A Complete Guide to Writing a Cable Technician Resume with Examples

Your job is connecting people – like what Mark Zuckerberg does with Facebook or Elon Musk does with Starlink.To become exceptional at what you do, you should find the right company that allows you to expand your wings and develop a career as a cable technician.

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Cable Technician Resume Example

Edward Kasim
Cable technician

Professional Summary

A dedicated cable technician with over 3 years of experience in cable installation and troubleshooting at Dexter Links was promoted to a senior cable technician position the last year for my strong work ethic and technical knowledge. Looking forward to serving Dan Gate Cables by utilizing my experience and skills.


Aug 2019 to Present
Dexter Links
Senior cable technician

  • Answered 20+ calls per day managing complaints and inquiries with 94% customer satisfaction.
  • Completed over 10 cable installations and troubleshooting per day on average.
  • Diagnosed copper wire problems and corrected them. Commended the best copper wire specialist at Dexter by the management.
  • Maintained a fully organized company truck with all necessary equipment and have a record of never returning for tools.


Stanzon High School, High school diploma, 2014-2018

  • General pass for Mathematics.
  • Member of the school electronic invention club.
  • Played basketball.


  • Electrical drawings reading
  • Test equipment experience
  • Cable installation
  • Troubleshooting
  • Leadership
  • Attention to detail
  • Team player


Reading for CNCI Certification

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The first step of that is writing a perfect cable technician resume.

You need an interview to explain the specifics of how you helped your clients to connect with the world even in bad weather – on days and nights. Use your resume to communicate to your hiring manager that you have what it takes to become an exceptional performer in the field.

How to do it?

We have listed them all step-by-step so you won’t have to read another guide👇.

This comprehensive guide will show you:

  • How to choose the best format and layout for a professional cable technician resume.
  • How to write an experience section that is better than 95% of other resumes.
  • Pro tips to make your resume stand out.

We have also included a complete example resume which you can copy and personalize to your requirement.

If what you were looking for is a faster way to create your resume with a modern touch, check out our resume templates. This won’t take you more than 10 minutes to make it.

Aren’t you a cable technician? Check whether the technician resume you’re looking for is here:

Cable Technicians' Salary & Employment Rates

The average cable technician's salary is $45,000/ year 💰 (Payscale.com), which could go up to $80,00 based on experience and skills.

The later stage of the cable technician career leads to team management and supervisory roles with higher salaries and benefits.

cable technician resume

What Makes a Great Cable Technician Resume

To create an exceptional cable technician resume, we need to get the basics right as most cable technician job applications are initially inspected by the HR teams.

The right structure, format, and template would make it easy for them to read your resume faster and understand whether you’re a fit. In fact, being well-organized is a valuable skill as a cable technician – you should demonstrate that in your resume as well.

To create the best version of your cable technician resume, we will first look at how to choose the right layout and format that suits your profile.

Layout for cable technician Resumes

The layout of your resume (also called the structure) is the plan you create at the beginning to write it.

You know how important planning is for your work. Similarly, having a proper plan defined at the beginning saves you a lot of time.

The resume layout includes what you write in your resume: the headings, subheadings, important information, and their order would be considered here.

This is the layout we recommend for a cable technician's resume:

  • Header: name and contact information
  • Professional summary statement/ objective summary
  • Work history
  • Education
  • Skills
  • Additional sections (certificates, languages, and interests)

Based on this, create your own layout. It would slightly differ based on your experience and skills.

Cable Technician Resume Format

The format defines how we order the information within the sections. This is important to consider while writing your education and experience sections.

There’re 3 standard formats in use:

  • The functional format/ skill-based format: In this, you should write your experience section starting with your skills. Write your key skills and provide relevant examples, projects, or achievements.
  • Reverse chronological format: In this, you should write your experience section starting with the most recent work. Include more information about your recent work experience and move backward in your career timeline.
  • Hybrid (combination resume) format: In this, you should use a mix of both the above formats.

Use reverse chronological resume writing format for cable technician resumes if you’re not an absolute beginner. This format is widely used and provides the best impression to the hiring manager about the candidate’s career progression.

Hiring managers are interested in the cable technician’s recent experience and knowledge of the latest electrical standards and practices.

Before you start writing your cable technician resume, it’s advisable to choose your resume template. You will save the time and hardship of creating your own template on MS Word if you start with one of our modern resume templates.

Start Your Cable Technician Resume with a Header

Write your name and contact information in your resume header. Do not clutter it with unnecessary information. Also, do not miss important contact information. This is a section hiring manager comes to check if they have shortlisted you to find your mobile number or email.

A good & a bad header

Dale Dunken

Cable technician




Washington DC,


Cable Technician

Dale Dunken


509, ADC building, main street,

Washington DC,


Here’re some of the things you should keep in your mind while writing the header:

  • Always start your header with your name – ideally the first name and last name.
  • Include the link to your LinkedIn profile if you maintain one.
  • Do not write your full mailing address

cable technician resume

Cable Technician's Experience Section

The experience section is the most important section on your cable technician resume. It could make or break your chances of getting the job. It could even determine your salary range and position.

Spending more time writing the experience section would never disappoint you. In fact, it’s about continuously optimizing your experience section with the feedback you get throughout your application process.

You’ll eventually know what works and what doesn’t.

Example work experience section for a senior cable technician resume


Aug 20014 to Present

Senior Cable technician

ACL Cables

  • Made service calls to clients.
  • Hired Cable technicians for the department.
  • Negotiated vendor deals for telecommunications equipment.
  • Cable infrastructure knowledge.
  • Maintain cable systems.
  • Electronic equipment and mechanical equipment knowledge.


Aug 2014 to Present

Senior Cable technician

ACL Cables

  • Made over 30 service calls a day achieving a customer satisfaction rating of over 95%.
  • Hied 50+ cable technicians and trained them in the last three years.
  • Involved in the purchase of visual electronic reception equipment worth $500,000 for the company negotiating with multiple vendors.
  • An expert in fiber optic cables – introduced it to existing customers and switched about 200 customers to use fiber optics.
  • Worked with electronic test equipment to troubleshoot internet and network connectivity.
  • Assisted management in upgrading cable infrastructure.

You should have realized the difference between a good experience section and an average one. You can add credibility to your statements by using numbers. To make your sentences more intriguing, begin with an action word.

📌 Pro Tip: Demonstrate in your senior cable technician experience that you’re suitable to supervise a team. Showcase your leadership skills.

Example work experience section for an entry-level cable technician resume


Jan 2021 to Present

GTA Electricals

Cable technician

  • Security systems repairing.
  • Cable tray installation.
  • Cable service.
  • Collect installation fees.
  • Copper and fiber cables knowledge.
  • Closet and equipment layouts planning.
  • Attended training and safety meetings.


Jan 2021 to present

GTA Electricals

Cable technician

  • Installed aerial drops, wall fished cables, and phone lines for residential and business customers.
  • Followed schedules and answered 20+ calls a day. Attended over 10 installations and troubleshooting.
  • Calibrated machinery and equipment to suit different conditions.
  • Worked with a team of 30 cable technicians to fulfill the demand.
  • Awarded the top cable technician of the year 2020.

The hiring manager will be much concerned about your technical skills when hiring entry-level cable technicians. You’ll be dealing directly with customers and troubleshooting problems.

Showcase your achievements and accomplishments in your experience rather than listing general roles & responsibilities.

Even if it’s your first job or the internship, do not keep the experience section empty. Write about a project or your training during your studies. State the field training hours, your involvement, outcomes, and achievements.

cable technician resume

Boost Your Cable Technician Resume with Education

In most cases, your formal education wouldn’t limit your chances of getting a cable technician job provided that you have the right certifications, training, and experience in the field.

However, having solid formal education wouldn’t do any harm. It would only add value to your profile.

Write down your formal education achievements in a short section. Use a consistent format to organize the information.


Cranford High School,

High school diploma, 2010-2015

  • Mathematics
  • Electronics
  • Member of young inventors’ club

Top Skills for Cable Technician Resumes

The skills section is another important part of your resume. Cable technicians possess a specific set of skills that other technical fields do not touch. It’s important to showcase to the hiring manager that you have those skills.

In fact, before your resume gets to a hiring manager, it could be shortlisted through a computer program called the applicant tracking system (ATS) based on the content on your resume. Your skills section is a great addition to passing the ATS test.

In writing your skills section, include a mix of soft skills and technical skills relevant to the job. You can get an idea of what skills to put on your resume by reading the job advertisement itself – hiring managers usually mention what they’re looking for in the perfect candidate.

Soft skills:

  • Organization skills
  • Communication skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Leadership
  • Problem-solving
  • Willingness to travel
  • Customer service skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Teamwork
  • Interpersonal skills

Hard skills:

  • Cable installation
  • Cable repair
  • Troubleshooting
  • Driving
  • Record keeping
  • Communication cables knowledge
  • Cable television skills
  • Power tools
  • Understanding of cable systems
  • Maintain tools and cable equipment

cable technician resume

Summarize Your Work Profile: Professional Summary

The objective of a professional summary/ resume summary is to provide a highlight of the candidate’s experience and skills to the hiring manager to make their job easy.

The time you wrote boring resume summaries that were copied from the internet does not work anymore. Having NO resume summary is better than writing a BAD resume summary.

Read the following examples and write a simple resume summary that showcases why you’re the perfect fit for the job. Make this your sales pitch to the hiring manager.

Read more about how to write a perfect resume summary in our complete guide.



A CNCI certified cable technician with over 5 years of experience in cable installation and repair recently worked with JTL Cables achieving over 96% customer satisfaction. Installed cable trays, splice cables, and copper cables for all purposes. Seeking to join KDL Cables to further my expertise in network cables.


I am a cable technician with 5 years of experience in various installation functions. I would like to find a job in any cable company. I can use my experience from my previous work to provide great customer service.

The first example is specific. To the point. The second example is general. Read both examples and see which one makes you want to read more about the candidate.

Cable Technician Resume Objective

A resume objective is no different than a resume summary. If you’re an entry-level candidate without much experience, you should consider writing an objective summary.

You can use the same structure we have used to write a professional summary. Instead of highlighting your experience, write about your passion, projects, and relevant soft skills.

Additional Sections for A Cable Technician Resume

Most candidates stop here at the skills section and that’s why you shouldn’t. To make a resume that’s better than 95% of the resumes your hiring manager gets, additional sections have a part to play.

The additional sections are small targeted sections with relevant and interesting facts about the candidate.

Here are a few sections we recommend adding to a cable technician resume👇

Computing Skills

Your computer skills will come in handy. If you have basic computer literacy including Microsoft Excel, that would be an advantage. Most cable technicians get to use their knowledge of Excel in daily reporting activities.

Skill certifications

This could be the most important piece of information on your resume if you have the right one. For example, a highly demanding skill certification such as Certified Network Cable Installer (CNCI) would make you a shortlisted candidate straightaway.

Check what skills certifications are requested by the employers depending on the market. Acquire those certifications or at least start.


As you get to deal with clients who might speak multiple languages, your language skills would come in handy.

State the level of fluency for each language you list to give the hiring manager a better idea.

Hobbies and Interests

Write this section only if your hobbies and interests add value to your profile as a cable technician.

Does your interest have to relate to installing cables?

No, but they should support your technical skills or soft skills.

For example, an interest such as watching movies would not add any value, while interest in hiking or running would indicate your physical fitness which is important for a cable technician.

Pro Resume Tips for Cable Technicians

Here are some Pro Tips to help you improve your next cable technician resume:

  • Make sure your resume is free of grammar and spelling errors.
  • Keep your resume to a single page or two pages maximum.
  • Use numbers to add credibility and interest to your experience section.
  • Use a modern resume template and personalize it to match your profile.
  • Read the job description carefully to pick the right keywords. Include them naturally in your resume.
  • Acquire the right skill certifications. If you possess a highly demanded skill certification, mention that in your resume summary, experience, and in additional sections for more visibility.

Cable Technician Resume Summary

  • Start your cable technician resume with the header. Write your name and contact information.
  • Write a professional summary to hook the reader. Make the recruiter’s life easy by providing an overview of your profile in simple words.
  • Spend more time optimizing your experience section. This could make or break your chances of getting shortlisted.
  • Use your education section to stand out from the rest. Keep this section short.
  • Add relevant soft skills and technical skills. Pick the right skills from the job advertisement.
  • Use additional sections to make a pleasant surprise to the hiring manager.

Reinforce Your Resume with A Cover Letter

Create a cover letter that strengthens your profile. This will be an extension of your professional summary.

In the cover letter, state your key skills and how you could be a great addition to the new cable company’s team. Provide examples of how you helped the previous employer to achieve their targets and business objectives. Finish the letter with a call to action – ask for an interview to discuss further.

You could use our cover letter builder to create a cover letter that exactly matches your resume making it a seamless experience for the hiring manager.


What does a cable technician do?

Cable technicians install, troubleshoot, and repair data and voice cable systems for commercial and residential customers – mainly for home routers, television systems, and other cabled devices.

Cable technicians get to work in different weather conditions. The hardest part of the job would be climbing ladders and telephone poles.

How do I get a cable technician job?

You don’t need a solid academic background to become a cable technician. Get your high school diploma and start a technical course in the relevant field. Earn your skill certification and apply for an internship or your first job. Create a professional resume to land well-paid cable technician jobs.

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