Videographer Resume: Comprehensive Guide to Bag the Best Jobs

Looking for a comprehensive guide for writing the best, job winning videographer resume? You have come to the right place! In this article we will talk all about writing a perfect videographer resume.

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We will talk about videographer resume sections, videographer skills and experience and much more! Let's dive right in without any further waiting!

Videographer Resume

Professional videographer resume

A professional videographer resume is defined by its professionalism, accuracy and such more professional resume standards. Here is how you can make your own videographer resume a professional resume:

  • Always use past tense and third person for formal tone of language
  • Avoid using any kind of pronouns in sentences because they make the language informal
  • Use as many action verbs as possible, use maximum quantified details and bullet points to describe information
  • Use the right resume format and videographer resume template for your own videographer resume
  • Use the most compatible resume document format: PDF or Microsoft Word
  • Use the appropriate label for your resume document: Your full name and the term 'resume' or 'CV'


Research is important because it helps you get more insight in anything that you are exploring. Before writing your videographer resume, you should do some research.

You should do the research on your job-role, job duties, your industry, potential clients/employers and anything else that may be relevant. The research will help you figure out the compensation that you can demand or expect, the current job market scenario and much more.

After doing the research, you will be able to figure out how you can stand out in a pool of fellow applicants who might have the same skills and experience that you do. It will help you understand what do clients expect and what are the new skills in demand that you need to acquire before applying for your next job.

Research provides you with insights that help you write a great videographer resume that help you get your dream job, it also provides you knowledge that can make you confident which is crucial for interviews. The research is the first step you should take when you begin the job search.


There are 3 most preferred resume format that you can choose from for your own videographer resume. The best videographer resume examples are written with the right resume format.

📌Types of resume formats for you:

  • Functional resume format: Suitable for freshers and graduates who need to focus on skills and education as opposed to experience because they do not have any experience to discuss or describe on their videographer resume
  • Reverse chronological resume format: Suitable for professionals who have significant, extensive, or exhaustive work history with professional experience, helps you focus on your experience and skills rather than your education and skills
  • Combination resume format: Combination of the above two formats, suitable for those who are looking for career change and need to discuss their transferable skills as well as experience, the format helps you focus both on your skills and experience at once, also known as hybrid resume format

Header-Contact information

The header of your videographer resume should include contact information. A good videographer resume example will show you how every detail is professional and formal. A great videographer resume example will have the most accuracy throughout the resume, especially in the contact information section. The section should include below mentioned details:

  • Your full name-first name & last name-with accurate spelling
  • Your contact number that you use for your professional communications
  • Your email ID that is formal and used for your professional communications
  • Your LinkedIn profile link-only if your profile is carefully curated and updated regularly
  • Your portfolio link
  • Your home address (not mandatory)
  • Your professional headshot in formal attire (not mandatory)

Resume summary

Videographer resume summary should be written in bullet points and should include your job title. The best videographer resume example talks about the resume summary with utmost importance because it will decide whether the reader of your resume will pay attention to the rest of your videography resume or not.

Resume summary should mention your total years of experience and overall background of your work experience(have worked mostly on training videos or ad videos or photo shoots or music videos and so on). Then, you should mention the most important and impressive details from your resume such as your relevant skills, your experience and your achievements. Only choose the most exceptional details to include in your resume summary and leave out the rest of your information for other sections on your videographer resume.

Professional experience-work history

When you look at a good videographer resume example or videographer resume sample, the first thing you might notice is the professional experience section and perhaps the videographer resume summary.

A good professional experience section looks something like this:

  • Details in bullet points
  • Work history described in reverse chronological order, beginning with the latest job
  • Each experience includes these details: job title or designation, full name of the employer and the employment period for which you worked with the said employer or client)
  • You should mention your senior scholar project as well as every single detail of each job experience or video production project
  • Reflect your passion and dedication for the job
  • Include relevant skills and achievements
  • Include recognition, special projects you have worked on and your experience of working with video production manager
  • Include as many action verbs and power words as you can
  • Include quantified details that consist numbers to make the information more impressive
  • Be thorough while describing the details of video production
  • Mention the tasks and job duties you fulfilled that were not part of your job description

Your professional work experience will be very important section on your videographer resume because it will provide a lot of insight for the HR manager, or client, or anyone who is going through your videographer resume with the purpose of hiring you for their video production project.


Most videographer resume samples and videographer resume examples will not focus a lot on education because as a videographer, you do not need a particular degree.

However, education is an indication of basic literacy and knowledge of navigating the world as an adult, which is why you should mention at least your high school diploma in the education section. Make sure you mention any relevant courses and training you may have completed, in the education section too.

When mentioning these details, be sure to mention the full name of the course/program/degree/certificate along with the education institute/school/university/online or offline platform/medium-through which you acquired the said education.

Skills section

You have videographer skills such as successful video production or making training videos or having soft skills and so on that are necessary for videographer jobs. The job title of videographer comes with a lot of pre-requisites such as videographer skills, videography experience, videography knowledge and so on.

In the skills section of your videography resume, you need to mention your top strengths and skills that help you perform well at your videographer jobs. A great videographer resume's skills section includes all the soft skills, videography skills, and technical skills to be able to operate video production equipment.

We have prepared a list of relevant skills for videographer resume. You can also create a great videographer resume by picking skills from videographer jobs description.

📌List of relevant videographer skills for your videography resume:

  • post production editing
  • video editing
  • using video and audio equipment
  • making corporate training videos
  • video shoots
  • video production
  • training videos
  • using video equipment
  • hard and soft skills
  • using video production equipment
  • music videos
  • making promotional videos
  • video projects
  • shooting video
  • video content production
  • shooting sporting events
  • promotional videos
  • audio equipment
  • time management skills
  • Adobe creative suite
  • studio interviews
  • audio mixing
  • studio shoots
  • studio interviews
  • photo shoots
  • working with production assistant
  • working on senior scholar project
  • making video content
Videographer Resume

Extra sections

Extra sections on your videography resume can help you stand out in the pool of your fellow videographer position applicants. Most videographer positions require you to have particular skills and experience that is basic and necessary which means most of your fellow applicants will have it all on their videographer resume as well.

To stand out in such a pool of job applicants, you need to bring something extra to the table. It can be your language proficiency, it can be your freelance experience, it can be your personal interests that may be relevant for your role of videographer, it can be your certificates in various areas of expertise that are relevant, it can be a list of video equipment you can handle and software that you use for editing video and doing post video production work and so on, it can be your workshops exposure or events exposure, it can be your awards and achievements, it can be any seminars/webinars you have attended, it can be any online/offline programs and courses that you may have completed.

Most HR managers and recruiters look for a candidate that brings something different and extra to the table, it can be videographer skills or experience or exposure or anything else that an average job applicant/videographers would not have. Which is why you should try and add extra sections on your videographer resume that help you stand out and impress the client/ HR manager.


You may have heard of the HR managers who use the AI software to scan and filter the resumes that they receive on their job application portal. We all know how technology, artificial intelligence and modern advancements are coming up everyday in various areas to make our lives easier.

You may have used resume builder to write your videographer resumes, you may have used ChatGPT to write content or get answers to your questions and so on. HR managers use the software that are driven by AI, they are often called applicant tracking systems.

These systems/software scan the resumes and job applications/cover letters and filter them to create a shortlist of resumes. They operate on the basis of set parameters, these parameters are simply the relevant keywords that you may find in the job description, these are the keywords that are related to your role and/or designation, your job description, job duties, job title, your industry, your potential clients/employers, your profession's knowledge and relevant topics, your relevant and necessary skills for the role and anything else that may be relevant for the role of (in your case) the videographer.

Videographer Resume

To make sure that you beat the ATS and these software, you need to make sure that the ATS finds the keywords on your resume. Now the important thing to keep in mind is that when you are including keywords on your resume you need to make sure that you use them in sensible manner, include them in sentences so that the sentence makes sense. Often, people stuff the keywords randomly and anywhere, which results in incomprehensible sentences that make no sense or meaning.

You will be able to beat the ATS with such keyword stuffing however you won't be able to impress the HR manager or clients because the sentences will not make sense or have any meaning. You need to make sure that you use the keywords when you are describing relevant details so that the keywords don't seem out of place or context.

Do not use the keywords in one place but throughout your videographer resume, in each and every section. We have prepared a list of relevant keywords for you so that you can use them in your videographer resume. You can also refer to various job descriptions for the videographer jobs as well as videographer resume examples and pick relevant keywords for your own videographer resume.

📌List of relevant keywords for your videography resume:

  • live sporting events
  • company website
  • videographer experience
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • visual content
  • photo shoots
  • marketing strategies
  • feature film
  • social media page
  • sound equipment
  • production assistant
  • senior scholar project
  • job duties
  • video editor
  • edit footage
  • edited videos
  • experienced videographer
  • audio equipment
  • technical skills
  • promotional videos
  • promotional video
  • video content
  • labor statistics
  • covered breaking news
  • video department
  • videography skills
  • shooting video
  • videographer positions
  • production teams
  • video editors
  • videographer job description
  • video production equipment
  • video production manager
  • video projects
  • video editing
  • video production equipment management
  • music videos
  • soft skills
  • film and video editors
  • video equipment
  • videographer jobs
  • training videos
  • video production
  • video shoots
  • videographer skills
  • post production
  • post production assistant


Most videographer resume examples will have the references section. References help you provide the means through which the clients or recruiters can acquire some reassurance of your experience and skills. In case, you are not able to include references in this manner because you have worked with many people, on a number of projects; you can also include some feedbacks and reviews in your portfolio.

We will discuss more on portfolio below, when it comes to including client feedback and reviews of your video production work and projects, you can simply add them along with the video content that you add to your portfolio. This will provide the 'proof' of your skills, knowledge and experience along with your capabilities.

These reviews and feedbacks will also provide an insight on what kind of a professional you are because most likely people will reflect on their experience of working with you which will include your communication and interpersonal skills and your professionalism as well. And that is something that your clients and recruiters will look for besides your skills and your experience.


For a profession such as videographer, proof of skills and experience is relatively easier to provide which is why you should not skip it! If you are a doctor or a manager or a cyber security analyst or a data engineer or a Linux administrator, how can you provide a proof of your skills and experience?

You can mention your skills and experience but apart from providing references that may vouch for you, you cannot provide a proof of any kind for such professions. However, as a videographer, you can provide your past works as the proof of your skills, knowledge, experience and capabilities.

So how can you create a portfolio and how can you provide the same on your videographer resume? Depending on the kind of videographer you are and your skills, you may have worked on music videos, promotional videos, short films, ad shoots, photo shoots, training videos, various video production, post production editing, video editing and much more. You may have many of these video content with you-on cloud or backup or such.

Videographer Resume

You can simply collect them all and put them in a Google drive folder with 'View only' privacy setting. You can also create a website where you put them all or start a YouTube channel along with an Instagram page. Now you this is your portfolio. The next step is to share the link of this portfolio on your videographer resume.

If you have explored a few of videographer resume examples, you would have noticed how they have shared their portfolios and you can choose one of the ways you find suitable for yourself.

One thing to keep in mind is how important is your portfolio and how it can change your impression for the clients and recruiters and anyone who is looking for videographers to hire for their video production project or promotional video production or any such videography project.

Cover letter

Cover letter examples show you how effective a simple letter can be, but why do you need a cover letter on top of your videographer resume? Why go through that extra effort? Well there are multiple reasons for writing a cover letter:

  • Writing a cover letter reflects your genuine interest for the job, that helps you convince the hiring manager to give you a shot at the opportunity
  • The cover letter allows you to use a bit of informal tone as opposed to strict formal tone on your videographer resume
  • Cover letter allows you to elaborate on details that are important and interesting as opposed to your videographer resume that has all the information described in short, crisp and concise manner
  • Cover letter allows you to reiterate your interest and candidacy
  • You can convey how you will be great videographer that the client is looking for by talking about your experience, skills and knowledge
  • You can talk about your inspiration for becoming a videographer, your journey and jobs until date, your passion for the videography and so on, this will help you reflect how passionate you are for the job and how dedicated you will be when hired for the job of videographer
  • You can personalize the cover letter to create a better impression and impact on the hiring manager, you can do so by simply looking up the hiring manager and using their name in the address of the letter, you can also mention some relatable details throughout the letter that will help the hiring managers relate and feel as if there is a connection-relevance
  • Cover letters help you include more keywords that you might have wanted to include in your videographer resume, this in turn can help you beat the ATS even more efficiently

Key Takeaways

Now you know why we said writing a videographer resume is not that difficult if you have particular knowledge, and by now you have read the article and acquired the knowledge we talked about, meaning you can now write your own videographer resume without any confusions.

For more insight on exactly how should your videographer resume look like, you should explore some videographer resume examples. We have an extensive collection of resume examples, resume templates and resume writing guides. We also provide a resume builder feature that can help you write your resume within minutes.

Sometimes, when we are writing, we get confused about how to write particular detail and how to form a certain sentence, the resume builder provides you with AI prompts in such moments to help you out. This is similar to ChatGPT that you may have heard of.

Now let's go over a few key takeaways:

  • Always proofread your videographer resume twice when you are done
  • Follow all the professional resume guidelines that we talked about in this article
  • Make sure there are no errors or inconsistencies in language or visual appearance of your videographer resume
  • Choose the right relevant key skills for your videographer resume
  • Explore videographer jobs and the job description
  • Use the relevant keywords sensibly and do not stuff them randomly
  • Choose the right resume format
  • Choose the right resume template, for your videographer resume, you may choose a little bit creative resume template as well
  • Use bullet points wherever possible
  • Use action verbs/action words/power words/relevant keywords as much as possible throughout your videographer resume
  • Use numbers to quantify details so that your information is more impressive to the hiring managers

And that's all! Now you know all about writing a professional, job-winning videographer resume that will help you bag the best jobs available out there! Good luck with the job search!

Videographer Resume

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need a bachelor's degree on my videographer resume?

Probably not, videographer role requires you to have knowledge of photography/videography along with videography skills and experience which you can acquire with practical experience and practice and you do not have to learn it all in a school with a bachelor's degree.

Hence, it is not mandatory for you to have a bachelor's degree on your videographer resume. Just in case, any client needs this qualification, you can confirm beforehand, however, most people will not require you to have a bachelor's degree as it is not as relevant and important for a the profession of videographer nor does it play a vital role in your ability to do well as a videographer.

Should I include my portfolio link on my videographer resume?

Absolutely! Anyone who is looking to hire a videographer would want to check if you have the kind of skills that they are looking for and the best way to prove your skills and abilities is to provide them with your portfolio. Your portfolio of your past work can prove all your capabilities and provide an idea of what all can you do for your client/employer. You should always include the link of your portfolio on your videographer resume.

How long should my videographer resume be?

A standard professional resume is usually 1 to 2 pages long, resumes that are longer than that tend to lose the hiring manager's attention because most people do not like to read long resumes when they also have to go through many other resumes apart from yours. You should keep your videographer resume 1 to 2 pages long only.

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