format and does not have the information and sections described randomly
  • A professional resume document has the compatible document format so that the resume can be scanned by various ATS/software and also viewed on any document viewing mediums; these formats are PDF or Microsoft Word-and you should choose either from these two
  • A professional resume has many action verbs, power words and keywords to beat the ATS and also make the information create the desired impact on the target audience that is the hiring managers and any other readers of your resume
  • A professional resume has maximum information quantified with numbers to create an efficient impression of your capabilities

How should I begin?

Now let’s talk about writing your management consultant resume. There are many aspects to a good, job winning and professional resume. And to figure them out you need to do some research on your role, your job description, industry and everything else that may be relevant.

This research will help you figure out what extra you have and how you can use it to stand out in the pool of job applicants. Research will also help you learn all about the job market scenario, from salary range you can expect to skills and experience that are in demand that hiring managers are looking for.

Doing the research will make you confident as well because you will know everything about the industry and your role by the end which will help you when you are giving the interview and you are looking for ways to impress the hiring managers.

You should also note down the relevant skills, keywords and more that will come in handy when you sit down to write your own management consultant resume. We will discuss more on this later in the article.

What are the resume format options?

There are many resume formats that you can choose from for your professional management consultant resume. We will discuss the most prominent ones here that you can choose from and in case you don't know which one to use, we will also discuss which resume format is suitable for who, so you will get clear answer for your question as well as any confusions.

  • Functional resume format: Functional resume format focuses on the candidate's skills and education section. Professionals who are freshers and/or recent graduate often prefer this resume format because it helps them highlight their profile in an efficient manner without making the lack of professional experience obvious. The resume format emphasizes on the skills and education which is why the both those sections are written with details of backing evidence (for skills) and in-depth information of education details.
  • Reverse chronological format: This resume format focuses on the professional experience section and allows the professional to show it off. The experiences in the experience section are written in reverse chronological format which is the reason for the name of this resume format. Candidates who are seasoned professionals or have extensive or even significant work experience, use this format to efficiently present their profile on their management consultant resume. This is the most popular resume format because majority of professionals tend to have 2-3 years of experience minimum.
  • Combination format: As the name suggests, combination resume format is the combination of the above two formats. The skills and experience, both sections are focused upon and emphasized. Usually, this format is used to present transferrable skills and experiences that are necessary for the scenario where the candidate is changing his job from one field to another. Meaning this resume format preferred by those who are looking for a career change.

How should I write each section on my management consultant resume?

Every section is written differently according to the resume format that you are employing for your professional resume. However, the common guideline that you need to keep in mind is that each section should serve its purpose efficiently and the way to do that is to ensure that your profile's relevant information for respective section is presented well. Let's get to it then!

Header-Contact information

The header of your management consultant resume should include the information about you and the information that will help the hiring manager to reach out to you in case they want further information or inform you of interview selection or such.

  • Your full name-first name and last name with accurate spelling
  • Your contact number area code and country code
  • Your professional, formal Email address
  • Your LinkedIn profile link if you are regularly active on the platform in your professional capacity
  • Your home address (keep it brief if you choose to include it; otherwise you can skip it as it is not mandatory)
  • Your professional headshot (this is also not mandatory but if you choose to include it, ensure that you are wearing formal attire when the photograph is captured)

Make sure that the information included in this section is accurate, most importantly your name spelling and your contact number along with your Email ID. If these details are not written with accuracy, you might miss out on a good job opportunity because the hiring manager will not be able to contact you for any communication that is necessary for further hiring process.

Resume summary

Management consultant resume summary should be short, crisp and concise and the information should be described in the bullet points around 3 to 5, try not include less 3 bullet points or more than 5 bullet points.

You should begin with your role or designation and followed by the bullet points that include the information such as these:

  • Your total years of professional experience and background
  • Your achievements, impressive aspects of your resume that are highlight worthy, your rewards and awards or recognitions, any notable experiences and instances and overall details of your experience in numbers
  • The kind of opportunities you are looking for as your next job and how you will leverage your skills and experience for the same

Make sure you use maximum action verbs and numbers for quantified information so that the information is impressive and has the desired impact.

Professional experience

Your professional experience section should talk about your work history in the reverse chronological order. You need to be thorough with your details of each experience.

Every experience should be described with the details of job description as well as anything you handled that was outside of your job description. You should also include all the relevant skills along with the relevant experience.

Before you begin elaborating your experiences with details, you should note your role and/or designation, the full name of the employer company/organization and the employment period for which you worked with the company. You should try to use as many action verbs as possible to ensure that the language is effective, you should also use numbers to quantify the details to make the information more impressive.

Education section

Your education section should mention your bachelor's degree and/or master's degree and your high school diploma. When you mention them, you need to note the full name of the degree along with the full name of the institution/ university/ platform, from where you acquired the degree. Avoid mentioning the year because it might lead to bias on the hiring manager's part. You can also mention any relevant subjects such as your majors and/or minors.

Management Consultant Resume

Skills section

This separate section for skills serves the purpose of helping you especially highlight your management consultant skills that are the most important ones.

The skills that you include in this section should be your top strengths and they should also be extremely relevant for your role of management consultants. You can mention your soft skills, hard skills as well as your technical skills here.

📌List of relevant skills for your professional resume for management consultant jobs: (management consultant skills)

  • working with management consulting firms/ accounting firms
  • project management
  • business administration
  • management consulting
  • working with accountants
  • working with consulting firm
  • business operations management
  • working with senior management
  • management analysis
  • technical skills
  • consulting projects
  • business analysis
  • soft skills
  • analyzing company website
  • analytical skills
  • process improvements suggestions
  • analytical thinking
  • working with cross functional teams
  • avoiding common mistakes
  • problem solving skills
  • labor statistics
  • data analysis
  • increase revenue
  • analyze qualitative data
  • qualitative data analysis
  • staff productivity
  • solving business problems
  • working on upcoming events

Tips for better chances of getting hired


To beat the applicant tracking system you need to include all the relevant keywords to your management consultant resume. You should ensure that the keywords are not stuffed but included in sensible and meaningful sentences along with ensuring that the repetition of keywords does not exceed the sensible amounts.

These keywords are the set parameters for the ATS that will scan your resume and also shortlist the resumes for the hiring manager. The ATS will not take into regard the meaning of the information and only operate on the basis of presence of these keywords hence you need to include them without a miss.

📌List of relevant keywords for your professional resume for management consultant job:

  • business problems
  • upcoming events
  • staff productivity
  • professional experience
  • increase revenue
  • data analysis
  • project management
  • problem solving
  • process improvements
  • analytical skills
  • management consultant job
  • management consultant role
  • management analysts
  • senior management
  • junior consultants
  • business operations
  • consulting firm
  • management consulting
  • management consultant job descriptions
  • business administration
  • certified management consultant
  • management consultant skills
  • management consultants
  • management consultant

Cover letter

Cover letter helps you reiterate your candidacy. You can also reflect your genuine interest by talking about your inspiration for getting into this profession, your journey so far from education to first job till your latest job. This will also help you reflect your passion and dedication for the job and help you convince the hiring manager that you are the right candidate and you will be the perfect fit for the position that they are hiring for.

You can also personalize the cover letter to create effective cover letter, to do that, all you need to do is look up the hiring manager a little bit. You can address the letter by using their name and you can reflect your knowledge of the person throughout your cover letter. Personalization is likely to have positive effect on anyone who is reading the letter, in this case the hiring manager or the recruiter.

Your cover letter can make a big difference for you which is why you should always enclose your cover letter even when it is not demanded as mandatory requirement in the job application portal.


In conclusion, you will need to keep in mind that a job winning resume needs certain defining traits such as reflection of passion and interest, proof of competence and capability, and of course professionalism. This is why we discussed how you can make your resume professional, how you should describe your experience and skills and how you should present your resume in the most effective manner.

Keep in mind that you need to choose the right resume format so that your manager consultant resume is presented in the most effective manner possible. If you are going to use a template, do not forget to replace every sample information in the template with your own profile information. You will also need to edit the margins and font sizes along with the white space in case the amount of your profile information is not the same as the amount of sample information in the resume template.

You can also check our resume examples and templates, we have curated an extensive collection for you, where you can find any and everything that you’ve been looking for! You should also check out our resume builder feature where you will get AI prompts-suggestions on how you should write every sentence and detail on your management consultant resume. If you are thinking that after reading this article you will have to go to ChatGPT and figure things out further, you can relax because we have got you covered for everything that you need!

Now that you know all about writing a professional management consultant resume, you can get down to writing your own management consultant resume! Good luck with the job search!

Management Consultant Resume

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need a cover letter with my management consultant resume?

Cover letters are not usually mandatory however they do add significant value to your job application when enclosed with your management consultant resume. Cover letter helps you reiterate a lot of information in efficient manner and you should always add one personalized cover letter with your management consultant resume in the job application.

How long should my management consultant resume be?

A standard and ideal professional management consultant resume should be 1 to 2 pages long. Avoid exceeding the limit of 2 pages as the longer resumes can make the hiring manager lose interest and thus not pay attention to the information mentioned on your management consultant resumes. It is easy to understand, no one likes to read lengthy documents and we prefer to get more information from short content.

Do I need a master's degree on my management consultant resumes?

There are many companies, hiring managers who require a management consultant with a master degree however you should always check the job description to confirm; you can also contact the hiring manager and confirm with them directly whether their qualification criteria includes a master degree on your management consultant resume. Since the management consulting resume will go to big corporate companies, you will likely be required to have a post graduate degree because this is the kind of role where you will need in-depth knowledge of the field and also some experience that prove your competency along with your management consultant skills.

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