Writing A Captivating Teenager Resume With Examples

A Teenager's Resume is required by students while applying for scholarships, internships, or part-time work. A teen's resume highlights their education, abilities, accomplishments, and relevant experiences. ||A Teenager's Resume is required by students while applying for scholarships, internships, or part-time work. A teen's resume highlights their education, abilities, accomplishments, and relevant experiences.

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Teen Resume example

Christopher Jones

Objective Statement

An enthusiastic, responsible, and dedicated student with excellent academic records. Aiming for practical job experience and an environment where I may increase my knowledge and self-confidence in the workforce. As head of the yearbook committee at the school, delivered the yearbook 10 days early by working collaboratively and communicating well.


High School
New Era High School

Extracurricular Activities:

  • Member of Drama Club
  • Basketball Team Captain


  • Time management
  • Sales and Convincing
  • Team Spirit
  • Leadership

Hobbies and Interests

  • Hiking in nature as an outdoor activity
  • Reading books on a variety of subjects
  • Listening to educational podcasts
  • Learning French

Volunteering Activities:

  • Working as a volunteer at a local animal center thrice a week
  • Part of the Social Welfare Community for a year
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You can use it as a marketing tool to showcase your abilities to hiring managers of potential employers, universities, or scholarship committees.

Teen Resume With Examples

As a teenager, you will be experiencing multiple life-altering events in your academic life. To apply for jobs you need to craft a captivating resume to properly market yourself as a potential candidate for the job position.

A well-written teen resume increases your chances of getting the job. As you are crafting a resume for the first time. And understandably you are confused as to what to include in it.

If you have any relevant experience or are just a fresher, you can still make an impact on hiring managers by using this step-by-step resume writing guide to write a captivating teen resume.

The Resume Layout for a Teen Resume and How to Make It Appealing?

A reverse chronological resume is highly recommended for most resumes. However, that won’t be the case with a teen resume as it highlights the candidate’s professional work experience.

A teenager will barely have any work history Therefore, a chronological resume format is not recommended.

The functional resume structure is highly preferable for teenagers as it emphasizes skills and traits. Employers mostly look for soft skills, or personality attributes while hiring for entry-level roles.

Tips and Guidelines to Create a Resume for Teens

Your teenage resume will have less work experience so you will have very few details to put on your resume. But still, you can play your cards right and make a great resume.

Guidelines for Creating a Polished Teen Resume:

  • To make it easier to read, use a clear, professional resume format with distinct headings and bullet points.
  • Throughout your resume, keep an emphasis on your most important skills and abilities. Shorten your paragraphs and eliminate including unnecessary material.
  • For each job you apply for, make a new resume and make sure to emphasize any relevant skills and experience.
  • Keep your resume brief and to the point, because employers don't want to read a lengthy one. Try to limit yourself to one page.
  • The format and font should be formal.
  • To separate information, use bullet points.
  • Provide a thorough overview of your abilities.
Personalized Tips for Writing A Teen Resume

  • Highlight your academic successes to cover the lack of work experience. Add your GPA, any accolades or distinctions you've won, and any coursework that is relevant.
  • Add relevant skills that the hiring managers and employers are looking for.
  • Consider adding any voluntary work, extracurricular activities, or interests you have that show leadership, communication, or collaboration abilities.
  • Create a new professional email address, especially for the job application process.
  • Employers may be annoyed by typos and other errors, so review your resume thoroughly. Request the evaluation of a friend, family member, or educator.
  • Be fully truthful. Avoid the urge to enhance your resume with exaggerated or false experiences. Being exposed as a liar at an interview is by far the last situation you want yourself in.

Tips and Guidelines to Create a Resume for Teens

How To Write a Teenage Resume Objective or Professional Summary

For experienced candidates, it is advisable to include a resume summary as it highlights your skills, experiences, and accomplishments.

As a teen and a fresher, you are unlikely to have any professional experience. Thus, in such scenarios, experts recommend writing a resume objective and summary statement.

You can highlight your strongest traits and emphasize how useful you are for the position in the resume objective.

Good Example
“A responsible and determined student who manages his time well. I'm looking to use my project/event planning and customer service experience in your business development summer internship. Have excellent work ethics and demonstrated communication abilities that will help your organization reach its goals.”

Bad Example
“A motivated high school student with no experience. Looking for a part-time job or summer internship. You won’t regret hiring me.”

Skills Section For a Teen Resume

As a teenager, you have will have limited work-related skills. However, if you have skills like trustworthiness, reliability, and good communication then you can have the attention of the hiring managers.

You can be at an added advantage if you have some technical skills. By properly highlighting the skill, then you can easily convince the employer to hire you.

teenage resume

Teen Resume Skills List

You can include the following skills in your teen resume

Hard Skills:

  • Programming Skills (any kind of program you are familiar with)
  • Computer Skills (MS Office)
  • Written Communication
  • Research
  • Languages
Soft Skills:

  • Confidence
  • Adaptability
  • Creativity
  • Problem-Solving
  • Organizing
  • Social Skills
  • Time management
  • Interpersonal skills

Best Skills For Teen Resume

Best Skills For Teen Resume with no work experience

If you are a fresher and have no experience your resume should highlight your transferable skills that are not directly related to the field but are helpful in every field.

List a combination of both the soft and hard skills for the hiring managers. To avoid spending money and time on teaching soft skills, most employers choose those candidates who already have these skills.

Moreover, if you haven't acquired soft skills, companies will appreciate you as a possible new hire if you demonstrate your capacity for learning new procedures and skills.

Soft and hard skills you can include on a Teen Resume:

  • Computer Skills - typing/word processing, fluency in coding languages, systems administration, spreadsheets, email management, MS Excel
  • Customer Service Skills - active listening, empathy, interpersonal skills, problem-solving, reliability.
  • Interpersonal Skills - communication, empathy, flexibility, leadership, patience
  • Communication Skills - active listening, interpersonal communication, public speaking, verbal/Non-verbal communication, written communication
  • Time Management Skills - delegating tasks, focus, organization, prioritization
  • Transferable Skills - creativity, empathy, leadership, teamwork

Education Section For Teen Resume

By emphasizing the accomplishments and activities that set a teen candidate apart, you may transform a dull schooling section of a resume into a reason for hiring them.

By following the resume-writing tips and guidelines below, you can turn the boring education section into a section with the most weightage.

Highlight relevant coursework

If you're searching for a career in a certain industry, be sure to draw attention to the important coursework you've completed related to the position.

Emphasize any academic accomplishments

You must include key achievements such as a high GPA, being named to the honor roll, or receiving academic prizes.

Describe your extracurricular participation

Highlight your participation in extracurricular activities like a sports team, a debate team, a club, or volunteer experience. Participating in extracurricular activities may exhibit leadership skills, teamwork, and time management skills that make your resume more desirable.

Show a keen interest in learning

You must demonstrate your enthusiasm for learning new things. This can include taking additional classes, seminars, or courses. Companies like to recruit people who are aspiring to learn and grow in their careers.

Additional Sections for Teenager Resume

Professional Experience: How To Write This Section

If you have any sort of work experience, do not miss that out. If it’s your first job then you can skip this section.

However, if you have worked for any company either as an intern, apprentice, or volunteer then you must include them in this section.

Tips to Highlight Your Professional Section for A Teen Resume

  • Put your most recent job first, then mention any earlier positions you may have had.
  • Provide up to six bullet points detailing the job after listing the job title, the employer's name, your start and end dates of employment, and your job description for each position. Insert "present" as the end date if you are still employed there.
  • To increase their effect, begin each bullet point with an action term, such as helped, contributed, or collaborated.
  • Instead of simply listing your tasks, try to incorporate quantitative accomplishments. Instead of merely stating what you did, back it up with evidence.
  • Your job experiences should emphasize the qualities the company is seeking, and you should connect your experience to the requirements.

Additional Sections for Teenager Resume

Your CV might appear very weak if you don’t make the most out of your CV. Without a past employment record, it may be difficult to stand out.

Flexing on a resume is beneficial. It can assist you to impress hiring managers and persuade them to select you.

Use extra information to fill the space on your resume now that the essential components are complete. It can demonstrate that you possess key skills and knowledge required for employment.

  • Honors & Awards: Highlight your achievements on your resume to stick in the hiring manager's mind.
  • Activities: Explain your extracurricular activities that are in a certain way linked to the position you are applying for.
  • Certifications: You may gain valuable job skills and receive a certificate from free online courses, both of which you can put on your resume.
  • Describe hobbies and interests that are applicable to the position you are seeking. For instance, if you wish to work as an intern in design, emphasize your familiarity with and enthusiasm for building software and tools.
  • Publications: A fantastic strategy to land a writing job is to list publications on your resume.
  • Bring up linguistic abilities. The workforce is in need of people with foreign language abilities, and they make a terrific addition to your resume.
  • Projects, successes, honors, and volunteer work are more options to include.

Summary: Key Points for Writing a Resume for Teenagers

To develop the best teenage resume that gets you the job quickly, keep in mind these essential steps:

  • Your teenage resume will contain resume objectives that will highlight your strength and emphasize why you are a perfect fit for the job.
  • Using appropriate bullet points, you may link your experience and education to the job offer.
  • To demonstrate that you're more than simply a Resume for teens, include distinct "other" sections. Include accomplishments, interests, and other goodies.
  • Make a statement by crafting a cover letter. Because the majority don't, you'll win some major bonus points!
  • A proper display of your education qualification can be a reason for the employer to hire you.
  • Emphasizing skills can get the attention of the recruiter faster.
  • An additional section on your teenage resume will make you stand out even more from your competitors.

Cover Letter for a Teen Resume

Usually, 90% to 95% of teenage candidates don’t include a cover letter. It is still crucial when applying for a job. It helps you to convince the hiring staff to read your resume.

Keep the following things in mind while writing a cover letter.

  • Using the appropriate cover letter format.
  • Interact with the recruiting manager. If the name is missing, make a call and inquire.
  • Start your cover letter by highlighting your greatest accomplishment that is related to the position you are applying for.
  • Explain how your abilities and character traits will help you succeed in the position you're looking for. Personalize your cover letter for each job post.
  • Display your knowledge of the position's requirements and your ability to meet them.
  • Keep your cover letter to the proper length.
  • Finally, include an offer at the conclusion of your cover letter and request an interview.

If you want to impress hiring managers with a professional resume and a captivating cover letter, then you can use our ready-to-use resume templates


Can a 14-year-old have a resume?

Definitely, a 14-year-old can have a resume. A resume is mandatory when applying for a job, irrespective if the candidate is a teenager or a senior. Your resume should be well-organized and contain information about your most pertinent abilities for the position you're seeking in order to create a positive first impression on potential employers.

What to Put On a Resume As a Teenager?

As a teenager, you will not have much work experience to fill in the section. However, the other sections must be filled. Your resume will include hobbies, volunteer work, extracurricular activities from school, relevant curriculum, and academic achievements. In place of professional experience, a teenager’s resume place a strong emphasis on their abilities, extracurricular interests, and academic accomplishments.

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