Stay at Home Mom Resume Example with a Comprehensive Guide

Globalization, pandemic, internet and modern changes have evolved the corporate world unimaginably. There are millions of people working from home across the globe. Women are finally getting space in the work force. The societal norms and ways are changing even in third world countries gradually.

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Stay at home mom resume example

We’ve talked about everything that your resume should have which will make you look like a great employee. Now let’s take a look at stay at home mom resume example:

Name & Contact Info

Natalie Knight
(+123)456 7890
12th street, 5th Main, Queens.


Outreach Specialist

  • 5+ years of experience working with agencies
  • Planned and carried out outreach campaigns with 95% success rate
  • Increased email response rate from 5% to 16% with communication skills
  • Seeking the right opportunity to contribute to with seasoned communication skillset and knowledge


Stay At Home Parent
September 2016-August 2017
Spent a year parenting my baby daughter. Eager to get back to pursuing my career
During the time-

  • Networked with & expanded professional associations in the industry through online mediums
  • Pursued online course in Mass Communication to stay updated with the industry
  • Volunteered at the local garage sales

Outreach Specialist
Communication Labs - July- 2011-August 2016

  • Pursued bloggers outreach and achieved 85% success rate
  • Developed and maintained exhaustive e-mail database
  • Coordinated with team members and departments for effective strategy implementation
  • Tracked & analyzed campaigns and created evolved strategies for future implementation


Bachelor's of Mass Communication
London University
Majored in digital media communications
Excelled with the comprehensive coursework of social media, marketing, mass psychology & communications


  • Mass Communication
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Analytical Skills
  • MS Office


  • Socializing with new people
  • Reading books
  • Learning latest mass communication trends


  • Mass Communication Training Course (Coursera)
  • Google Analytics (Completion Certificate)
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So if you are a stay at home mom looking to get back to work in office or looking to get back to work from the convenience of your home, you need a really great resume. And this article is all about stay at home mom resume example!

You might have a lot of questions. Would hiring managers hire a someone who has been out of work for months? Would the employer believe in my skills and capabilities of handling work and parenting simultaneously? Will I be able to find a job that is suitable for me?

stay at home mom resume

What can I do to get a good job? What should my resume look like? What do I write in my resume summary? Which skills should I highlight in my resume as a stay at home mom.

All your questions will be answered throughout this article. And at the end we will also give you a stay at home mom resume example. You should also check out all the resume examples we have tailored for you that you can choose from. Let's dive in!

What is a stay at home mom resume?

Getting your dream job is never easy, especially when you are a stay at home mom looking for opportunities. Job seekers have to put in a lot of effort in their resume, cover letter and job application to get a suitable job.

As stay at home parent, you might be looking for part-time job from office or home, may be full-time job from office or home, you might've worked before and took a break or you are entering the work life for the first time, in any case you need to put in a little extra effort than the other job seekers to make sure you get the dream job you are aiming for.

stay at home mom resume

Stay at home moms resume examples often have the details that would focus on skills a little more than average applicants, maybe employment gap and less work experience. But if the information is presented in clever way, stay at home mom resumes can still score amazing jobs.

To sum up, stay at home mom resume is a resume for a mom that has been at home, wants to stay at home and work or wants to get out there now and work.

And if you are hoping to find remote opportunities and are worried that it will be difficult, rest assured you have nothing to worry about! Whole world is changing, and remote work has never been more popular and wide spread.

Things have changed after the Covid-19 pandemic and according to a Forbes' blog, experts have predicted that by 2025 36 million Americans will be working remotely! Source:

How to write a stay at home mom resume?

You may know how to write an average resume, you put in your education, experience, skills, summary and so on. Now, a stay at home mom resume example also has all those things but with a slight difference in highlights of details and focus on various sections.

Let's say you are a stay at home mom who has worked before so you would want to mention some online programs you may have attended during your gap or some courses that you completed. This will help you prove to the hiring manager that even though you were on an employment gap, you are updated with what is going on in the world, you have not lost touch with the industry that you have worked in and so on.

Another scenario might be, you have never worked before and now you want to, but you have no experience to quote. In this case, you can again talk about all the relevant extra curricular activities that you have done, your certificates and courses and programs that you have acquired until now.

And you can also talk about your education that led you to this decision. Your learnings during the studies and even later in life during parenting and house making.

What to write in the resume?

stay at home mom resume

As mentioned before stay at home mom resume samples have the sections of education, experience, skills, summary and so on much alike the other resumes. But how you write them is where the difference lies. Let's go over each section and learn how to write them effectively!

Education Section

Your education section will have the details of your degree/s and coursework. Here, you need to focus on aspects that are relevant to the job title you are applying for. Any awards, achievements, certifications acquired during your studies should be mentioned and related to the job title and job responsibilities.

In addition, you can mention the skills you learned during your studies that will be relevant to the job and help you perform well. You can use the skills that are mentioned in job description.

⚠️If you don't have any experience, you should focus on education section a little extra.

Experience Section

Your experience section is very important as you may have imagined. Your employment history of previous roles should be described well. Make sure you use numbers and measurable achievements instead of generic statements.

Mention how you contributed and made difference for your company in previous roles with your key skills. You can also talk about some of the challenges you faced and successfully overcame.👍

In experience section you should include the keywords that are mentioned in the job description, every job description has several sections such as responsibilities and duties, requirements, qualifications etc. You can pick up keywords from each section and use them in your resume.

Skills Section

If you have experience, you can easily list all the hard skills and soft skills you have acquired during your previous jobs. You can relate your skills to the job title you are applying for and tailor them according to the job description.

Now, if you don't have professional experience, it doesn't mean you don't have skills. You can still list all the skills that you have and proved them in your lifetime. There are many skills that you can learn from during your education and from life.

In either scenario, as a stay at home mom, you definitely have certain skills that can be proved which you can mention. For example, organizational skills, planning, time management, people management, responsibilities management, interpersonal skills and such.

These are the skills that you definitely have because you can and have made a home, a family and you do everything from organizing the house to planning meals and making your family prosper. Ensure that you mention them while relating to the job responsibilities of prospective jobs.

Contact Information

Mentioning contact information is equally important and simple. You should mention your job title if you have had previous experience and if you don't, you can simply mention your name in title's space.

After that you should mention your contact number where you can be reached, then your e-mail address. With your e-mail address, keep it professional and simple. If you don't have such an e-mail address, create one.

After e-mail address, you can mention your home address if you want but it is not mandatory.


As a stay at home mom, you are more than a simple average employee or a professional and you can reflect that in your resume.

You can mention any relevant hobbies and interests you have because it will make you a desirable candidate for the job.

You can also mention your language proficiency and any other details that you think might be relevant to the job title or even to who you are as a person which can be beneficial to your employers.


Keywords are always important because most employers now use ATS that is Applicant Tracking System. This system is designed to filter out resumes that might be qualified and good enough in the eyes of hiring managers.

stay at home mom resume

They make the filters work by deciding keywords. If your resume doesn't have all the relevant keywords, the system automatically deems you irrelevant for the job position and your resume will never reach the hands(or eyes in case of computer screen) of the hiring manager.

So you need to do your research on the job title, job description, company you are applying to, industry you are applying to, the profession itself and use all the important keywords.

While keywords are very important, you cannot overstuff your resume with them. The readability and sensibility of the content on your resume must be maintained when you are adding keywords.

stay at home mom resume

Work from Home mom resume

If you are applying for a job that is remote you might want to pay attention to this one! Also, if you are someone whose past work experience has been remote, again pay attention.

When you are applying for remote positions, you will not get to work closely with the company's other employees which creates a sense of distance even when you connect through video calls and meetings.

stay at home mom resume

What this means for you is that the hiring managers are gonna seek some extra sense of assurance about your skills, qualifications and overall profile as a job candidate.

So when you are writing your resume, emphasize well on your skills and even more on your achievements and results which will prove that you are truly qualified for the job even though you have worked from home and you are a stay at home mom.

Stay at home moms have to put in some extra efforts in their resumes however, it is absolutely worth it because eventually you will be rewarded for your performance.

What to write in the summary?

Keep your summary short, crisp and write it in bullet points.

Now like any other resume's professional profile summary, you mention your title, years of experience, your notable achievements clubbed with your key skills and close with relating it all to the job position you are applying for.

stay at home mom resume

A little extra can be your focus on effectiveness and impact of your skills, you can give reassurance of your work ethic and dedication to your career.

You can also reflect that you are confident and proud of yourself and being a stay at home mom hasn't held you back in any way.

What to avoid in the resume for a stay at home mom?

Gaps with no compensating activities

Stay at home moms are likely to have employment gaps in the stay at home mom resume because very few would have kept a remote job or a part-time job without even a month of gap.

Having gap is understandable. But providing no compensating activities done during the gap can decrease your chance of getting selected.

Again, having gap is understandable but if you mention some online programs, courses and extra curricular activities or some volunteering work that you did during the gap, it will definitely boost your chances of getting your desired job. Because it will make you look professionally active.

White space due to lack of content

You might not have a lot of experience and it might mean that you have less content on your resume. But don't let it make your resume look empty and with white space everywhere.

You can always expand some content with a bit more detailed description. You don't have to write fluff either, just expand the details that are important and key to getting the job.

It can be your education, your key skills, other details that are relevant to the job title you are applying for.

Reflection of lack of confidence

You might lack confidence because you haven't worked in a while or ever as a professional employee in a corporate world. It is a bit limiting to stay at home, it limits your exposure which might curb your confidence levels.

stay at home mom resume

However, you need to believe in yourself, you know what you have to offer and you know there are people out there who need you. So your relative lack of exposure does not make you any less qualified than other applicants.

Any hint of lack of confidence in your resume can lead to lack of confidence of hiring manager in your capabilities and qualifications for the job position.

Always ensure that your resume shows clearly that you are confident and rightfully so without exaggeration. Confidence is often the one key that unlocks many unimaginable doors.

Cover Letter

You should write a cover letter for every job application, tailor to every job posting and include all the important key words.

stay at home mom resume

Your well written cover letter is where you can assure the employer of all your skills, your dedication and your capabilities. You can talk about the industry and how you want to get return to workforce and contribute as much as you can.

Cover letters help you get noticed by grabbing recruiter's attention, first by the ATS from keywords and then by the recruiter who is interested in what you might have to say beside your job winning resume.

Stay at home mom resume example

We've talked about everything that your resume should have which will make you look like a great employee. Now let's take a look at stay at home mom resume example:

stay at home mom resume

This is a very simple and generic resume example for a stay at home mom. You would want to personalize the details and expand more on the same.

Key Takeaway

📌Let's recap the article now-

  • Reflect confidence
  • Assurance of your capabilities & skills
  • Mention courses/programs
  • Include keywords
  • Highlight key achievements, relevant education and experiences

Stay at home moms may want to work but find it hard to find a job. It can be easy with a carefully curated resume and cover letter. You can take into consideration all the tips and points covered in this article and rest assured your resume will be effective and good enough to get you the job you desire. You can also utilize the stay at home mom resume examples and stay at home mom resume template.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need prior professional experience to get a job?

Having prior experience is certainly helpful but not absolutely mandatory, you can focus on your skills, education and extra curricular courses etc. Read the article to learn more.

Can I find a remote job as a stay at home?

Absolutely, world has changed a lot after Covid-19 pandemic and remote jobs are a new norm. You can tailor your stay at home mom resume for remote job postings and land yourself a suitable remote job.

Should I write a cover letter?

Yes, cover letter will help you get noticed better and your chances of getting the job will increase. Your stay at home mom resume will perform much better.

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