Administration Resume : Comprehensive Guide (with Extra Tips)

Love administration work? Maybe you want to be part of an office like that of Dunder-Mifflin. Well, then you need a perfect administration resume, don't you?The world is ever-evolving, Covid-19 pandemic, recession and something or the other thing is always happening and the corporate industry also evolves whenever necessary.

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For example, lately because of the global pandemic of Covid-19, the concept of WFH/remote opportunities bloomed.

administration resume

Simultaneously, many corporates laid off thousands of employees because of the recession that followed Covid-19.

In such a world, how do you secure your corporate positioning? Your job, income and life security needs some backup.

For this security you need to perform well, contribute in a way that makes you indispensable; for that you need an excellent opportunity that allows you to do all this and more. To find such opportunities.

So let's learn all about how to write a job landing administrative resume. Read the article till the end for some extra tips! You might want to check out our resume examples as well.

What is an administration resume?

As the name suggests, administration resume is a resume for the roles and positions or the job titles of administrative jobs.

Administrative jobs are in a number of industries such medical, sports, entertainment, law, business, media, education and so on. Most popular administrative titles maybe business admin, clerk and so on.

An administration resume has the perceptive presentation with regard of the industry and its standards of presentation, language, communication and so on.

Administration roles require the utmost professionalism and as much perfection as humanly possible.

administration resume

Who needs an administration resume?

You might wonder with your background, can you get an administrative job? Or that, what roles are there in administration world that you may want to go for?

📌 Here is the list of industries where there are many administration jobs:

  • Hospitals
  • Hospitality Establishments
  • Educational Institutions
  • Business Companies
  • Banks & Finance
  • Grocery Stores
  • Retail Departments of companies

Apart from these, there are many other industries where you can find administration roles. Pretty much every industry, every organization or institution has administration roles because it is required for all the work structures.

administration resume

📌 Now, let's go over the administrative job titles:

  • Receptionist
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Office clerk
  • Analyst
  • Executive
  • Manager
  • Supervisor
  • Operator
  • Superintendent
  • Specialists
  • Administrators

and more. These roles can be positioned at any level in the hierarchy in the organizations. And these roles are in every industry.

Administration is a lot about organization, strategizing, planning, operating, managing and such tasks in every structures of companies, institutions and organizations.

If you like to think you are someone who wants to be part of the mechanism and contribute to the process, then the administration is your field. And you should start working on your administration resume.

What to write in an administration resume?

⚠️ We all know the global unemployment issue is getting worse. Global unemployment is estimated to reach 208 million in 2023!


This means, you need to put in extra effort to get a good job! What can you do? Let's start with resume.

administration resume

You might know the sections that are on every resume. Similar sections are also on the administration resume. However, you need more than the regular sections and details.

Every section on your resume and all the details, need to be presented in effective, impactful manner along with outstanding professionalism.

That's why we have explained here how to write each section.

Contact Information

Beginning with the contact information, you should write your name on the top, followed by your contact number on which you are easily reachable.

Make sure you write your contact number properly with +, spaces, parenthesis [()] and the area code or such number that are required to be entered before your number in case someone non-local attempts to reach you.

After the contact number, mention your email ID. Ensure that your email ID is professional and not something unprofessional

administration resume
For example:


Next comes your home address, which is not necessary unless there was a required location mentioned in the job description. You should also mention your address in short in case you are applying to a company abroad or in another state.


The summary is very important, in fact it is essential for holding the hiring manager's attention through your resume.

A good resume summary is short- 2-3 lines/ 3-5 bullet points. The details should never be written in a paragraph. Use bullet points with crisp details.

administration resume

Your title in a slightly bigger fonts. Followed by your total years on experience and area of experience (i.e. private sector, public sector, medical field, communications industry etc.).

Then comes the key achievements and relevant skills that you have in your bag from your journey until now- it should be inclusive of everything from past professional experiences.

You can also add something from educational background in case it is important and especially if you are a fresher with no professional experiences.

You should end your summary section with stating how you will contribute to the organization and what kind of opportunity you are seeking.

Make sure your summary is short. You should use no pronouns throughout the summary (and also the whole resume). Write in third person and past tense.

💡 Most Important: Use numbers, quantify your experiences, achievements and skills wherever you can. Measurable performance is more credible and helps you with the hiring manager.

Educational background

Writing your educational background is quite simple. Mention your degree and institution from where you pursued your education.

administration resume

After those details, you can mention any relevant coursework, key achievements and accomplishments.

If you are a fresher, you must focus on this education a bit more. Mention everything relevant from your institutional education years. Outstanding results, awards, achievements, learned key skills and subjects that are relevant to the job position you are applying for.

Professional experience

Your administrative professional experience is going to earn the most points with the hiring managers. You may have noticed that most administrative resume examples have the experiences noted down in reverse chronological order.

You should mention your latest experience first. And then walk back. While writing your experiences, mention the name of the organization with the time period that you worked there for.

Along with those details, mention how you contributed to the organization and made difference. You can how you used your relevant skills to face the challenges and overcame them.

You should try to quantify your achievements and performance everywhere you can. Most administrative resumes have ambiguous and vague sounding details that are generic and is likely in most resumes of your fellow applicants.

You need to stand out with 'solid performance history'.

administration resume


Along with the professional experience, your skills are very important. They will contribute to the hiring manager's decision.

While some organizations provide training and don't mind lack of certain skills or knowledge base, most hiring managers would be looking for someone who can contribute to the organization with the skills that you already have.

You can mention both your hard skills and soft skills. You can pick your skills from these lists:

📌 Hard skills:

  • MS Office
  • Record keeping
  • Project management
  • Billing/Shopping
  • Computer skills
  • Scheduling
  • Administrative skills

📌 Soft skills:

  • Organizational skills
  • Communication skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Teamwork skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Attention to detail
  • Time management skills
  • Problem solving skills

You can also add the skills you have that are not in these list. These lists are generic, you should also do your research for specific role you are applying to.

administration resume


If you are a certified administrative professional, you just mention your certifications in your resume. It will certainly help you stand out in the pool of thousands of applicants.

Usually administrative professionals do not require specific certificates but having something extra can always help you.

These certifications can also back your technical skills, role specific skills and more.


If you have anything else relevant to mention, you can add another section. For your hobbies, interests, awards or such that might be relevant and help you out with the hiring managers.

Tips for a Job Landing Administration Resume

Now that you know the basic format for your resume. You should also check out resume examples for administration resumes. But for the something extra in your resume, read the tips below!

administration resume


If you have acquired any awards during your studies that may be relevant to your job title and industry, you should mention them and back all your accomplishments, skills and experience claims.

During your professional experience, if you were awarded or recognized with special acknowledgement, you should mention it in your administration resume.


While you are writing your resume, you should reflect your confidence throughout the resume. Do not sell yourself short when you are describing your achievements, awards and accomplishments.

Lack of confidence or overconfidence speaks to your performance and the hiring managers like to see just the right amount of confidence in their potential employees.


Carefully choose the format for your resume. There are many elements in a resume such as graphics, infographics, images, designs etc. for visual resume. Tables, columns, margins, sensible font size differences, font colors and so on for other resumes.

administration resume

You can choose which elements your resume should have based on the degree of professionalism and creativity expected in your industry.

The role of administration may be completely professional but if your role is in a creative industry, you might want to add some creativity to your resume. For example, business administrative for a performance art company.

If the industry is quite professionalism demanding, you should go for a simple resume. For example, a business administration official in a corporate company.

Cover letter

Having a good resume is not enough if you want to make sure you land your dream job. A cover letter is what you need to tie up your job application neatly along with the resume.

Your cover letter is where you write in personalized manner and express your genuine interest, passion and dedication for the job title, the organization and the industry.

Cover letter, essentially, is your pitch presentation. Make sure you write it well. Address with the right words and end with thanking them for their time and consideration.


Most important for your resume as well as cover letter, is the keywords! The hiring managers these days do not go through every single resume they receive because they receive thousands of resumes.

administration resume

Even the small start ups do not manually go through all the applications. Everyone uses Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). The ATS filters the resumes according to the parameters (keywords) set by the recruiter.

Meaning to beat the ATS and to reach the hiring manager's shortlist of resumes, you need to make sure your resume has all the relevant and important keywords.

You can do your research of the industry, role, company, responsibilities and job descriptions and pick all the keywords and use them sensibly throughout the resume. Ensure you don't over or under use them so that the readability of the resume is not compromised.

Experience with software/technology

If you have any experience with various software and technology that might be utilized by the organization, you should mention them in your resume to earn you some extra points.

Not every applicant may have the familiarity with non-mandatory experience and skills like this.

administration resume

Tailor for each job posting

You can ensure the interview call by tailoring resume for each job posting/application. You won't need to re-write the whole resume.

Just make edits and tweak the details and keywords here and there. You can also keep multiple resumes saved for various positions.

This ensure, you don't miss out on any opportunities.

Key Take Away

If you read every part of this article without skipping anything, then you have learned all you need to learn about administration resume.

When you are checking out administration resume examples and administration resume templates, make sure you don't copy anything as it is. Make edits and changes according to your profile to make sure your resume reads genuine and credible.

You should also check out our resume examples and templates for more reference. Use this article as your checklist for what all you need to include in your resume.

Once you are done, make sure to proofread your resume and check for any errors of spelling, grammar and details.

administration resume

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you suggest any particular skills that I need for this role?

You should have soft skills such as communication, time management, communication and such. And for hard skills, you should know MS Office, project management and such. For more, read the skills section in the article above.

Which industry is right for me, as an administration personnel?

Administration roles are available in wide range of industries. You can choose the right industry based on your educational background, experiences and interests along with your skills.

Should I write objective in my resume?

Objective a bit old concept. You want to tell the hiring manager all that you bring to the table and can do for the organization. If you have resume summary, it's enough.

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