Branding Statement : Comprehensive Guide with Examples

You may have heard terms brand, branding, branding statement and tag line. But have you ever wondered what do they actually mean? Or what is their impact? Or why do giant companies are popular for their branding statements?

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Branding Statement : Comprehensive Guide with Examples

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Table of contents
Table of content
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We live in the digital marketing era where marketing strategies are everything for anyone trying to make a mark. And the branding statements are the most effective way of marketing.

The marketing field has seen a lot of development and advancement in the last decade; which has made the business world extremely competitive and congested. Making your own place in such a place is difficult and you need all the help you can get.

branding statement

Smallest things often make bid difference, digital space has become easily accessible and more and more people are easily finding their voice. This has made everything quite unpredictable, a video can go viral overnight if the masses find it intriguing and a big campaign can fail if people don't find it intriguing.

The demand for something new, something creative and unconventional is increasing everyday. In such landscape if you want to make space for yourself, you need to make sure you understand the essentials such as branding and brand statements.

This article talks all about branding statement and personal brand statement. Let's dive in!👇

What is a Branding Statement?

Every person has an identity and so does any business or entity. Even the armed forces of the countries have an identity. These identities are usually tagged with a statement. You might say, 'I am a tennis enthusiast.' It means you as a person are a lot about tennis, you prefer to be associated with everything to do with tennis.

Businesses and individuals also have such identities in professional capacity. This identity is spelled out using words and that combination of few words or a particular sentence becomes the branding statement.

Branding statement basically means - what we are as a brand or what do we believe in or represent as a brand.

Branding statement is extremely important because unlike old times, now the masses have access to a number of options when it comes to consumption of goods/services and they are not forced to choose whatever is available.

This compels the goods & services providers to be appealing to consumers. And this leads to creating a particular identity as a brand and business to appeal to the potential consumers to get chosen for their goods and services.

All the successful advertising agencies who are known for ridiculously good marketing, have their own branding statement which helps them build the client relationships. All the branding efforts pay off when the target customer not only chooses the brand for consumption but also supports the brand on social media platforms.

People often associate themselves with various brands on social media because it adds to their identity and this happens when the branding statement is appealing for masses. When the branding statement is relatable to real life and becomes empowering, ridiculously good marketing!

branding statement

What is a Personal Brand Statement?

Many businesses, corporate groups and organization entities have their branding statements which make them successful products and services providers. They are usually a bug structure with a number of people working in fixed hierarchy.

But what do you call it when it is just one person? One human being and their identity or one person who is the face of perhaps a group pf people providing goods or services?

Particular notable people with personal brand statement are:

  • Do you want more traffic? -Neil Patel
  • Be a unicorn in a sea of donkeys. -Larry Kim
  • Achieve social media mastery. -Mari Smith

Why is it important?

Personal brand statement reflects a lot about who you are and what you offer. Personal brand statement tells the people who you are and if your personal brand statement reflects confidence, people will also believe that you are a credible and reliable person.

Your personal branding statement tells the consumers all about you, it is your business card, sales pitch, presentation and everything in between that represents you and your products/services.

An effective personal brand statement can make remarkable impact. Your personal brand statement should create credibility and reliability for you, in your target audience.

A great personal brand statement attracts more and more people with the unique selling proposition or unique value proposition which is attention grabbing and helps you pique people's curiosity.

A strong personal brand statement can make a huge difference if your words carefully convey the clear idea and mission statement.

Best personal brand statement examples often contribute to the business success more than other aspects of marketing strategies.

branding statement

📌 Your own personal branding statement can tell a lot to the target audience:

  • Who are you
  • What do you believe in
  • What do you offer
  • How reliable you are
  • How good are your services
  • How confident you are
  • Why should target audience choose you

Having a personal brand statement or personal slogan helps you attract potential clients or potential customers, creates credibility for your small businesses, helps you target right audience, creates your identity as a successful entrepreneur or business and helps you achieve your business goals.

Who should have one?

The easy access to internet has made it possible for masses to connect and develop connections easily, it has brought the world closer and led to globalization of many services and products.

There are many up and coming personalities who influence the masses through their social media profiles. Most of them are establishing themselves as a brand with a particular theme of who they are.

These people can benefit a lot from their branding statement. Many entrepreneurs, freelancers, authors, speakers establish themselves as a brand. You may find many such personalities on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc.

One of the good examples of ridiculously effective personal branding is the actors who started out as influencers on social media and managed to get casted in movies. Their ability to relate to masses and building a connection, made them go from a notable social media presence to an actor or actress in movies.

This ability to create relatable personal brand stems from their own personal brand statement.

Many job seekers also establish their personal brand during the job search, to clarify how valuable they are and what they can offer. Number of freelancers on LinkedIn write and establish a presence which leads to them becoming a brand themselves. What they write is usually in context of their brand statement.

Employers look for such candidates because it ensures a remarkable addition to their team along with success for their business.

Personal brand statement is for anyone who wants to create a credible profile and attract the target audience. It could be job seekers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, business person establishing a new business and so on.

branding statement

How to create your own Personal Brand Statement?

Personal brand statement can make up for half the marketing efforts or job search efforts, if it is written with the right words carefully. So what should you aim for when creating your personal brand statement?

Brand statements can be of few words or even two sentence phrase, your goal should be to make sure it has good impact.

Recall Value

Your personal brand statement should be powerful enough to leave an impression o your target audience's mind. A personal brand statement that has good recall value is likely to stay on customer's mind for a long time.


If you have gone through the personal brand statement examples, you would have noticed that most of them are rhyming or in some way catchy!

Because when the words or the sound is catchy, it stays on your target audience's mind for a long time because in some way it appeals to human psychology.


As mentioned before your personal brand statement reflects who you are meaning your personality is somewhat described through the branding statement.

You can utilize aspects of your personality which may be relevant to what you are offering and appealing to your potential consumers, to create your personal branding statement.

What you believe in

People are always categorizing everything they come across, trying to understand the world and protect themselves. This categorization is usually in good or bad and that means what you believe in could benefit you.

If you believe in something that may appeal to masses, your belief associated with your products or services, can result in good reach and success for yourself. When your personal brand statement reflects what you believe in, people will also choose you for what you believe in and not just for what you offer.

branding statement


Your personal brand statement should be worded in a way that helps you to establish yourself as a credible entity. Brand statements that manage to reflect credibility can go a long way when it comes to marketing.

Pain points

The personal brand statement should address the pain points of the target audience. We as consumers, are always looking for solutions to our various worries. When we find the solution, we are tempted to buy the particular product or service.

If the branding statement itself has addressed the pain point, it becomes easier to grab the attention and tempt the potential consumer.

Branding statement examples

Let's take a look at some examples now👇

Nike-Just Do It

Nike is a sports accessories brand that provides all kinds of products related to sports. Sports usually involves a lot of self doubt.

Athletes to regular individuals who exercise regularly often procrastinate or doubt their ability to actually exercise or achieve the goals on the playground to perform well. This is a pain point for the target consumer base of Nike products.

Nike's brand statement addresses this pain point by saying- Just do it! It is motivational and helps people make progress.

De Beers- A diamond is forever.

De Beers is a brand sells diamonds. Now, diamonds are expensive so whoever buys them would want them to last so they do not have to buy them again. Diamonds, like gold, are also an investment which means they should serve as an asset that will not lose their value over time.

To address these concerns of potential consumer base, De Beers' brand statement says- A diamond is forever!

This is a good example of a brand statement that tempts the customers to choose the brand.

💡 This brand statement caught the wind and became popular because in the times of great depression and falling market of diamonds, De Beers managed to pocket remarkable success with diamonds' sales.


branding statement

Personal brand statement examples

Neil Patel- Do You Want More Traffic?

We live in digital marketing era where any and everyone needs to know SEO for their success, whether they are a start up or a well established business. Everyone wants traffic on their website to boost the sales.

Neil Patel is known for his exceptional knowledge of SEO and power of achieving desired results through digital marketing. His personal brand statement asks you- Do you want more traffic?

It is a simple question (rather than statement) however the simplicity also leads to simple answer (Yes! Of course!) which leads to the decision- I need to go to Neil if I want my business to succeed.

Adam Cobb- Move well, eat well, think well.

This is another example of a personal brand statement which is simple yet effective. Adam Cobb is a fitness and nutrition coach who provides services for better health.

The simple brand statement says it- he will help you exercise well for your fitness, he will help you eat healthy and he will help you think well with spiritual guidance.

The brand statement is effective because of its simplicity, information and pain points address. People struggle to maintain fitness, eat healthy and suffer from overthinking and stress. Adam is providing help and solution for all those problems.

branding statement


In conclusion, your personal brand statement can help you whether you are an entrepreneur establishing your new start up or a job seeker in the middle of a job search. Personal brand statements are the most powerful way of digital marketing.

Many businesses started with nothing and became global brands, because of their brand statements that created a unique image of who they are.

If you are a job seeker, you can check out our resume examples and guidance articles.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I am a freelance content writer, do I need a personal brand statement?

Yes! As a freelance content writer, you need to highlight your unique value to your potential clients and a personal brand statement can help you with that.

I have just started working on my new start up. How do I create an effective personal brand statement?

You need to reflect your personality, credibility in your branding statement. You can also address the pain points of your potential consumer base. An effective branding statement maybe catchy and short.

Is it okay if my personal brand statement is short?

Short statement can be really effective and catchy. If you have a short personal brand statement, you have nothing to worry about.

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