Electrical Engineer Resume Example + Writing Tips

Electrical Engineer Resume Example + Writing Tips

Electrical engineers control the most precious asset in the world: power. They are the backbone of the power generation and distribution industries.

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Electrical Engineer Resume Example

Daryl Morales
Electrical engineer
+1 234 24 76 23

Professional summary

A detail-oriented electrical engineer with more than seven years of experience in construction electrical system design and installation. In my previous role at ACL Constructions, I managed a portfolio of electrical projects worth $200 million, and I am looking to advance my career at DT Holdings.


Aug 2017 to Present
ACL Constructions
Electrical engineer

  • Used AutoCAD Electrical and Ansys SpaceClaim to design electrical systems: Awarded the best industrial electrical system designer of the year 2019
  • Proposed electrical power systems based on the building specifications: saved $15,000 to the company in each procurement by negotiating a long term deal with a supplier
  • Communicated electrical specifications to the technical and non-technical teams
  • Carried out junior electrical engineer training for 12 new recruits on-site
  • Prepared technical electrical drawings and submitted them for approval from the project consultants

June 2014 to Aug 2017
TPL Electricals
Electrical engineer

  • Digital circuit design using Eagle and KiCad
  • Used CAD software to create technical drawings and cut down the average testing time by 30%
  • Coordinated the installation of 1200 linear kilometers of power lines in a regional power distribution project


Colorado State University, Colorado
Master’s in electrical system design

University of Wisconsin
Bachelor’s degree in Electrical engineering


  • Electrical design drawings
  • Test equipment experience
  • Programming languages: C++, JAVA, Python
  • Project management
  • Leadership
  • Attention to detail
  • Team player


Electrical system design certificate in AutoCAD and Ansys

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In one of the most demanding and well-paid engineering disciplines, there’s one thing standing between you and your dream job: an electrifying electrical engineering resume.

As an engineer, it can be quite challenging to convince someone you've never met that you're capable of providing quality technical support — particularly in a one-page document.

Let us help you get there.

In this comprehensive resume guide, we will show you:

  • How to choose the right resume format, structure, and template for your electrical engineering resume
  • How to perfectly write each section of your electrical engineering resume
  • Pro tips and tricks to make your resume stand out among the top 5% of candidates

Not only that, there’re plenty of examples you can simply copy and paste in your resume and tailor them as relevant to your profile.

Not enough time to read all these?

Consider using one of our ready-to-fill resume templates to quickly create your electrical engineering resume if you need it in a hurry.

Aren’t you an Electrical Engineer? Check whether the field of engineering you’re looking for is here:

Electrical Engineering Salary & Employment Rates

Electrical engineering is a highly demanded field in any country.

The average electrical engineer salary is $78,000/ year 💰 (Payscale.com), which can rise to 48% based on experience and skills.

Most electrical engineers get to work on a wide range of projects in multiple geographical locations.

Electrical Engineer Resume

What Makes a Great Electrical Engineer Resume

An electrical engineer’s resume will be similar to an engineering resume in any field: only the keywords will differ.

However, creating a great resume needs a little more than that – it starts with an excessive planning process – the layout, format, and the right template would make all the difference. The purpose of this article is to describe the simplest and fastest way to create a top-notch electrical engineer resume that you can send to any company in the world with confidence.

Structure of an Electrical Engineer Resume

The resume structure, also known as the layout, simplifies the resume writing process. The layout ensures we don't miss any section or information while also excluding unnecessary information.

This is our recommendation for an electrical engineer resume:

  • Header: name and contact information.
  • Professional summary statement/ objective summary.
  • Work history.
  • Education.
  • Skills.
  • Additional sections (certificates, languages, and publications).

You may change the order marginally based on your strengths and job priorities. For instance, most entry-level candidates switch the education section with the experience section.

💡Your resume is a representation of your strengths and their relevance to the position you apply for.

Electrical Engineer Resume

Resume Template for Electrical Engineers

The right resume template will stand out your resume from the rest. Engineering recruiters usually allow a little creativity on a resume – make use of it with your layout.

Check out our ready-to-fill resume templates for electrical engineers to create your next resume fast.

However, if you prefer to do it yourself, here’s a general guide to create it:

  • Choose font types and sizes for headings, subheadings, and text – keep the consistency throughout
  • The color theme of the resume should match your personality and the industry. The safest way is to pick the brand colors of your employer
  • Maintain consistent margins from all sides
  • Save the final document in PDF and MS Word formats
📌 The single-page resume is the standard size for electrical engineers in many regions.

Electrical Engineering Resume Format

A resume format determines how information in each section is presented. There’re mainly three standard resume formats:

  • The functional format/ skill-based format: Most entry-level candidates use this type of format. Information is categorized based on the relevant skills.
  • Reverse chronological format: Information is listed starting with the latest and going backward. Most popular resume format for any candidate.
  • Hybrid (combination resume) format: This is a mix of reverse chronological and functional formats.

For an electrical engineer, we suggest using the reverse chronological format for your experience and education sections. Thus, your experience section will start with the most recent employment and the rest will follow the chronological order.

Most hiring managers in engineering fields are interested in the candidate’s latest experience as the knowledge, technology, and tools used in engineering often change. By writing your recent experience first, you make the hiring managers’ life easy by providing them with the information they seek.

Start Your Electrical Engineering Resume with a Header

Your resume header should consist of your name and contact information. Despite the fact that this section is straightforward, some candidates still make mistakes by including unnecessary information in the header.

We have highlighted those in the following example 👇

A good & a bad header

Daryl Morales

Electrical engineer


+1 234 24 76 23



Electrical engineer

Daryl Morales


+1 234 24 76 23

14, main street, apt 62,

Washington DC


Write your header with the following points in mind:

  • Start your header with your first name and the last name – use a larger font size for this
  • Use a professional-looking personal email instead of your work email
  • Do not write your full mailing address
  • Put the link to your LinkedIn account or career blog

Is a photo required?

If you are applying for a job in the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, or Ireland, DO NOT include a picture in your resume.

Some recruiters prefer to have a picture of the candidate in the resume. However, it is considered a form of descrimination in many parts of the world.

⛔ If you're not sure, leave it off your resume

An Electrical Engineer's Experience Section

This is the section where recruiters make their shortlisting decisions. Most hiring managers spend about 5 to 7 seconds on a resume and they skim through your experience section to see whether your application further interests them.

“I am an entry-level electrical engineer, am I screwed?”

No matter whether you are a professional electrical engineer with 20 years of experience or an entry-level electrical engineer seeking your first paid job, we cover you.

We will show you how to write your experience section better than 95% of the other candidates – even without having years of experience in hand.

Keep reading!

Example Work Experience Section for a Senior Electrical Engineer Resume


Aug 2004 to Present

Senior Electrical engineer

Department of Energy

  • Participated in budget preparation for power plants
  • Hired electrical engineers for the department
  • Took part in sustainable energy projects and research
  • Managed equipment maintenance procedures in plants
  • Provided a high level of customer service


Aug 2004 to Present

Senior Electrical engineer

Department of Energy

  • Developed budgets and plans for over 30 regional coal power plant projects worth $600 million.
  • Hired 200+ electrical engineers and technical staff for the department in the last five years
  • Sustainable energy research helped the department re-define their future energy sources, saving $2 billion in the process
  • Introduced a preventive maintenance cycle for plant electrical equipment reducing the annual plant shut shutdown time by 3%
  • Took part in maintaining high-quality service standards throughout the department increasing customer satisfaction by 14% in the last 5 years
  • Negotiated contract terms, technical specifications, and deadlines with the client's team

Electrical Engineer Resume

Demonstrate your electrical engineering experience together with your achievements and accomplishments in your job. Make them relevant to the job you’re about to begin.

Use numbers to add credibility to your statements. Start each sentence with an action word to make it enticing.

📌 Pro Tip: Duties of senior engineers involve more managerial tasks than the technical work – identify the right balance based on the position you apply for.

Examples of Work Experience for an Entry-Level Electrical engineer


Jan 2021 to Present

DTL Electricals


  • Created hydropower project design drawings
  • Carried out a laboratory test for plant equipment
  • Read and understand technical manuals
  • Analyzed malfunctioning systems
  • Producing design drawings for power plants
  • Read and understand electrical schematics


Jan 2021 to present

DTL Electricals


  • Involved in the design drawings of a hydropower project worth $20 million
  • Prepared a maintenance schedule for a wind turbine with the senior team
  • Traveled 4000 km in an electrical cable laying project that took around 4 months to complete
  • An analysis of system performance requirements of a hydropower project saved the client over $2 million for the equipment
  • Carried out training of safety procedures and plant regulations introduction for 200+ plant visitors
  • Managed technical deviations of the project with the help of senior technicians

Although you may have the right technical knowledge for the next electrical engineering job, the hiring manager will be concerned about your lack of experience.

Turn your duties and responsibilities in your previous workplace into achievements and accomplishments.

The hiring manager would still prefer a candidate who knows their stuff over a couple of years of experience.

Even if you’re applying for your first job or the internship without having any previous experience, do not keep the experience section empty – write about a project you carried out in the university. State the purpose, procedure, and outcomes of the project.

You may also name the section as “Project Experience”

Boost Your Professional Electrical Engineer Resume with Education

As in many engineering disciplines, recruiters expect a specific level of education from an electrical engineer. For example, an electrical engineer must have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in electrical engineering from a recognized institution.

Your education section should include the name of the degree, the institution, the date, and the key learning outcomes. Use reverse chronological order.


Master’s in Electrical Systems, 2014-2015

Stanford University

  • Programmable logic controllers (PLC)
  • Computer engineering
  • Engineering system design

GPA- 3.8/4

Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, 2015-2018

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Electrical engineering design
  • Electrical operations
  • Human machine interface

GPA- 3.8/4

Top Electrical Engineering Resume Skills

An electrical engineering skills section is an important part of your resume since the discipline involves many technical skills – electrical engineering encompasses a wide range of specializations.

Power generation including hydro, coal, nuclear, and renewable energy sources, including wind and solar is one main segment. Electric engineers are integral to all of these.

Electrical installation in building construction is another main segment. The electrical service market size in the US is about $100 Billion in 2020 (Global market insights).

For the recruiter to determine if the candidate is right for a particular role, they will glance at the skills section.

You should write a mix of soft skills and hard skills in your electrical engineering resume.

Many construction companies and electrical service providers use the applicant tracking system to shortlist hundreds of job applications. Use the job advertisement to find the keywords they will be searching for in the resumes – include them naturally.

Soft skills: Non-measurable skills

  • Attention to detail
  • Leadership
  • Effective communication
  • Problem-solving
  • Willingness to travel
  • Presentation skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Teamwork
  • Organizational skills
  • Interpersonal skills

Hard skills: Measurable skills

  • Electrical system design
  • Electrical drawing
  • Hydropower turbine maintenance
  • Electric power generation
  • AutoCAD Electrical, Ansys SpaceClaim
  • Programming using Java, C++, Python
  • MEP installation
  • Microcontrollers
  • PCB and PLC designing
  • Electrical systems
  • Engineering equipment handling and maintenance

Electrical Engineer Resume

About Me: Summarize Your Professional Profile

It’s a standard resume practice in many regions to write a summary of your key skills, achievements, and experience at the top of your resume just below the header.

This section is the first thing a recruiter reads on your resume and acts as a sales pitch to convince them to read more.

There is a logical sequence to writing a great professional summary. Describe your greatest work achievements and how they benefited your former employer in the first sentence, and describe how your professional expertise will benefit your future employer in the second sentence.

Read the examples below to see if you can spot what makes a good professional summary👇



A dedicated electrical system engineer with over 5 years of hands-on experience in construction electrical installation seeking to enhance my career to the next level with a pioneering company in the MEP sector. In my previous position as an electrical project manager at GSK global – managed the electrical sub-contract of a construction project worth $600 million which was successfully concluded in the last year.


Electrical engineer with over 5 years of industry experience in MEP looking to join Global electricals to hold a position as an electrical project manager.

Electrical Engineer Resume Objective

You should either write a professional summary or a professional objective statement on your resume.

If you possess the required industry experience, you should go for a professional summary highlighting your key achievements in the previous electrical engineer jobs.

You may write an objective summary highlighting your passion and interest in the company and the job role if you are in a career transition or applying for an entry-level position.

Nevertheless, this section should entice the hiring manager to read further into your resume.

Additional Sections for Your Electrical Engineer Resume

Most resumes end in the skills section.

Our objective here is to write a resume that is better than 95% of the resumes recruiter receives. Additional sections play a major role in this. These are short sections with specific details of your relevant skills and achievements – showcasing them separately enhances their visibility.

Here are a few sections we recommend adding to electrical engineer resumes👇

Computing Skills & Certifications

Some electrical engineering tasks need mandatory skill certifications. Check with the professional bodies and authorities for the required skill certifications and acquire them. Candidates already having these skill certifications are highly employable in the industry at higher average salaries.

The courses and certificates you have earned related to computer programming and information technology will add value to your profile. Also, certificates that represent your technical expertise such as CAD/CAM design, programmable logic controllers would set you apart.


Your language fluency is a valuable input in your resume.


Because most electrical engineering jobs involve traveling to long distances – that involves dealing with people who talk multiple languages.

Make your language skills appear more professional and detailed with one of our beautiful resume templates. Our resume builder allows you to indicate the languages you speak with the level of fluency.


If you think your academic background would interest the recruiter, you may list the research papers and publications on your resume.

They reflect your analytical skill and subject expertise, even if they're not directly related to the position you're applying for.

Hobbies and Interests

Whether you include this section on your resume depends on your hobbies and interests. If they are irrelevant, non-value-adding activities, you better avoid them.

For example, interests such as watching Netflix and playing poker would add no value to your profile as an electrical engineer.

📌 Pro Tip: Here's a simple trick if you desperately want this job but the recruiter is looking for a specific skill that you don't have:

Start an online course about the subject on a platform such as Udemy or Coursera. Mention that in your resume as an additional section.



Following an online course on Electrical system design using AutoCAD electrical

The Best Resume Tips for Electrical Engineers

Here are some Pro Tips to help you improve your next electrical engineer resume:

  • Make sure your resume is free of grammar and spelling errors.
  • Use numbers to add credibility to your experience section and professional summary
  • Use a modern resume template and edit it to match your personality
  • Read the job description to determine what skills the recruiter is seeking and use the keywords naturally throughout your resume

Electrical Engineer Resume Summary

  • Start your resume with the header – include the name you use and the contact information
  • Write a professional summary or objective summary highlighting your key skills and achievements
  • The experience section is the most critical part of your resume. List your achievements and accomplishments in the previous job rather than your duties
  • State your academic background: the name of the degree, year, institution, and a couple of key learnings
  • Write a combination of soft and hard skills in the skills section – give priority to hard skills
  • Provide a pleasant surprise to the hiring manager by adding a couple of additional sections

Reinforce Your Resume with A Cover Letter

After creating your perfect electrical engineering resume, you’re not done, since some recruiters expect a cover letter together with your resume

Write your cover letter to complement your resume.

A cover letter is a short statement that expresses your professional experience, skills, and passion for the new position. This is especially important if you’re applying for an entry-level electrical engineering job or you’re in a career change.

Use the first paragraph to write about your key achievements: the second paragraph to demonstrate how your skills and expertise will benefit the employer: the third paragraph to express why you chose to apply for the particular job.


Which companies pay the highest salaries for electrical engineers?

Electrical engineers work in a variety of industries including power, construction, maintenance, and sales. Their salaries largely depend on their experience and the position they held. However, the following companies are popular for hiring electrical engineers at high salaries for technical work.

  • Intel corporation
  • General Motors
  • S. Air Force (USAF)
  • Power engineers Inc.
  • Duke energy corporation
  • American electric power (AEP)
  • WSP Global Inc.

What technical skills do the highest-paid electrical engineers possess?

The skills of electrical engineers are useful in many industries. Some of the technical skills they possess make them earn more money than the average:

  • Machine learning
  • Telecommunications
  • Ansys simulation
  • Defense systems
  • Computer security
  • Satellite communication

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Which companies pay the highest salaries for electrical engineers?

Electrical engineers work in a variety of industries including power, construction, maintenance, and sales. Their salaries largely depend on their experience and the position they held. However, the following companies are popular for hiring electrical engineers at high salaries for technical work.

  • Intel corporation
  • General Motors
  • S. Air Force (USAF)
  • Power engineers Inc.
  • Duke energy corporation
  • American electric power (AEP)
  • WSP Global Inc.

What technical skills do the highest-paid electrical engineers possess?

The skills of electrical engineers are useful in many industries. Some of the technical skills they possess make them earn more money than the average:

  • Machine learning
  • Telecommunications
  • Ansys simulation
  • Defense systems
  • Computer security
  • Satellite communication

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