Bank Teller Resume: Detailed Guide & Tips

Banks are essential for human society, without banks there would be no safe and secure structure to handle our money. There are many people who work at bank and provide various services.Most roles at bank require sincerity and professionalism because of the high stakes (money) and serious nature of services. Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance.

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To land such a job, you need a really good bank teller resume. A good resume needs a lot of things i.e. keywords, right format, carefully written sections, professional language and so on.

💡The global banking industry was valued at US$ 2.41 billion in 2020. It is estimated to reach US$ 11.34 billion by the year 2030!


As you can imagine, an industry this big also has unimaginable number of employees in various roles, functioning to provide the best customer services.

Bank Tellers

If you have some past experience, you might already know the role of bank tellers is not simple and easy as one might guess.

A bank teller is responsible with many tasks, not to forget they are expected to know everything about the bank policies and procedures to ensure thorough customer service with all the assistance one can imagine.

Bank Teller Resume

Bank tellers deal with the customers directly and are required to help and assist customers with everything. This needs a lot of patience, problem solving skills, time management skills and thorough knowledge for all the relevant banking areas.

Bank tellers also handle the cash and cheques which makes them responsible for cash transactions and other banking transactions. Bank tellers also take calls, count the cash, manage ATM deposits, fill up deposit slips, collect payments, manage paperwork, balance the vault and handle cash drawer audits, provide account information including balance and they are also responsible for balancing cash and resolving customer disputes.

As you can imagine, most of the customer related functions are done by bank tellers hence their skills directly creates and reflects the bank's image. Which is why, every bank wants a really skilled and capable bank teller employees.

Bank tellers may be responsible for more functions around the bank depending on their skills and knowledge. A good bank teller is especially skilled with money handling and interpersonal communication with the customers as well as the co-workers.

Writing a bank teller resume is simple if you know some of the basic guidelines of writing a resume. To help you out we have discussed how to write a bank teller resume AND also described some of the bonus tips!

Let's dive in!👇

How to write a bank teller resume?

Writing resume requires you to follow some guidelines and keep in mind the rules of writing a professional resume.

To ensure that you resume is not only professional but also extra ordinary, you need this guide which discusses everything that you need to know about writing a bank teller resume.

Bank Teller Resume


Before you start writing your resume, you might want to browse your options for the formats and themes of the resume. There are three most preferred resume formats and a number of themes you can choose from.

Functional, reverse chronological and combination are your resume format options. Most popular is the reverse chronological format which focuses on your experience.

The functional format focuses on your skills and it is usually suitable for freshers without much of professional experience. The combination format focuses both on skills and experience and it is suitable for those looking for career change because this format focuses both on skills and experience which is important to showcase transferable skills.

Next up, there are many themes such as minimalist, modern, contemporary, traditional, visual and so on. Depending on the industry and profile one should choose the theme. Banking industry is fairly professional hence you might want to stick with formal themes and avoid the informal ones.

Once you have decided your format and theme for the bank teller resume, you can start writing your resume. Many bank teller resume examples will show you how each sections are written and what kind of information you need to include in your bank teller resume.

Contact information

Your first section in the header of your bank teller resume would be the contact information. In this section you need to mention your contact number and email address in formal manner with accuracy.

You can also add your professional headshot in which you are wearing a formal attire. Your home address can also be mentioned in brief in this section. However, neither of these two are mandatory.

Hiring managers will be looking for ways to connect with you in case you are selected for next rounds which means the accuracy of details in this section is very important.

Profile Summary

The profile summary of your bank teller resume will describe your experience and skills in brief. If you are wondering whether you should have bank teller resume objective or bank teller resume summary, you should go with the summary.

Hiring managers need to know what you bring to the table and they are not as concerned with your own career goals as they are with your capacity of contribution to their bank.

Ensure that you write the summary in bullet points no more than 3 to 5, keep it crisp and concise.

Mention your role and follow up with the first bullet point describing your total years of experience and a bit of background (private bank or public sector or such).

Next up, talk about your key accomplishments and relevant skills. Try to highlight your experience and skills with numbers. Quantify as many details as you can.

At last, mention what kind of opportunity you are seeking and how you will leverage your skills and knowledge along with you experience until now.


Describe your professional experiences in reverse-chronological order in the experience section of your professional bank teller resume. You can check out various bank teller resume template to see how reverse chronological description is written.

You need to write your latest professional experience first and then walk back to your first experience. While noting your professional experience, mention your job title, the name of the employer organization and the period of time you served there.

While describing the details of your job responsibilities, use bullet points and make sure your sentences are not too long. Highlight your contribution and performance with the notable accomplishments.

Talk about the challenges you faced and overcame with the relevant skills you have. You should also mention any improvement or exceptional performances you brought to your past jobs.


Your degree or highest education information will be mentioned in the education section. Mention the name of the education institution along with the degree. Do not mention the year of graduation to avoid bias.

In the education section you can mention the relevant coursework or subjects briefly. You can also mention the subject you majored in.

If you have completed any special programs or online courses, you can also note them in the education section.


Bank Teller Resume

The skills are very important as they are the indicators of your capabilities. You should avoid writing generic skills and be more specific. Along with you soft skills, mention the banking skills that are crucial to the role.

📌Here are some of the skills you can mention:

  • Balancing books
  • Mortgages and loan payments
  • Deposits & Withdrawals
  • Handling cash
  • Risk assessment
  • Currency exchange
  • Accounts handling
  • Investments
  • Safe deposit boxes/locker management
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Problem solving
  • Organizational skills
  • Professional mannerisms

these skills qualify you as a bank teller who is capable of performing well and maintaining customer satisfaction. The banking skills are one of the important aspects that the hiring managers look for in bank teller resumes.

You need to reflect your in depth knowledge and key skills in your resume so that the hiring manager knows you are the best candidate for the role they are offering.

A successful bank teller resume has a skills section that is carefully curated. You need to research the role, the bank you are applying to, the banking industry and most importantly the job duties described in the job description along with other information.

You need to showcase your skills of handling bank vault, financial transactions, financial management, excellent customer service, customer transactions, basic math skills, cash management, cash withdrawals, customer inquiries and so on.

In addition, you can also indicate how you can enhance banking convenience, achieve highest customer satisfaction scores, decrease the average wait time and improve every area of cashier duties.

Your knowledge of banking fundamentals, consumer finance, money transfers, handling cashier's checks, client transactions and everything in between should be showcased.

New bank tellers might not know everything however your capabilities are based on your skills rather than your knowledge. Reflect how you are capable of providing success to the financial institution with record transactions and performing well with all the job duties.

Your banking resume should have the mention of every relevant skill throughout the bank teller resume. You can also mention the skills in your experience and resume summary sections.

Whether it is a senior bank teller resume or entry level bank teller resume, the skills are of great importance for a hiring manager looking for the most suitable candidate for the bank teller role at their bank.

Bank teller resume skills are covered and while you are looking for bank teller jobs, you might come across job ad which might require more information apart from contact info, resume summary, experience, education and skills.


If you look at the bank teller resume examples, you might find some extra sections such as language proficiency, hobbies and interests, awards and recognitions and so on.

A job winning bank teller resume has the bank teller resume summary, bank teller resume skills, experiences and so on and also any extra information that is relevant and a good addition to your bank teller professional resume.

Many bank teller resume samples have extra sections to highlight awards and recognitions. A good bank teller resume example might have the language proficiencies as it ensures smoother communication with the customers and helps with customer satisfaction.

Bank teller resume tips!

By now you have learned how to write a bank teller resume. You know how to write a bank teller resume.

Bank Teller Resume
🎁Now let's go over some of the bonus tips!

Beat the ATS with Keywords

You may already know about the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). It is a software used by hiring manager of most organizations to scan the resumes received in job applications.

The ATS has the relevant keywords set as its parameters for filtering the resumes. These keywords are relevant to the role you are applying for.

All you need to do is to make sure your resume has all the relevant keywords of your role, job duties, banking industry and bank you are applying to. If your resume has all the keywords, it will beat the ATS and reach the shortlisted resumes pile easily.

Set the Tone with Language

There are few basic rules of writing a resume. These rules help you set the tone of language used in the resume.

  • Never use pronouns
  • Use third person and past tense throughout the resume
  • Use action words as much as possible

Following these rules will ensure that your resume sounds professional and formal and appealing for the hiring manager.

Write a Cover Letter

Last but not least, write a cover letter. Cover letter is not always mandatory however enclosing one is always beneficial as it leaves a good impression on the hiring manager.

You can include more keywords in the cover letter and also talk at length about your experience and skills. Use this space to convince the hiring manager of your capabilities and qualifications.

You can also talk about your journey, inspiration and passion in the cover letter.


Bank Teller Resume

To conclude, your bank teller resume should be professional and include all the relevant and important information of your professional bank teller profile.

Make sure to follow all the guidelines and tips discussed in this article. You can also check out our resume examples and templates.

Always proofread your resume once you are done writing and remove any spelling or grammatical errors. Save the document with appropriate label and format.

Now you are ready to write your bank teller resume! Best of luck for that dream job!

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Should I write a cover letter?

Yes, even if it is not mentioned as mandatory, enclosing cover letter can be beneficial. Cover letter gives you an opportunity to address the hiring manager directly.

Do I need a master's degree for the bank teller role?

The education qualifications requirement might be different for every role. You can check the job description when you apply for the job or contact the hiring manager to confirm.

Should I mention that I'm multilingual?

Yes. Your language proficiency can come handy when you are serving the customers and it is a good addition to your bank teller profile.

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