Job Internship Work From Home and Onsite in India

Work-from-home internships in India are quite popular after the global pandemic and events lockdown. The Coronavirus has changed the definition of a 9 to 6 job altogether and the internship work is no different even if it is a preschool teacher job.

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Job Internship Work From Home and Onsite in India

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Table of contents
Table of content

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In this article, we will look into the internship work-from-home jobs in India along with their pros and cons, and predominantly how the 9 to 6 work cycle is operating in the internship work-from-home jobs and locations.

work from home internships in India

The title above carries two different elements - the job internship and work from home. To understand the exclusive meaning of the entire title we need to bifurcate them individually. A job internship is a work position of an individual who is appointed as a trainee to learn internship work, various art work, or other crafts.

The trainee is awarded a certificate or a degree upon successful completion after the internship program starts. For example, an educational institute hires a teaching assistant as a trainee.

An important development here is the pay, the trainee may or may not get paid for his or her internship depending on the companies and locations, and also on the internship program that the trainee is attending. Generally speaking, an internship program in India earns an average of INR 5,000 a month for the trainee. That's a paid internship.

Although the concept of working from home is not a newly introduced hybrid working model the implementation of the same has increased at an alarming rate after the pandemic. Let's consider the example of a digital content producer working remotely. It includes running paid social media ads, produce engaging and relevant content, working closely with the design team remotely, working on various platforms using online sources, and much more.

work from home internships in India

Unpaid v/s Paid Internship Jobs

Who would want to work for free? No one. The idea of both unpaid and paid internship jobs function in a completely different environment. As long as paid internship is concerned the trainee is awarded a fixed amount every month. On the contrary, an unpaid internship has no remuneration at all. The trainee is awarded a certification of completion at the end of the program.

Needless to say, the internship work operates across India including major states like the West Bengal, Noida Uttar Pradesh, placement Mumbai, alongside alternate locations. This is true for both unpaid and paid internship jobs.

Remote Working Jobs

Remote working jobs can be fun since it allows employees to enjoy and work within their convenient time limits. However, this may not be true for the example of education institutes that we referred to above. If you look closely a digital content creator can work from home but a high school teacher might not adjust to the work-from-home ecosystem.

An online content creator will reliably commute across various social media platforms along with a creative design team and accomplish the jobs assigned. In short, work-from-home jobs has their own set of benefits.

Advantages of Remote Internship Jobs

Now that we know what is an internship and working from home, let's compile a list of the advantages of remote internship jobs. Here they are.

  • Remote internship jobs are available both for day and night shits.
  • They have flexible work hours to manage the applicant's families and friends.
  • Although the pay grade is less the trainee gets paid time off.
  • There's also a performance bonus attached to the work-from-home job.
  • The applicant is still a part of the job industry even though it's remote.
  • The recruiting companies also offer shared office spaces to work.
  • The remote job is completely digitized including reports, meetings, etc.

Disadvantages of Remote Internship Jobs

Days ago you applied for a remote job and now you are in action. However, there are two sides of a coin and we will discuss the other one, the disadvantages. Here they are.

  • Night shifts in remote or onsite jobs can take a toll on mental and/or physical health over time.
  • Flexible work hours might get disrupted due to unknown distractions and could stretch long.
  • Less pay scale may overtime reduce the enthusiasm to continue working for days.
  • Working from home needs serious discipline since there's no one to monitor.
  • Remote work is taboo in India and orthodox companies may not consider your resume.
  • The employee might need to reliably commute to the shared office space consuming a lot of time.
  • You may not be a technical expert although basic technical knowledge is compulsory to get started.

We have discussed job internships and working from home and without a resume related to this topic will be unfair. Hence, here's a remote job internship plus work from home resume for your future endeavors.

work from home internships in India

Work From Home Resume - Digital Content Manager

Jay D. Patel

44, Colombus Street

Dadar (West) Mumbai


+91 330-655-5077


Digital content specialist having a bachelor's degree with certifications in digital content creation, data analysis, and content marketing is seeking a position in Ultra Softech Solutions. Competent in cost per click, pay per click, advertising, social media lead generation, and online sales. Creative in generating content in textual, motion, and graphics formats to reach and deliver the company's message to the right audiences. Knowledge of online marketing tools and e-commerce platforms would be an added advantage.

Remote Work Experience

Content Manager

Good Folks Techno

Dadar, Mumbai


  • Compiled Google Ads for client's products.
  • Diverted site traffic on Amazon shop via online ads.
  • Published blog posts for daily publishing schedule.

Content Creator (Intern)

Mumbai Digital

Andheri, Mumbai


  • Published Amazon product listing ads.
  • Listed new products and variants.
  • Developed brand new e-commerce site.

Digital Assistant (Intern)

Galaxy Online Marketing

Borivali, Mumbai


  • Performed grammatical checks of blogs before publication.
  • Wrote meta tags and optimized textual ads.
  • Analyzed on-site traffic data in Google Analytics.

Key Skills

  • Digital content creation
  • Digital content management
  • Content marketing
  • Data analysis
  • Cost per click
  • Pay per click
  • Amazon sales

Online Tools

  • SEM rush
  • Woo commerce
  • WordPress
  • Google Ads
  • Final cut pro x
  • Adobe premiere pro
  • Google analytics


Bachelor's Degree - Commerce

Mumbai University

Dadar (West) Mumbai



  • English (Expert)
  • Hindi (Expert)
  • Marathi (Native)


  • Digital Content Creation Professional, 2018
  • Data Analysis Professional & Content Marketing, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

How to search for remote internship jobs online?

To find remote internship jobs google the same and create a job alert related to this search. The search engine will then email you jobs regarding the job alert that you created days ago. Click on the job internship link and apply by sending your updated resume. You can also create the job alert in your language from the date posted by selecting the अपनी भाषा चुनिए option in the native language.

What is the salary for a remote internship job?

Internships are either paid or unpaid and it highly depends on the job industry offering an internship program. For example, INR 5,000 a month could be the bare minimum stipulated by the governing authority. Plus the intern also receives a completion certificate when the internship is over. The mindset here of Indian interns is that the government internship programs are beneficial since a government-approved certificate is awarded which holds more value compared to a private organization.

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