How to Tailor Your Supply Chain Coordinator Resume for Job Applications

The responsibilities of a supply chain coordinator are to organize and supervise the process of production and distribution of a product. Right from procuring raw materials to the end product (when it becomes available to customers) a series of multiple tasks are performed and a supply team monitors them all.

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Supply Chain Coordinator Resume Example

Tommy R. Nelson
Miami, Florida
+1 772-594-4349

Professional Summary

Reliable and self-motivated supply chain coordinator with experience in inventory management, and supervising inbound and outbound shipments. In-depth knowledge of financial analysis & process improvement in FMCG industries. Demonstrated ability in supply chain management, quality control, and demand planning resulting in reduced operating costs. Hard-working supply chain professional seeking a position in LTR Incorporation.

Work Experience

Supply Chain Coordinator
AtoZ Distribution Services
Miami, Florida

  • Devised inventory levels for multi-sites resulting in 26% accuracy during the first 6 months of my joining along with maintaining inventory at different sites.
  • Developed tools to find excess inventory at multiple sites, and trained new supply chain associates in topics like inventory management, supply chains policy, and procedures.
  • Reduced inventory procurement costs and increased transportation logistics productivity which resulted in profitability.
  • Addressed customer concerns by implementing operational planning systems in a fast paced manufacturing environment.
  • Reviewed purchase orders to search errors in P&L accountabilities and rebuild purchase process improvements of raw materials.
  • Good knowledge of the ERP system to do an audit of materials for a particular supply chain process.
  • Streamlined transportation management system of rig materials for distant sites that resulted in decreased fuel costs.

Assistant Supply Chain Coordinator
Amaze Offshore Solutions
Evans, Georgia (East)

  • Demonstrated ability in streamlining materials management and delivery to achieve customer satisfaction by coordinating order fulfillment.
  • Detailed knowledge of ERP systems to locate faulty transactions, dispatch, and delivery in a timely manner.
  • Developed procedures and policies for complex processes using the ERP system to reduce SLA breaches and ensure timely delivery.
  • In-depth knowledge of the warehouse management system, production planning, and inventory control.
  • Coordinated with a team of offshore data entry operators with excellent computer skills to convert records over the past 45 years.
  • Supervised supply chain operations at three distinct locations during the employment tenure and also worked as a supply chain team leader to monitor inventory levels at two locations.
  • Rendered project management services for 13 months at a distant location to confirm and review purchase orders, receivables, and payments.


Master’s in Supply Chain Management - Supply Chain & Logistics
Evans Business School
Evans, Georgia (East)
April 2013 - March 2016
Club: MS office, skill development, basics of business.


  • Supply chain operations
  • Inventory control
  • Project management
  • Production planning
  • Process improvement
  • Business management
  • Excess inventory management
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Excellent communication skills
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A supply chain coordinator resume includes process improvement, tracking purchase orders, inventory management, managing vendors, along with management of supply chain operations.

Upon observing you can see that supply chain management is not fixed to a desk job but it takes care of operations in a production unit or facilities for storage.

Accordingly, if you have been serving in a supply chain industry with appropriate field experience and seeking to make the next big move of your career then we have something for you.

Here’s a detailed guide to customize your supply chain coordinator resume with examples and tips.

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Supply Chain Coordinator Resume Structure

Your work experience, education, and skills won’t serve the right purpose if they are not categorized appropriately in a resume. Just like your work is streamlined in a proper structure similarly your resume shall also be.

The correct resume structure of a supply chain coordinator begins with a header then comes the summary followed by work experience, education, and finally skills at the end.

There’s one more section - additional or optional information that speaks about your qualifications other than the academics. For example, language, computer certifications, research papers, TED talks, books published, and others.

All in all, the correct resume structure that you must follow is:

  • Header
  • Resume summary
  • Work experience
  • Education
  • Skills
  • Additional details

Almost every resume existing on this planet follows this adapted structure. Therefore, do not deviate from it.

Supply Chain Coordinator Resume Format

The format in a resume outlines your job experience and to do this you have three formats. The functional resume format, the reverse chronological resume format, and the hybrid resume format.

The best resume format is reverse chronological because it states your work experience in the back gear starting from the current job and going up to the oldest one. The biggest advantage of this format is that recruiters are familiar with it.

Moreover, the reverse chronological format helps the employer to look at your work history without putting much effort. Every single piece of information is upfront and handy.

So we will not burden the recruiter to sort important details, on the contrary, we will make it presentable and readable.

Supply Chain Coordinator Resume

Supply Chain Coordinator Resume Header

Employers scan your resume, they don’t start reading it. They scan headings, sub-headings, and elements that are either bold or in italics. The intention is to attract the attention of the employer.

In the middle of all this, if you write a never-ending header what purpose will it serve? The top item in a resume with name, job title, location, email address, and phone number is the header.

See how to write a header by referring to the examples below.

Good and Bad Resume Header Examples

Tommy R. Nelson

Miami, Florida

+1 772-594-4349

Supply Chain Coordinator

Tommy R. Nelson

911 Travis Street

Miami, FL 33131

+1 772-594-4349

June 23, 1943

List of Don'ts in a Resume Header

  • Never stretch the header beyond the usual capacity. It will look, feel, read, and sound fabricated.
  • Instead of an entire residential address only write city and state.
  • Eliminate job titles in the header. Your email and work experience has it all. Moreover, the recruiter knows for what position the resume has been drawn.
  • The birth date in the header is a big NO because it is not a major deciding factor.
  • Mentioning gender, religion, caste, or supplying headshots is unnecessary.

A hiring manager is interested in limited information in the first meeting. Further, he or she is interested in the benefits that you bring to the company if hired.

Anyway, eliminate unwanted details in the header. Do not reveal extra details unless specifically asked by the employer. Try our resume builder to write a clutter-free resume header.

Professional Summary: Supply Chain Coordinator Resume

Imagine you have only 20 seconds to impress and convince the employer. That’s a lot to ask in such a short time! What will be your course of action? What and how will you present in those 20 seconds?

A professional summary is an ultimate space to first introduce, and then sell yourself. Yeah, that’s true! Let us show you how to write a resume summary. Refer to the tips below:

Professional Summary: Supply Chain Coordinator

Quick Tips to Write Professional Summary

  • Begin with the job title “supply chain coordinator with 7+ years of experience” instead of “I am looking for a job or Seeking a job in your company”. The employer already knows that you are looking for a job.
  • Include 2 skills (at least) in the first sentence to make your introduction worthwhile and interest the employer to read further. For example, skilled in revenue control, packaging components, inventory system, and generating excellent reports. It is completely justified to show your skill or expertise. By doing this the employer will get a better understanding of who you are and what you can do for the company.
  • In the third sentence, tell them what you are capable of doing. Start like this - committed to, handled, organized, supervised, managed, monitored, a stronghold in, etc.
  • Personalize the summary by ending it with the name of the employer. For instance, Alpha Incorporation. It kinda triggers human emotion.

Now refer to the examples below.

Good and Bad Resume Summary Examples

Supply chain coordinator with 7+ years of experience having competence in revenue control, packaging components, inventory systems, and generating excellent reports. Committed to developing all aspects of the entire supply chain process, standard operating procedures, customer requirements, and material management to enrich organizational goals. Stronghold in supply contracts, contract management, and demand planning seeking a position in Alpha Incorporation.

Experienced supply chain coordinator with working knowledge of packing components, inventory systems, entire supply chain process, standard operating procedures, customer requirements, material management, supply contracts, contract management, operating costs, and demand planning.

Objective Statement: Supply Chain Coordinator Resume

An objective statement in your supply chain coordinator resume serves a unique goal to present your skills, achievements, and education in front of the recruiter in a snapshot. The term snapshot is important here.

The entire idea of an objective is to offer huge chunks of information in 2-3 sentences. Anything beyond it won’t be an objective statement.

For your easy understanding, we have compiled 3 distinctive examples. Take a look.

Resume Objective Samples

A fresh university graduate seeking a supply chain coordinator job in JBS Incorporation. Secured a bachelor’s degree in supply chain management and planning system looking forward to joining the team to escalate the existing skill set and contribute positively to the company’s supply chain operations.

Seeking supply chain coordinator position in Excel Logistics. Result-oriented, professional, and hardworking. Knowledge of supply planning & inventory levels. Internship experience in the transportation management system. With a degree in supply chain management hence applying to gain experience and improve my skills.

Team player seeking a supply chain coordinator position at PRO Manufacturers to acquire a working knowledge of materials management, logistics operations, and manufacturing environment.

How to Write an Effective Objective Statement in Supply Chain Coordinator Resume?

A professional resume is a sales pitch, hence, every single element must be condensed explaining the benefits of hiring you. But first, let’s discuss who needs an objective statement.

An objective statement is for those having little or no job experience. If you are commencing a career then an objective statement is for you. Here are some useful tips.

Quick Tips to Write Objective Statement

  • Sum up details in brief no longer than 2-3 sentences.
  • Describe what you can do and how the company will benefit.
  • Comprehensively write the statement instead of making it lengthy.
  • Include skills and related experience if any.
  • Integrate the name of the company to make it more personalized.
  • Objective statements always come at the top. Thus, place it at the top.

Work Experience: Supply Chain Coordinator Resume

If tracks aren’t laid properly it could derail a moving train! You are a hard-working, qualified, and highly skilled candidate, but a mistake can move you off track accidentally. If you don’t want this to happen then pay close attention to this section.

Work experience is one of the key performance indicators to check your eligibility to do a job. Experience is the first segment that attracts all the attention. It means that work history can either push or pull your chances to get a dream job.

Since experience is a principal component in a resume let us dive a little deeper.

Work Experience: Supply Chain Coordinator resume

Good and Bad Work Experience Examples

Supply Chain Operations Manager

Company name & location


  • Monitored fulfillment process of standard purchase orders above $2M placed by overseas customers.
  • Confirmed the actual needs of local customers before fulfilling purchase orders to reduce returns and order cancellations.
  • Efficiently audited inventory levels of products across local and international warehouses, logistics centers, and storage facilities.
  • Maintained inventory levels and supply chains of resources and components in manufacturing units to overcome shortages during peak season.
  • Streamlined communication under performance management between senior management and bottom-line staff supply chain coordinators.

Supply Chain Operations Manager

Company name & location


  • Monitored fulfillment process of standard purchase orders
  • Confirmed customers’ needs before fulfilling purchase orders
  • Audit of inventory levels across multiple locations
  • Maintained inventory levels and supply chains of resources
  • Streamlined communication under performance management

Supply Chain Project Manager

Company name & location


  • Mentored training programs of the sap system for supply chain management trainees of three locations.
  • Supervised and executed creative solutions to complaints regarding a non-performing warehouse management system.
  • Reduced storage costs and improved vendor management system to increase the supply chain experience of internal customers.
  • Proven track record of managing daily operations of a manufacturing facility producing perishable products.

Supply Chain Project Manager

Company name & location


  • Mentored training programs of the sap system for trainees
  • Solved complaints of a poor warehouse management system
  • Increased supply chain experience of internal customers
  • Proven track record of managing daily supply chain operations

Writing blunt sentences without purpose will make the recruiter skip your resume. The examples above in red color do the same. Mentored training programs on the system application and products system for trainees sound purposeless.

Moreover, the sentence is too broad. It says a training program for trainees but doesn’t mention for whom, where, and why. The sentence raises questions rather than explaining a role or a responsibility. In addition, the recruiter has to do all the heavy lifting of understanding what it means.

Contrastically, mentored training programs of the system application and products system for supply chain management trainees of three locations convey a meaningful message. The sentence clearly explains why a training program was mentored and for whom.

Supply Chain Coordinator Resume without work experience

How to write a Supply Chain Coordinator Resume without work experience

As we said above, the role of a supply chain coordinator is to collect the data, analyze it and render solutions. Now that doesn’t happen overnight. It’s not like you wake up in the morning and start your supply chain work. Nope.

You need to start from ground zero to understand the technicalities of the job. So what’s ground zero? Anything and everything that you have done to gain experience in supply chain tasks is ground zero. It could be an internship, volunteering, or a college project.

Even employers value such kinds of activities because they help aspiring job seekers learn skills related to the field.

Education: Supply Chain Coordinator Resume

Writing education details in a resume is the easiest task. However, sometimes it can be tricky if the right format is not followed.

When there’s a lot of information to deliver one needs to pull out the correct method. If not, things can dramatically change against us. With this in mind, here’s how you must write your academic qualifications in the supply chain coordinator resume.

  • Degree obtained
  • Name of the university/college
  • Location
  • Duration (year attended)
  • GPA (optional)
  • Achievements, club activities, coursework completed (optional)

Once the format is defined you just need to fill in the details. Refer to the sample below.

Master’s in Supply Chain Management - Supply Chain & Logistics

Evans Business School

Evans, Georgia (East)

April 2013 - March 2016

Club activities: MS office, skill development, basics of business.

Mentioning GPA and other details isn’t mandatory. But putting such information could be worth it.

Skills: Supply Chain Coordinator Resume

Skills strengthen your resume reflecting a positive impression to the employer. Moreover, they increase your chances of getting hired because recruiters prefer job seekers to have relevant skills.

Let’s discuss skills in a little more depth. We will also compile a list of skills that you can write in your resume. Here you go.

The job of a supply chain coordinator is analytical and data-driven. It means the candidate has to deal with a lot of technical things. For example, inventory control or project management. On the other hand, the supply chain coordinator might also be required to monitor multiple tasks performed by a supply chain team.

In short, a potential candidate planning to work in the supply chain industry needs to have more than just problem solving skills or strong organizational skills.

Analytical Skills

The capability to understand data, devise, and execute solutions based on the data that benefit the company are analytical skills. Research, data mining, and organizing, forecasting, troubleshooting are some analytical skills.

Computer Skills

Mistaking MS Office skills as the only computer skills is amateur. For that reason, a supply chain coordinator must have computer skills that are beyond the microsoft office suite. But exactly what?

We are talking about the ERP system here, a kind of computer-operated software used by companies to manage their daily business operations. It includes accounting, managing inventory, customer relationship management, manufacturing, production, and generating reports.

Excellent Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills are non-technical and reflect your leadership qualities. Employers tend to focus on these skills more when the job demands leading a huge workforce. Verbal and nonverbal communication skills, a positive attitude, decision-making ability, conflict management, etc. are some examples of excellent interpersonal skills.

There’s an easy way to showcase skills in your supply chain coordinator resume. Make use of our resume builder.

⚠️ Data entry or knowledge of computer systems is not deemed a valuable skill in a supply chain coordinator resume.

Additional Sections: Supply Chain Coordinator Resume

In this section, a variety of unconventional details can be included. But you must not repeat information that has already been written. For example, if you have already mentioned MS Office skills then do not repeat it in the additional information.

The reason why we are telling you this is we have come across resumes where applicants have deliberately mentioned communication skills twice under different headings.

The bottom line is to avoid doing this. Now the question is what should you be writing in the additional section of a resume? Here’s the answer.

Include awards, honors, certificates, licenses, projects, and accomplishments.

Yes, all these elements collectively or individually fuel your resume to get a job. Okay, now what if you are a fresh job seeker, a recent graduate? You are just beginning your career so what qualifications should you include in your resume?

Fresh job applicants can mention multiple tasks like volunteer work, college projects, community services, hobbies, interests, or extracurricular activities in the additional section.

Summary of a Supply Chain Coordinator Resume

So now it’s time to, sum up, everything that we have discussed in detail. Refer to a quick summary below.

  • Define the structure of your resume
  • Decide the format to write work experience
  • Write a short header with the necessary information
  • Compile a professional resume summary
  • Draft an objective statement in case you have no working background.
  • Elaborate work experience in reverse chronological order
  • Show education details after work experience
  • Include analytical skills, computer skills, and interpersonal skills
  • Add optional (aka additional) details after writing skills.

Writing Cover Letter for a Supply Chain Coordinator Resume

A cover letter is the final chapter of resume writing. Nevertheless, both a cover letter and a resume are separate documents. A cover letter stages your professional introduction to the employer accompanied by a resume.

Double-check the cover letter before sending to be rest assured that it doesn’t contain repeated information from the resume.

To make your life easy we have a library of example cover letters for your reference. Go through them. Here’s a list of 5 cover letters for your ready reference.


Do I need to write an objective in the supply chain coordinator resume?

If you have relevant experience in the supply chain management industry then your work experience counts. In that case, you must not write an objective statement. Write your job experience. But if you are just getting started in the job industry then include an objective statement.

Are ERP skills mandatory in a supply chain coordinator resume?

ERP means enterprise resource planning and knowing the same is a great advantage. Recruiters will come looking for you if you know it. But again that’s not a compulsion although it can decide your employment.

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