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Bankers are responsible for a lot of money! A bank may have thousands of customers and those customers might have millions and billions in their accounts. Every professional working in the bank is a responsible and highly skilled person.

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As a banker you might be responsible for cash or assisting customers or managing retail banking and other banking job duties. You may be familiar with the procedures in place for cash note verification to safeguard the bank from fake notes.

Hiring process carried out by hiring managers is quite similar. There is a lot of scrutiny for you to pass and strict standards to meet. You need to write your banker resume in a way that there is no scope for doubt of your competency.

Banker Resume

This means describing your experience, education, skills and other details in a manner that doesn't inspire doubt in the mind of the hiring manager.

To write such a banker resume, you need help of a comprehensive guide. A guide that has accurate information along with some tips to make sure banker resume stand out!

And that is exactly why we are here! Let's dive in!👇

How to write the resume that impresses the hiring managers?

First question we will address is how to write the banker resume that impresses the hiring managers. The answer is simple, take into consideration all the guidelines and professional standards of resume.

An impressive banker resume example has certain defining aspects such as professionalism, informative presentation, details to set you apart, and an outline for neat organization of profile details.

To ensure your banker resume has professionalism you need to use the language that is formal and professional. You should use past tense throughout the banker resume along with third person in sentences.

Always use action words as much as you can while avoiding all the pronouns to give the formal tone to language while also reflecting the worth of your profile.

Quantify the details as much as you can so your profile information seems genuine and impressive rather than ambiguous and doubtful.

Your banker resume should have proper format to provide a neat outline to avoid chaos. It should not exceed the limit of two pages.

When you save the resume, label it with your name and the word resume or cv to keep it simple and professional.

Moreover, not every hiring manager and applicant tracking systems will be the same so you need to save the resume document in a form that is compatible for most document viewing mediums and applicant tracking systems. Save your resume document as a Word document or PDF which are the most compatible document formats.

If you meet all these professional resume standards, the hiring manager's attention will inevitably land on your banker resume.

👉Here's a little fascinating fact for you:

💡Global digital banking market is estimated to reach $ 1610 billion by the year 2027!


How to begin?

Your second question maybe- how do I begin or from where do I start? Here's your answer:

Background Research

First of all you need to do some background research for your role as a banker or personal banker or the senior personal banker. Understand the usual responsibilities and job market for the role of personal banker.

Next up explore the banking industry to understand current trends. The knowledge of industry should reflect in your personal banker resume.

Check out various job posting and personal banker job description to learn all about the expectations from the personal banker job candidate.

You can also explore the potential employers you may have in your mind to understand the work environment and culture of the bank you will be working at.

During the research, note the relevant keywords as they will be helpful while writing your banker resume.

Choosing the format

After your are done with the background research, explore the resume formats. Preferred and notable professional resume format options are functional resume format, reverse chronological resume format and combination resume format.

Banker Resume

The functional resume format allows you to emphasize on skills in absence of extensive work experience which is why it is suitable for freshers.

The reverse chronological format emphasizes on the experience along with space for skills section. In this format the experiences are described in reverse chronological order meaning latest experience is mentioned first and the first job is described at last.

This format is suitable for those who have extensive or even significant work experience. The last, combination resume format is for those who are looking for career change because it emphasizes experience as well as skills especially the ones that are transferable.

For you, the reverse chronological format may be the perfect fit.

What should be the order of sections?

The answer is- it depends on the format. For the reverse chronological format, the order of section looks something like this:👇

  • Header-Contact Information
  • Resume summary
  • Professional experience (work history)
  • Education section
  • Skills section
  • Extra

What to add in banker resume?

Now you know the order of the sections but what should you write in those sections?

Accurate contact information

The header consists of the contact information. The contact information should be accurate and written in formal manner.

Type your name first followed by your mobile number or the cell phone number. Add the area code in your number. Next, write your email address and mention the one that is professional and simple.

At last, after your professional email address you can mention your home address or location although it is not mandatory. you can also add your professional headshot- which is also up to you as it is not mandatory either.

Education section

The education section will talk about your schooling. You can mention your education institute and the degrees in this section.

If you don't have relevant degree, you can mention the subjects you learned that were relevant to the role of personal banker. You can also mention your high school diploma.

You can also add any relevant skills you learned during your education. Do not add the year of degrees as it can lead to bias in hiring manager.

Skills section

The skills section mentions your banking skills. You should include your soft skills along with the hard skills. Do not forget to pick skills mentioned in the job description of personal banker position.

📌Here we have prepared a list of some skills that you can use for your banker resume:

  • Exceptional customer service
  • Personal banking
  • Communication skills
  • Retail banking
  • Mortgage loans
  • Maintaining relationship with new and existing clients
  • Relationship building skills
  • Financial solutions
  • Banking solutions
  • Business development
  • Sustain high satisfaction ratings
  • Account management
  • Online banking
  • Client relationships
  • Cash transactions
  • Customer interactions
  • Banking regulations
  • Risk management
  • Technical skills

these are also inclusive of skills and aspects that you can include in your experience and resume summary sections within explanatory sentences. There may be more skills as well that you can include in your banker resume.

Banker Resume


Apart from sections discussed throughout this article, you can also add more sections for any additional information you have that should be included in your professional resume. It should be relevant to your role of personal banker.

Such sections could be for your language proficiency, as a personal banker you will go through a lot of customer interaction and your language proficiency will play a huge role. You may have advised customers for personal banking and you know how well the communication can be when you are able to converse properly.

You can also mention any relevant interests or hobbies you have.

How to write a compelling resume summary?

We discussed all the sections except the resume summary and your banking experience. So here we will discuss resume summary and then we will take up the banking experience.

Your profile summary is highlights of your professional banker resume. It doesn't have anything that is not mentioned in the rest of the resume however it mentions a list of most important aspects of your resume so the hiring manager knows right away if your resume is worth taking into consideration.

This also means that your summary has to be truly compelling for the hiring manager. It should mention the total years of experience. Your most important achievement and key skills. You can also mention some usual responsibilities that you handled exceptionally.

At last, mention what kind of opportunity you are looking for and how you will leverage your skills.

The details of the summary should be written in bullet points. Not more than 5 or less than 3. The sentences should be crisp, concise and there shouldn't be any fluff content.

Try to use numbers wherever you can and quantify the details to remove ambiguity and back your details to showcase strong profile of a personal banker.

Before you start writing your details in bullet points, note your job title as well.

Banker Resume

How to describe the professional experience?

Now your professional experience which will create your professional image. The experience section is where you will note your usual responsibilities, exceptional performances and achievements and skills that you employed for all of it.

First, type the job title and the employer name, then note the period of time for which you were employed. While describing details, use bullet points and try to keep the sentences short. Avoid jargon and fluff content.

The experience details should cover the important aspects of your role as a personal banker meaning you need to cover all the key aspects of job duties to reflect you have really been thorough in your past experiences.

Bonus Tips

📌Now after all the answers, we have some bonus tips for you:

Keywords for ATS

You may have heard of applicant tracking system or the ATS. The ATS is software used by the hiring managers to scan the resumes and job applications. The ATS filters the resumes based on the relevant keywords for the role.

You need to include the relevant keywords throughout your banker resume. Do not stuff the keywords randomly, the reader should not realize that keywords are intentionally placed in your resume.

During your research and from job description you will gather a lot of keywords. We have also prepared a list for you to consider. You can include these keywords in various sections throughout your resume.

  • Prospective clients/ prospective customers
  • Client relationships/ client relations
  • New business
  • Assisted customers
  • Financial solutions
  • Financial needs
  • Financial products
  • Savings accounts
  • Personal loans
  • Business development
  • Business partners
  • Diverse customer base
  • Sales opportunities/ sales goals
  • Investment banker
  • Team leader
  • Banking position
  • Banking products
  • Financial advisors
  • Small business customers/ Small business clients
  • Existing customers
  • Customer accounts
  • Personal accounts
  • Lending services
  • Retail banking

Cover letter

For the personal banking resume to work well and have the desired impact, you need to include a cover letter. Read the job posting carefully, find the recruiter and write the cover letter with personal address to the recruiter and describe everything from your profile.

Cover letters are your second opportunity to include keywords and appeal to the recruiter about your competency for the role of personal banker.

You can describe your journey, your inspiration and passion. Reflect the dedication and willingness to work hard to contribute to the team.

Personal bankers often write the resume but do not put in enough efforts and an average personal banking resume does not have what it takes to make an impact. However, with this guide you will be able to write an exceptional personal banker resume!

Banker Resume


Proofread your resume before saving it and remove any errors of spelling, grammar or factual details.

You should also refer to our resume examples and templates for a better idea of how a professional resume looks like and what kind of language you should have in your personal banker resume.

Now you know all about writing an excellent personal banking resume! Get out there and land yourself your dream job!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need a master's degree for this role?

Usually the requirement is high school diploma however it may vary depending on the employer's requirements. You should check the job description and get in touch with the recruiter.

Is cover letter mandatory?

Not always however it helps your chances of getting an interview call so we suggest you write one for the job applications.

I am a bank teller, is this guide suitable for me?

Yes, you can also refer to our guide for the role of bank teller here.

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